29th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 8-15, 2012, Tupelo, Mississippi

Table of Contents

Plenary Session

North American Coal
J. Friedlander
p NA

The Geology Of Mississippi: A Reference for the State's Geology and Mineral Resources
D. T. Dockery III
p 102

Mine Regulation and Reclamation in Mississippi
M. B. E. Bograd, S. Thieling, D. T. Dockery III
p 26

The Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science (ARIES)
J. R. Craynon, P. F. Ziemkiewicz, W. L. Daniels, R. C. Warner, M. E. Karmis
p 98

The Emerging Requirement for Evidence-Based Restoration Schemes in the United Kingdom
R. N. Humphries
p 286-302

Ecosystem Restoration: A Critical Component of Sustainable Mining and Reclamation
J. Burger
p 72

OSM Stream

Stream Restoration: A Reassessment of Long Term Performance
J. Nawrot, K. Williard, B. Borries, D. Roseboom, T. Straub
p 392

Stream Restoration at Midwest Surface Coal Mines - Keys to Success
R. Williams
p 538

Lessons Learned from a Thousand Streams
W. Kinney
p 303

"The Good the Bad and the Ugly" Stream Restoration Within the Illinois Basin
R. Retherford
p 454

Hydrology and Sediment Transport Characterization and Management Considerations
T. D. Straub
p 496

Stream Reconstruction Under SMCRA Burning Star #4: A Case Study
W. G. O'Leary, J. R. Nawrot
p 406-423

Water Tailings

Comparison of Hydrologic Characteristics from Two Differently Reclaimed Tailings Ponds; Graves Mountain, Lincolnton, GA
G. Geidel
p 154-170

Potential of Impounded Fine Coal Refuse Slurry Breakthroughs into Underground Mines
P. R. Michael, D. L. Lane, M. W. Richmond, D. E. Stump, M. J. Superfesky
p 378

Preliminary Assessment of Floodplain Soil Metal Concentrations, Neosho River, Oklahoma
L. J. Mignogna, W. A. Runyon, R. W. Nairn, W. H. Strosnider
p 379-388

Three-Year Pilot Case Study of Biochemical Reactor Treatment of Selenium
R. Schipper, T. Rutkowski
p 457-469

The Pailaviri Tailings Deposit, Potosí, Bolivia: Extreme Acid Rock Drainage Generation
A. A. Neptune, F. S. L. López, R. R. Callapa, K. J. Palmer, R. W. Nairn, J. Z. Bandstra, W. H. Strosnider
p 394-403


Ecological Restoration in Drastically Degraded Mined Areas
L. E. Dias, I. R. de Assis, G. C. Rocha
p 101

Switchgrass Potential on Reclaimed Surface Mines for Biofuel Production in West Virginia
M. Marra, J. Skousen
p 325-345

Kern River Natural Gas Line Expansion: A Case Study in Overcoming Adversity on a Mountainous Lineal Reclamation Project
D. Chenoweth, J. Schneider, C. Reid
p 82-95

Achieving Reclamation Success Globally - Peabody Energy's Experience in Mongolia
V. R. Pfannenstiel, D. Tumenjargal
p 436-452

Lessons Learnt for Harvesting Seed from Semi-Natural Grasslands in Biodiversity Mitigation and Enhancement Schemes in the South Wales Coalfield, UK
R. N. Humphries
p 251-268

OSM Symposium: AMD Mitigation Case Studies in the Illinois Coal Basin

AMD Remediation at the Superior C.C. #4 Mine In Illinois
L. L. Lewis, P. T. Behum
p 323

Theoretical Versus Observed Hydrochemical Performance of Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactors in South-Western Indiana
T. D. Branam, M. D. Reeder, G. A. Olyphant
p 28-48

Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage Using Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactors - Case Example: The Tab-Simco Passive Treatment System
P. T. Behum, L. Lewis, R. Kiser, L. Lefticariu
p 24

Impacts of Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation on Water Quality Within the South Fork Patoka River Watershed
M. Stacy
p 495

Hydrogeologic Modeling of Flow Within Sulfatereducing Bioreactors: Implications for System Design and Performance
R. C. Waddle, G. A. Olyphant
p 500-519

Geochemical Evaluation of a Prematurely Exhausted Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactor; Lacy South Site, South-Central Indiana
P. L. Burch, T. D. Branam, M. D. Reeder, G. A. Olyphant
p 71

Soil Organisms

Soil Biota Development in Post Mining Sites on Climatic Gradient from East to Mid-West of USA
J. Frouz, V. Pižl, K. Tajovský, J. Starý, L. Hánel, A. Nováková, A. Lukešová, V. Krištufek, M. Devetter, T. Cajthaml
p 135

Microbial Quality of Reclaimed Mine Soils Following Time and Treatment Based Influences
J. P. Brooks, A. Adeli, J. J. Read, D. J. Lang, M. R. McLaughlin, J. Willers
p 50

Soil Algae and Cyanobacteria of Post-Coal Mining Areas
A. Lukešová, J. Frouz
p 324

Microscopic Fungi in Reclaimed Soils in the Rolling Hills Wind Plant, Glenrock, WY
A. Nováková, J. Frouz, V. Hubka
p 404

The Impacts of Surface Mining Restoration Efforts on Soil Dwelling Nematode Communities in the Appalachian Region
H. Smith
p 494

Water Streams

Genetic Diversity of Brook Trout Populations in Several Subwatersheds of the West Branch Susquehanna River Watershed
S. M. Rummel, F. J. Brenner
p 456

Preliminary Evaluation of Limestone-Based Passive Treatment Systems for Low-pH Acid Mine Drainage in Andean Bolivia
K. J. Palmer, F. L. López, R. R. Callapa, A. A. Neptune, A. Cisse, C. T. Breazile, R. W. Nairn, W. H. Strosnider
p 426-435

Leaf Litter Breakdown in Reconstructed Appalachian Coal-Mine Streams: Relationships to Environmental Variables
R. J. Krenz, S. H. Schoenholtz, C. E. Zipper
p 321

Laboratory Evaluation of Conductivty Sensor Accuracy and Temporal Consistency
T. P. Maupin, C. T. Agouridis, C. D. Barton, R. C. Warner
p 359-375

Use of MODFLOW Drain Package for Simulating Inter-Basin Transfer of Groundwater in Abandoned Coal Mines
M. D. Kozar, K. J. McCoy
p 304-320

Water AMD

The Beginning: Passive Treatment of a Highly Acidic Mine Drainage Discharge
C. A. Neely, C. Denholm, S. Busler, T. Danehy, B. Page, M. Dunn
p 393

Permitting and Construction of a Micro-Hydroelectric Power Facility Utlizing Treated Mine Drainage
B. J. Page, T. P. Danehy, C. Neely, S. L. Busler, C. F. Denholm, M. H. Dunn
p 425

Expanding the Scope of Passive Treatment: Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Municipal Wastewater
W. H. J. Strosnider, B. K. Winfrey, R. W. Nairn
p 498

Engineered Pumpable pHOAM™: An Innovative Method for Mitigating ARD
J. Gusek, B. Masloff, J. Fodor
p 171-188

Hydrologic Characterization of Multiple Seam Underground and Surface Mining in Northern Appalachia
J. W. Hawkins, J. J. Smoyer
p 189-218

Soils Evaluation

Corn Yield from and Physical Properites of Soil Reconstructed by the University of Kentucky Soil Regenerator
L. G. Wells, S. Bodapati
p 520-536

Screening Criteria for Beneficial Utilization of Dredge Sediments in Virginia, USA
W. L. Daniels, A. Wick, C. Carter, III, C. Saunders
p 100

Feasible Strategies for Reclaiming 226RA-Contaminated Soils from ISR U Mine Spills
L. Cox, P. Stahl
p 96

A System to Evaluate Prime Farmland Reclamation Success Based on Spatial Soil Properties
R. E. Dunker, D. G. Bullock, G. A. Bollero, K. L. Armstrong
p 104-133

Application of Econometric Technique for Ensuring Slope Stability in an Open Pit Mine: A Case Study
P. Kumar, A. Horel
p 322


Survival and Growth of Chestnut Backcross Seeds and Seedlings on Surface Mines
J. Skousen
p 472-493

The Efficiency of Introduced Pisolithus Tinctorius Inoculum on Backcrossed Chestnut Germination and Survival
J. M. Bauman, C. H. Keiffer, S. Hiremath
p 6-23

Survey for the Presence of Phytophthora Cinnamomi on Reclaimed Mined Lands in Ohio Chosen for Restoration of the American Chestnut
S. Hiremath, K. Lehtoma, J. M. Bauman
p 220-231

Groundcover Influences Hardwood Reforestation Success on Reclaimed Appalachian Mined Lands
B. D. Strahm, J. A. Burger, C. E. Zipper, R. S. Allen, Z. D. Addington
p 558

Ground Cover Species Effects on Oak Seedlings Grown in Minesoil
J. Franklin, D. Buckley, E. Aubuchon, A. Klobucar
p 134

Water Passive Treatment

The Development of a Demonstration Passive Treatment System for Removing Sulfate at a Site on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
E. P. Blumenstein, J. J. Gusek
p 25

Re-Aerating Off the Grid: Improving Passive Treatment Success with Solar and Wind Energies
R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett, B. M. Callies
p 389

Passive Treatment of Mining Influenced Wastewater with Biochemical Reactor Treatment at the Standard Mine Superfund Site, Crested Butte, Colorado
N. Gallagher, E. Blumenstein, T. Rutkowski, J. DeAngelis, D. Reisman, C. Progess
p 137-153

Design and Construction Challenges for Limestone-Based Passive Treatment Systems in the Rural Andes, Potosí, Bolivia
W. H. Strosnider, J. Alvarez, F. S. L. López, C. Breazile, S. Crook, P. Monje, T. Cooper, R. W. Nairn
p 497

Event-Driven Metal Transport Dynamics in the Initial Oxidation Cells of a Passive Treatment System
L. R. Oxenford, R. W. Nairn
p 424

Toward Sustainability in Passive Treatment: Using Stakeholder Partnerships to Ensure Sound Science
R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett, D. E. Townsend, J. Luedecke, J. Long, M. Grigsby
p 390

Land Use Planning

Lessons-Learned Applying Geomorphically Stable Landform Design Concepts to Reclamation of Abandoned Mines
M. R. Donner, B. A. D. Hill
p 219

Reclamation Implications of Overlapping Industries in Southern Campbell County, Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler, L. Cox
p 470

In Situ Coal Gasification: An Emerging Technology
K. M. Brown
p 51-70

Optimization of Concurrent Mining and Reclamation Plans for Single Coal Seam - A Case Study in Northern Anhui, China
Z. Hu, W. Xiao
p 232-249

Developing Quarry Capture Prevention Techniques on the Buttahatchie River
B. J. Maurer, J. J. Ramirez-Avila
p 376

Introduction to Land Reclamation Policies and Regulations in China
Z. Hu, J. Li, W. Xiao
p 250

Soil and Vegetation Changes Over Time

Age Chronosequence and Landscape Effects on the Quality Characteristics of Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils Under Forest and Pasture Based System in Mississippi
A. Adeli, D. Lang, J. P. Brooks, M. R. McLughlin, J. J. Read, N. R. McGrew, J. Willers
p 3

Long-Term Effects of Rock Type and Weathering on Southwest Virginia Mine Soils
W. L. Nash, W. L. Daniels, J. A. Burger
p 391

Characterization of Coal Combustion Byproducts Fifteen Years After Emplacement in an Abandoned Mine Land Site
L. C. Martin, T. D. Branam, S. Naylor, G. A. Olyphant
p 346-358

Use of Animal Waste and Flue Gas Desulfurized Gypsum to Improve Forage Production on Reclaimed Mine Soil in Mississippi
J. J. Read, A. Adeli, D. J. Lang
p 453

Young Forest Composition and Growth on a Reclaimed Appalachian Coal Surface Mine After Nine Years
C. E. Zipper, J. A. Burger, D. M. Evans, P. Donovan
p 557-585

Sustainable Landscapes: Evaluating Strategies for Controlling Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus Umbellata) on Reclaimed Surface Mineland at the Wilds Conservation Center in Southeastern Ohio
S. M. Byrd, N. D. Cavender, C. M. Peugh, J. M. Bauman
p 73-81

Soil Carbon

Understanding the Implications of Emerging Soil Carbon Land Use Policies for Surface Mining in the United Kingdom
R. N. Humphries
p 269-285

Long-Term Carbon and Nutrient Accrual in Coal Mine Topsoil Substitutes in Southwest Virginia
N. G. Craig, B. D. Strahm, J. A. Burger, W. L. Nash, W. L. Daniels
p 97

Carbon Accumulation and Stabilization Following Mineral Sands Mining in Eastern Virginia
A. F. Wick, W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, M. M. Alley
p 537

Dissolved Solid Transport

Linking Temporal Patterns of Dissolved Solids in Central Appalachian Coalfield Streams to Mining Sources
A. J. Timpano, S. H. Schoenholtz, C. E. Zipper, D. J. Soucek
p 499

Influence of Roadside Establishment Practices on Sediment and Nutrient Loss
K. R. Briscoe, G. Munshaw, J. J. Varco, B. R. Stewart
p 49

Nutrient and Sulfide Export from a Mine Drainage Passive Treament System
S. A. Yepez, R. W. Nairn
p 539-556

Poster Session

Assessing the Effect of Cattle Grazing Alone and with Goats on Botanical Composition of Pastures Established on Reclaimed Coal Mined Lands
O. Abaye, M. Webb, C. Zipper
p 1

Arsenic Adsorption in Soils with Different Mineralogical Compositions
I. R. Assis, L. E. Dias, R. B. A. Fernandes, S. C. Silva, J. W. V. Mello
p 5

Substrate Physical Quality in Overburden Slopes Dumps of Iron Mining Activities in Carajás, Brazil
G. C. Rocha, I. R. de Assis, L. E. Dias, S. M. de Faria
p 455

Carbon Isotopes as a Basis for Evaluating Alkalinity Generation Over Time with a Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactor in South-Central Indiana
S. W. Emenhiser, P. E. Sauer, T. D. Branam, G. A. Olyphant
p 133

Long-Term Effects of Herbaceous Species and Trees on Reclaimed Mine Soil Properties
K. McMillen, M. Letalik, A. O. Abaye, C. E. Zipper, E. Carver, A. G. Fannon-Osborne
p 377

Influence of Weed Mats and Tree Shelters on Survival and Height Growth of American Chestnut on Post-Bond Release Surface Mines in Eastern Kentucky
H. Z. Angel, C. D. Barton, P. N. Angel
p 4

Effects of Agricultural and Industrial By-Products on Restoration Quality of Reclaimed Coal Mine Soil in Mississippi
A. Adeli, J. J. Read, D. J. Lang, J. P. Brooks, M. R. McLaughlin, N. R. McGrew, J. Willers
p 2

Soil Microbial Community in Post Mining Sites in Sahara Mine IL Reclaimed by SMACRA and Pre SMACRA Technologies
J. Frouz, V. Krištufek, T. Cajthaml
p 136

Evaluation of Species for Rapid Establishment on Mississippi Roadsides
T. Bradford, Jr., G. C. Munshaw, B. R. Stewart, H. W. Philley
p 27

Soil Microfungal Communities in Three Various Post-Mining Areas (Wyoming, Tennessee, And Indiana)
A. Nováková, V. Hubka, J. Frouz
p 405

Effects of Industrial By-Products on Leaching Losses of Broiler Litter Nutrients Applied to Mine Soils as Reclamation Technique in Mississippi
J. Sheng, A. Adeli, J. Brooks, M. R. Mclaughlin, J. J. Read, D. J. Lang, R. McGrew
p 471