Reclamation Matters

The Reclamation Matters is one of ASMR's official magazines, the other is our Online Journal. This magazine is distributed at no cost to active ASMR members or to those who subscribe to only the magazine ($10/year). This subscription option should to be ordered between January and March. After about six months, the past issues are placed online. If you wish a hard copy of the current issue, contact Robert Darmody and he will send you one while supplies last. Or send your payment to ASMR, 1305 Weathervane, Champaign, IL 61821. The number of copies we receive are only a few more than the number of active members at the time the copies are printed.

The first issue of the magazine appeared in spring of 2004, and the magazine is currently being published twice a year. The advertising pays for only the printing. Currently about 300 copies are sent within USA and more than 100 are distributed abroad and to libraries. If you wish to advertise in our magazine contact Robert Darmody, or click on the rate sheet below.

If you wish to submit an article, contact Jeff Skousen. Articles will be reviewed Dr. Skousen and if acceptable, will appear in one of our future issues. We also encourage articles to be submitted from all of the Technical Divisions and especially those articles that are of an applied nature, especially if color photos are included. Articles are not generally longer than four typed pages in length excluding space required for the digital photos and/or small tables.