20th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 3-6, 2003, Billings, Montana

Table of Contents


Evaluation of a Large Area Shallow Evaporation Basin(LASEB) in a Playa Environment for Final Heap Leach Drain-Down Disposal
C. R. Wessel, R. B. Valceschini, S. A. Morrow
p 814

Integration of Surface Water Management With Mitigation of Ground Water Impacts at a Proposed Phosphate Mine Overburden Facility
B. W. Buck, B. Winegar
p 69-93

Implementation of EPA's New Western Alkaline Coal Mining Subcategory
J. P. Tinger, J. R. Galetovic
p 1266

Gillette Area Groundwater Monitoring Organization: What Have We Learned in 20+ Years?
M. W. Stearns
p 1229-1238

Evaluation of Water Quality Conditions in Coal Mine Backfill in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming
R. N. Hoy, K. Muller Ogle, M. Taylor
p 427-447

An Evaluation of Ground Water Conditions in the Colstrip Coal Deposit, Montana
K. Waren, A. McDannel
p 1407-1423

Changes to Ground-Water Quality as a Result of Strip Mining in Colstrip, Montana
A. McDannel, K. Waren
p 794

Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research CenterSpecial Session

Research Activities at the Rocky Mountain Regional Hazardous Substance Research Center
C. D. Shackelford
p 1131

Fate and Transport of Metal and Sediment in Surface Water
R. Rojas, P. Julien
p 1058

Seasonal Changes in the Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Metal Transport in a Mining-Impacted Stream
B. B. Harvey, J. F. Ranville, P. E. Ross
p 353-366

Microbial Reduction of Uranium in Mine Leachate by Fermentative and Iron-Reducing Bacteria
J. B. Gillow, B. D. Honeyman, J. Spear
p 410

Modeling Sulfate-Reducing Permeable Reactive Barriers for Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
P. S. Hemsi, C. D. Shackelford, L. A. Figueroa
p 367-386

Effect of Solid Phase Organic Substrate Characteristics on Sulfate Reducer Activity and Metal Removal in Passive Mine Drainage Treatment Systems
J. Seyler, L. Figueroa, D. Ahmann, T. Wildeman, M. Robustelli
p 1112-1130

Assessment of Microbial Activity in Anaerobic Columns Treating Synthetic Mine Drainage
M. Logan, D. Ahmann, L. Figueroa
p 658-678

Development of a Simple Scheme to Determine the Chemical Toxicity of Mine Wastes
T. R. Wildeman, J. F. Ranville, J.Herron, R. H. Robinson
p 1501-1516

Soils and Overburden

Amelioration of Degraded Mine Soil for Reclamation Purposes Using an Industrial Byproduct and an Organic Waste
W. F. Truter, N. F.G. Rethman
p 1277-1293

The Effect of Organic Mulches on Crusting, Infiltration and Salinity in the Revegetation of a Saline-Sodic Coal Mine Spoil from Central Queensland, Australia
A. H. Grigg, G. J. Sheridan, A. B. Pearce, D. R. Mulligan
p 292-310

A Preliminary Assessment of Remediated Sulfidic Waste Rock Using Terra B
G. Maddocks
p 702-731

Capping and Revegetation of Gold Residues in the Eastern Jarrah Forest in the South-West of Western Australia
W. McGrath, R.Bell, D. Jasper, C. Hinz, I. Struthers, J. Eastham, P. McNeil
p 513-531

Using Minesoil and Overburden Analyses to Locate a Highway in West Virginia
J. R. Jones, J. C. Sencindiver, J. G. Skousen
p 533-548

Chemical and Physical Properties of Mineral Sands Mine Soils in Southeastern Virginia
W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, P. D. Schroeder
p 209-228

Classification of Minesoil Series as Noosols
A. D. Kosse
p 602-615

Poster Session

Overview of the Railroad Bed Time-Critical Removal Action, Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area Superfund Site, Butte, Montana
R. R. Alexander
p 1

The Use of a Corn Grain Yield Monitor to Evaluate Soil Quality of Reclaimed Prime Farmland
R. I. Barnhisel
p 17

Horizontal Flow Limestone Bed(HFLB): An Effective and Valuable Passive Treatment System Component for Manganese Removal and Alkalinity Generation
C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, M. H. Dunn, S. L. Busler
p 228-230

SLAPPM Test: An Easy Method for a Simple Limestone Alkalinity Production Prediction and Monitoring Test for Vertical Flow Pond Type Systems
C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, M. H. Dunn, S. L. Busler
p 231

Chemistry of Stream Sediments and Water as Guides to Determine the Impacts of Abandoned Mines on the Upper Red River, Taos County, New Mexico
M. L. Jackson, V. T. McLemore, B. M. Walker, G. Jones
p 511-512

Non-Agricultural C and P Values for RUSLE
R. D. Karpilo, Jr., T. J. Toy
p 549-562

Relationship of Saltcedar(Tamarix Ramosissima) Age and Stand Structure to Soil Conditions in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
C. G. Ladenburger, D. J. Kazmer, A. L. Hild, S. D. Miller, L. C. Munn
p 616

Use of Native Mycorrhizal Fungi to Enhance Establishment of Quaking Aspen on Smelter-Impacted Sites(Preliminary Report)
C. Mahony, C. L. Cripps
p 732

Natural Resource Damage Program: It's Role in Restoration in the Upper Clark Fork
G. Mullen
p 816

Surface Mine Reclamation Settings: Facilitating Landscape Planning, Design, and Management Education
P. E. Nieratko, J. B. Burley
p 900-914

Aggregate Mining and Wetland Banking
D. C. Schmitt, A. M. Bauer, J. B. Burley
p 1099-1110

Effects of Grazing on Diversity and Seasonal Balance of Reclaimed Grasslands in North Dakota
C. J. Trosen, D. R. Kirby, D. J. Nilson
p 1267-1276

Proposal for the Development of a Western States Land Reclamation Center
G. F. Vance
p 1327-1328

Flushing of Metals From Reducing and Alkaline Producing Systems
G. R. Watzlaf, C. L. Kairies, K. T. Schroeder
p 1425

The Performance of Two Horizontal Limestone Beds for the Removal of Manganese
G. R. Watzlaf, C. L. Kairies, K. T. Schroeder
p 1426

Passive Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage
G. R. Watzlaf, K. T. Schroeder, C. L. Kairies
p 1424

Acid Mine Drainage

Case Studies of Limestone-Bed Passive Systems for Manganese Removal from Acid Mine Drainage
A. W. Rose, P. J. Shah, B. Means
p 1059-1078

Evaluation of Sludge Produced by Limestone Neutralization of AMD at the Friendship Hill National Historic Site
P. L. Sibrell, B. J. Watten
p 1151-1169

Microbial Effects of Natural Phosphate Rock(NPR) Addition to Mining Wastes
M. Ueshima, M. Kalin, D. Fortin
p 1294-1303

Comparison of Bacteria Populations with Metal and Sulfate Concentrations in a Scale Model Vertical Flow Pond
F. J. Brenner, S. Busler, K. Kosick, C. Gardner, C. Tippie
p 43-55

Chemical Analysis of Cores Obtained from a Vertical Flow Pond
F. J. Brenner, E. Kowacki, S. Busler, C. D. Cooper
p 34-42

Changes in Discharge Water Quality in a Historic Hard Rock Mining Watershed
J. A. Coffey, R. W. Nairn
p 163-173

Ecological Assessment of Three Oklahoma Streams Impacted by Mine Drainage: Habitat and Water Quality
N. J. Iverson, R. W. Nairn
p 496-511

The Water Balance and Chemical Mass Loads at the Zortman and Landusky Mines, Montana
T. J. Osborne
p 918-944

Biological Treatment of Surface and Groundwater for Selenium and Nitrate
T. Maniatis, D. J. Adams
p 749-764

A Computer-Based Model for Estimating Mine Drainage Treatment Costs
B. Means, B. McKenzie, T. Hilton
p 809

Case Studies

Dry Creek Abandoned Mine Land Restoration Demonstration Project: A Cooperative Effort
M. Stearns, T. Schmidt, T. Eagle, D. Turner
p 1216-1228

Surface Mining and Reclamation of Abandoned Underground Mines
N. M. Frisbee
p 269-278

Characterization and Design of the Old Dominion Remedial Action Plan
A. J. Hardy, N. R. Lindstrom, E. L. Bingham, W. A. Fuller, R. C. Krohn
p 329-352

Reclamation of the Block P Mill Site
J. E. Hunt, J. E. Carter, T. W. Skoglund
p 448-461

Assessment and Closure Design of the Glengarry Adit, New World Mining District, Cooke City, MT
M. B. Marks, H. Bogert, A. R. Kirk, M. Cormier
p 765-791

Phytostabilization Permanence Within Montana's Clark Fork River Basin Superfund Sites
F. F. Munshower, D. R. Neuman, S. R. Jennings
p 817-847

Bio-engineered StreamBank Stabilization Using Wetland Sod on the Teton River: A Case Study
K. M. Salsbury
p 1080-1085

Restoration of the Floodplain of the South Fork of the Coeur D'Alene River: A Case Study of Applied Restoration Theory
T. A. White, G. W. Rome, J. H. Rogers, B. K. Osterhaug, C. L. Grandinetti, J. Stoupa
p 1427-1450

Home on the Reclaimed Range - Can a Family Still Make a Living
R. S. Liedtke
p 617-639

Coal Bed Methane

Effects of Surface Irrigation Water Quality and Water Table Position on the Ability of Selected Plant Species to Produce Biomass, Crude Protein, and Remove Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium From Shallow Groundwater
S. D. Phelps
p 974-991

Utilization of Coal Bed Methane Produced Water at the North Antelope Rochelle Mine, Campbell County, Wyoming
P. A. Murphree
p 844-860


White Pine Growth and Yield on a Mined Site in Virginia: Response to Thinning and Pruning
J. A. Burger, W. E. Auch, R. G. Oderwald, M. Eisenbies
p 96-102

Second Year Survival of Commercial Hardwoods on Reclaimed Minesoils in West Virginia
J. Gorman, J. Skousen
p 279-291

Tree Survival on a Mountaintop Surface Mine in West Virginia
J. King, J. Skousen
p 563-574

Disturbed Forestland Revegetation Effectiveness Monitoring-Results of 30 Years
L. K. Holzworth, H. E. Hunter, S. R. Winslow
p 386-409

Soils and Overburden

Containment of Spilled Petroleum in Soil Using Activated Coal
T. E. Wilson, D. Misra, W. Zhou, A. Dandekar, N. D'Cunha
p 1517-1530

Mechanical and Hydrological Properties of Two Ohio Mined Soils Twenty-Five Years After Reclamation
M. K. Shukla, R. Lal, J. F. Underwood, M. H.Ebinger
p 1132-1150

Accumulation of Organic Carbon in Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine Soils of Wyoming
P. D. Stahl, J. D. Anderson, L. J. Ingram, G. E. Schuman, D. L. Mummey
p 1206-1215

Short-Term Microbial Respiration as an Indicator of Soil Quality for Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils of Northeastern Wyoming
L. J. Ingram, G. E. Schuman, P. D. Stahl, L. K. Spackman
p 462-473


Mitigating Cutthroat Trout Habitat Losses Using Constructed Spawning Beds in a Wyoming Spring Creek
K. M. Salsbury
p 1079

Breeding Bird Survey of Reclaimed and Native Woodlands in North Dakota
D. R. Kirby, D. J. Eisinger, D. J. Nilson
p 575-586

Use of Grassland Avian Communities to Monitor Reclamation Success on Surface Mine Lands
S. M. Rummel, F. J. Brenner
p 56-68

Habitat Modeling: Spatial Landscape Assessment at the Rigden Mine, Colorado
J. B. Burley
p 103-118

Lazy K Marsh: Four Years of Habitat Enhancement for Wetland-Dependent Wildlife at a Constructed Marsh in Teton Valley
J. M. Klausmann
p 587-601

Evaluation Tools and Statistics

Application of the Land Reclamation Evaluation System to Disturbed Lands at the Anaconda Smelter NPL Site
S. R. Jennings, R. B. Rennick, D. R. Neuman
p 532

Butte Reclamation Evaluation System(BRES)
P. S. Blicker, M. K. Reeves, D. T. Shanight, M. W. Hills, D. R. Neuman
p 18-33

Development of a Riparian Evaluation System(RIPES) for the Clark Fork River Superfund Site
P. L. Hansen, D. R. Neuman, S. R. Jennings, W. H. Thompson
p 325

Using Direct Environmental Ordination to Match Plant Species to Fluvial Riparian Sites - Part 1: Introduction and Methods
T. J. Keck, R. A. Prodgers
p 1016-1026

Using Direct Environmental Ordination to Match Plant Species to Fluvial Riparian Sites - Part 2: Results
R. A. Prodgers, T. J. Keck
p 1027-1039

Industrial Innovative Reclamation Practices Special Session

Postmining Water Resource Development - Dave Johnston Mine
C. Skilbred
p 1170-1171

From Dragline to Fishing Line - Developing a Wildlife Management Area and Fishery at a Large Surface Coal Mine in the Semiarid West
J. D. Friedlander
p 267-268

Reclamation of Porcupine Creek Riparian and Wetland Habitats
B. W. Hansen, P. Murphree
p 326-328

Weed Exclusion/Eradication Demonstration
J. Inkret, B. Jensen
p 473

Woodland Reclamation in North Dakota: A 20-Year Perspective
D. J. Nilson
p 915

Alternative Container Design for Sage Establishment
T. W. Meikle, D. T. Booth
p 810

Area A Highwall Final Reclamation Project
R. Montgomery
p 811-813

Mine and Tailings Reclamation at Bear Creek Uranium: A Success Story
E. Y. Scott
p 1111

Using Topsoil as a Microbial Inoculant
J. Inkret, B. Jensen, D. Richmond
p 474

Reclamation of a Sandstone and Clay Quarry With No Topsoil: Use of Filter Fines as Growth Medium
D. L. Buckner, L. Riedel
p 94

The Use of a Modified Snowcat for Steep Slope and Riparian Revegetation
T. C. Smith
p 1204

Heap Leach Pad Reclamation at the Goldstrike Mine, Nevada - A Unique Case Study(Interim Progress)
S. R. Viert, R. A. Espell
p 1349

Creating a Diverse and Erosionally Stable Habitat at La Plata Mine, Northwestern New Mexico
T. C. Ramsey, B. A. Buchanan, N. Bugosh
p 1040


Meaningful Measurement of Revegetation Diversity
R. A. Prodgers
p 1005-1015

Is There a Characteristic Flora of Appalachian pre-SMCRA Surface Mines?
G. L. Wade, R. L. Thompson
p 1381-1404

Thirty Years of Reclamation Research in the Alpine and Subalpine Regions in Alberta, Canada
T. M. Macyk
p 680-701

Lessons of Steep-Slope Revegetation from the Golden Sunlight Mine, Montana
R. A. Prodgers
p 992-1004

Initial Results of Native Species Establishment on Highway Corridors in West Virginia
J. Skousen, R. Fortney
p 1172-1185

Native Mycorrhizal Fungi With Aspen on Smelter-Impacted Sites in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Occurrence and Potential Use in Reclamation
C. L. Cripps
p 193-208

Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae on Native Plants Grown in Mine Tailings
O. S. Moynahan, S. R. Jennings, C. A. Zabinski
p 815

New Native Pre-Varietal Germplasm Releases for the Northern Great Plains and Intermountain Region
M. Majerus
p 733-748

Evaluation of Topsoil Depth Effects on Various Plant Parameters Within a Reclaimed Area in Northeastern Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler, G. F. Vance, R. Haroian
p 1086-1098

Rising Ecoregion Myths in Federal Revegetation Policy
R. Dunne
p 265-266


Contaminant Migration From Acidic-Metalliferous Tailings into an In-Situ Lime Amended Root Zone During a Seven Year Period
D. J. Dollhopf, J. D. Goering
p 254-265

Revegetation of Mine Tailings Through the Use of Biosolid Amendment
I. L. Pepper, S. A. Bengson, P. R. Rao, K. L. Josephson
p 961-974

Biosolids Remediation of a Base Metals Mining Site
M. D. Sprenger, H. Compton, A. Maxemchuk, S. Brown, M. Zimmerman
p 1205

Revegetation of Mining Waste Using Organic Soil Amendments and Evaluate the Potential for Creating Attractive Nuisances for Wildlife
D. Byrne-Kelly, J. Cornish, R. Gordon, I. Licis
p 119-147

Uptake of Arsenic By Native Plants Growing on Gold Tailings in Western Australian Rangelands
J. Costello, H. Lacy, Z. Rengel, D. Jasper, M. Quaghebeur
p 174-192

Selenium Availability and Uptake by Vegetation Growing in the Southeast Idaho Phosphate Mining Region
C. L. Mackowiak, M. C. Amacher
p 679

Bioavailability of Metals From Spent Heap Leach Ore: A Greenhouse Study
H. M. Hoven, R. E. Long
p 411-427

Soil and Vegetation Sampling of Irrigated Meadows in the Upper Arkansas River Valley
D. Wall, D. Hoff
p 1405-1406


Characterization of Natural Wetland Soils Receiving Acid Mine Drainage
K. M. Stephens, J. C. Sencindiver, J. G. Skousen
p 1240-1265

Mine Drainage Treatment Wetland Substrate Analysis
D. Athay, R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett
p 2-16

Water Quality Improvement and Biological Development in Mine Drainage Treatment Wetlands
R. W. Nairn, M. N. Mercer, C. M. Cogburn, D. Athay S. A. Lipe, V. B. Arvidson, M. Sprowls, K. A. Strevett
p 880-881

Ecological Development of Constructed Wetlands Built for Treating Mine Water at Tara Mines, Ireland
A. D. O'Sullivan, D. A. Murray, M. L. Otte
p 945-960

Native versus Active Revegetation on Abandoned Mine Lands in High Elevation Wetlands
L. J. Olsen, C. A. Zabinski
p 917

Subsidence Wetlands: An Assessment of Values
J. R. Nawrot, L. Kirk, E. Elliott-Smith
p 882-901

The Bunker Hill Hillsides: Site History and Planning for Early Successional Restoration on the Nation's Largest Superfund Site
T. A. White, D. L. Mengel, C. L. Grandinetti
p 1451-1471

Critical Unsaturated Soil Properties for Soil Covers
R. B. Valceschini, S. A. Morrow
p 1304-1327

The Need for Two-Dimensional Coupled Soil-Atmosphere Numerical Modeling for Mine Waste Cover System Design
D. Christensen, M. O'Kane
p 916

OSM Service Shares Technology Nationwide
L. Hamm, K. Bohnenstiehl, B. Clark, Jr.
p 311-324

Identification and Characterization of Mining Waste Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery, Cherokee County, Kansas
G. S. Vandeberg
p 1329-1347

Use of the New Mexico Mines Database in Reclamation Studies
V. T. McLemore, J. S. Raugust, G. K. Hoffman, M. Wilks, P. Johnson, C. B. Krueger, G. R. Jones
p 795-808


Use of Stable Isotopes to Examine Metal Attenuation and Release Processes in a Fluvial Tailings Deposit
K. S. Smith, J. F. Ranville, P. J. Lamothe, B. P. Jackson
p 1186-1203

ElectroChemical Remediation Technologies for Metals Remediation in Soil, Sediment and Ground Water, Presentation of Case Histories
W. A. McIlvride, F. Doering, N. Doering, D. G. Hill, J. Iovenitti
p 475-495

Trace-Metal Sources and Their Release From Mine Wastes: Examples From Humidity Cell Tests of Hard-Rock Mine Waste and From Warrior Basin Coal
S. F. Diehl, K. S. Smith, G. A. Desborough, W. W. White, III, K. A. Lapakko, M. B. Goldhaber, D. L.Fey
p 232-253

Recent Changes in the Geochemistry of the Reclaimed Porcupine Creek Alluvial Valley Floor, North Antelope/Rochelle Mine Campbell County, Wyoming
P. A. Murphree
p 861-879

Acid Sulfate Wetlands in the NSW Coast, Australia: Chemical Characteristics and Their Implications for Environmental Remediation
C. Lin
p 640-657

Coal Bed Methane Discharge Water Interaction With Stream Channel Sediment in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
M. Patz, K. J. Reddy, Q. D. Skinner
p 1041-1057

Success Standards and Bond Release

Mining Legacy Impacts on Bond Release
G. Passini, J. Stender
p 1239

Assessing the Feasibility of Developing Technical Standards to Evaluate Revegetation Success at Coal Mines in the Southern Powder River Basin of Wyoming
R. B. Vincent, R. N. Hoy
p 1350-1380

The Bunker Hill Hillsides: A Case Study in the Use of Adaptive Management in Early Successional Restoration on the Nation's Largest Superfund Site
T. A. White, C. L. Grandinetti, S. D. Miller, T. B. Hill, D. L. Mengel, S. M. Waechter
p 1472-1500

Reclamation and Bond Release at the Carbon No. 2 Mine in New Mexico: A Nationally Recognized Success
D. L. Clark, F. J. Mraz, D. M. Thomas
p 148-162

Lessons Learned in Montana - A Dispatch From the Front Lines
W. D. McCullough
p 792-793

Developmental Ecology - Ecosystem Ontogeny and Bond Release
D. L. Buckner
p 95

Diversity and Biodiversity

R. Vincent
p 1531-1532

Managing for Plant Diversity on Reclaimed Grasslands
D. R. Kirby
p 1533-1540

Quantifying Diversity in Mine Reclamation
R. A. Prodgers
p 1541

Diversity in the Reclamation of Surface Coal Mines in South Africa
N. F. G. Rethman
p 1542-1543

If Biodiversity is the Answer, What is the Question?
R. B. Shepard
p 1544-1554

Soil Microorganisms, Biodiversity, and Mineland Reclamation
P. D. Stahl
p 1555

Diversity and Reclamation: Some Ecological Constraints
R. W. Tierney
p 1556

Diversity and Biodiversity: The Difference
G. L. Wade
p 1557-1576

Designing for Biodiversity: Data, Regulation, and Lore
S. Wessman
p 1577-1585

The Roles of Biotic and Abiotic Diversity in Establishing Ecosystem Integrity on Reclaimed Minelands, and Strategies for Their Enhancement
K. Winterhalder
p 1586-1598