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2019 Big Sky, MT

36th Annual Meeting
June 3-7, 2019
Big Sky, Montana


Dr. Gwendelyn Geidel, ASMR President
Daniel Powell, Chief, Technology Integration, and Information Branch, Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation, U.S. E.P.A.
Dr. William Inskeep, Thermal Biology Institute, Montana State University
Autumn Coleman, Abandoned Mine Land Program Manager, Montana Department of Environmental Quality and
Dr. Andrew Ray, Ecologist, U.S. N.P.S., Greater Yellowstone Network
Mehgan Blair, Senior Geologist, Barr Engineering Co. and 2020 Conference Chair
Dr. Gwendelyn Geidel, ASMR President

Water Quality Challenges

Stream Restoration

Alternative Approaches for Remediating Legacy Mine Sites

UAV Monitoring and Modeling Technologies

Mine Waste Covers and Source Control Techniques

International Reclamation Case Studies

Ecological Engineering Approaches to Treating Water

Reclamation of Oil and Gas Related Disturbances

T. DeSutter, P. O’Brien, S. Croat, C. Gasch, F. Casey, and A. Wick

GIS Technologies Applied to Reclamation

R. Steinberg, Z. Matthews, N. A. K. Daniels, D. L. Lopez, J. R. Bowman, and N. Sullivan

Ecological Engineering Approaches to Treating Water

J. Gaughan, N. McKnight, L. Madison, T. Taske, J. Eckenrode, and W. Strosnider

Restoration of Native Grass Communities

J. I. Morrison, M. K. Parker, N. R. McGrew, and B. S. Baldwin
B. S. Baldwin, J. I. Morrison, and J. B. Rushing

The Future of Coal

Looking at Reclamation Over the Long Term

Acid Mine Drainage, Hydrology and Treatment

J. E. Goodwill, J. A. LaBar, D. Slovikosky, and W. H. J. Strosnider

Reclamation Soil Science

Alternative Approaches for Remediating Legacy Mine Sites

Mine Fires and Emergency Responses

C. A. Neely, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, B. J. Page, M. H. Dunn, D. A. Guy, D. Baker, and R. Rummel

Reclamation of Forest Communities

Reclamation Case Studies

Skill Set Needs for Natural Resource Managers

Mine Waste Characterization and Remediation

W. L. Daniels, B. T. Thomas, E. Shatnawi, and E. Farouz

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Geomorphic Reclamation Strategies

Passive Treatment of Mine Water

N. R. Anton, D. T. Shanight, C. S. Storrar, M. J. Fischer, E. M. Janoviak, and B. Lala
S. L. Busler, Y. Sheykhet, D. A. Guy, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, C. F. Denholm, C. A. Neely, and H. P. Thorton
T. P. Danehy, R. Beam, R. M. Mahony, C. A. Neely, C. F. Denholm, and D. A. Guy

Reclamation Strategies and Techniques

Deep Mine Closure and Reclamation

Regulatory Issues Related to Reclamation

Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration

Novel Reclamation Strategies and Techniques

Mine Reclamation Hydrology

J. A. LaBar, C. A. Neely, C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, and W. H. J. Strosnider


Y. Cheong, C. Lee, G. Yim, J. Lee, D. Kim, D. Kim, and J. E. Yang
J. Gaughan, B. Furman, and Br. M. Strom
B. Teson, T. Kimsey, and D. Marshall
D. Slovikosky, W. H. J. Strosnider, J. A. LaBar, and J. E. Goodwill
R. C. Wagner


C. Chowdhury, K. McBurnie, A. Smith, V. Armayor, and P. Parson
W. S. Zeaman, M. Morrison, G. Mobley, C. Priest, A. Harrison, L. Lehman, J. Gillman, D. Enos, M. Mundell, and C. Thiltgen