18th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, June 3-7, 2001, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Table of Contents

Biodiversity Special Section

Testing Native Grasses for Survival and Growth in Low pH Mine Overburden
D. R. Dreesen, J. T. Harrington, A. M. Wagner, L. Murray, P. Sun
p 2-17

Creative Diverse Wildlife Habitat at La Plata Mine, Northwestern New Mexico, A Case Study: Part 2. Soils and Vegetation
B. D. Musslewhite, B. A. Buchanan, T. C. Ramsey, J. S. Hamilton, J. Luther
p 18-25

Creating Diverse Wildlife Habitat at La Plata Mine, Northwestern New Mexico, A Case Study: Part I. Landscape Design
T. C. Ramsey, J. S. Hamilton, B. D. Musslewhite, B. A. Buchanan, V. Abiad
p 26-30

Influence of Provenance on Ribes Cereum and Symphoricarpos Oreophilus Seed Germination in New Mexico Seed Sources
L. Rosner, J. T. Harrington, D. R.Dreesen, L. Murray
p 31-38

Establishing Wyoming Big Sagebrush on Mined Lands in Wyoming
G. E. Schuman, L. E. Vicklund, S. E. Belden
p 39-47

Ecology Technical Session

Palmer Drought Indices as Indicators of Long Term Stability and Permanence of Surface Coal Mine Reclamation
D. Bickel
p 49-59

Post-mining Land-use Planning and Design: a Multiplicity of Choices and Options
J. B. Burley
p 60-64

Stabilization of the Mean as a Demonstration of Sample Adequacy
D. L. Clark
p 65-69

Ecological Assessment of Surface Reclamation of a Hardrock Mine in Wisconsin when Compared to Other Standards of Success
T. C. Hunt, J. Broughton, W. Joseph
p 70-76

The Installation, Establishment, and Maintenance of the Rountree Prairie The University of Wisconsin-Platteville
T. C. Hunt, K. A. Ratigan
p 77-84

Coal Basin Mine Reclamation Case Study
S. G. Renner
p 85-95

Forestry and Wildlife Technical Session

Saline Pre-Treatment of Jack Pine Seedlings for Planting on Reclamation Sites Impacted by Saline Tailings
J. A. Franklin, J. J. Zwiazek
p 97-102

Forest Productivity and Minesoil Development Under a White Pine Plantation Versus Natural Vegetation After 30 Years
J. Gorman, J. Skousen, J. Sencindiver, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 103-111

Results of Species Trials on Low pH Overburden materials for Mine Land Reclamation
J. T. Harrington, D. R. Dreesen, A. M. Wagner, L. Murray, P. Sun
p 112-120

Forest and Site Productivity on Pre-SMCRA Mined Land
J. A. Rodrigue, J. A. Burger
p 121-132

Geotechnical Technical Session

Siting of a Federal Prison Facility on a Reclaimed Strip Mine in Eastern Kentucky - A Case Study
D. Hintz, J. Pinnix, L. Ragozzino
p 134-141

Extreme Impact of Underground Mining on Linear Transportation Structures
C. Klosek
p 142-150

Mine Subsidence Investigations in Hillslope/Landfill Areas
J. W. Mahar, D. A. Berner
p 151-158

Long-Term Floor Stability of an Indiana Coal Mine
G. G. Marino
p 159-172

Hydrology Technical Session

Water Quality Improvements Over Time and Longevity of Acid Mine Discharges from Underground Mines in Northern West Virginia
J. Demchak, J. Skousen, L. McDonald
p 174-182

Scatterscore Method to Evaluate Changes in Water Quality
A. G. Kim, C. Cardone
p 183-194

Infiltration Test Plot Study for Mine Rock Piles at Questa Mine, New Mexico
C. Wels, M. O'Kane, S. Fortin, D. Christensen
p 195-209

Overview of Coal-Bed Methane Development and a Discussion of Montana Impacts
J. R. Wheaton, J. L. Olson
p 210-218

Land Use Technical Session

Visualizing the Future: Surface Mining
J. C. Ellsworth
p 220-222

SMCRA Bond Release - The Initial Steps at San Juan Mine
O. Estrada, D. Clark
p 223-231

Reclamation Revisited: Minas Gerais, Brazil
T. J. Toy, J. J. Griffith
p 232-237

Poster Presentations

Evaluation Techniques for Establishing a Vegetative Cover on an Acidic Reject Coal Basin
C. D. Barton, D. C. Adriano, F. Seay
p 239

Evaluating Mine Water Treatment Choices (EMWATCH)
M. M. E. Brown, R. W. Barley, H. Wood, K. Parker
p 240

Soil Ordination: Implications for Post-Mining Disturbance Land-Uses
J. B. Burley, D. Gray
p 241-245

Base Metal and Trace Element Concentrations in Stream Sediments Along the Pecos River, From the Southern Pecos Wilderness to Brantley Dam, North of Carlsbad, Eastern New Mexico
E. A. Carey, L. A. Brandvold, V. T. McLemore
p 246-254

Influence of Pisolithus Tinctorius Inoculation on Greenhouse Growth and First Year Transplant Survival of Conifer Seedlings
J. T. Harrington, A. M. Wagner, D. R. Dreesen
p 255-264

The Influence of Seed Source and Stock Size on First-Year Performance of Direct Transplanted Conifer Seedlings
J. T. Harrington, D. R Dreesen, A. M. Wagner, L. Murray, P. Sun
p 265-270

Conceptual Regrading Using Three-Dimensional GIS to Evaluate Mine Reclamation
D. L. Jordan
p 271-277

Characterization and Resource Recovery Potential of Precipitates Associated with Abandoned Coal Mine Drainage
C. L. Kairies, G. R. Watzlaf, R. S. Hedin, R. C. Capo
p 278-279

Reclamation of the Retsof Mine and Affected Areas
H. G. Klugh
p 280-286

The Assessment of a Phosphogypsum Stack in Texas
P. McGuire, S. duPont, K. Rubsam
p 287-288

Weathering Characteristics of Spoil Materials at La Plata Mine, Northwestern New Mexico. An Eight Year Study
B. D. Musslewhite, T. H. Brown, B. A. Buchanan, T. C. Ramsey
p 289

Restoring Wetland Form and Function to Everglades Borrow Pits
M. R. Norland
p 290-291

Bioremediation of Alkaline Mine Effluent Using Treatment Wetlands
A. D. O'Sullivan, D. A. Murray, M. L. Otte
p 292-293

Characterization of Petroleum Contaminated Soils in Wyoming
J. W. Peel, K. J. Reddy, P. D. Stahl, J. D. Rodgers
p 294-295

Modified NP Testing for Lignite Overburden Samples in Texas
E. B. Porter, L. R. Hossner
p 296-297

Potential for Phytoremediation of Iron Cyanides Using Willow
M. K. Reeves, L. Weinstein, J. Laurence, P. King
p 298-299

Soil-Geology Selenium Relationships in Disturbed and Native Ecosystems
C. P. Skinner, G. F. Vance
p 300-316

Microbial Indicators of Minesoil Quality in Southern West Virginia
K. M. Stephens, A. J. Sexstone, J. C. Sencindiver, J. G. Skousen, K. A. Thomas
p 317-325

Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) with a Limestone Buffered Organic Substrate (LBOS) in a Vertical Flow Constructed Treatment Wetland
R. C. Thomas, C. S. Romanek
p 326-327

Wyoming Reclamation Ecology Center: A New Research, Education and Outreach Initiative
G. F. Vance
p 328

Creation of Hydric Soils, Wetlands, and Amphibian Habitat Through Controlled Mine Subsidence: Early Results
S. M. Wiesbrook, B. Wilm, J. Petzing
p 329-330

Rehabilitation and Reclamation Special Session

Reclaiming Sodic Soils Following Saltcedar Removal on the Pueblo of Santa Ana, New Mexico
T. R. Caplan, B. D. Musslewhite, B. A. Buchanan, J. M.H. Hendrickx
p 332-344

Revegetation of a Petroleum Contaminated Site on New Mexico State Trust Land in the Permian Basin
M. Matush, D. Coss
p 345-347

Wetland Enhancement and Creation on Reclaimed Abandoned Mined Lands in Northeast Wyoming
M. C. McKinstry, T. C. Richmond, S. H. Anderson
p 348-355

Rehabilitation of a Storm Water Retention Basin and Pump Station
R. K. Will
p 356-363

Saline/Sodic Special Session

Sodicity: A Reassessment of the Influence of Sodic/Saline Conditions on Mine Land Reclamation
T. H. Brown, B. D. Musslewhite, B. A. Buchanan
p 365-371

Soils and Overburden Technical Session

Modify Root-Zone Spoil Sampling Methods Using Vertical and Horizontal Composite Sampling Techniques
C. K. Applegate, B. A. Buchanan, R. Postle
p 373-378

Threshold Limits for Selenium in the Coal Mining Areas of New Mexico
T. H. Brown, L. R. Woomer, B. D. Musslewhite, T. C. Ramsey
p 379-390

The Study of Mine Rock Erosion Using Simulated Rainfall at Questa Mine, New Mexico
D. Christensen, M. J. Reeves, S. Fortin
p 391-398

Effects of Biosolids Loading Rate and Sawdust Additions on Row Crop Yield and Nitrate Leaching Potentials in Virginia Sand and Gravel Mine Reclamation
W. L. Daniels, G. K. Evanylo, S. M. Nagle, J. M. Schmidt
p 399-406

Contaminant Migration from Acidic-Metalliferous Tailings into an Earthen Cover During a 26 Year Time Period
D. J. Dollhopf
p 407-413

Spoil Quality and Herbaceous Yield Relationships on Silty Reclaimed Grasslands
D. R. Kirby, K. D. Krabbenhoft, D. J. Nilson
p 414-417

Classification of Minesoils: Some Radical Proposals
A. Kosse
p 418-424

Plant Responses on Soils Ameliorated with Waste Products
N. F. G. Rethman, W. F. Truter
p 425-428

Determining Optimal Sawdust/Biosolids Mixtures to Manage Nitrate Leaching in Reclaimed Disturbed Soils
J. M. Schmidt, W. L. Daniels, R. S. Li, D. McFaden
p 429-436

The Use of Acid-Base Accounting to Predict Post-mining Drainage Quality on West Virginia Surface Mines
J. Skousen, J. Simmons, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 437-447

Chemical Properties of Minesoils on a Mountaintop Removal Mine in Southern West Virginia
K. A. Thomas, J. C. Sencindiver, J. G. Skousen, J. M. Gorman
p 448-456

Tailings Technical Session

Reclaiming Course Taconite Tailings - Are Organic Amendments the Answer?
P. Eger, A. Johnson, G. Melchert
p 458-471

Reclamation of U.S. Uranium Mills - Extraordinary Requirements, Extreme Costs
A. K. Kuhn
p 472-478

Tailing Reclamation = Oasis = Closure
S. G. Shetron, G. J. Goodman
p 479-491

Reclamation of Copper Mine Tailings Using Biosolids and Green Waste
T. L. Thompson, M. Wald-Hopkins, S. A. White
p 492-499

Assessment of Water Storage Cover for Questa Tailings Facility, New Mexico
C. Wels, M. O'Kane, S. Fortin
p 500-513

Aquatic Plant Establishment on Water-Covered Nickel Tailings
F. Wilkinson, P. J. Beckett, P. St-Germain
p 514-522

Wetlands Technical Session

Biotic and Abiotic Iron Oxidation Kinetics in Net Alkaline Mine Drainage
D. Athay, R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett
p 524-528

An Evaluation of Biotic Integrity Associated with Coal Mine Reclamation in the Dry Creek Drainage Basin, Tennessee
A. M. Brookens, P. J. DeAngelo, M. W. Stearns
p 529-541

Sulfate Reduction - Decreases in Substrate Reactivity and the Implication for Long-Term Treatment
P. Eger, J. Wagner
p 542-557

Constructed Wetland Research for the Treatment of the Plant Gorgas Coal Pile Runoff
W. E. Garrett, Jr., A. A. Bartolucci, M. E. Vermace
p 558-568

Influence of Ammoniacal-N on Wetland Plant Species
T. W. Meikle, W. J. Waugh
p 569-578

Remediation Challenges and Opportunities at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma
R. W. Nairn, B. C. Griffin, J. D. Strong, E. L. Hatley
p 579-584

Remediation Properties of Materials to Treat Acid Mine Drainage Water at a Gold Mine Operation in Brazil
A. P. Pinto, T. R. Wildeman, J. J. Gusek
p 585-591

Case Study of Pot Ridge Passive Treatment Systems, Cambria County Pennsylvania
A. W. Rose, G. S. Alcorn, L. B. Phelps, P. R. Bower
p 592-603

Evaluating Successes in Passive Treatment at Sequatchie Valley Coal Corporation in East Central Tennessee
T. W. Schmidt, M. W. Steams
p 604-610

Passive, Periodic Flushing Technology for Mine Drainage Treatment Systems
B. J. Vinci, T. W. Schmidt
p 611-625

Modeling of Iron Oxidation in a Passive Treatment System
G. R. Watzlaf, K. T. Schroeder, C. L. Kairies
p 626-638