10th Billings Land Reclamation Symposium, June 4-8, 2006, Billings, Montana

Table of Contents

Revegetation I: Riparian and Wetland:

Wetland Mitigation Banking
V. F. Meyer, A. J. Dean
p 547

Innovative Planting Technique for Riparian and Wetland Sites
L. J. Ballek
p 63-65

The Use of Prescribed Fire for Riparian Ecosystem Rehabilitation
R. A. Tucker, C. B. Marlow
p 739-748

Microbial Processes in Reclamation I

Microbial and Geochemical Processes Controlling the Oxidation and Reduction of Arsenic in Soils
D. C. Masur, R. E. Macur, W. P. Inskeep
p 834-836

Biological Source Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
S. Jin, J. S. Cooper, P. H. Fallgren, M. W. Stearns
p 283-300

Pyrolusite Treatment Plant for Improving Water Quality of AMD-Affect, Kimble Creek in Ohio
S. Hiremath, K. Lehtoma
p 229

Uranium Mining Impacts

Baseline Ground Water Quality Conditions at In Situ Uranium Wellfields in Wyoming
R. N. Hoy
p 246-259

Mineral Concentrations in Soil Extracts, Forages, and Blood Sera of Cattle Grazing on Reclaimed Uraniummined Land in Southeastern, Wyoming
H. F. Mayland, G. E. Schuman, D. T. Booth, J. W. Waggoner, JR.
p 461-474

Methods I: Characterization and Modeling

Modeling of the Distribution of Trace Elements in Floodplain Soils of the Upper Blackfoot River, Montana
G. S. Vandeberg, C. W. Martin, G. M. Pierzynski
p 749-750

The Role of Process-Based Models and Scaling in Geomorphic Designs
L. J. Lane, M. S. Wigmosta
p 409-420

GIS/GPS Use for Reclamation Bond Release Purposes at a Surface Coal Mine in Wyoming
M. Calle, A. Krzyszowska-Waitkus
p 159-166

Revegetation II: Mining

Plant Community Establishment on Reclaimed Molybdenum Tailings, Questa Tailings Facility, Questa, New Mexico
A. Wagner, M. Owens, B. Buchanan
p 656-658

Reclamation Effectiveness at Three Reclaimed, Abandoned Mine Sites in Jefferson County, Montana
T. Tafi, D. R. Neuman
p 720-738

Assessment of Effects of Amendments on Vegetation Performance at a Bentonite Minesite After 25 Years
D. R. Neuman, P. S. Blicker, J. D. Goering, R. Pigors
p 592-608

Reclamation of an In-situ Coal Gasification Test Site in Wyoming
R. N. Hoy, R. G. Spears, D. S. Dennis, R. B. Vincent
p 260-278

Revegetation Success at the Red Hills Lignite Mine in Mississippi
D. J. Lang, G. Hawkey, B. Chow, V. Maddox
p 421-430

Surface Mine Reclamation, Northern New Mexico: First Year Response of Fall and Spring Seeding
T. R. Ramsey, B. A. Buchanan, M. P. Owens
p 127-128

A Step Towards Reclaiming Silica Mining Site at Allahabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India
K. Dubey, V. K. Singh, K. P. Dubey
p 182-190

Prosopis Juliflora on Barite Mine Tailings: A Case Study From Mangampeta Region, Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh, India
A. Nagaraju, A. Swathi, K Hudson-Edwards4
p 580-591

Water Quality: Superfund Remediation

Butte's Metro Storm Drain Reclamation: Addressing Stormwater, Groundwater and Land Use Challenges
B. Archibald, M. Borduin, C. Deeney, C. Stilwell2, M. Yovich
p 703-718

Silver Bow Creek Lives! Remedial Actions and Water Quality Improvements in Silver Bow Creek in Butte, Montana
A. K. Frandsen, M. W. Hills, R. Bertram
p 195-214

Water Quality Improvements at Silver Bow Creek Resulting From Remedial Action
W. H. Bucher, L. Cawlfield, G. R. Fischer
p 129-142

River Restoration Near Milltown Dam: An Example of Integration With Superfund Remediation
D. H. Martin
p 432-433

Milltown Dam Removal Predicted Surface Water Quality Impacts
D. G. Booth
p 105-118

Special Session I: Rocky Mountain Region Hazardous Substance Research Center

TCLP Investigations: The Development of a Rapid Screening Field Assessment Test
J. Jeppson, J. F. Ranville, T. R. Wildeman
p 282

Evaluating an Enzyme Bioassay for the Purpose of Screening for Metals Contamination in Mining Impacted Soils(MIS)
E. P. Blumenstein, J. F. Ranville, L. M. Choate
p 104

Linking Geological and Geochemical Information to Metal Toxicity in Streams
K. S. Smith, J, F. Ranville
p 692

Assessment of Microbial Activity in Field Site Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors
E. Buccambuso, L. Figueroa, D. Reisman
p 125

Growth Inhibition of Cellulomonas Flavigena Induced by Copper and Zinc: Determination of Toxicity Thresholds and the Combined Effects of Copper and Zinc on the Growth of a Cellulolytic-Fermenting Bacteria
A. Ruhs, L. Figueroa, T. R. Wildeman
p 688

Optimization of a Pulsed Limestone Bed Reactor at the Argo Tunnel in Idaho Springs, Colorado
A. W. Miller, P. L. Sibrell, T. R. Wildeman
p 548-549

Removal of Manganese and Zinc from Mining Influenced Waters
T. R. Wildeman, M. L. Chambers, A. L. Deaguero, P. L. Sibrell
p 816

Case Studies: Remediation and Restoration

Operational Validation of Environmental Geochemistry at the Stillwater Mine, Nye, MT
L. B. Kirk, M. McCleary, R. Weimer
p 363-374

Reclamation of Mining Impacted Lands in the Copper Basin - A Case Study
K. Y. Bell, E. G. Wyatt, K. L. Faulk, F. Miller
p 66

Contribution of Sulfur Reducing Bacteria in an Artificial Wetland Treating AMD
R. G. Riefler, B. Stuart, J. Krohn
p 687

Response Actions at the East Helena, Montana, Nat'l Superfund Site: Applications of Innovative Methods for Characterization, Treatment and Reuse of Metals- Contaminated Lands
S. Brown, J. Bowsher
p 119-121

Des Bee Dove Mine Complex - A Challenge in the Reclamation of a Pre-SMRCA Site
C. A. Semborski, D. C. Oakley
p 625-652

Alaska Large Mine Reclamation Bonding - 2005
D. M. Chambers
p 167-170

Relating Mineland Reclamation to Ecosystem Restoration
P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram, A. F. Wick, S. Rana
p 695-702

ICMM's Good Practice Guidance on Mining and Biodiversity
J. H. Gardner, A. S. Parsons
p 660-670

Soils & Overburden I

Petrographic, Mineralogic and Chemical Characterization of Goathill North Mine Rock Pile, Questa Molybdenum Mine, Questa, New Mexico
V. T. McLemore, K. Donahue, E. Phillips, N. Dunbar, M. Smith, S. Tachie-Menson, V. Viterbo, V. W. Lueth, A. R. Campbell
p 507-546

Soil and Soil Biota in Reclaimed and Non-Reclaimed Post Mining Sites
J. Frouz, V. Pižl, D. Elhottová
p 215-220

Revegetation III: General

Plant Tissue Culture and Land Reclamation. A Good Fit?
M. G. King, S. M. King
p 362

Evaluating Warm-season Grass Performance in Eastern Montana
L. K. Holzworth, J. Fidel, S. R. Winslow
p 233

High Altitude Revegetation Experiments on the Beartooth Plateau, Park County, Montana and Park County, Wyoming
L. Payson, J. Corwin, R. Trenholme
p 671-680

Dos and Don'ts of Successful Revegetation with Pre- Planted Coir Blankets
P. B. Hook, J. M. Klausmann
p 375-397

Evaluating Effects of Spoil Thickness and Cover Soil Depth on Vegetation Using Three Years of Plant Cover and Production
B. A. Buchanan, M. P. Owens, T. Ramsey, J. T. Mexal
p 126

Native Plant Reestablishment on Highway Cut Slopes Using Compost Application
P. S. Blicker, S. R. Jennings, J. D. Goering
p 68-103

Relative Boron Tolerance of Some Western Revegetation Species
F. F. Munshower, D. R. Neuman, M. J. Spry
p 553-562

Microbial Processes in Reclamation II

High Elevation Disturbance Effects on Soil Structural and Functional Components
B. J. Eckenrod, C. A. Zabinski
p 192

The Influence of Management on Microbial Biomass and Soil Organic Carbon in Reclaimed Surface Coal Semiarid Mines of Wyoming
J. D. Anderson, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram
p 49-62

Effects of Metal Contamination and Soil Remediation Strategies on Indigenous Soil Microbial Communities at the Anaconda Smelter Site in Anaconda, Montana
J. A. Humphries, C. M. Bens, S. B. Cox, D. R. Neuman, J. C. Zak, M. J. Hooper
p 278-279

Influence of Plant Community Structure on Recovery of Belowground Microbial Communities in Reclaimed Surface Mined Soil
S. Rana, P. D. Stahl, A. F. Wick
p 683

Use of Biofertilizer for Reclamation of Silica Mining Area
K. Dubey, V. K. Singh, C. M. Mishra, A. Kumar
p 176-181

Ectomycorrhizal Chestnut Seedlings in Reforestation Efforts on Reclaimed Lands In Ohio
S. Hiremath, K. Lehtoma
p 230

Geochemical Control of Microbial Arsenite Oxidation
T. R. McDermott
p 506

Special Session II: Mine Waste Technology Program

Mine Waste Technology Program: Past, Present and Future
H. O. Joyce, D. Bless
p 339-343

Evaluations of Acid Generation Passivation Technologies
S. Nordwick, N. Lewis, D. Jordan, D. Bless
p 614-624

Sustainability of Phosphate Treatment of Lead Contaminated Soils
J. Cornish, S. Nordwick, N. Lewis
p 173-175

Advances in the Development of Bioreactor Applications for the Treatment of Acid Mine Water
D. Bless, M. Zaluski, S. Nordwick, B. Park, H. Joyce
p 819-834

Arsenic and Metals Removal from Susie/Valley Forge Mine Field-Scale Demonstration
J. McCloskey, L. G. Twidwell
p 475-505

Evaluation of New Materials for Passive Mine Water Treatment in the Coeur d' Alene River Basin
B. T. Park, N. Lewis
p 659

Revegetation IV: Superfund Remediation

Selecting Native Indigenous Plants for Acid/Heavy- Metal-Impacted Sites
M. E. Majerus
p 431

Standard Upland Revegetation Specifications for the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit, Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area Superfund Site, Butte, Montana
R. R. Alexander
p 25-48

Revegetation Lessons From a Riparian Superfund Site in Southwest Montana
R. A. Prodgers
p 838-848

Phytotoxic Constraints on Vegetation Reestablishment at the Anaconda Smelter Superfund Site
S. R. Jennings, D. R. Neuman
p 280-281

Differential Plant Response to Metals in Lime-Amended Mine Wastes
T. N. Martin
p 434

Comprehensive Planning and Restoration of Native Plant Communities at Block P Mill Tailings Site, Monarch, Montana
J. G. Massey, W. H. Thompson
p 837

Methods II: Statistics and Bond Release

Alternative Performance Standards for Species Diversity: A Consideration of Ecological and Temporal Reality
D. L. Buckner
p 143-149

Multivariate Clustering for Objective Classification of Vegetation Data
K. Aho
p 1-24

Correlation of Plant Cover and Production With Annual Climate Parameters: An Example With Implications for Bond Release Technical Standards
D. L. Buckner
p 150-155

Identification of Community Types of Southeast Montana as Targets for Mine Reclamation
T. Weaver, K. Aho
p 774-802

Evaluating the Effects of Tall Fescue(Festuca arundinacea) in Reclaimed Wildlife Habitat Using Land Type Assessments and Mobile Computing Technology
K. Horton
p 234-245

Small Mammal Reoccupancy of Reclaimed Habitat: A Potential Indicator of Reclamation Success
K. M. Clayton, J. Berry, P. Farmer, B. Waage, C. Yde
p 172

Industrial Innovations I

A Survey of Successful Mineland Revegetation Techniques
B. K. Schladweiler
p 689

Procedures to Insure Reclamation Success
M. Phillips
p 682

Aerial Applications: Seeding, Fertilizer, Hydro-mulch, Straw Mulch and Erosion Control
C. Reid
p 686

Achieving Reclamation Diversity
M. Vice
p 751

Grazing as a Demonstration of Achievable and Sustainable Postmine Land Use at the Black Mesa Mining Complex
V. R. Pfannenstiel
p 681

Special Session III: National Park Restoration

Native Landscape Restoration at the National Park Service
S. Wynn, P. Benjamin, R. Haas
p 818

Restoration Goals Are a Moving Target: National Park Service Experiences With Two Severely Disturbed Sites
G. E. Eckert, J. Lee, R. L. Latham
p 193

Native Plants for National Parks: An Interagency Plant Materials Program
R. J. Haas, S. Wynn
p 221

Developing Criteria for "Go-To" Species Lists for Revegetation
G. E. Eckert, R. Haas, S. Wynn
p 194

The Taming of Yellowstone's Native Plants
S. R. Winslow, M. E. Majerus, L. Gruber
p 817

Effects of Erosion Control Blanket on the Germination of Six Native Plant Species
J. D. Scianna, J. Lapp, T. A. Dougher
p 690

Restoring Ungulate Winter Range In and Near Yellowstone National Park
M. M. Hektner, M. L. Pokorny, R. A. Renkin, A. L. Burton
p 228

Restoration of Grizzly Bear and Wetland Habitats at the Abandoned Snake River Gravel Mine, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, Wyoming
C. L. Walla, D. B. Adams
p 763-772

Restoring Nature's Design Through Road Removal
T. A. Spreiter
p 693

Coal Bed Methane

Regional Coalbed Methane Ground-Water Monitoring in Southeastern Montana
S. Reddish, J. Wheaton
p 684-685

Model Simulations of Hydrologic Responses at Coal Mines and Projection of Ground-Water Discharge Rates in Coal-Bed Methane Settings
M. E. Nicklin
p 609-613

Land Application of Saline-Sodic Coalbed Natural Gas(Cbng) Co-Produced Waters: Soil and Vegetation Impacts
L. King
p 344

Impacts of Coalbed Methane Co-Produced Water on Cropland Irrigated Soils in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
C. R. Johnston, S. Jin, G. F. Vance, G. Ganjegunte
p 301-316

Ground Water and Coalbed Methane Infiltration Ponds in the Powder River Basin
J. Wheaton, S. Reddish
p 803-805

Industrial Innovations II

Application of the TerreSIM Model for Water Balance Analysis
R. J. Bilodeau, M. A. Williamson
p 67

Regional Variation in Stable Landforms-and how critical elements can be used to design reclamation landforms
N. Bugosh
p 156-158

Machine Guidance - Bringing Complex Designs to the Field
R. Eckels, N. Bugosh
p 191

Impact of Geofluvial Approach on Reclamation Practices at San Juan Coal Company's La Plata Mine
C. Brown
p 122-123

Area A Highwall Final Reclamation Project Design Implementation
R. Montgomery
p 550-552

Soils and Overburden II

The Investigation of the Use of Coal Mine Refuse for Subbase Material and Embankment Fill in South Dakota
A. L. Jones, R. S. Uckert
p 317-338

Family Differentiae in Spolnos
A. Kosse
p 398-408

Salinity and Sodicity Interactions of Weathered Minesoils in the Four Corners Region
B. D. Musslewhite, J. R. Vinson, C. R. Johnston, T. H Brown, G. W. Wendt, G. F. Vance
p 563-579

Aggregate Size Distribution and Stability Under a Cool Season Grass Community Chronosequence on Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in Wyoming
A. F. Wick, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram, G. E. Schuman, G. F. Vance
p 806-815

Effect of Mechanical and Biological Enhancements on Erosion at High Elevation Disturbed Lands
S. R. Waldron, D. J. Dollhopf
p 752-762

Enhanced Vegetation Covers for Reclamation of Contaminated Sites
T. E. Hakonson
p 222-226

Special Session IV: Remediation at California Gulch NPL Site

Trials and Tribulations of the Leadville Tunnel Mine Pool
M. Holmes
p 232

Remediation and Water Quality
S. Christensen
p 171

Laboratory and Field Toxicity Testing of Brown Trout Exposed to Zinc
D. J. Hoff, D. Wall, S. Brinkman
p 231

Sustained Toxicity Reduction in Biosolids Treated Fluvial Mining Tailing Deposits Along the Upper Arkansas River
M. D. Sprenger, H. Compton, A. Maxemchuk, S. Brown, M. Zimmerman
p 694

Appropriate Indices to Evaluate In Situ Restoration
S. Brown, H. Compton, M. Sprenger, M. Zimmerman, M. Holmes
p 124

Assessment and Reclamation Strategies for Contaminated Irrigated Meadows Along the Arkansas River
D. Wall, D. Hoff, W. Brattin
p 773

Revegetation V: Woody Species

Second Year Transplant Survival on Constructed Test Plots, Questa Mine, Questa, New Mexico
A. Wagner, B. Buchanan, M. Owens, E. Redente
p 652-655

Effects of Three Ground Cover Treatments on Initial Oak Establishment on a Reclaimed Minesite
J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley
p 848-855

Growth of Volunteer Trees on Pre-SMCRA, Unreclaimed Surface Mined Lands in West Virginia
J. Skousen, P. Ziemkiewicz, C. Venable
p 691