25th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 14-19, 2008, Richmond, Virginia

Table of Contents

Revegetation and Wildlife

Assessment of Abandoned Quarries in Lebanon, East Mediterranean for Revegetation and Water Harvesting
T. M. Darwish, R. Stehouwer, D. Miller, J. Sloan, I. Jomaa, A. Shaban, C. Khater, M. Hamzé
p 271-284

Reclamation and Revegetation in the Copper Basin: London Mill Area
C. Stokes, F. Russell, F. Miller, K. Faulk
p 1200-1216

Differential Uptake of Transition Elements by Mesquite Obtained from Plants Grown in Impacted and Clean Sites
N. Haque, J. R. Peralta-Videa, J. L. Gardea-Torresdey
p 442-450

A Comparison of Coal Mining and Indiana Bat Population Trend
K. C. Vories
p 1367-1388

Soil Reconstruction

Subsoils As Topsoil Substitutes for Surface Coal Mine Reclamation In Mississippi: Alluvial Floodplains
D. J. Lang, G. Hawkey
p 554-564

Impact of Soil Reconstruction Method on Nitrate Accumulation in Forages Grown for Livestock Feed
C. D. Teutsch, W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, M. M. Alley, K. R. Meredith, W. M. Tilson
p 1283-1294

Soil Aggregate and Aggregate Associated Carbon Recovery in Short-Term Stockpiles
A. F. Wick, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram, L. Vicklund
p 1389-1412

Impact of Soil Reconstruction Method on Yield, Nutritive Value and Botanical Composition of a Mixed Cool-Season Grass-Legume Stand
C. D. Teutsch, W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, M. M. Alley, K. R. Meredith, W. M. Tilson
p 1267-1282

Illinois River Dredged Sediment: Characterization and Utility for Brownfield Reclamation
R. G. Darmody, J. C. Marlin
p 253-270

Mine Water Treatment

Evaluation Crab-Shell Chitin, Lactate, and Spent Mushroom Compost for Acid Mine Drainage Remediation in Central Pennsylvania
M. A. Robinson-Lora, R. A. Brennan
p 911-926

Evaluation of Three Different Purities of Crab-Shell for the Remediation of Mine Impacted Water
K. M. Korte, C. E. Newcombe, R. A. Brennan
p 510-524

The Use of Peat Pellets to Remove Copper and Cobalt from Mine Drainage
P. Eger, E. Paulson, D. Green
p 342-352

Measured and Modeled Removal Mechanisms for Bench-Scale Constructed Wetlands Receiving Lead Mine Water
M. Fitch, J. Burken, C. Ye
p 405-422

Performance of Mesocosm Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactors for Treating Acid Mine Drainage in New Zealand
C. A. McCauley, A. D. O'Sullivan, P. A. Weber, D. A. Trumm
p 662-698

Ironing Out Your System: Removal of Ferrihydrite Precipitates From Mining Influenced Water Pipelines
K. Spangler, L. Figueroa, B. Honeyman
p 1070-1084

Poster Session

Evaluation of Leachate Chemistry from Coal Refuse Blended and Layered with Fly Ash
J. Hunt, M. Eick, W. L. Daniels, M. Beck
p 487

Revegetation of Gold Mine Tailings in Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba
S. Renault, J. Markham, L. Davis, M. Martin
p 910

Research Initiatives for Developing Passive-Treatment Technologies for Ameliorating Acid Mine Drainage in New Zealand
C. A. McCauley, A. D. O'Sullivan, P. A. Weber, D. A. Trumm, A. K. Brough, M. W. Milke
p 699

Chitin as a Fractional Amendment to Spent Mushroom Compost to Enhance the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Treatment of Mine Impacted Water
C. E. Newcombe, R. A. Brennan
p 738

Direct-Seeding Versus Containerized Transplantation of American Chestnuts on Loose Mine Spoils in the Cumberland Plateau
M. E. French, C. D. Barton, D. Graves
p 423

Innovations in Erosion Control, Landslide Remediation and Design and Construction of Retaining Walls, Box Culverts and Bridges: One Technology; Multiple Applications
R. K. Barrett, C. A. Lobato, C. E. Barrett
p 97

Watershed-Scale Environmental Monitoring to Prioritize Mine Drainage Passive Treatment Implementation
R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett, J. LaBar, A. Sutter, J. Clifton, W. Strosnider, J. Brumley, D. Lutes, B. Santamaria, J. McAllister, A. Brewer, M. Roberts, K. Kauk
p 720

Attributes of Reconstructed Prime Farmland after Surface Coal Mining Compared to Pre-Mined Conditions
H. R. Sinclair, Jr., R. R. Dobos, K. W. Hipple
p 997-1016

Changes in Soil Manganese Concentrations: A Case Study from an Illinois Coal Strip Mine
M. M. Duncan, T. L. Wesley
p 341

Coal Mine Reforestation in Appalachia

Forest Establishment and Water Quality Characteristics as Influenced by Spoil Type on a Loose-Graded Surface Mine in Eastern Kentucky
P. N. Angel, C. D. Barton, R. C. Warner, C. Agouridis, T. Taylor, S. L. Hal
p 28-65

Evaluating Spoil Amendment Use and Mycorrhizal Inoculation on Reforestation Success in the Eastern and Western Kentucky Coalfields
C. D. Barton, R. J. Sweigard, D. Marx, W. Barton
p 98-111

Early Tree and Ground Cover Establishment as Affected by Seeding and Fertilization Rates in Tennessee
D. S. Buckley, J. A. Franklin
p 180-191

Hardwood Reforestation for Phase III Bond Release: Need for Reduced Ground Cover
J. A. Burger, D. Mitchem, C. E. Zipper, R. Williams
p 192-205

Survival and Growth of Native Hardwoods on a Reclaimed Surface Mine
P. Emerson, J. Skousen
p 358-376

Fourth-Year Tree Response to Three Levels of Silvicultural Input on Mined Lands
C. Fields-Johnson, C. E. Zipper, D. Evans, T. R. Fox, J. A. Burger
p 389-404

Occurrence of Phytophthora on Reforested Loose-Graded Spoils in Eastern Kentucky
K. M. Adank, C. D. Barton, M. E. French, P. B. de Sá
p 1-13

Coal Mine Reclamation in the Southern Appalachians: Costs of Forestry Versus Hayland/Pasture
K. Baker, J. Sullivan, J. A. Burger, G. Amacher
p 78-96

Beneficial Reuse of Waste Materials

Nutrient Fluxes from Abandoned Mine Soils Reclaimed with Poultry Manure and Paper Mill Sludge
A. Dere, R. Stehouwer, K. McDonald
p 298-315

Transformation of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Deep Row Biosolids Incorporation Technology in Coastal Plain Mining Sites in Virginia
K. I. Kostyanovskiy, K. G. Lasley, G. K. Evanylo, B. F. Sukkariyah, C. Shang, H. Zheng
p 525-550

Alkaline Addition Problems at the Skytop/Interstate-99 Site, Central Pennsylvania
A. W. Rose, H. L. Barnes
p 927-949

Plant Growth Effects of Coal Combustion Product Amendment to Mine Spoils and Associated Leaching Potentials
M. A. Beck, W. L. Daniels, M. Eick
p 112-128

Remediation of Upland Active Acid Sulfate Soils with Lime-Stabilized Biosolids, Lime and Yardwaste Compost
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels
p 770-784

ITRC - Improving Regulatory Acceptance for New Approaches to Mine Waste Issues
P. Eger, C. Baysinger, S. R. Hill
p 351-357

Biochemical Reactors for the Treatment of Mining Influenced Waters

Substrate Degradation and Metal Removal Performance of a 1,500-Gallong Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactor for Mining-Influenced Water Treatment
A. Ruiz, L. Figueroa, M. Zaluski, D. Bless
p 950-968

Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Solid and Liquid Phase Organic Substrates Used in Biochemical Reactors for the Treatment of Mining Influenced Water
C. Venot, L. Figueroa, T. R. Wildeman, D. Reisman, M. Holmes
p 1332-1351

Effect of Organic Substrate Composition on Microbial Community Structure of Pilot-Scale Biochemical Reactors Treating Mining Influenced Water
M. V. Prieto, S. R. Hiibel, L. P. Pereyra, A. Pruden, K. F. Reardon, D. Reisman
p 878-891

Comparing Chitin and Organic Substrates on the National Tunnel Waters in Blackhawk, Colorado for Manganese Removal
C. Venot, L. Figueroa, R. A. Brennan, T. R. Wildeman, D. Reisman, M. Sieczkowski
p 1352-1366

Case Studies - Bench Scale Biochemical Reactor Results from Two Sites at the Elizabeth Mine, Vermont
P. Smart, D. Reisman, J. Gusek, E. Hathaway
p 1017-1038

The Construction and Instrumentation of a Pilot Treatment System at the Standard Mine Superfund Site, Crested Butte, Co
D. Reisman, T. Rutkowski, P. Smart, J. Gusek
p 892-909

Two-Year Sulfate Reducing Bioreactor Pilot Test Results at the Golinsky Mine, California
J. Gusek, T. Rutkowski, E. Blumenstein, B. Shipley
p 424-441

Designing a Biochemical Reactor for Selenium and Thallium Removal, from Bench Scale Testing Through Pilot Construction
E. P. Blumenstein, J. Volberding, J. J. Gusek
p 148-179

Soil and Overburden Reclamation and Management

Revegetation of Acid Forming Mine Spoils in Paracatu, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
L. E. Dias, I. R. de Assis, W. L. Daniels
p 328-340

Standard Weathering Procedure for Coal Overburden, Inter-Laboratory Study of Leachate Composition
E. F. Perry, J. Cuddeback, K. B. C. Brady, R. J. Hornberger
p 807-836

Reclamation Planning - Land Use

Assessing Visual Quality Change 25 Years after Post-Mining Housing Development in Plymouth, Minnesota
E. J. Lee, J. B. Burley
p 566-575

Settlement Evaluation of End Dumped Coal Mine Spoil Fill
W. A. Karem, C. S. Lee
p 488-509

Cow-Calf Production on Reclaimed Surface Mined Pastures in Appalachia
C. D. Teutsch, M. Collins, D. C. Ditsch
p 1252-1266

Mine Water Treatment

Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage - The Enos Reclamation Project, Indiana: Preliminary Results
P. T. Behum, D. R. Hause, M. A. Stacy, T. D. Branam
p 129-147

Water Quality Before and After Reclamation at the Abandoned Valzinco Zn-Pb Mine Site, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
R. R. Seal, II, J. M. Hammarstrom, A. Bishop, N. M. Piatak, D. M. Levitan, E. Epp, R. Sobeck
p 969-996

Identifying Cost-Effective Restoration Strategies in Mining Impacted West Virginia Watersheds
J. T. Petty, B. Gutta, R. Herd, J. Fulton, J. Stiles, M. Strager, J. Svetlick, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 837-855

Reclamation Reforestation

Revegetation on Tin-Mined Land Using Various Local Tree Species in Bangka Island, Indonesia
E. Nurtjahya, D. Setiada, E. Guhardja, Muhadiono, Y. Setiadi
p 739-755

Macronutrient Accumulation and Relationships in a Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) Ecosystem on Reclaimed Opencast Lignite Mine Spoil Heaps in Central Poland
M. Pietrzykowski
p 856-877

Generation of 400-500 Mg/L Alkalinity in a Vertical Anoxic Limestone Drain
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn, G. A. Canty
p 551-563

Sustainable Passive Treatment of Mine Drainage: Demonstration of Manganese Resource Recovery
C. Denholm, T. Danehy, S. Busler, R. Dolence, M. Dunn
p 285-297

Effective Passive Treatment of a Large Flow of Alkaline Fe-Contaminated Mine Water
R. S. Hedin
p 465-486

Stream Water Quality

Regulatory Approaches to Complying with Water Quality Standards for Selenium
J. Harper, J. Malcolm
p 450-464

Acid Mine Reclamation in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA: Using Water Chemistry and Vegetation Reestablishment as a Measure of Success
R. G. Sobeck, Jr., J. Perry, A. Bishop, E. Epp
p 1039-1069

A Legacy of Nearly 500 Years of Mining in Potosí, Bolivia: Stream Water Quality
W. H. Strosnider, F. Llanos, R. W. Nairn
p 1232-1251

Hydrologic and Aquatic Impacts from a Landslide in the Tennessee Coal Fields
R. G. Liddle, S. Bakaletz
p 576-599

Acidity Decay Curves of 40 Above Drainage Mines in West Virginia
B. Mack, J. Skousen
p 613-627

Quantity and Quality of Stream Water Draining Mined Areas of the Upper Schuylkill River Basin, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, 2005-2007
C. A. Cravotta, III, J. M. Nantz
p 223-252

Preliminary Results: Release of Metals from Acid-Mine Drainage Contaminated Streambed Sediments under Anaerobic Conditions
B. A. Butler, D. Reisman
p 206-222

International Tailings Reclamation

The Influence of Soil Reconstruction Techniques on Mineral Sands Mine Soils in Virginia
K. Meredith, W. L. Daniels, Z. Orndorff, M. Alley, C. Teutsch
p 700-719

Reclamation of Mineral Sands Mine and Topsoil Replacement Study
C. Zimmerman, C. Stilson, W. L. Daniels
p 1429-1444

Testing and Analyses of Chat and Asphalt-Containing Chat
S. R. Al-Abed, D. J. Reisman, G. Jegadeesan, N. Deshpande
p 14-27

A Two-Phase Process for Revegetation of Acidic Bauxite Tailing Ponds in the Amazon Region, Brazil
L. E. Dias, A. A. Franco, E. F. C. Campello, S. M. Faria, A. Castilho, J. C. Henriques, W. L. Daniels
p 316-327

Reclamation Planning & Remediation

Assessment and Closure of the Glengarry Adit, New World Mining District, Cooke City, Montana
M. B. Marks, A. R. Kirk, M. Cormier
p 628-661

Development and Application of Pre-Remedial Design Tool for the Clark Fork River Superfund Site
D. Neuman, P. Hansen, D. Smith, K. Knutson, S. Brown
p 721-737

Remedial and Reclamation Cost Estimating for Large Mine Sites
G. R. Emilsson, C. Freshman
p 378-388

A Physical and Chemical Assessment of the Maude Monroe Mine Site
V. S. Franciscus, J. F. Ranville, T. R. Wildeman, S. Frail
p 1413-1428

A Hydrologically Networked Watershed Model for Evaluating AMD Treatment Scenarios
M. P. Strager, V. Maskey, J. T. Petty, B. Gutta, J. Fulton, R. Herd, J. Stiles, J. Svetlik, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 1217-1231

Optimizing Management of PAH Contaminated Sediment from the Appomattox River Federal Navigation Channel
G. Tracey, G. Berman, S. Insalaco, J. Swanko, S. Powell, R. Pruhs, R., Reali, W. L. Daniels, C. Carter
p 1295-1331

Cost Estimation of AMD Treatment at AML Sites
J. M. Stiles
p 1085-1099

Using Environmental Permits for Boosting the Environmental Performance of Large-Scale Lignite Surface Mining Activities in Greece
F. Pavloudakis, Z. Agioutantis
p 785-806

Partners in Remediation

Acid Mine Drainage Remediation in a Small Watershed
J. D. Long
p 600-612

Friends of Deckers Creek - The Clean Creek Program
J. Nutaitis
p 756-769

Where Did All the Water Go?
R. D. Asberry
p 66-77