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Wild Women of Reclamation

Wild Women of Reclamation (WWR) originated at the ASRS National Meeting in Laramie in 2013 as an idea of Brenda Schladweiler, former ASRS President. WWR was an integral part of the agenda at the 2014 ASMR National Meeting. Since then, at our National Meetings, WWR participants meet for a Kick-off Breakfast early in the conference where every woman attending the meeting is welcome. Presentations in the past have dealt with choosing your own path, mentoring, starting your own business, and juggling a research or other professional career with family and community obligations. The presentations typically have one theme in common – Adaptability. Feedback from participants typically indicate that those participants just starting their careers appreciated the honest feedback on “how it used to be” and, in many ways, “how it still is.” All women involved in reclamation are always invited; there is no membership or dues.

Typically at our meetings, to keep the fire going throughout the year, we divide the attendees into “more experienced” and “less experienced” individuals, with five years of working being the cut-off. One person from each group is paired with one from the other group. Those mentors and “mentorees” are then given the assignment to keep in touch with each other throughout the coming year. This is an easy way to build up contacts, bounce off ideas, and to learn about other careers. It is always interesting to find out how well this has worked throughout the year. A WWR newsletter goes out several times a year, or as often as stories are gathered. The content is a way to inform and to share. After the first newsletter went out, the group had many requests from women not yet members of ASRS to be added to the circulation list. Please keep those stories coming! Articles and hi-res photos may be sent to Michele Coleman.

When at the next ASRS National Meeting, just grab your breakfast and come on over to the Wild Women of Reclamation presentation area. We look forward to seeing as many of you that can make it!


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Posted Thursday, July 11, 2019

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Posted Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Spring 2018 vol. 3

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Haulin' ASRS

Haulin’ ASRS is the low-key running group that meets for 6:30 am runs in the conference hotel lobby at ASRS National Meetings, every day during the conferences. Runs usually last 30-50 minutes (depending on the conference schedule). The pace is approximately 5-6 mph but is generally based on the ability of the participants. Some people stay with the group for part of the run and then branch off to either go faster, farther, or to slow down. Running is a wonderful way to meet new people, get some exercise and to explore the local environment during the quiet of the morning. There is no membership or dues but remember to bring your running shoes to our next ASRS National Meeting.


Big Sky 2019

Posted Saturday, June 29, 2019