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2023 Boise, ID

40th Annual Meeting
June 4 – 7, 2023
Boise, Idaho

Plenary Session/Keynote Speakers

Dustin Wasley, Conference Chair
Michele Coleman, ASRS President
Mike Crapo, US Senator
Dan Silver, Coeur D’Alene Trust
Ron Quinn, Simplot
Jeff Skousen

Biochar and Reclamation

Watershed AML and AMD/ARD

Water Treatment

Thomas Clark

Seeding and Revegetation

Wetland Restoration/Water Management

Theresa Hughes

Sagebrush/ Sage Grouse Discussions

The Importance of Geochemistry

Jenna Adams

Climate, Microbes and Carbon Dioxide

Adegbite Adesipo

Plants, Phytoremediation and Revegetation

Reclamation Across Idaho- Silber Balley

Mammal and Insect Impacts from Reclamation


Nick Anton

Reclamation Across Idaho- Historic Districts

ARD/AMD Discussions

Reclamation Across Idaho – Phosphate Patch

Chris Guedes

Tar Creek Superfund Site Discussion

Robert Nairn
Dayton M’Kenzie Dorman*

Revegetation and Reforestation

Jenise Bauman

Stream/Floodplain Restoration

Urban Reclamation

Jennifer Franklin

Landform Reclamation and Cover Systems

Passive Treatment

Renewables and Reclamation

Pradeep Kumar

Teaching and Learning in Reclamation

Teaching and Learning in Reclamation

Mercury in the Environment

*Denotes Student