19th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 9-13, 2002, Lexington, Kentucky

Table of Contents

ITRC-What Does it Mean to Me?
P. Eger, R. Mueller
p 1-9

Sampling Strategies for TMDL of AMD-affected Streams
B. A. Dempsey, B. Paksuchon, R. Suhataikul, J. Dietz
p 10-26

A Preliminary Stream Assessment for Watershed Restoration
S. Alexander, S. L. Busler, C. Denholm, T. Danehy, M. Dunn
p 27-40

The Use of Multiple and Synergistic Reclamation Technologies to Improve Water Quality From Kyanite Mine Tailings
G. Geidel, F. T. Caruccio
p 41-57

Ecological Recovery of the River Pelenna (South Wales) Following Passive Treatment of Abandoned Mine Drainage
I. M. Wiseman, P. J. Edwards, G. P. Rutt
p 58-83

Mill Run: Recovery of a Small Stream in Western Maryland using Limestone Sand Application and Pulse Limestone Bed Technology
J. E. Mills, C. Lyons
p 84-98

Effects of Biosolids Application on Ground Water Nitrate-N Levels in Sand and Gravel Mine Reclamation in Virginia
W. L. Daniels, S. Nagle, G. R. Whittecar, G. Evanylo
p 99-114

Reclamation on Land Disturbed by Surface Mining in Romania
E. Dumitru, A. Popescu
p 115-129

Long-term Plant Community Responses to Topsoil Replacement Depth on Reclaimed Mined Land
C. K. Bowen, R. A. Olson, G. E. Schuman, L. J. Ingram
p 130-140

Evaluation of Seleniferous Plants and Soils within Disturbed & Native Lands
C. P. Skinner-Martin, G. F. Vance
p 141-162

Native Shrub Establishment in Colorado
S. L. Brown, M. W. Paschke
p 163-177

Aquatic Plant Establishment on Nickel Tailings Five Years after Flooding
F. Wilkinson, P. J. Beckett
p 178-189

Effects of Nickel Mining Activities on Water Quality
C. Muzenda, I. Pumure
p 190-193

Plant Growth and Soil Metal Concentrations A Spatial Effects Model
D. R. Neuman, S. R. Jennings, M. K. Reeves
p 194-211

Initial Survival of Commercial Hardwoods on Reclaimed Minesoils in West Virginia
J. Gorman, J. Skousen, J. King
p 212-225

Field Assessment of Mine Site Quality for Establishing Hardwoods in the Appalachians
J. A. Burger, D. O. Mitchem, D. A. Scott
p 226-240

Reclaiming Wildlife Habitat at the Buckskin Mine
S. A. Benson
p 241-258

The Use of Airborne Magnetic and EM Conductivity Surveys to Locate Groundwater Flow Paths at the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Superfund Site
R. W. Hammack, G. A. Veloski, J. I. Sams III, J. S. Mabie
p 259-274

Water Treatment Issues and Biotreatment Solutions for the Landusky Mine, Montana Spent Ore Heap Leach Pads
D. J. Adams, T. Pickett
p 275-308

Effects of Nickel Mining Activities on Water Quality
C. Muzenda, I. Pumure
p 290-309

Physical Limnology and Geochemistry of Two Circum-neutral pH Mine Pit Lakes in NE Washington
R. T. Lentz
p 309-324

Surface Mine Pool Reclamation with Direct Ash Placement
C. M. Loop, B. E. Scheetz, W. B. White
p 325-343

An Evolution of Reclamation Approaches Through the Life of a southern Ontario Gravel Pit
K. D. Trimble, M. Seibert
p 344-360

Abandoned Land Reclamation Planning in Coastal Area in North-East of China
S. Zhao, Z. Hu, Y. Bi, Y. Zhao
p 361-385

A Subsidence Engineering Investigation at the Wildlife Prairie Park
G. G. Marino
p 386-410

Stability Monitoring of a Coal Mining Excess Spoil Fill
X. Zeng, R. A. Rohlf, B. Hippley, J. D. Reynolds
p 411-421

Preliminary Vegetative Analyses of Mine Drainage Impacted Marshes
J. Brumley, R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett
p 422-428

North American Bats and Mines Project: A Cooperative Interagency Approach to Bat Conservation Through Mine Land Reclamation
F. A. Watkins
p 429-437

Use of Reclaimed Mine Land by Disturbance-Oriented Avian Species: Implications for Conservation and Management
A. C. Kasner, R. D. Slack
p 438-448

Re-Creating Woodland and Heathland on Slate Waste in Wales
J. C. Williamson, E. C. Rowe, J. R. Healey, D. L. Jones, P. J. Holliman, M. A. Nason
p 449-458

A Preliminary Model to Predict Rainfall Use Efficiency of Pastures on Open-cut Coal Mines in Central Queensland, Australia
S. A. Bisrat, B. F. Mullen, A. H. Grigg
p 459-471

Characterization of an Acid Mine Drainage Site in Southern Illinois
P. A. Smith
p 472-486

Heterogeneous Oxidation of Ferrous Iron for Treatment of Mine Drainage
B. A. Dempsey, J. Dietz, B. Jeon, H. C. Roscoe, R. Ames
p 487-495

Innovative Treatment of Alkaline Mine Drainage Using Recirculated Iron Oxides in a Complete Mix Reactor
J. M. Dietz, B. A. Dempsey
p 496-516

Recovery of Marketable Iron Oxide From Mine Drainage
R. S. Hedin
p 517-526

Use of Steel Slag Leach Beds for the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage: The McCarty Highwall Project
J. Simmons, P. Ziemkiewicz, D. C. Black
p 527-538

Recirculating - Reducing and Alkalinity Producing System (RERAPS) for the Treatment of Acidic Coal Pile Runoff
W. E. Garrett, Jr., A. A. Bartolucci, R. R. Pitt, M. E. Vermace
p 539-557

Spatial-temporal Variation of Reclaimed Soils Filled with Fly Ash
Z. Hu, Y. Bi, J. Si, X. Xu, X. Yue, B. Zhang
p 558-567

Alkaline Industrial By-product Effects on Plant Growth in Acidic-Contaminated Soil Systems
D. J. Dollhopf, J. T. Mehlenbacher
p 568-581

A Method for Evaluating the Risk of Backfilling Coal Mines with Coal Combustion Byproducts and Steel Slag
P. F. Ziemkiewicz, J. S. Simmons
p 582-601

Monitoring of Cover and Watershed Performance for Soil Covers Placed Over Saline-Sodic Shale Overburden from Oilsands Mining
D. E. Meier, S. L. Barbour
p 602-621

Modeling of Water Movement Within Reclamation Covers on Oilsands Mining Overburden Piles
R. E. Shurniak, S. L. Barbour
p 622-644

Evaluation of Sulfide Materials in Virginia Highway Corridors
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels, L. E. Dias
p 645-673

Flora of the Fonde Surface Mine Demonstration Area, Bell County, Kentucky
G. L. Wade, R. L. Thompson
p 674-701

Invasive Species - An Emerging Issue for Mining and Reclamation
J. S. Boyce
p 702-707

Litter Decomposition on Directly Revegetated Tailings at the Kidston Gold Mine, North Queensland, Australia
A. H. Grigg
p 708-722

Acid Rock Drainage in a Vertical Flow Wetland I: Acidity Neutralization and Alkalinity Generation
R. C. Thomas, C. S. Romanek
p 723-751

Passive Treatment of Low-pH, Ferric Iron-Dominated Acid Rock Drainage in a Vertical Flow Wetland II: Metal Removal
R. C. Thomas, C. S. Romanek
p 752-775

Case Studies of Passive Treatment Systems: Vertical Flow Systems
A. W. Rose, J. M. Dietz
p 776-797

The Use of Wetlands to Remove Nickel from Mine Drainage - Is Perpetual Treatment Really Possible?
P. Eger, J. Wagner
p 798-817

Efficiency of a Scale Model Vertical Flow and Aerobic Wetland System in Treating Acid Mine Drainage
F. J. Brenner, K. D. Kosick, S. Busler, C. A. Gardner, C. Tippie
p 818-829

Improvement of Water Quality by Land Reclamation and Passive Systems at an Eastern U.S. Copper Mine
B. B. Faulkner, F. K. Miller
p 830-841

Mined Land Reclamation in the Northern Great Plains: Have We Been Successful?
G. E. Schuman
p 842-865

Linking Research and Regulatory Policy to Enable Advances in Reclamation Practice
C. E. Zipper, B. C. Lambert, J. A. Burger, W. L. Daniels
p 866-878

A Brief Overview of Control and Treatment Technologies for Acid Mine Drainage
J. G. Skousen
p 879-899

Reclamation of Prime Agricultural Lands After Coal Surface Mining: The Midwestern Experience
R. G. Darmody, R. E. Dunker, R. I. Barnhisel
p 900-915

Vertical Flow Pond Piping System Design Considerations
T. P. Danehy, T. Hilton, G. R. Watzlaf, F. Johnson, S. L. Busler, C. F. Denholm, M. H. Dunn
p 916-934

A New Millennium of Passive Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage: Advances in Design and Construction Since 1988
J. J. Gusek, T. R. Wildeman
p 935-951

Remediation of the Tar Creek Superfund Site: An Update
R. W. Nairn
p 952-960

Long Term Land Use Planning for Drastically Disturbed Land
T. J. Nieman, Z. Merkin
p 961-971

The EPA Rocky Mountain Regional Hazardous Substance Research Center
T. R. Wildeman, D. L. Macalady, C. D. Shackelford, S. L. Woods
p 972-991

Twenty-Plus Years After SMCRA: Reflecting On The Results
V. R. Pfannenstiel, G. W. Wendt
p 992-1018

Establishment of a Vegetative Cover to Control Acidic Drainage from Coal Combustion Waste
C. D. Barton, D. Marx, D. C. Adriano, H. Bartley
p 1019-1020

Rehabilitation of the Old Bevier Passive Treatment Wetland, Macon County, Missouri
P. T. Behum, Jr., K. Kim, K. W. Garnett, L. Meier, A. Glascock, B. Hicks, M. Mueller, M. Phillips
p 1021-1045

Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Maize in Different Depths of Soil Overlying Coal Ash
Y. Bi, Z. Hu, X. Li, P. Christie
p 1046-1047

Visual Demonstration of Water Distribution Patterns in Vertical Flow Systems
S. Busler, C. Cooper, T. Danehy, D. Peart, M. Dunn
p 1048

Soil Water Percolation and Erosion on Uncompacted Surface Mine Soil in Eastern Kentucky
E. J. Byrd, R. K. Kolka, R. C. Warner, J. M. Ringe
p 1049-1058

Restoration and Monitoring of Aquatic Quality in a Coal-mined Watershed, Swatara Creek at Ravine, Pennsylvania
C. A. Cravotta III, M. D. Bilger, R. A. Brightbill, D. Bogar
p 1059-1061

New Method to Estimate Size and Longevity of Anoxic Limestone Drains
C. A. Cravotta III
p 1062-1064

Multi-Component Passive Treatment System: A Case Study
T. Danehy, S. Busler, T. Hilton, F. Johnson, R. Hedin, C. Denholm, M. Dunn
p 1065

Socioeconomic Analyses to Prioritize Restoration of Streams Impacted by Mine Drainage
K. L. Hoover, T. A. Rightnour, R. P. Brooks, J. S. Shortle
p 1066

Fabricated Soils for Landscape Restoration
V. I. Kefeli
p 1067

Problems in Acidity and Alkalinity Measurements in Mine Drainage
C. S. Kirby
p 1068-1100

Effects of Iron Solids and Bacteria on Iron Oxidation Rates in Mine Drainage
C. S. Kirby, P. G. Kostak, Jr.
p 1101-1132

Iron Oxide in Net Alkaline CO2-Rich Mine Waters
R. W. Nairn, A. D. O'Sullivan, J. Coffey
p 1133-1136

Linking Forest Production and Soil Carbon Accumulation on Surface Mine Lands: A Literature Review
C. C. Rhoades, R. K. Kolka
p 1137

Assessment of Risk of Adverse Effects of Cattle Exposure to Selenium on Southwestern Coal Mines
D. E. Romig, J. W. Kern, R. E. Remington
p 1138-1156

Influence of Variable Topsoil Replacement Depths on Soil and Plant Characteristics at A Coal Mine in Northeastern Wyoming
B. K. Schladweiler, G. F. Vance, R. Haroian
p 1157

Soil Development in Two Ohio Minesoils Under Continuous Grass Cover for Twenty-five Years Following Reclamation
J. F. Underwood, N. E. Smeck
p 1158-1172

Undergraduate Minor and Graduate Certificate Programs in Reclamation and Restoration Ecology
G. F. Vance
p 1173-1182

A Case Study in Hydrology, Geology, Chemistry and History: The Construction of I-80 and the Genesis of Mine Drainage to Jonathan Run
K. R. Weaver
p 1183

Soil Ecological Indicators of Surface Mineland Reclamation Success
J. D. Anderson, P. Stahl
p 1184

Geochemical Modeling of Deep Coal Mine Discharge: Irwin Syncline, Pennsylvania, USA
E. M. Bryant, W. R. Winters, R. C. Capo
p 1185

Water Quality and Hydrology of a Natural Wetland Receiving Mine Drainage: Is it Biogeochemistry or Dilution?
J. Coffey, K. Wahnee, K. Swanson, R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett
p 1186

Reclamation Technique Affects Tree Root Development on Reclaimed Surface Mined Lands
P. W. Conrad, R. J. Sweigard, V. Badaker, D. H. Graves, J. M. Ringe
p 1187-1188

Longitudinal Study of Four Successive Alkalinity Producing Systems in Western Pennsylvania
B. P. George, T. O. Morrow
p 1189

Strontium Isotopes Ratios as Tracers of Water Movement in a Grouted Mine
B. Hamel, A. G. Kim, B. W. Stewart
p 1190-1191

Development and Evaluation of Sequential Extraction Procedures for Iron-Rich Precipitates Associated with Coal Mine Drainage
C. L. Kairies, R. C. Capo, G. R. Watzlaf
p 1192

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment via Alkaline Injection Technology
G. A. Canty, J. W. Everett
p 1193-1199

A Deterministic Model for Predicting Alkalinity from Limestone for Design of AMD Passive Treatment Systems
J. M. Dietz, B. A. Dempsey
p 1200

Preliminary Analysis of Spoil Settlement at a Mountain-Top-Removal Coal Mine: Star Fire Tract, Eastern Kentucky Coal Field
J. S. Dinger, R. E. Andrews, D. R. Wunsch, C. D. R. Graham, R. J. Sweigard, P. W. Conrad
p 1201-1205

Iron Oxidation in Semi-Passive Treatment Systems
K. T. Schroeder, G. R. Watzlaf, T. E. Ackman
p 1206