26th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, May 30 to June 5, 2009, Billings, Montana

Table of Contents

Revegetation - Plant Materials

Selection and Release of Indigenous Plant Materials for the Anaconda Smelter Superfund Site - 'Opportunity' Germplasm Nevada Bluegrass
E. C. Graham, S. Majerus, M. E. Majerus, J. D. Scianna, R. M. Hybner
p 500-517

Comparative Evaluation of Grasses, Forbs, and Seed Mixtures from "Local" versus "Non-local" Origins AT(Stucky Ridge) Anaconda, MT
R. M. Hybner, E. C. Graham, M. E. Majerus, S. G. Majerus
p 1292-1322

Conserving an S1/G5/T2 Mustard at a Southeast Montana Coal Mine Through Nursery Propagation and Transplanting
G. L. Johnson, R. A. Prodgers
p 645-654

Rapid Propagation of the Sensitive Species Physaria Didymocarpa Var. Lanata for Reclamation
S. M. King, R. A. Prodgers, M. G. King
p 664-672

Using Plant Tissue Culture to Develop Plants with Acid Soil, Heavy Metal Tolerance(AHMT), Potentially Useful for Hard-Rock Mine Land Reclamation
S. King, M. King, S. Jennings, D. Neuman
p 673-692

Revegetation - Riparian Wetland

Revegetation of Reed Canarygrass Infested Riparian Areas: Performance of Pre-Vegetated Coir after 3 to 6 Years
P. B. Hook, K. M. Salsbury, J. M. Klausmann
p 597-629

Native Plant Material Selection for Water Treatment Wetlands
C. R. Taylor, P. B. Hook, C. A. Zabinski, O. R. Stein
p 1436-1454

Big Hanaford Creek Floodplain and Wetland Restoration Project as Mitigation for A Surface Coal Mine Project
M. Matthies, T. Briggs
p 777-798

Newsome Creek, Idaho: Revegetation plan for a Floodplain Impacted by Historic Dredge Mining
S. Wall, L. Ballek
p 1497-1511

Case Histories

Comparison of Reclamation of Coal Mines under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 and Oil and Gas Sites in Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler
p 1196-1206

Zortman-Landusky: Challenges in a Decade of Closure
R. D. Williams, J. Gabelman, S. Shaw, W. Jepson,
p 1583-1595

Mine Water Treatment at Soudan State Park
P. Eger
p 401-412

Assessment of Environmental Impacts near Abandoned Uranium Mines within the Cave Hills and Slim Buttes complexes, Custer National Forest, South Dakota
J. J. Stone, L. D. Stetler
p 1394-1411

A Case History: Limestone Quarry Reclamation Using Fluvial Geomorphic Design Techniques
M. Robson, R. Spotts, R. Wade, W. Erickson
p 1166-1175

Wyoming Reclamation & Restoration Center

Activities of the Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center
S. E. Williams, R. E. Long
p 1596-1610

Ecosystem Recovery on Reclaimed Surface Mine Lands
P. D. Stahl, A. F. Wick, S. Dangi, V. Regula, L. J. Ingram, D. L. Mummey
p 1371-1393

Effects of Natural Gas Well Development, Reclamation, and Controlled Livestock Impact on Topsoil Properties
J. B. Norton, A. M. Mason, C. A. Hudlow
p 911-920

Impacts of Oil and Natural Gas on Prairie Grouse: Current Knowledge and Research Needs
J. L. Beck
p 66-87

Coalbed Methane Natural Gas(CBNG) Produced Water: Outfalls and Disposal Ponds
K. J. Reddy, R. E. Jackson
p 1076-1086

Economic Issues and Policies Affecting Reclamation in Wyoming's Oil and Gas Industry
M. Andersen, R. Coupal
p 1-17

Industrial Innovations

AM-Colonized Plant Materials for Mined-Land Reclamation
T. W. Meikle, K. Weilage
p 799-814

Multiple Site Evaluation of RCTS™ Acid Mine Drainage Treatment, Emergency Mobilization and Lime Utilization
T. Tsukamoto, V. Weems
p 1455-1469

An Investigation to Use Tailing Ponds as Solar Photovoltaic Farm
M. Momayez, T. Wilson, A. Cronin, S. Annavarapu, B. Conant
p 832-847

Geotechnical Considerations for Solar Panel Installation on Mine Tailings
S. Annavarapu, T. Wilson, M. Momayez, A. Cronin
p 37-43

Reduced-Impact Land Disturbance Techniques for Natural Gas Production
M. D. Mitchem, D. J. Dollhopf, K. C. Harvey
p 816-831

A Summary of Some Land Surface and Water Quality Monitoring Results for Constructed GeoFluv Landforms
N. Bugosh
p 153-175

Mine Influenced Waters

Passive Treatment and Monitoring at the Standard Mine Superfund Site, Crested Butte, CO
D. Reisman, T. Rutkowski, P. Smart, J. Gusek, M. Sieczkowski
p 1107-1128

A Periodic Table of Passive Treatment for Mining Influenced Water
J. J. Gusek
p 550-562

Overcoming the Obstacles of Operating a Biochemical Reactor and Aerobic Polishing Cell Year Round in Central Montana
E. P. Blumenstein, J. J. Gusek
p 107-129

Rotating Cylinder Treatment System Demonstration
P. Smart, D. Reisman, S. Odell, S. Forrest, K. Ford, T. Tsukamoto
p 1323-1346

Performance of an Ecologically-Engineered Multi-Stage Acid Mine Drainage and Municipal Wastewater Passive Co-Treatment System
W. H. Strosnider, B. K. Winfrey, R. W. Nairn
p 1412-1432

Reduction of Fecal Indicator Bacteria Counts in an Ecologically-Engineered Acid Mine Drainage and Municipal Wastewater Passive Co-Treatment System
B. K. Winfrey, W. H. Strosnider, R. W. Nairn
p 1611-1626

Preliminary Evaluation of Locally Available Organic Substrates for Vertical Flow Passive Treatment Cells in Potesí, Bolivia
B. Santamaria, M. R. Apoza Q., W. H. Strosnider, R. W. Nairn
p 1177-1195

Acid Mine Drainage Impacts on Irrigation Water Resources, Agricultural Soils, and Potatoes in Potosí, Bolivia
A. E. Garrido, J. Condori, W. H. Strosnider, R. W. Nairn
p 486-499

Response and Recovery of Sulfate-Reducing Biochemical Reactors from Aerobic Stress Events
E. M. Perrault, L. P. Pereyra, S. Hiibel, A. Pruden, K. F. Reardon, D. J. Reisman
p 1041-1062

Evaluation of First 1.5 years of Operation of a Passive Treatment System in SE Oklahoma
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn
p 693-708

Challenges in Design and Construction of A Large Multi-Cell Passive Treatment System for Ferruginous Lead-Zinc Mine Waters
R. W. Nairn, T. Beisel, R. C. Thomas, J. A. LaBar, K. A. Strevett, D. Fuller, W. H. Strosnider, W. J. Andrews, J. Bays, R. C. Knox
p 871-892

Revegetation - Woody Species

The Forestry Reclamation Approach and the Measure of its Success in Appalachia
P. N. Angel, J. A. Burger, V. M. Davis, C. D. Barton, M. Bower, S. D. Eggerud, P. Rothman
p 18-36

Capability of Reclaimed Mined Land for Supporting Reforestation with Seven Appalachian Hardwood Species
J. A. Burger, A. G. Fannon
p 176-191

Effects of Seedling Size and Ground Cover on the First-year Survival of Planted Pine and Hardwoods over an Extreme Drought
J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 474-484

First Year Response of Mixed Hardwoods and Improved American Chestnuts to Compaction and Hydroseed Treatments on Reclaimed Mine Land
C. Fields-Johnson, C. E. Zipper, J. A. Burger, D. M. Evans
p 413-431

Survival and Growth of Five Chestnut Seed Types on A Mountaintop Surface Mine in West Virginia
J. Skousen, T. Keene, C. DeLong, E. Pena-Yewtukhiw, T. Cook
p 1276-1291

Effect of Vegetation Cover and Seasonal Drought on Loblolly Pine Survival on Reclaimed Mine Soil
D. Lang, G. Hawkey, J. Sanborn, R. Buell, B. Roberson, V. Maddox
p 709-721

Short- and Long-Term Transplant Performance on Mine Rock Material, Questa Mine, New Mexico
B. J. Young, J. T. Harrington, M. W. Loveall, A. Wagner, J. Sanders, B. A. Buchanan
p 1698-1710

The use of Landscape Fabric and Supplemental Irrigation to Enhance Survival and Growth of Woody Perennials
R. C. Musselman, F. W. Smith, W. D. Shepperd, L. A. Asherin, B. W. Gee
p 849-870

Effects of Sub-Irrigation Tubes and Cover Type on Woody Plant Establishment
J. D. Scianna, E. C. Graham, R. W. Kilian, D. P. Zentner, R. M. Hybner
p 1215-1226

Fifth Year Transplant Survival on Constructed Test Plots, Questa Mine, Questa, New Mexico
A. Wagner, J. Sanders, B. Buchanan, E. Redente, J. Voss, B. Young
p 1483-1495

Evaluating Revegetation Success

A Qualitative Reclamation Assessment Handbook for Abandoned Hardrock Mine Lands
P. S. Blicker, D. R. Neuman, S. R. Jennings
p 89-106

Land Reclamation Performance Evaluation Process and Standards Used at the Anaconda Smelter Site, Montana
R. Rennick, G. Emilsson, C. Coleman
p 1129-1147

Montana's Framework for Establishing Technical Vegetation Standards
S. Downey, D. Myran, R. Williamson
p 359-389

Using Reference Areas VS. Technical Standards in Assessing Revegetation Success: A Quantitative Case Study
C. L. Vik
p 1470-1481

Climatic Adjustments on Reclaimed Cropland Yields for Final Bond Release
S. A. Schroeder
p 1207-1214

A Method for Assessing Vegetation Adequacy for Phase II Bond Release in Montana
S. Downey, A. Boehm
p 348-358

Poster Session

Development of Rhizobiaceae and Fabaceae Symbioses for Enhancing Biological Inputs of Nitrogen in Reclamation of Disturbed Lands in Wyoming
N. A. Bird, S. E. Williams
p 88

Revegetation of Acid Forming Gold Mining Spoils Containing High Levels of Arsenic
I. R. de Assis, L. E. Dias, R. W. Veloso, W. L. Daniels
p 270-282

Evaluation of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Using Artemia sp. and Allium cepa as Bioindicators of Toxicity and Genotoxicity
T. M. Defaveri, F. Z. da Silveira, T. Bortolotto, R. Geremias, J. J. Zocche, C. T. Pich
p 283-301

Prioritizing Abandoned Uranium Mine Land Reclamation Using A GIS Model
L. S. DeLay, S. A. LucasKamat, J. R. Smith
p 302-330

Enhanced Microbiological Generation of Coalbed Methane
L. Gallagher, J. Munakata-Marr, L. Landkamer, L. Figueroa, A. Glossner, K. Mandernack, S. Harris, Y. Liu, D. Bagley, W. Rodgers, F. Basile, Z. Huang, M. Urynowicz
p 485

The Role of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Acetate Biostimulated Uranium Attenuation
J. Hartmann, E. Lesher, L. Figueroa, J. Ranville, K. Campbell, J. Davis, K. Williams, P. Long
p 576

Microbial and Substrate Characterization of Four BLM Biochemical Reactor Systems in the Coeur D'Alene Idaho Area
R. M. Hernández, L. Figueroa, D. Fortier
p 577

Site Specific Reclamation: Reclamation Prescriptions Individualize for Successful Results
K. E. House, D. J. Dollhopf, K. C. Harvey
p 630

Pilot-Scale Tests of Oxidation and Neutralization for Mine Water: Precipitation Aspect Assessment
M. Jang, H. J. Lee, W. H. Ji, H. S. Park, Y. S. Shim, H. H. Kwon, B. Lee
p 631

Rapid Removal of Fine Particles in Mine Water by use of Coagulation and Flocculation Process
M. Jang, H. J. Lee, Y. S. Shim, H. H. Kwon
p 632

Switchgrass Production Potential on Reclaimed Surface Mines in West Virginia
T. Keene, J. Skousen
p 656

Influence of Differing Mine Site Characteristics and Planting Treatments on Survival and Bud Set Timing of Castanea Dentate
C. R. Miller, J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 815

Stabilization of Arsenic in Mine Tailings with Nano-Sized Zero Valent Iron and Magnitite
K. R. Kim, J. Y. Kim, K. W. Kim, B. T. Lee, J. S. Lee, S. O. Kim
p 663

Acid Mine Drainage Prevention using Biological Source Treatment: Coal and Hard Rock Experiments
J. M. Morris, P. H. Fallgren, M. L. Sait
p 848

Chitin as a Fractional Amendment to Compost to Enhance the Efficiency of MIW Treatment: Longevity Tests in Continuous Flow Columns
C. E. Newcombe, R. A. Brennan
p 910

Application of a Saturated-Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Model to Simulating the Probable Hydrologic Consequences of Mining at the Navajo Mine Extension Project, New Mexico
A. O'Hayre, R. Reinke, B. Musslewhite, D. Place
p 948

Comparison of A Neutron Probe with A PR-2 Soil Moisture Meter
M. O'Neill, D. Smeal, B. A. Buchanan, T. Brown, S. R. Perkins
p 949

Use of Recent and Historical Aerial Photography Interpretation Techniques to Quantify Post- Mining Reforestation Change and Associated Carbon Sequestration in Southwestern Virginia
D. Osborne, J. Ward, R. Davis, D. Kestner
p 963

Characterization of sludge in SAPS system
H. S. Park, W. H. Ji, M. Jang, H. J. Lee, Y. S. Shim, H. H. Kwon, B. Lee
p 964

Water Quality and the Fate and Transport of Arsenic in a Coalbed Natural Gas Produced Water Impoundment
J. T. Sowder, T. Kelleners, K. J. Reddy
p 1347

Applying RS and GIS to the Monitoring of Soil Erosion in Deep Coal Mines
S. Tang
p 1434

The Application of 3S Techniques to the Techniques to the Reclamation of Chinese Coal Refuse Disposal Pile
S. Tang, Z. Hu
p 1435

Influence of Topsoil Depth on Vegetation Establishment Following Mine Land Reclamation
J. Voss, S. R. Perkins, B. A. Buchanan, C. K. Applegate
p 1482

Five Years of Plant Community Establishment on Interim Reclamation on Molybdenum Tailing
A. Wagner, B. A. Buchanan, J. Sanders, J. Voss, B. J. Young
p 1496

Landscape Restoration Regionalization for Resource- Exhausted Coal Mine Areas Based on GIS
L. Wang, Z. Hu
p 1512-1519

In-Situ Uranium Mining Well Field Design Considerations
S. C. Way
p 1542

Zinc Increased Rooting by 280% in Transplants
J. Wheeler, J. Paternoster, K. Peterson, H. Jensen
p 1543

Coalbed Natural Gas(CBNG) Water Quality Trends in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
A. J. Whitman, K. J. Reddy
p 1563

Developing Adaptive Biological Strategies within Current Monitoring Plans to Benefit Sensitive Species and Facilitate Mining Operations on Tribal Lands
J. L. Zahratka, M. Fitzgerald, M. Owens
p 1711-1724

Toxicity and Genotoxicity Evaluation of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment using Artemia sp. and Geophagus brasiliensis as Bioindicators
F. Z. da Silveira, T. M. Defaveri, C. Ricken, J. J. Zocche, C. T. Pich
p 1725-1742

Water Management

Assessment for Treatment Options at the Young Dong Coal Mine Site, South Korea
J. F. Ranville, P. L. Sibrell, T. R. Wildeman, B. T. Lee, M. Jang, Y. S. Shim, W. H. Ji, H. S. Park, H. J. Lee
p 1063-1075

Evaluating the Potential Impact of Surface Mining on Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Communities in a Native Brook Char Fishery
F. J. Brenner, J. L. Stenglein, M. R. Ridge
p 130-142

Performance of A Full-Scale Horizontal-Flow Wetland for Zinc
M. Fitch, J. Schoenbacher
p 433-450

The Effect of a Soil Cover on Dump Respiration and Seepage Quantity and Quality
M. Phillip, M. O'Kane, B. Dawson, W. Kuit
p 978-995

An Analysis of Steel Slag and Its Use in Acid Mine Drainage(AMD) Treatment
B. Mack, B. Gutta
p 722-742

Revegetation - General

A Tool for Selecting Appropriate Vegetation for Restoring Disturbed Sites in Eastern Montana and Adjacent Areas
P. L. Hansen, W. H. Thompson, J. G. Massey, M. Thompson
p 563

Revegetating Topsoil, Scoria, and Spoil in Montana
R. A. Prodgers
p 1015-1040

Patterns of Annual Brome Abundance in Reclaimed and Native Rangelands in the Northern Great Plains: A Case Study from the Big Sky Mine, Southeastern MT
D. L. Buckner, S. Downey
p 143-152

Grass Establishment on Natural Gas Drill Pads in Wyoming as Impacted by Reclamation Techniques
S. J. Gundlach, D. J. Dollhopf, K. C. Harvey
p 518-537

Revegetation Monitoring at Block P Mill and Tailings Site, Montana
J. G. Massey, W. H. Thompson
p 743-767

Revegetation Trials in the Pinedale Anticline Project Area
S. R. Winslow, K. J. Clause, J. S. Jacobs, R. M. Hybner
p 1627-1661

Nothing but Borrow - Revegetation without Topsoil
R. A. Prodgers
p 996-1014

Mining Reclamation for Wildlife in West Virginia: A Continuing Challenge
R. L. Kelley,
p 657-662

Sharp-Tailed Grouse Return to Mined Land
R. Karo
p 655

Integrated Evaluation of Ecological Sustainability of a Mining Area in the Western Region of China
Y. Hao, Z. Hu, J. R. Nawrot
p 564-575

Soils and Overburden

Topsoil: What is it and Who Cares?
R. G. Darmody, W. L. Daniels, J. C. Marlin, D. L. Cremeens
p 237-269

Soil Respread Depths: Do We Know Enough to Implement Change?
S. J. Flath
p 451-473

The Potential for Carbon Sequestration on Degraded Lands within North Central Montana
J. D. Watts
p 1520-1541

Redevelopment of Soil Carbon Pools on Reclaimed Surface Mine Lands
P. D. Stahl, A. F. Wick, G. Ganjegunte, U. Norton, L. J. Ingram
p 1348-1370

Microbial Biomass in Reclaimed Soils Following Coal Mining in Virginia
H. G. Clayton, A. F. Wick, W. L. Daniels
p 227-236

A Model for Evaluating and Comparing Soil and Site Factors Affecting Productivity of Disturbed and Undisturbed Similar and Dissimilar Soils
H. R. Sinclair, Jr., R. R. Dobos, S. W. Waltman, K. W. Hipple, J. V. Chiaretti
p 1248-1275

Land Application of Coalbed Methane Produced Water: Changes in Soil Chemistry Through Time
K. L. Norvell, K. C. Harvey, D. E. Brown, A. J. DeJoia, A. J. Bembenek
p 921-947

Physical Protection of Organic Matter in Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils of SW Virginia
A. F. Wick, W. L. Daniels
p 1564-1582

Spoil Quality Effects on Vegetation Establishment and Species Composition Following Reclamation of Mined Lands in Arid New Mexico
S. R. Perkins, B. Buchanan, C. K. Applegate, J. Voss, L. Roberts
p 965-977

Chemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Agricultural Soils Inundated by the December 26, 2004 Tsunami after Intrinsic Bioremediation in Banda Aceh, Sumatra Island, Indonesia
S. K. Chaerun, W. B. Whitman, S. J. Wirth, R. H. Ellerbrock
p 210-225

Revegetation on Acid Metalliferous Wastes

Mobility and Bioavailability of Arsenic, Lead, Copper, and Zinc at the Avoca Mine Site, County Wicklow, Ireland
K. S. Whiting, R. L. Olsen, E. Doyle, G. Stanley
p 1544-1562

Acid neutralizing Capacity and Leachate Results for Igneous Rocks, with Associated Carbon Contents of Derived Soils, Animas River AML Site, Silverton, Colorado
D. B. Yager, M. R. Stanton, L. M. Choate, A. Burchell
p 1662-1697

Characterization and Treatment of Metal Contaminated Irrigated Meadows Adjacent to the Arkansas River near Leadville, CO
S. R. Jennings, J. Christner, R. Merrick, D. Wall, M. Holmes
p 633-644

Direct Revegetation of Acidic Mine Tailings at the Idarado Mine Site in Southwest Colorado
E. F. Redente
p 1087-1106

Potential of Three Legume Species for Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soils
L. E. Dias, R. F. Melo, J. W. V. Mello, J. A. Oliveira, W. L. Daniels
p 334-347

Metal Levels in Vegetation Growing on In Situ Treated Acid Metalliferous Mine Wastes in Montana
D. R. Neuman
p 893-909

Technological Tools

Assessing the use of High Resolution Satellite Imagery to Inventory Abandoned Mine Land Features in Virginia
D. Osborne, J. S. Souci, D. Kestner, R. Davis, A. McDavid, K. Britton
p 950-962

Field GPS vs. Remote Sensing Workflows for LandForm Review: Selecting the Right Technology for the Job
R. Calhoun, L. Evans, M. Shank, M. Richmond
p 192-209

Using ArcPad® to Identify Soil Probe Locations for Verifying Soil Respread Thickness on Reclaimed Land
W. T. Gunnerson
p 538-549

Mine Inspection Assistance using Remote Sensing Imagery
C. Bailey, N. A. Osborne, N. L. Carter, D. T. Beaman
p 44-65

Recent Developments in Close Range Photogrammetry for Mining and Reclamation
M. L. Dunn, Jr.
p 390-399

Mapping Vegetation Change on a Reclaimed Surface Mine Using Quickbird
M. Shank
p 1227-1247


Biogeochemical Characterization of Agricultural Soils Polluted by Industrial Wastewaters: Implications for Bioremediation
S. K. Chaerun, W. B. Whitman
p 226

Integrated Reclamation: Approaching Ecological Function?
A. L. Hild, N. L. Shaw, G. B. Paige, M. I. Williams
p 578-596

Rapid Alkalinity Generation and Metal Removal From Mine Impacted Water Using Crab-shell Chitin Under Abiotic Conditions
M. A. Robinson-Lora, R. A. Brennan
p 1148-1165

Clean Coal Biotechnology for Montana
T. Rossetto
p 1176

Evaluation of Various Ion Exchange Resins for Determining Uranium Groundwater Flux
V. Stucker, J. F. Ranville, S. Cabaniss, K. Hatfield
p 1433