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Reclamation Sciences

Reclamation Sciences

Reclamation Sciences is the new peer-reviewed technical journal for ASRS. The first issue will launch in mid 2022. Interested in getting involved as a reviewer, associate editor, or author – reach out to Dr. Natalie Kruse Daniels.

Reclamation Sciences is the peer-reviewed technical journal of the American Society of Reclamation Sciences. The journal is designed for the dissemination of original knowledge regarding basic and applied solutions related to the reclamation, restoration, rehabilitation, and remediation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and landscapes disturbed by a broad array of human activities. Both the journal and its audience are interdisciplinary. The journal is designed to serve as a bridge between researchers and practitioners of reclamation science. Contributions reporting any aspect of reclamation will be considered for publication.

Types of submissions include:

  • Original research reporting new data, innovative approaches, and drawing novel conclusions.
  • Reviews of published literature specific to a given, well-defined topic.
  • Short communications of preliminary findings requiring urgent attention.
  • Technical notes providing brief descriptions of methods, techniques, procedures, or modifications thereof.
  • Cultural correspondences connecting reclamation to indigenous communities, sacred landscapes, and traditional ecological knowledge.
Editorial Board & Associate Editors

Editorial Board
Dr. Robert Nairn, Oklahoma University
Dr. Jenise Bauman, Tacoma Power
Craig Kreman, PE, Quapaw Nation

Associate Editors
Dr. Julie LaBar, Centenary University
Dr. Suzette Burckhard, South Dakota State University

Dr. Kenton Sena, University of Kentucky
Sara Klopf, Virginia Tech

Dr. Michael Curran, Abnova Ecological Solutions

Dr. Longbin Huang, University of Queensland

Dr. Bill Strosnider, University of South Carolina

Dr. Viorel Popescu, Columbia University

Editor In Chief

Dr. Natalie Kruse Daniels, a professor of Environmental Studies in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service at Ohio University, is the inaugural Editor in Chief for Reclamation Sciences. Dr. Kruse Daniels has a long track-record of research and publication in mining water characterization and treatment, stream restoration and mitigation, and watershed-scale assessment and planning. Dr. Kruse Daniels earned her B.S. Civil Engineering degree at Ohio University and her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University under the tutelage of the late Professor Paul Younger.