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1990 Charleston, WV

7th Annual Meeting
April 23-26, 1990
Charleston, West Virginia

Acid Mine Drainage

W. Hart, A. Stiller. T. Rymer, J. Renton
p 43-50

Evaluating Reclamation Success: Ecological Considerations

J. Sencindiver, D. Dollhopf, L. Daniels
p 79-80

Minesoil Productivity and Postmining Land Uses

B. Wolf, L. Emerson, J. Sencindiver
p 121-126

Reclamation for Improved Land Use in Appalachia

Reclamation Policy and Regulatory Issues

Mining, Reclamation and the Media

Overburden Analysis

R. Hammack, G. Watzlaf
p 257-264


W. Davidson, A. Freeland, B. Elison
p 295-298
T. Probert, R. Gallimore, J. Torbert, J. Burger
p 299-306

Restoration of Forested Wetlands

J. Calabrese, D. Bhumbia, A. Sexstone, G. Bissonnette, J. Sencindiver
p 351-352

Wetlands - U.S. Bureau of Mines

T. Wildeman, S. Machemer, R. Klusman, R. Cohen, P. Lemke
p 417-424

Revegetation - General

S. Landsburg, A. Fedkenheuer
p 437-444

Abandoned Mine Land - General

L. Dalverny, R. Chaiken, A. Kim
p 527-534
P. Lin, D. Dutta, S. Ping
p 483-492

Revegetation - AML


W. H. Davidson
p 597
A. Stiller, E. Leluika, T. Rymer, W. Hart
p 609