21st Annual Meeting of the ASMR, April 18-22, 2004, Morgantown, West Virginia

Table of Contents

Underground Mine Hydrology

An Evaluation of Helicopter Time Domain Electromagnetic Surveys for Detecting Deep, Flooded Mine Workings
R. Hammack, K. Witherly, M. Zellman, B. Lipinski, B. Harbert, T. Ackman
p 767-789

Long-term water quality trends in a partly flooded underground coal mine
E. F. Perry, H. W. Rauch
p 1438-1459

Longevity of Acid Discharges from Underground Mines Lying Above the Regional Water Table
J. Skousen, L. M. McDonald, J. Demchak
p 1769

Hydrology of the Abandoned Underground Corning Coal Mine, Perry County, Ohio
M. W. Stoertz, P. Sahu, B. McCament, J. S. Bowman
p 1831-1853

Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity of Coal Mine Barriers, Pittsburgh Coal, Northern West Virginia, 1992-2000
K. J. McCoy, J. J. Donovan, B. R. Leavitt
p 1218-1226

Numerical Modeling of a Large Mined Synclinal Coal Basin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
W. R. Winters, R. C. Capo
p 2061-2065

Valley Fills

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Studies Conducted in Mountaintop Mining/Valley Fill Influenced Streams in Conjunction with the USEPA Environmental Impact Study
M. Y. Armstead, J. L. Yeager-Seagle, L. Emerson
p 87-93

Evaluating Impacts of Mountain Top Removal/Valley Fill Coal Mining on Stream Fish Populations
C. P. Ferreri, J. R. Stauffer, T. D. Stecko
p 576-592

How Much Do Valley Fills Influence Headwater Streams?
K. J. Hartman, M. D. Kaller, J. W. Howell, J. A. Sweka
p 822-846

Streamside Salamanders in Valley Fill and Reference Streams in Southern West Virginia
J. M. Williams, P. B. Wood
p 2026-2042

Long-Term Downstream Impacts of Surface Mining and Valley Fill Construction to Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality
E. J. Kirk, R. Maggard
p 1095-1127


The Acid Drainage Technology Initiative
F. Block, S. C. Parsons, R. Williams, J. R. Craynon
p 157-173

Acid Drainage Technology Initiative: Continuing Progress in Coal Related Topics
S. C. Parsons, P. F. Ziemkiewicz, F. Block, R. J. Hornberger, J. R. Craynon
p 1424-1433

Future Directions of the Coal Mining Sector of the Acid Drainage Technology Initiative and the Needs for Acid Drainage Research
J. Craynon
p 412-419

Use of Databases in Characterization at Mine Sites
V. T. McLemore, G. K. Hoffman, M. Wilks, J. S. Raugust, G. R.Jones
p 1239-1247

Optimization of Limestone Drains for Long-Term Treatment of Mine Drainage, Swatara Creek Basin, Schuylkill County, PA
C. A. Cravotta III, S. J. Ward, D. J. Koury, R. D. Roch
p 366-411

Refinement of ADTI-WP2 Standard Weathering Procedures, and Evaluation of Particle Size and Surface Area Effects upon Leaching Rates: Part 1: Laboratory Evaluation of Method Performance
R. J. Hornberger, K. B. C. Brady, J. E. Cuddeback, W. B. White, B. E. Scheetz, W. A. Telliard, S. C. Parsons, C. M. Loop, T. W. Bergstresser, C. R. McCracken Jr., D. Wood
p 916-947

Refinement of ADTI-WP2 Standard Weathering Procedures, and Evaluation of Particle Size and Surface Area Effects upon Leaching Rates: Part 2: Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Leaching Kinetics
K. B. C. Brady, W. B. White, R. J. Hornberger, B. E. Scheetz, C. M. Loop
p 174-200


Influence of Site Factors on the Survival and Growth of Early- and Late-Successional Appalachian Hardwoods on Reclaimed Mined Land
W. E. Auch, J. A. Burger, D. O. Mitchem
p 93-104

Carbon Sequestration by Forests and Soils on Mined Land in the Midwestern and Appalachian Coalfields: Preliminary Results
B. Amichev, J. A. Burger, J. A. Rodrigue
p 20-46

Department of Energy's Program on the Reclamation of Mine Lands for Carbon Sequestration and Other Ancillary Benefits
J. T. Litynski
p 1205-1206

First-Year Performance of Northern Red Oak on Reclaimed Mined Lands: Effect of Stocktype, Controlled-Release Fertilizer, and Mycorrhizal Inoculation
A. S. Davis, D. F. Jacobs
p 480-503

Vegetation Productivity Model for Grand Traverse County, Michigan
G. Le Cleac'h, M. Salles, J. B. Burley
p 1176-1191

Predicting Visual Quality with GIS Based Land-Use Data: An Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan Case Study
M. Noffke, J. B. Burley
p 1376-1388

Early development of a Species Test established on Surface Mines thirty years post-reclamation
D. W. McGill, V. L. Ford, J. F. McNeel
p 1227-1238

AMD Passive

Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in the Mid-Continental U. S. - Construction Problems and Possible Solutions
P. T. Behum, Jr., K. Kim
p 128-155

Anaerobic Bioremediation of Acid Mine Drainage Using EOS
N. L. Lindow, R. C. Borden
p 1192-1204

Trace Metal Retention in LBOS-Amended, Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands Treating Low pH, Ferric Iron-Dominated Acid Rock Drainage
R. C. Thomas, C. S. Romanek, L. S. Paddock
p 1862-1893

Operation and Maintenance Considerations for A Passive Treatment Comples
C. F. Denholm, P. J. Shah, T. Hilton, T. P. Danehy, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn
p 503-517

Treatment of High-Flow, Low-Iron Mine Drainage with A Semi-Passive System
G. R. Watzlaf
p 1962-1973

The Use of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria to Remove Sulfate from Iron Mining Tailings Water
P. Eger, T. Moe, J. Engesser
p 531-550


Ground-Water Flow and Quality in A Fully Flooded Underground Complex
E. F. Perry, J. W. Hawkins
p 1460-1479

Uses of the Borehole Camera in Hydrologic Investigations Related to Coal Mining
J. W. Hawkins, R. S. Evans
p 847-859

Remote Sensing, Visualization and Modeling of the Diamond Coal Mine in Hazleton, PA
D. Sirkis, G. Stevens, T. Bechtel
p 1728-1749

Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, and effects from the plugging of Artesian Flows of Acid mine drainage: Clarion River Watershed, Northwestern Pennsylvania
S. L. Stafford, T. J. Weaver, R. S. Hedin
p 1792-1818

Geochemical Cluster Analysis of Mine Water Quality Within the Monongahela Basin
J. M. Stiles, J. Donovan, D. A. Dzombak, R. C. Capo, L. Cook
p 1819-1830

Some Hydrologic Properties of Surface Mine Spoil in the Appalachian Plateau
J. W. Hawkins
p 860-878

Land Application of Coalbed Methane Waters: Water Management Strategies and Impacts
L. A. King, G. F. Vance, G. K. Ganjegunte, B. Carroll
p 1056-1075


Potential Use of Plants for Selenium Reclamation
G. S. Bañuelos
p 105-110

Biogeochemistry of Selenium on Remediated Phosphate-Mine Tailings in Southeastern Idaho
D. Strawn, A. Ryser, J. Johnson-Maynard, G. Möller, B. Hart, M. Marcus
p 1854-1861

Environmental Selenium and Land Disturbance: Soil, Vegetation, Water and Animals
G. F. Vance
p 1906-1915

The Occurrence and Impacts of Selenium in Aquatic Systems Downstream of A Mountaintop Mining Operation in Central Appalachia
R. R. Maggard
p 1207-1218

Attenuation of Selenium in Mine Spoil P. F. Ziemkiewicz
P. F. Ziemkiewicz, A. S. Knox
p 2145-2146

A Preliminary Study on the Speciation of Selenium in a West Virginia Watershed
D. J. Vesper, G. Bryant, P. F. Ziemkiewicz
p 1950-1959


Topsoil Creation for Bond Forfeited Mined Land by Using Green Sawdust and Other Sawmill By Products
L. T. Beckerle
p 126

Helicopter Frequency Domain(FDEM) Surveys for Characterizing Environmental Problems Related to Mining: Observations and Conclusions from 30 Surveys
G. Veloski, R. Hammack, J. Sams, T. Ackman, W. Harbert
p 1916-1936

Reclamation of Abandoned Coal Mine Wastes Using Lime Cake Byproducts in Korea
J. E. Yang, H. J. Kim, J. Y. Choi, J. P. Kim, Y. S. Shim, J. M. An J. G. Skousen
p 2067-2078

The Development of A National Program to Abate Acid Mine Drainage Through the Remining of Abandoned Mine Lands
M. W. Smith, R. J. Hornberger, K. B. C. Brady, J.Hawkins, W. A. Telliard, J. Cuddeback, K. Miller
p 1770-1791

Little Boyd Coal Co., Inc. Remining No.'s 1 and 2 Mines
L. G. Rankin
p 1507

Monday Creek Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study
M. D. Kessinger
p 1023-1033

Mitigating the Percy Mine Fire
S. R. Michalski, P. E. Glogowski, W. J. Marks
p 1304-1313

AMD Passive

Scaling up Design Challenges for Large Scale Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors
J. J. Gusek
p 752-765

The Life Cycle of A Passive Treatment System: A Study of the Open Limestone Channel at Sovern Run # 62
J. B. Gutta, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 766

Water quality changes in a combined alkaline injection technologyreducing and alkalinity producing system(AIT-RAPS)
R. W. Nairn, C. M. Porter, G. A. Canty
p 1338

Impacts of Remediated Acid Mine Drainage on Biological Systems within a Successive Alkalinity Producing Wetland Treatment System
C. M. Porter, R. W. Nairn
p 1505

An "Autopsy" of the Failed Tangaskootack #1 Vertical Flow Pond, Clinton CO., Pennsylvania
A. W. Rose, D. Bisko, A. Daniel, M.A Bower, S. Heckman
p 1580-1594

The Role of Airborne Remote Sensing and Geophysics in Acid Mine Drainage Assessment of the Lower Kettle Creek Watershed, Clinton County, Pennsylvania
A. G. Wolfe
p 2066


Influence of Mineland Reclamation Practices on Microbial Community Recovery and Soil Organic Carbon Accumulation
J. D. Anderson, P. D. Stahl, L. J. Ingram
p 74-86

Soil Reconstruction on Surface Mined Land Using a Prototype Mechanical System
J. P. Fulton, L. G. Wells
p 677-707

Impacts of Land Application of Saline-Sodic Coalbed Methane Water on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Wyoming
G. K. Ganjegunte, L. A. King G. F. Vance
p 720-736

Reclamation of Disturbed Sulfidic Coastal Plain Sediments Using Biosolids at Stafford Regional Airport in Virginia
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels
p 1389-1407

Study on Soil Improvement for Reclaimed Subsided Land with Fly Ash and Organic Fertilizer
Z. Hu, S. Chu, S. Zhao, J. R. Zhang, Z. J. Zhao
p 948-956

RUSLE C-factors for slope protection applications
R. D. Karpilo, Jr., T. J. Toy
p 995-1013

Forestry West Virginia

Restoring Forests on Mined Land in the Appalachians: Results and Outcomes of A 20-Year Research Program
J. A. Burger
p 260

Biological and Economic Hurdles to Private Forest Ownership of Reclaimed Strip Mines
V. L. Ford
p 670-676

Financial cost to landowners associated with Forestland Conversion to Non-Productive Uses in the Process of Surface Mining
J. Aggett, J. Sullivan, G. Amacher J. Burger
p 9-19

Forestry: A Practical Land Use For Surface Mining?
M. W. Isabell
p 969

The New West Virginia Mine Land Reforestation Initiative
S. D. Eggerud
p 552-563

The Kentucky Reforestation Initiative
P. F. Rothman
p 1617

Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative
P. N. Angel, V. M. Davis
p 790


The Relative Merits of Native Transplant Plugs and Topsoil Islands in the Enhancement of Understory Biodiversity on Reclaimed Minelands
K. Winterhalder
p 2042-2060

Success of Reclamation Practices to Support Amphibian Populations
K. P. Jansen, C. M. Oakes, F. D. Colyer
p 970

Techniques for Encouraging Native Plants and Creating Bobwhite Quail Habitat on Drastically Disturbed Land
L. T. Beckerle
p 127

Effects of Wildlife Utilization on Wyoming Big Sagebrush Growth and Survival on Reclaimed Mine Lands
K. A. Partlow, G. E. Schuman, R. A. Olson, S. E. Belden
p 1434-1437

Effects of Fertilization and Disturbance on Native Species Establishment on Highway Corridors in West Virginia
C. Venable, J. Skousen
p 1937-1949

Successful Reclamation in Dry-Land Environments-A Case Study
D. L. Wendell, C. A. Westerman
p 1990-2000

Lower Grey Cloud Island Forest Patch: A 15 Year Reclamation Monitoring Study
J. B. Burley, C. A. Churchward, C. J. Burley, W. D. Sanders
p 261-269

AMD Passive

Evaluation of Aeration Techniques for Mine Water Treatment in Passive Systems
T. W. Schmidt
p 1619-1626

Success and Problems at Acid Mine Drainage Abatement Project Cold Stream Site A Contract No. AMD 14(0850)101.1 Rush Township, Centre County
P. J. Shah
p 1663-1671

Technology and Design Advances in Passive Treatment System Flushing
K. R. Weaver, K. M. Lagnese, R. S. Hedin
p 1974-1989

Interstate Technological Regulatory Council(ITRC) Constructed Treatment Wetlands Guidance Document
P. Eger
p 551

Effects of AMD Pollutant Loading on Streams in the Hazleton PA Area
J. J. Mendinsky, B. A. Dempsey
p 1289-1303

The Use of A Prioritization Index to Rank Mine Discharges and Tributary Streams for Remediation Consideration
D. R. Williams
p 2014-2025

Mine Soils

Proposed Changes to Soil Taxonomy That May Affect Mine Soil Classification
J. M. Galbraith
p 706-719

A Proposal for the Classification of Anthropogenic Soils
B. A. Hartman, J. T. Ammons, N. T. Hartgrove
p 810-821

Recognition of Noogenic Soil Materials in Classifying Mine Soils
A. Kosse
p 1147-1156

Mapping Minesoils in the National Cooperative Soil Survey in Appalachia: A Brief Overview of History, Status, and Distribution
S. G. Carpenter, R. R. Dobos, T. M. Prescott
p 271

Mine Soil Classification and Mapping Issues on Pre- and Post-SMCRA Appalachian Coal Mined Lands
W. L. Daniels, K. C. Haering, J. Galbraith, J. Thomas
p 421-449

Mine Soil Morphology and Properties in Pre- and Post-SMCRA Coal Mined Landscapes in Southwest Virginia
W. L. Daniels, K. C. Haering, J. M. Galbraith
p 450-479

Characterization of Reclaimed Soils in Southwestern Indiana after Surface Mining for Coal
H. R. Sinclair, Jr., K. M. McWilliams, S. L. Wade, G. R. Struben
p 1674-1699


An Overview of Planning and Management of the Land Application System on the Goslin Flats - Zortman and Landusky Mines, Montana
S. E. Fisher, Jr.
p 593-630

Facts and Myths on the Effectiveness of Water Covers to Suppress Sulfide Oxidation and Metal Leaching - Field and Laboratory Evidence
Y. T. J. Kwong
p 1157-1175

The Role of Politics, Community Involvement and Public Participation in the Reclamation of an Abandoned Iron Mine in Wyoming
T. C. Richmond, J. J. Gusek
p 1563-1579

The Natural Defenses of Copper Flat Sierra County, New Mexico
J. S. Raugust, V. T. McLemore
p 1508-1531

In-Place Solidification of Coal Tailings for Expressway Subgrade
N. C. Bazán-Arias, S. R. Michalski, P. E. Glogowski, F. Howard
p 111-125

Coal Tailings Reclamation Practices: Soil Cover Variances - The Ayrshire Alternative
J. R. Nawrot
p 1340-1361

Stream Restoration

A Natural Channel Design Approach to Stream Restoration on Reclaimed Surface Mine Lands
W. A. Harman, S. J. Unger, R. H. Fortney
p 791-810

Impacts of Surface Mining and "AOC" Reclamation on Small Streams and Drainage Networks
J. S. Kite, J. Smith, F. K. Rengers, J. C. Walker
p 1120-1147

Soil Properties Important to Stream Development on Mined Lands
J. Skousen, J. Sencindiver
p 1750-1768

Natural Stream Channel Design on Mine Land Integrating Riparian Restoration to Promote Wildlife Habitat with Habitats
J. T. Anderson, J. D. Osbourne, R. L. Ward
p 47-73

Restoration Design of Coldwater Fork Following the October 11, 2000 Slurry Spill
M. F. Adams, Jr., J. G. Athanasakes
p 1-8

Channel Development on Unreclaimed Surface Mines in the Beaver Creek Watershed, Tucker County, West Virginia
W. D. Igo, J. Skousen
p 957-968

Reclamation of A Tailings Impacted Stream Corridor
P. L. Redmond, G. E. Austiguy, M. A. Rotar
p 1532-1562

AMD Chemical

Bauxsol Technology to Treat Acid and Metals; Applications in the Coal Industry
M. Clark, D. McConchie, J. Berry, W. Caldicott, F. Davies-McConchie, J. Castro
p 292-321

Cost-effective Acid Rock Drainage Water Treatment Applied to Mining-Impacted Watersheds
J. A. Chermak, B. Wielinga, E. G. Wyatt, J. Taylor
p 272-294

Comparison of Three Methods to Measure Acidity of Coal-Mine Drainage
B. Means, T. Hilton
p 1249-1277

Mining Influenced Waters: Their Chemistry and Methods of Treatment
T. R. Wildeman, R. Schmiermund
p 2001-2013

Summary of Northern Bond Forfeiture AMD Treatment Sites
M. Sheehan, J. Seckman
p 1672-1673

PA DEP-Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation's Brandy Camp AMD Treatment Plant A Case Study
D. Sammarco
p 1618

Butte Mine Flooding Water Treatment Facility: Implementation of Major Component of Selected Remedy for Historic Contamination at Berkeley Pit Site
R. L. Zick, D. A.Velegol, Jr., M. W. Hess, M. Foote
p 2079-2104

Mine Soils

Properties and Genesis of Minesoils on Sites Mined for Bakerstown and Upper Freeport Coals
J. R. Jones, J. C. Sencindiver
p 980-994

Evaluating Soil Quality on Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils in Indiana
C. A. Seybold, R. B. Grossman, H. R. Sinclair, K. M. McWilliams, G. R. Struben, S. L. Wade
p 1644-1663

USDA-NRCS's Role for Soils Information in the Surface Mining Control And Reclamation Act of 1977(Public Law 95-87)
H. R. Sinclair, Jr.
p 1700-1727

Two Suggestions for Quantification of Field Morphology
R. B. Grossman, C. A. Seybold, D. S. Harms
p 737-751

Properties of Constructed Soils Along Four-Lane Highways in West Virginia
R. L. Miller, J. C. Sencindiver
p 1315-1337

Watershed Restoration

Coal Mine Water Retention Bulkhead Design and Construction
A. A. Campoli
p 270

An Update on the Cheat River Restoration
B. Thorne, K. Pitzer
p 1894-1905

Electronic Data Management System for Watershed Assessment and Restoration Planning
A. E. Sciulli, D. G. Minnear
p 1627-1642

Assessment of Water Quality in A Watershed Impacted by Natural ARD Using Mineralogy and Remote Sensing
D. C. Peters, D. A. Bird, P. L. Hauff, M. A. Sares, D. W. Coulter, E. C. Prosh, F. B. Henderson III
p 1480-1483

Water Quality Variability in Tributaries of the Cheat River, A Mined Appalachian Watershed
J. T. Petty, J. Barker
p 1484-1504

A Process for Developing and Evaluating Design Options for Large-Scale Watershed Remediation
P. Ziemkiewicz, J. Stiles, M. D. Kessinger
p 2105-2144

Monday Creek: A Case Study in Successful Partnering
M. D. Kessinger
p 1014-1022


Acidity and Alkalinity in Mine Drainage: Theoretical considerations
C. S. Kirby, C. A. Cravotta, III
p 1076-1093

Acidity and Alkalinity in Mine Drainage: Practical Considerations
C. A. Cravotta III, C. S. Kirby
p 334-365

Mechanisms of Heterogeneous Fe(II) Oxidation in Acid Mine Drainage
B. Park, B. A. Dempsey
p 1408-1423

A Computer-Based Model for Estimating Mine Drainage Treatment Costs
B. Means, B. McKenzie, T. Hilton
p 1248

The Use of Measured and Calculated Acidity Values to Improve the Quality of Mine Drainage Datasets
R.S Hedin
p 879-898

Vertical Flow Systems - Effects of Time and Acidity Relations
A. W. Rose
p 1595-1616


The Future of Mine-Water Discharges from Underground Coal Mines of the Pittsburgh Coal Basin, WV-PA
J. J. Donovan, B. R. Leavitt
p 518-529

Methods Used to Determine if Mine Site are Suitable for Aquiculture
D. Miller, K. Semmens
p 1314

Climbing the Learning Curve in Mine Water Aquaculture : An Update from Warwick Mountain Fisheries
C. K. Blankenship
p 156

Utilizing Mine Water for Aquaculture - An Overview of Production Formats, 2003
K. Semmens, D. Miller
p 1643

Development of Treated Mine Waters for Aquaculture: Overview of Water Quality from Dogwood Lakes, 2002-2003
R. C. Viadero, Jr., A. E. Tierney
p 1960

Development of Treated Mine Waters for Aquaculture: Non Ideal Water Chemistry Effects at Dogwood Lakes
R. C. Viadero, Jr., A. E. Tierney
p 1961

Mine Water Aquaculture: Linking Coal Mining, Fish Farming, Water Conservation and Recreation
G. D'Souza, D. Miller
p 529

Physiological Overview of Rainbow Trout Grown In Reclaimed Mine-Water
M. L. Danley, P. M. Mazik
p 478-479

Stream Characterization

Chemical and Biological Analysis of Fox Run Watershed, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
F. J. Brenner, S. Hedglin, S. Alexander, S. Busler
p 229-239

Acid Mine Drainage and Coal Combustion Products Affect Corbicula fluminea and Gambusia affinis
C. M. Porter, R. W. Nairn
p 1506

Mine Drainage Discharge Quality and Hydrology of an Abandoned Hard-Rock Mining Watershed
R. W. Nairn, N. J. Iverson
p 1339

Computerizing the Fluvial Geomorphic Approach to Land Reclamation
N. Bugosh
p 240-259

Monitoring at the Abandoned Elizabeth and Ely Mines in Eastern Vermont
J. V. Holmes, D. E. Lawson, K. D. White, S. E. Acone
p 900-916


The Efficiency of Passive Treatment Systems and Their Impact on Seaton Creek
E. Coughlin, J. Dunne, C. McClure, S. Rummel, F. J. Brenner, S. Busler
p 333

The Status of the Passive Treatment Systems for Acid Mine Drainage in South Korea
S. W. Ji, J. I. Ko, S. J. Kim
p 971-979

Evaluation of the Efficiency of Passive Treatment Systems on Water Quality in the Headwaters of Slippery Rock Creek
J. Dunne, E. Coughlin, C. McClure, S. Rummel, F. J. Brenner, S. Busler
p 530

Progress Report On the Old Bevier Passive Treatment Wetland, Macon County, Missouri
K. Kim, P. T. Behum, Jr.
p 1034-1055

Geochemical Characterization of Spoil Material to Assess Suitability for Use as a Cover in Tailings Rehabilitation
R. R. P. Noble, D. W. G. T. Oldmeadow, R. T. Watkins, J. T. Ammons
p 1362-1376

Case History of A Copper Mine Tailings Pond Reclamation in Ducktown, Tennessee
J. L. Branson, J. T. Ammons
p 201-228

Plenary Session Presentations and Workshops

Science, Arts and AMD Remediation: Both Necessary, Neither Sufficient
T. A. Comp
p 322-332

The Copper Basin Reclamation Project
B. B. Faulkner, K. L. Faulk, F. K. Miller
p 564-575

Assessing Reclamation Features and Estimating Reclamation Costs on Abandoned, Inactive, and Permitted Mines Using Real-Time GPS and Tablet Computers
L. Meier, W. Joseph, K. Garnett
p 1278-1288