24th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 2-7, 2007, Gillette, Wyoming

Table of Contents

Soil Reconstruction

Making and Building a Fluvial Geomorphic Reclamation Design at an Active Dragline Mine using the GeoFluvTM Design Method
D. Measles, N. Bugosh
p 449-456

Evaluation of a Mechanical System for Reconstructing Soil Without Traffic Compaction
V. S. Bodapati, L. G. Wells
p 66-78

Tree growth and Natural Regeneration on Three Loose-Graded Surface Mine Spoil Types in Kentucky: Preliminary Findings
P. N. Angel, C. D. Barton, R. C. Warner, C. Agouridis, S. L. Hall, R. J. Sweigard, D. H. Graves
p 29-43

The Role of Large Storms in Determining Mean Annual Sediment Yield
L. J. Lane
p 403-412

Egg-Crate Mine Subsidence
M. L. Dunn, Jr.
p 206-214

Forestry: Reclamation and Revegetation

Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative and the Forestry Reclamation Approach
V. M. Davis
p 200-205

Evaluation of Low Spoil Compaction Techniques for Hardwood Forest Establishment on an Eastern Kentucky Surface Mine
A. Michels, C. D. Barton, T. Cushing, P. N. Angel, R. J. Sweigard, D. H. Graves
p 492-503

Comparison of Forest Regeneration in a Subsidence Zone to a Reference Area
A. Wagner, J. Niemeier, B. Buchanan, J. Tucker
p 891-896

Evaluation of Mine Spoil Suitability for the Introduction of American Chestnut Hybrids in the Cumberland Plateau
M. E. French, C. D. Barton, D. H. Graves, P. N. Angel, F. V. Hebard
p 249-258

Survival and Growth of Native Hardwoods on a Reclaimed Surface Mine
P. Emerson, J. Skousen
p 229-237

Survival of Commercial Hardwoods on Reclaimed Minesoils in West Virginia: 6th Year Results
J. Skousen, J. Gorman, P. Emerson
p 771-787


Evaluation of a Two-Stage Passive Treatment Approach for Mining Influenced Waters
L. Figueroa, A. Miller, M. Zaluski, D. Bless
p 238-248

Ethanol-Fed or Solid-Phase Organic Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors for the National Tunnel Drainage, Clear Creek/Central City Superfund Site?
E. Buccambuso, A. Ruhs, L. Figueroa, J. J. Gusek, T. Wildeman, M. Homes, D. Reisman
p 95-105

Microbial Activity in the Peerless Jenny King Sulfate Reducing Bioreactor System
E. Buccambuso, L. Figueroa, J. Ranville, T. Wildeman, D. Reisma
p 109-122

Passive Removal of Selenium From Gravel Pit Seepage Using Selenium Reducing Bioreactors
J. Pahler, R. Walker, T. Rutkowski, J. G. Gusek
p 589-601

Poster Session

Detection of Diesel Contamination From Storage Tanks at Two Mining Sites Using Geophysical Techniques
J. S. Cooper, S. Jin
p 165

The Impact of Small Mammal Browsing on Vegetation Success on a Reclaimed Mine in New Mexico
T. R. Ramsey, B. A. Buchanan, J. Haen
p 650-652

Recolonization of Reclaimed Coal Mine Land in Wyoming by Arthropods and Nematodes
V. A. Regula, P. D. Stahl
p 662

Assessing Visual Quality Through a GIS-Based Remote Access Methodology
A. Mazure, J. B. Burley
p 424

Rooting Depth of 3 Year Old Seedlings into Overburden Piles at a High Elevation Hard Rock Mine
A. Wagner, B. A. Buchanan, S. Buchanan
p 884-890

Visual Impact and Reclamation of Limestone Quarries in Algarve, Portugal
T. Panagopoulos, R. Matias, B. R. Ramos
p 611-617

Raccoon Creek Restoration Project Washington County, PA
K. J. Durrett, T. P. Danehy, B. K. Leavit
p 215

Assessment of Inocula to Enhance Startup of Ethanol- Fed and Solid-Phase Organic Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors for the National Tunnel Drainage, Clear Creek/Central City Superfund Site
A. Ruhs, L. Figueroa, T. Wildeman, M. Holmes, D. Reisman
p 706-713

Survey of Low Flow Drainages and Seeps in Colorado to Assess Implementability of Passive Treatment Options
L. Figueroa, M. Zaluski, D. Bless, M. Holmes
p 248

Biological Source Treatment for the Treatment and Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage
J. M. Morris, S. Jin
p 537

Genetically Engineered Mycorrhizal Fungi for Reforestation
S. Hiremath, G. Podila
p 305

Acid Mine Drainage

Testing Durability of Acid Rock Passivation to Root System Activity within Greenhouse Columns
C. E. Werkmeister, D. D. Malo, T. E. Schumacher, J. J. Doolittle, G. C. Miller
p 897-906

A Preliminary Laboratory Study of Subaqueous Disposal of Contaminated Mine Waste
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn
p 395-402

Comparison of Sludge Characteristics Between Lime and Limestone/Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
A. W. Miller, P. L. Sibrell, T. R. Wildeman
p 504-513

Assessment of EcotiteTM for Use in Acid Rock Drainage
T. W. Schmidt, B. R. Schultz
p 715-728

Changes in Water Quality of 34 Above Drainage Mines in West Virginia
B. Mack, J. Skousen
p 413-423

Solving Mine Drainage Problems at Soudan State Park - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
P. Eger
p 216-228

A Legacy of Nearly 500 Years of Mining in Potosí, Bolivia: Acid Mine Drainage Source Identification and Characterization
W. H. Strosnider, R. W. Nairn, F. S. Llanos
p 788-803

The Use of Watershed Cooperative Agreement Program Funds to Reclaim Small Acid Mine Drainage Problems
J. W. Coleman
p 155-164

Treatment of Metal-Mine Effluents by Limestone Neutralization and Calcite Co-Precipitation
P. L. Sibrell, T. R. Wildeman, M. Deaton,and D. J. Reisman
p 729-744

The Use of Steel Slag in Passive Treatment Design for AMD Discharge in the Huff Run Watershed Restoration
J. Hamilton, J. Gue, C. Socotch
p 272-282

Hybrid Treatment Systems for Very Acidic Mining Influenced Water
J. J. Gusek, K. W. Conroy
p 259-271

Soil Properties

Carbon Accumulation Potentials of Post-SMCRA Coal- Mined Lands
C. E. Zipper, J. A. Burger, J. M. McGrath, B. Amichev
p 962-980

The Influence of Management Practices on Microbial and Total Soil Nitrogen
L. J. Ingram, P. D. Stahl, J. Anderson
p 334-348

Physical and Chemical Properties of Topsoil Used for Biological Restoration of Coal Mine Waste-Based Structures in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland
A. Patrzalek, M. Pozzi
p 618-627

Red Oak Seedling Response to Different Topsoil Substitutes After Five Years
J. A. Burger, D. Mitchem, W. L. Daniels
p 132-142

Recovery of Reclaimed Soil Structure and Function in Relation to Plant Community Composition
A. F. Wick, P. D. Stahl, S. Rana, L. J. Ingram
p 941-957

Constraints on Natural Revegetation of Hard Rock Milling Tailings Impoundments
R. L. White, R. W. Nairn
p 925-940

Preliminary Assessment of Time Trends in Bioavailable Metals in the Tri-State Lead/Zinc Mining District Through Analyses of Tree Cores
W. J. Andrews, R. W. Nairn, W. G. Minarik
p 16-28

Soil Microbial Community Composition in Reclaimed Soil Under Different Vegetation in Wyoming Minelands
S. Rana, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram, A. F. Wick
p 653-661

Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG) Produced Water Project funded by the Department of Energy (DoE)

Estimation of Groundwater Recharge in the Powder River Basin
F. L. Ogden, K. Puckett
p 557-560

Isotopic and Geochemical Characterization of the Powder River, Wyoming and Montana
S. A. Carter, J. Mailloux, C.D Frost, S. Sharma, M. T. Meredith
p 153

Monitoring Groundwater Contamination by Trace Elements from CBNG Disposal Ponds Across the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
C. Milligan, K. J. Reddy
p 520-527

Modeling of Groundwater Contamination by Trace Elements from CBNG Disposal Pond
B. Chen-Charpentier, F. Furtado
p 154

Getting the Salt Out: Technologies and Costs to Treat CBNG Waters
E. T. Sajtar, D. M. Bagley, D. W. Johnson
p 714

CBNG Produced Water Project - DOE

Potential Utilization of Natural Zeolites for Treating Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG) Produced Water Studies
G. F. Vance, H. Zhao, M. A. Urynowicz, G. K. Ganjegunte, R. W. Gregory
p 837-844

Using Strontium Isotopes to Evaluate CBNG Irrigation Amendments
E. L. Brinck, C. D. Frost
p 87-94

Longitudinal Changes in Potential Toxicity of Coal Bed Natural Gas Produced Water Along Beaver Creek in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
L. A. Johnson, C. J. Boese, B.A Morris, J. S. Meyer
p 349

Identifying Mosquito Larvae Habitat Created by CBNG Discharge Waters Using Remote Sensing
S. N. Miller, H. R. Griscom, R. Sivanpillai, L. Zou
p 514-519

Aspects of Coalbed Natural Gas Water and Oil Recovery
X. Xie, H. Pu, N. R. Morrow
p 958-961

Revegetation: Establishment, Design, and Evaluation

The Influence of Different Ground Cover Treatments on the Growth and Survival of Tree Seedlings on Remined Sites in Eastern Tennessee
J. Rizza, J. Franklin, D. Buckely
p 663-677

Amending Bauxite Residue Sands with Residue Fines to Enhance Growth Potential
J. D. Anderson, R. Bell, I. Phillips
p 1-15

Determination of Phytoremediation Potential of Desert Broom Grown in a Mine Tailings Reclamation Project
N. Haque, J. R. Peralta-Videa, G. L. Jones, J. L. Gardea-Torresdey
p 294-304

Assessment of the Reclamation Potentially in the Lignite Mines of Northern Greece
T. Panagopoulos
p 602-610

Nickle Plate Abandoned Mine Pool "Blowout" Washington and Allegheny Counties, Pennsylvania
T. Danehy, R. Beam, S. Horrell, R. Dolence, J. Ankrom, B. Leavitt, W. Fuchs, S. Busler, C. Denham, M. H. Dunn
p 166-183

Watershed Hydrology

Adaptive Watershed Management in the Copper Basin: Evaluation of Early Successes
K. Y. Bell, C. L. Stokes, F. Miller, K. L. Faulk
p 43-66

Design and Reporting Criteria for Reed Bed and Fen Restoration in Mineral Workings
R. N. Humphries, R. Meade
p 306-333

Conversion of Potomac River Dredge Sediments to Productive Agricultural Soils
W. L. Daniels, G. R. Whittecar, C. H. Carter III
p 183-199

Reclamation Policy and Standards

A Technical Review of the Final Report of the National Academy of Sciences "Managing Coal Combustion Residues in Mines"
K. C. Vories
p 865-883

Reclamation of Waste Rock Stockpiles at Cleveland- Cliffs Michigan Operations
A. E. Koski
p 382-394

The California State Mining and Geology Board: Regulation of Mine Reclamation in California
S. M. Testa
p 804-815

Backfilling of Open-Pit Metallic Mines
S. M. Testa, J. S. Pompy
p 816-830

California's Statewide Reclamation Standards, a Quantitative Approach to Measuring Reclamation Success
J. S. Pompy
p 640-649

OSM TIPS Service Shares Advanced Computer Based Technology Nationwide
L. Hamm
p 283-293

Wildlife and Reclamation/Data Analysis

Wildlife Mitigation Techniques at Surface Coal Mines in Northeast Wyoming
G. McKee
p 425-437

Impact of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act on Species of Special Concern in Pennsylvania
F. J. Brenner
p 79-86

Weighting Individual Datum for Nonparametric Analysis
J. A. Tucker, M. Oritz
p 831-836

Coal Mining Geospatial Data for the Nation
B. Card, L. Meier
p 143-152

Water Chemistry

Mode of Gypsum Precipitation in Vertical Flow Ponds
A. W. Rose, T. Morrow, M. Dunn, C. Denholm
p 678-691

Modeling the Controls on Acidity Removal in Vertical Flow Ponds
A. W. Rose
p 692-705

Aeration to Degas CO2, Increase pH and Iron Oxidation Rates, and Decrease Treatment Pond Size in Treatment of Net Alkaline Mine Drainage
C. S. Kirby, A. Dennis, A. K. Kahler
p 373-381

Examination of Dissolved Concentrations of As, B, Cd, Hg, Se, and Al in Water Quality from the Backfill Aquifer, Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming, 2005
K. M. Ogle
p 561-580

Role of Accelerated Oxidation for Removal of Metals from Mine Drainage
D. Budeit
p 121-131

Landscape Structure and Patterns

Managing the Large-Scale Reclamation Monitoring Network at Syncrude Canada Ltd.
M. Phillip, M. O'Kane
p 628-639

Assuring Stability of Minimized Valley Fills: A Review of Potential Causes of Instability and Available Countermeasures
P. R. Michael, M. J. Superfesky
p 457-491

Effects of Soil Properties, Climatic Factors, and Landscape Features of Prime Farmland Soils on Vegetative Growth Using Productivity Indices on Reclaimed Coal Surface Mined Soils
H. R. Sinclair, Jr. and R. R. Dobos
p 745-770

NRCS Historic Climax Plant Communities as Reference Areas
B. A. Buchanan, J. A. Tucker
p 120

Coal Bed Methane Production and Reclamation

Soil Bulk Density Impacts of an Oak Mat Natural Gas Drill Pad Construction Technique
C. S. McWilliams, D. J. Dollhopf, K. C. Harvey, D. J. Dale
p 439-449

Changes in Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of a Cropland Irrigated with CBNG Produced Water
C. R. Johnston, G. F. Vance, G. K. Ganjegunte
p 350-372

Response of Grass Species to Soil Salt Content and Soil Moisture on Lands Developed for Coalbed Methane
M. D. Mitchem, D. J. Dollhopf, J. W. Bauder, B. E. Olson
p 528-536

Beneficial Uses of Water Produced by Coal Bed Natural Gas Development: More Surface Water can be Good for Frogs and Other Wildlife
W. E. Vetter, K. Brown
p 845-865

Effect of Coalbed Methane Produced Water Discharge on Native and Reclaimed Stream Channels and Aquifers at Coal Mines in the Powder River Basin. Campbell County, Wyoming
P. A. Murphree
p 538-556

Considerations for Evaluating Coalbed Methane Infiltration Pond Sites Based on Site Studies in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming
J. R. Wheaton, A. L. Bobst, E. L. Brinck
p 907-924

Groundwater Monitoring at Coal Bed Natural Gas Produced Water Impoundments: The Wyoming Database
T. Osborne, U. Williams, M. Smith, D. Fischer, K. Frederick
p 581-588