22nd Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 19-23, 2005, Breckenridge, Colorado

Table of Contents

Methods For Toxicity Assessment Of Mine Wastes

Comparison of Mine Waste Assessment Methods at the Rattler Mine Site, Virginia Canyon, Colorado
P. Hageman, K. Smith, T. R. Wildeman, J. F. Ranville
p 470-486

Heavy Metal Assessment of Phosphogypsum Waste Stockpile Material from Jordan
M. Al-Hwaiti, V. Carney, J. F. Ranville, P. E. Ross
p 1-22

Characterization and Leach Test Assessment at the Tip Top Mine, A Marginally Impacted Site
J. Moehle, S. Fox, J. F. Ranville, T. R.Wildeman, P. Ross
p 737-749

Using Enzyme Bioassay as a Rapid Screen for Metal Toxicity
E. P. Blumenstein, J. F. Ranville, L. M. Choate, P. Ross
p 98-107

Use of the Biotic Ligand Model to Predict Metal Toxicity to Aquatic Biota in Areas of Differing Geology
K. S. Smith
p 1134-1155

The Toxicity of Binary Metal Mixtures to Ceriodaphnia Dubia in Mining Influenced Waters
K. Kangas, J. Ayers, J. F. Ranville, P. Ross
p 599-606

Long-Term Effects of Topsoil Depth on Soil and Plant Systems

Long-term Effects of Cover Soil Depth on Plant Community Development for Reclaimed Mined Lands in New Mexico
B. Buchanan, M. Owens, J. Mexal, T. Ramsey, B. Musslewhite
p 115-126

The Effects of Soil Depth and Other Soil Characteristics on Plant Community Development in North Dakota
A. F. Wick, S. D. Merrill, T. J. Toy, J. Hendrickson, M. A. Liebig
p 1233-1243

Long-term Plant Community Development in Response to Topsoil Replacement Depth on Mined Land in Wyoming
C. K. Bowen, G. E. Schuman, R. A. Olson
p 108-114

Long-term Plant Community Development on Topsoil Treatments Overlying A Phytotoxic Growth Medium
E. F. Redente, R. S. Sydnor
p 963-975

Rowcrop Response to Topsoil Replacement on High Traffic vs Low Traffic Soil Reconstruction Systems
R. E. Dunker, R. G. Darmody
p 302-327

The Effect of Soil Thickness on Crop Yields
R. Barnhisel, J. Powell, R. B. Gray
p 40-53

Effects of Cover Soil Thickness on Revegetation of Acidic Appalachian Coal Refuse
W. L. Daniels
p 255-266

Effective Public Education Tools We Can All Use

Papers not available for this session
p NA

Powder River Basin Water Quality And Use

Use of Coal Bed Natural Gas(CBNG) Waters: Soil and Plant Responses
L. A. King, G. F. Vance, G. K. Ganjegunte
p 607-622

Tracking the Source: Backfill and Backfill Water Quality at A Large Powder River Basin Coal Mine
P. A. Murphree
p 750-765

Forestry: Reclamation and revegetation

Status of Reforested Mine Sites in Southwestern Indiana Reclaimed from 1988 to 1995
R. Rathfon, S. Fillmore, J. Groninger
p 945-962

Developing Ecological Completion Criteria to Measure the Success of Forest and Woodland Establishment on Rehabilitated Mines in Australia
O. G. Nichols, C. Grant, L. C. Bell
p 807-830

Development of A Forest Site Quality Classification Model for Mine Soils in the Appalachian Coalfield Region
A. T. Jones, J. M. Galbraith, J. A. Burger
p 523-540

American Chestnut as a Future Resource to Enhance Mine Reclamation Productivity
D. F. Jacobs
p 512-523

First Year Seedling Response to Three Levels of Silvicultural Input on Post-SMCRA Reclaimed Lands
C. N. Casselman, T. R. Fox, J. A. Burger, A. T. Jones
p 191-211

Lower Grey Cloud Island Forest Patch: A 20 Year Reclamation Monitoring Study
J. B. Burley, C. A. Churchward, C. J. Burley, W. D. Sanders
p 146-153

Hardwood Stocking After Five Years on Reclaimed Mined Land in Central Appalachia: A Preliminary Analysis
T. Auch, J. A. Burger, D. O. Mitchem
p 24-39

Herbaceous Ground Cover Effects on Native Hardwoods Planted on Mined Land
J. B. Burger, D. O. Mitchem, C. E. Zipper, R. Williams
p 136-145

Influence of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Mine Soil Properties on White Oak Seedling Growth
J. M. Showalter, J. A. Burger, C. E. Zipper, J. M. Galbraith
p 1029-1041

Hydrology and Erosion Characteristics

Hydrologic Characterization of a Large Underground Mine Pool in Central Pennsylvania
J. W. Hawkins, E. F. Perry, M. Dunn
p 487-503

Determining Hydraulic Conductivities in A Vertical Flow System
R. Hutchinson, R. W. Nairn
p 504-511

Water Quality Trends in a Flooded 35 Year Old Mine-Pool
E. F. Perry, J. W. Hawkins, M. Dunn, R. S. Evans, J. K. Felbinger
p 904-920

Tracking Organic Substrate Alterations in Passive Reactive Zones for Planning and Monitoring
D. Place, E. Claveu, L. Figueroa
p 921-934

Results of Innovative Contracting and Reclamation Methods Used for the Fondaway Canyon Mine Closure Project, Fallon, Nevada
H. Williams, E. A. Duvall, H. H. Sauer
p 1256-1268

Current and Planned Remediation Demonstration Projects of the Oklahoma Plan for Tar Creek
R. W. Nairn, M. J. Calvey, T. L. Landers
p 779-790

Pond Rehabilitation and Establishment of A Site-Based Environmental Education Curriculum
A. E. Koski
p 645-653

Trace Metal Source & Reclamation

A Study of Zinc Metal Toxicity on the Cellulolytic Bacteria in Anaerobic Passive Treatment Systems
A. Ruhs, J. Excoffon, L. Figueroa, T. R. Wildeman
p 985-998

Use of Ozone to Remediate Manganese from Coal Mine Drainage Waters
S. J. Tewalt, M. Sato, F. T. Dulong, S. G. Neuzil, A. Kolker and O Dennen
p 1166-1177

Baseline Laboratory Studies of Sphalerite(ZnS) Dissolution: Effects on Aqueous Metal Concentrations and Solubilization Rates
M. R. Stanton
p 1155-1165

Concentration of Arsenic, Selenium, and Other Trace Elements in Pyrite in Appalachian Coals of Alabama and Kentucky
S. F. Diehl, M. B. Goldhaber, A. E. Koenig, M. L. W. Tuttle, L. F. Ruppert
p 283-301

Characterization of Reclaimed Soils

Characterization of Reclaimed Soils in Southwestern Indiana after Surface Mining for Coal, Part II.
H. R. Sinclair, K. M. McWilliams, C. A. Seybold, R. B. Grossman, S. L. Baird, T. G. Reinsch
p 1087-1099

Properties and Classification of Mineral Sands Mine Soils in Southeastern Virginia
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels, J. M. Galbraith
p 842-861

Influence of Reclamation Management Practices on Soil Bulk Density and Infiltration Rates on surface Coal Mine Lands in Wyoming
G. Shrestha, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram
p 1042-1056

The Use of "Enhanced" Moisture Store-And-Release Cover Systems over Reactive Mine Waste in Cold and Warm Semi-Arid Climates
D. Christensen, M. O'Kane
p 224-235

Poster Session

Improved Methods for the Establishment of Forests on Surface Mined Lands
P. Angel, D. Graves, C. Barton, R. Warner, R. Sweigart
p 23

Eight Year Shrub Responses: Reclaimed Terraces, La Plata Mine, New Mexico
B. Buchanan, M. Owens, T. Ramsey, B. Musslewhite
p 135

Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative and the Forestry Reclamation Approach
V. M. Davis
p 267

Demonstration of Modular Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors in the Upper Clear Creek Watershed
L. Figueroa, M. Zaluski, J. L. Bolis, A. Miller, D. Place, A. Ruhs
p 360

Tracking Salt and Sodium Build up Due to Irrigation with Coalbed Natural Gas Product Water: Soil Solution Lysimeter and Soil Saturated Paste Extract Studies
G. K. Ganjegunte, G. F. Vance, L. A. King
p 378

Saline-Sodic Water Impacts to Soils and Vegetation
L. A. King, G. F. Vance, G. K. Ganjeguntel
p 623-625

Problems with Manganese and Magnesium in Hot Acidity Titrations
C. S. Kirby, B. Means
p 626

Innovative Technology Applications to Mine Reclamation Using Neutralized Red Mud and Recycled Soil Manufacturing Technologies
C. R. Lee, N. K. Murray, P. N. Baldwin, Jr., M. D. Farrall
p 678

Oxic Limestone Drains for Metal Mine Drainages
A. Miller, L. Figueroa, J. L. Bolis
p 736

Results of Interseeding on Existing Shrub Populations, La Plata Mine, New Mexico
M. Owens, B. Buchanan, T. Ramsey, B. Musslewhite
p 863

Shrub Base Unit Production Sampling Technique
M. Owens, B. Buchanan, B. Musslewhite, T. Ramsey
p 862

Using Airborne Geophysics to Improve the Management of Produced Water from Coal Bed Natural Gas Extraction in the Powder River Basin
J. Sams, B. Lipinski, R. Hammack, G. Veloski, T. Ackman, B. Harbert
p 999

Near Surface Geophysics for the Structural Analysis of a Mine Rock Pile, Northern New Mexico
R. Van Dam, L. A. Gutierrez, V. T. McLemore, G. W. Wilson, J. M. H. Hendrickx, B. M. Walker
p 1178-1201

First Year Transplant Response on Constructed Test Plots, Questa Mine, Questa, New Mexico
A. Wagner, M. Owens, B. Buchanan, E. Redente
p 1229

Utilizing Global Positioning System to Evaluate Reclamation Results at a Coal Mime in Wyoming
A. K. Waitkus
p 1230

Using Raw Chat in Hot Mix Asphalt for Pavement Applications
N. M. Wasiuddin, W. B. Hamid, M. M. Zaman, R. Nairn, T. Landers
p 1231

Semi-Passive Treatment of Mine Drainage with a Water Powered Dry Chemical Feed System Using Pebble Lime
G. R. Watzlaf
p 1232

10 Years of Testing Indigenous Plant Material on Drastically Disturbed Mineland in Western Montana
S. R. Winslow, M. E. Majerus, L.Marty, S. Majerus
p 1269

Infiltration Through a Mine-waste Dump and Transport of Metals to a Nearby Stream, Clear Creek County, Colorado
L. Wirt, D. L. Fey, R. R. McDougal
p 1270-1271

Revegetation: Establishment, Design, and Evaluation

The Adaptation of High Elevation Plants to Low Elevation Growth
R. A. Dunne
p 328-337

High Altitude Relegation on Experiments on the Beartooth Plateau Park County, Montana and Park County, Wyoming
L. Payson, R. Trenholme, J. Corwin
p 875-893

Assessing Visual Preference for Aggregate Pit Rehabilitation Designs Using Computer Animated Landscape Models
E. Paddle, G. Antoniuk, R. Corry
p 864-875

Relating Soil Properties to Native Plant Establishment along West Virginia Highways
C. Venable, J. Skousen
p 1202-1214

Reclaiming coarse taconite tailings - Is it all just BS?(Biosolids)
P. Eger
p 338

Revegetating Tailings: Establishment, Design, and Evalution

Plant Establishment on Reclaimed Molybdenum Tailings, Questa Tailings Facility, Questa, New Mexico
B. Buchanan, M. Owens, A. Wagner, E. Redente
p 127-134

Phytostabilization of Acid Metalliferous Mine Tailings at the Keating Site in Montana
D. R. Neuman, G. S. Vandeberg, P. B. Blicker, J. D. Goering, S. R. Jennings, K. Ford
p 791-806

The Affect of Tailings Characteristics on Mine Reclamation and Closure
M. Milczarek, T. M. Yao, T. L. Thompson
p 734-735

Revegetation and Soils: Depth, Productivity, and Carbon

Ongoing Evaluation of Effects from Variable Topsoil Depths at a Coal Mine in Northeastern Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler, G. F. Vance, D. L. Legg, S. Belden
p 1000-1014

Productivity of Reclaimed Soil at the Red Hills Lignite Mine in Ackerman, MS
D. J. Lang, G. Hawkey, B. Chow
p 667-677

Variability of Soil Organic Carbon in two Reclaimed Sites in Southeastern Ohio
M. K. Shukla, R. Lal
p 1057-1067

Microbiological Studies of Mine Materials

Microbial Characterization of Sulfate-Reducing Columns Remediating Acid Mine Drainage
A. Pruden, H. Hong, L. Inman, M. Logan, C. Sans, D. Ahmanna, L. Figueroa, K. Reardon
p 935-944

Comparison of Inocula Applied in the Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage by Sulfate Reduction
L. P. Pereyra, R. Hanson, A. Pruden, K. F. Reardon
p 894-903

Mosses and Other Early Colonizers: Pioneers for Revegetating Mine Waste Rock Dumps and Rock Walls
R. P. Buxton, J. Stanley, P. Alspach, C. Morgan, C. Ross
p 170-181

Salinity: Weathering and Movement

Weathering Characteristics of Saline and Sodic Minesoils in the Southwestern United States
B. D. Musslewhite, T. H. Brown, G. W. Wendt, C. Johnston
p 765-778

Using spreadsheets to Predict Stream Salinities in the Yampa River Basin Coal Fields, Northwestern Colorado
T. Kaldenbach
p 554-567

Waste Utilization

Reclamation of Waste Rock Stockpiles Utilizing Paper Mill Residuals at Cliffs Michigan Mining Company
A. E. Koski
p 627-644

Environmental Analyses of Hot Mix Asphalt Made with Mining Waste Materials
C. F. Gause, R. W. Nairn, M. Zaman
p 398-414

Thermal Camera Imaging of Rock Piles at the Questa Molybdenum Mine, Questa, New Mexico
H. Shannon, R. Van Dam, J. M. H. Hendrickx, V. T. McLemore
p 1015-1028

Development and Reclamation of Disturbed Environments

Linking Physical and Social Systems for Improving Disturbed-Land Reclamation
J. J. Griffith, T. J. Toy
p 433-442

Reclamation of Prime Farmland after Surface Mining for Coal and Farmland Protection Policy Act
H. R. Sinclair, Jr.
p 1082-1086

Sustainable Development in Appalachia - A New Way of Looking at Mountaintop Mining
J. S. Gardner, P. Sainato
p 388-397

Mine Water Monitoring and Treatment

Comparison Between Observed and Model Predicted Particulate Metal Transport in a Mining-Impacted Stream(North Fork Clear Creek, Colorado)
B. A. Butler, J. F. Ranville, P. E. Ross
p 154-169

Sources of Acid and Metals from the Weathering of the Dinero Waste Pile, Lake Fork Watershed, Leadville, Colorado
S. F. Diehl, P. Hageman, K. S. Smith, J. T. Herron, G. A. Desboroufg
p 268-283

Naturally Occurring Acid Rock Drainage in Colorado's Lake Creek Watershed
D. A. Bird, M. A. Sares, D. C. Peters, P. L. Hauff, D. W. Coulter, F. B. Henderson III
p 71-97

Rate of Manganese Removal in Limestone Bed Systems
B. Means, A. W. Rose
p 702-717

Treatment of Acid Mine Materials

Where Does the Recovery of Metal Resources from Passive Treatment Systems Fit in Sustainable Development Initiatives Associated with Large Mining Projects?
J. Gusek, K. Clarke-Whistler
p 454-469

Demonstration of A Pulsed Limestone Bed Process for the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage at the Argo Tunnel Site, Idaho Springs, Colorado
P. L. Sibrell, T. R. Wildeman, M. Frienmuth, M. Chambers, D. Bess
p 1068-1081

The Chemistry of Conventional and Alternative Treatment Systems for the Neutralization of Acid Mine Drainage
M. Kalin, A. Fyson, W. N. Wheeler
p 568-589

Acid Rock Drainage Prevention and Treatment with Thiocyanate and Phosphate-Containing Materials
G. J. Olson, T. R. Clark, T. I. Mudder
p 831-841

Performance of 116 Passive Treatment Systems for Acid Mine Drainage
J. Skousen, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 1100-1133

Overcoming Access Issues at A Remote Passive Treatment Site Near Lake Shasta, CA
J. Gusek, B. Shipley, D. Lindsay
p 443-453

Aquatic Communities: Biology, Chemistry, and Economic Impacts

The Importance of Identifying Natural Variation in Aquatic Communities: The Thompson Creek Molybdenum Mine Example
S. P. Canton, L. C. Bergstedt, J. W. Chadwick, D. J. Conklin
p 181-192

Determining Sources of Water Quality Impacts Using Biological Monitoring: The Molycorp Questa Molybdenum Mine Example
J. W. Chadwick, S. P. Canton, D. J. Conklin, Jr., L. C. Bergstedt
p 211-223

Improvements in Brown Trout and Invertebrate Population in the Arkansas River during Reclamation Efforts on California Gulch
L. C. Bergstedt, J. W. Chadwick, D. J. Conklin, Jr., S. P. Canton
p 54-70

Controlling Mine Drainage Problems in Minnesota - Are All the Wetland Treatment Systems Really Above Average?
P. Eger, P. Eger
p 339-359

The Acidic Lignite Pit-Lakes of Germany-Microcosm Experiments on Acidity Removal Through Controlled Eutrophication
A. Fyson, B. Nixdorf
p 361-379

Methods and Technologies for Mine Sites and Materials

Reclaiming A Gold Mine
R. K. Will
p 1244-1255

Analysis of Multi-Temporal Geospatial Data Sets to Assess the Landscape Effects of Surface Mining
D. B. Gesch
p 415-432

Tracking Sludge Disposal Using Electrical Conductivity Mapping
M. Coleman, K. Butler, T. A. Al
p 236-254

Evaluation of the TerreSIM Model for Cover Design Analysis
R. J. Bilodeau
p 70

Preliminary Status Report on Molycorp Goathill North Trenches, Questa, New Mexico
V. T. McLemore, P. Walsh, K. M. Donahue, L. A. F. Guitierrez, S. Tachie-Menson, H. R. Shannon, G. W. Wilson
p 679-701

Mine Regulations, Remediation and Economic Applications

Co-operative Partnership and Innovation in the Planning and Execution of the Decommissioning of the Mt McClure Gold Project
H. Lacy, M. Slight
p 654-666

Abandoned Mine Safety Remediation: Closing the Holes in Nevada
C. Ross
p 976-984

Mine Waste Technology Program: Historical Perspectives, Current Highlights, Future Opportunities
H. O. Joyce, D. Bless, G. Ashby
p 540-553

Use of Performance Standards and Adaptive Management to Guide Remediation at the Bunker Hill Site, Idaho
D. L. Mengel, T. A. White
p 717-733

Placement of Coal Combustion By-Products at Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act(SMCRA) Mines: A Short History of OSM Technical Efforts and Responses to Environmental Concerns
K. C. Vories
p 1215-1228