28th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 11-16, 2011, Bismarck, North Dakota

Table of Contents

Soils and Overburden

Topsoil Loss: Evaluating Agronomic Characteristics of Surface Soils on a Pipeline Right-Of-Way
M. M. Duncan, A. DeJoia
p 185-201

Predicting Topsoil Balance from Different Levels of Soil Survey
B. A. Buchanan, B. D. Musslewhite
p 78-88

Biochemical Reactor Construction and Mine Pool Chemistry Changes, Golinsky Mine, California
J. Gusek, J. Kelsey, R. Schipper, B. Shipley
p 253-268

Characterization of Alluvial Subsoil Strata as Suitable Plant Growth Material: Greenhouse Studies
D. Lang, B. Shankle, J. Duckworth, V. Temu
p 353

Effects of Prime Farmland Soil Reconstruction Methods on Post-Mining Productivity of Mineral Sands Mine Soils in Virginia
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels, K. R. Meredith, M. M. Alley, A. F. Wick
p 504-518

Soil Development and Vegetation Establishment on Amended Saline Dredged Materials
A. F. Wick, W. L. Daniels, C. H. Carter III
p 710-733


Initial Transpiration and Growth of Native Hardwood Seedlings Planted on Steep Reclaimed Mine Sites
A. D. Klobucar, E. A. Aubuchon, J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 326-335

The Influence of Inoculated and Native Ectomycorrhizal Fungi on Morphology, Physiology and Survival of American Chestnut
J. M. Bauman, C. H. Keiffer, S. Hiremath
p 16-37

Effects of Soil Amendment Treatments on American Chestnut Performance and Physiology on an East Tennessee Surface Mine
C. R. Miller, J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 419-437

Selecting Topsoil Substitutes for Forestry Mine Soils
J. Skousen, C. Zipper, J. Burger, P. Angel, C. Barton
p 591-609

Hardwood Tree Performance on Amended Brown and Gray Mine Spoils After Four Years
C. Thomas, J. Skousen
p 655-675

Water Management

Removing Suspended Metals with a Fine Grained Ceramic Filter Media
P. Eger
p 202-213

Remediation of High-Strength Mine Influenced Water with Crab Shell Substrate Mixtures: Laboratory Column and Field Pilot Tests
J. A. Grembi, B. A. Sick, S. S. Goots, S. Lin, R. A. Brennan
p 215-231

Process Selection and Design of a Passive Treatment System for the Empire Mine State Historic Park, California
J. Gusek, L. Josselyn, W. Agster, S. Lofholm, D. Millsap
p 232-253

Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Municipal Wastewater Using the Activated Sludge Process: Preliminary Treatability Studies
T. A. Hughes, N. F. Gray
p 283-305

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Residuals to Reduce Phosphorus in Poultry Litter
L. M. McDonald
p 409-418

A Case History: Reconstruction of the East Fork of the Arkansas River at the Climax Mine
K. Malers, R. Spotts, K. E. Carlson, B. R. Romig
p 375-407

Riparian and Wetland Creation Along a Newly Constructed Segment of the East Fork of the Arkansas River at the Climax Mine
R. F. Bay, K. E. Carlson, B. R. Romig
p 38-58

Should There be an Aquatic Life Water Quality Criterion for Conductivity?
S. D. Baker, S. P. Canton, R. W. Gensemer
p 1

Opportunity Ponds Wetlands Construction and Revegetation
L. J. Ballek, S. Dunlap
p 2-16

Using Spreadsheets to Evaluate the Effects of Mine Water Disposal on Surface and Ground Water
L. M. Boettcher
p 62-77

Arsenic Speciation in Sediment and Pore Waters of the Historical Mining-Impacted Belle Fourch and Cheyenne River Floodplains
B. D. Pfiefle, J. J. Stone
p 539-551

Sediment Pore-Water Interactions Associated with Arsenic and Uranium Transport Within a Uranium Miningimpacted Watershed in South Dakota
J. J. Stone, L. N. Larson, G. G. Kipp
p 618-634

Water Quality Impacts from In-Stream Mine Tailings in Rio Tarapaya, Potosí, Bolivia
W. H. Strosnider, R. W. Nairn, H. R. Montero, F. L. Pinto
p 635-654

Iron and Trace Metal Retention in Net Alkaline CO2-Rich Mine Waters Via Aerobic Processes
R. W. Nairn, J. A. LaBar
p 438-449

Results from the Initial "ELF" Inter-Mine Pool Transfer Tests
B. J. Page, B. R. Leavitt, T. P. Danehy, G. Leavitt, C. F. Denholm, S. L. Busler, L. B. Popeck, M. H. Dunn
p 519-538

Effective Use of Partnerships to Assess a Mining-Impacted Watershed
B. Mack, J. B. Gutta
p 357-374

The GARD Guide and Its General Applicability to Mine Water Issues
R. L. Kleinmann, T. Chatwin
p 317-325

Challenges of Bond Release for Western U.S. Coal Mining

Bond Release Issues in the Western United States
J. Fleishman
p NA

North Dakota's Bond Release Verification Requirements
G. A. Welch
p 690

ND Industry's Perspective on Bond Release
J. K. Unruh
p 676

OSM's Role in Bond Release for Western Coal Mining
A. Boehms
p 61

Tracking Bond Release at a Large Wyoming Coal Mining Operation
A. Krzyszowska-Waitkus, C. Blake
p 338-351

How Much Bond Money Can I Get Back?: Determining the Applicable Bond Amount to Return During Bond Release
J. H. Binns
p 60

Bond Release in Montana; Past, Present and Future
E. Urban
p 677

Bond Release Issues on the Crow Reservation
A. Not Afraid
p 502

Promoting Innovative Reclamation and Bond Release in New Mexico
D. Clark
p 142

Hot Research Topics Addressing Bond Release at Surface Coal Mines in the Western United States
P. Stahl
p 610

Adaptive Native Grassland Establishment, Management and Field Sampling
K. Krabbenhoft
p 336

Bond Release Calculations at Wyoming Mines
S. Belden
p 59

Assessments Needed for Final Bond Release Other than Revegetation
J. Deutsch
p 184

Soils and Overburden / Ecology

Estimating Vegetation Cover Using Various GIS Techniques
M. Heil, A. Wagner, B. A. Buchanan
p 269-281

Estimating Canopy Cover Using Aerial Photography for a Mixed Conifer Zone, Northern, New Mexico
D. Inskeep, A. Wagner, B. A. Buchanan
p 306-315

Using Satellite Imagery to Characterize Locations, Ages and Woody Canopy Cover of Reclaimed Surface Mines in Appalachia, USA
S. Sen, C. E. Zipper, R. H. Wynne, P. F. Donovan, J. W. Coulston
p 567-590

Sustainable Mined Land Reclamation in the Eastern U.S. Coalfields: A Case for an Ecosystem Reclamation Approach
J. A. Burger
p 113-141

Upland Placement and Management of Acid-Forming Dredge Materials
A. F. Wick, W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, C. H. Carter III
p 734-750

Determining Reclamation Potential for Steep Oil and Gas Sites in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler, D. M. Gardner
p 552-566

Forestry/Water Management/Land Use

Invasion of Non-Native Trees on Reclaimed Surface Mines of the Southern Cumberland Plateau
D. Lemke, C. Schweitzer, Y. Wang, D. Virone
p 355

Reforestation Guidelines for Unused Surface Mined Lands: Development, Application and Adoption
J. Burger, C. Zipper, P. Angel, D. Evans, S. Eggerud
p 90-112

Tree Response to Substrate and Grading Treatments on Quarry Overburden
V. De Lima, J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 166-183

Woody Biomass Production on Post-Smcra Mined Lands Over Three Years and Comparisons with Other Studies
C. E. Zipper, D. M. Evans, J. A. Burger, C. W. Fields-Johnson, A. Brunner, B. Stanton
p 768-786

Effects of Wyoming Big Sagebrush Seeding Rate and Grass Competition on Long-Term Density and Canopy Volume of Big Sagebrush and Wildlife Habitat
L. E. Vicklund, G. E. Schuman, M. C. Mortenson
p 678-689

Passive Treatment Opportunities in a Drastically Disturbed Watershed: Reversing the Irreversible?
R. W. Nairn, J. A. LaBar, K. A. Strevett
p 450-468

Soils and Water Management

Cooperational Assessment of Mine Waste Rock for Remediation and Reuse
J. F. Wiley, J. O. Sharp, T. R. Wildeman, E. Rapp, D. Kielty, B. A. Scarbrough
p 751-765

Treatment of Antimony and Arsenic Within Mine Water from the Drumlummon Mine, Montana Using Titanium Dioxide Adsorption Media
K. S. Whiting, D. T. Klempel, R. J. Kimball
p 691-709

To Beijing and Back: A Midwestern's View of Chinese Mine Reclamation
R. G. Darmody
p 153-165

Poster Session

Soil Depth Relationship with Species Cover and Constancy in Reclamation
B. A. Buchanan, A. Wagner
p 89

Analysis of Remediation Strategies for Radionuclide-Contaminated Soils in Uranium Mining
L. Cox, P. Stahl
p 143-151

Soil Carbon Trends in Reconstructed Mine Soils to Herbaceous and Woody Vegetation Prescriptions in Southwest Virginia
N. G. Craig, B. D. Strahm, J. A. Burger, W. L. Nash, W. L. Daniels
p 152

Remedial Technologies for Mine Wastes - An ITRC Web Based Guidance
P. Eger, C. Baysinger, S. Hill, M. Sieczkowski
p 214

Plant-Soil Relations on Marine Dredge Material
M. A. Howren, A. F. Wick, P. Donovan, W. L. Daniels, C. H. Carter III
p 282

Recovery of Soil Nutrient Distribution and Microbial Community in a Post-Lignite Mining Rehabilitation Chronosequence in East Texas
J. P. Ng, T. J. Gentry, F. M. Hons
p 501

A Novel Approach to Reclamation of Steeply Dipping Mined Out Coal Seams of the North Eastern Coalfields, India: A Case Study
P. Kumar, A. Horel, A. N. Sahay
p 337

Determination of Dominant Metal Sequestration Processes in a Vertical Flow Cell Substrate
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn
p 352

Coalbed Natural Gas Co-Produced Water and its Effects on Soil
K. J. Lilly
p 356

Switchgrass Potential on Reclaimed Surface Mines for Biofuel Production in West Virginia
M. Marra, J. Skousen, T. Keene
p 408

Potential Anionic Sorbent Use of Iron Oxides from Abandoned Mine Drainage Discharges
C. A. Neely, R. W. Nairn
p 469-500

Can Transpiration Rates Tell the Potentiality Oof Mine Reclamation Ground Cover?
E. Nurtjahya, J. A. Franklin
p 503

Native Plant Establishment Study Phase II
D. Stokes
p 611-616

Revegetation of a Boreal Gold Mine Tailings Pond
I. Young, J. Markham, S. Renault
p 767