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International Initiative Planning Committee

Reclamation Sciences Without Borders

The National Executive Committee of the American Society for Reclamation Sciences (ASRS) has approved implementation of the ASRS International Initiative to encourage development, implementation, and dissemination of reclamation and ecological restoration activities based on sound scientific principles that have been proven in the field. The International Initiative is designed to achieve its goals through collaborative efforts with other recognized professionals and global scientific and industrial organizations.

The information transfer to global stakeholders will include peer-reviewed best practices and guidelines, as well as International Workshops focused on specific topics. Disturbed sites consist of a broad focus across different disturbed lands and ecosystems including but not limited to large-scale industrial disturbance.  Such disturbance to the land, water, and air environments require reclamation and ecological restoration for managing these impacts.

Benefits of this initiative will include:

  • Synthesizing and transferring ASRS institutional knowledge based on over 40 years of experience as a reclamation oriented professional society;
  • Providing a means to integrate relevant experiences of other global professionals;
  • Identifying needs for additional research, development and field demonstrations to advance state-of-the-art knowledge in reclamation.

For further information on this initiative, please contact Dr. Y. Paul Chugh ( or Dr. Brenda Schladweiler (