16th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, August 13-19, 1999, Scottsdale, Arizona

Table of Contents

2nd Annual Western Region Ash Group(WRAG) Forum - Coal Combustion Products(CCP) Utilization in Mining Applications Special Session

Coal Combustion Product(CCP) Production, Use and Variability
B. R. Stewart
p 2-16

Current Practices and Issues for Placement of Coal Combustion By-Products in Mine Settings
D. J. Hassett, D. J. Daly, D. F. Pflughoeft-Hassett
p 17-24

U.S. Department of Energy Projects Involving the Use of Coal Combustion By-Products in Mining Applications
W. W. Aljoe, S. Renninger
p 25-37

The USDI Office of Surface Mining Initiatives Related to Coal Combustion Products(CCPs) and By-Products(CCBs)
K. C. Vories
p 38-42

Acid Mine Drainage
J. Schueck
p NA

Alternate Placement Strategies for Fly Ash
R. Jorgenson
p NA

CCPs in Road Stabilization
P. Shields
p NA

Underground Mine Filling for Subsidence Control
K. Simon
p NA

Coal Ash Use in Hard Rock Mining
B. Cook
p NA

General Technical Session

The Changing Face of Mining in Arizona
J. D. McBride
p 44-49

National Association of State Land Reclamationists History and Mission
D. R. Spindler
p 50-51

Field XRF Analysis of Arsenic and Lead in Soils at a Former Smelter Facility
C. M. Wallis, M. T. Walker
p 52-59

Environmental Permitting Strategies for the Twenty-First Century
B. Munson, C. M. Wallis
p 60-65

Early Grass Seedling Growth Stage Improves Explanation of Future Stand Success
R. E. Ries
p 66-71

Standard Criteria and Methods to Assess the Reclamation of Native Vegetation on Mined Land
R. N. Humphries, P. R. Benyon
p 72-80

An Analysis of Manganese as an Indicator for Heavy Metal Removal in Passive Treatment Using Laboratory Spent Mushroom Compost Columns
B. A. Jacobson, R. F Unz, B. A. Dempsey
p 81-90

Environmental Management Considerations and Rehabilitation at a Saline Minesite in Arid Western Australia
M. C. Beavis, K. E. Lindbeck
p 91-98

Mountaintop Removal Mining: One Coal Company's Response to the Public Debate
L. D. Emerson
p 99-102

Coal Closure and Minesite Rehabilitation at an Open-Pit Copper Mine on Vancouver Island
E. C. Schwamberger
p NA

The Use of Geographical Information System(GIS) Technology in Surface Mine Reclamation Monitoring
C. Dixon
p 103-110

The Reaction of Acid Mine Drainage With Fly Ash from Coal Combustion
A. G. Kim
p 111-117

Developing Pipeline Reclamation Standards in Alberta(Canada)
A. W. Fedkenheuer, J. D. Burke
p 118

Tailing Technical Session

High Altitude Mine Waste Remediation - Implementation of the Idarado Remedial Action Plan
A. J. Hardy, J. V. Redmond, R. A. River, C. S. Davis
p 120-131

Waste for Wastelands - Reclaiming Taconite Tailings Basins with Organic Amendments
P. Eger, G. Melchert, S. Dewar
p 132-145

Reclamation of Prime Farmland Following Mineral Sands Mining in Virginia
W. L. Daniels, P. D. Schroeder, S. M. Nagle, L. W. Zelazny, M. M. Alley
p 146-156

Construction and Preliminary Evaluation of Copper Tailings Reclamation Miami Mining Corporation
G. Chammas, D. R. McCaulou, G. L. Jones
p 157-164

Application and Adaptive Approaches to Revegetation of Historic High Altitude Mining Wastes
M. W. Bellitto, H. T. Williams, J. N. Ward
p 165-174

Vegetation Success, Seepage and Erosion on Tailings Sites Reclaimed with Cattle and Biosolids
J. Vinson, B. Jones, M. Milczarek, D. Hammermeister, J. Word
p 175-183

Tailings Basin Reclamation Atlantic City Iron Mine, Wyoming
J. J. Gusek, T. C. Richmond
p 184-191

Conversion of a Tailing Impoundment to a Freshwater Reservoir, Project, Climax Mine, Colorado
B. R. Romig, J. L. Cupp, R. C. Ford
p 192-197

Reclamation of Kyanite Mine Tailings with Surface Reconfiguration
G. Geidel, F. T. Caruccio, E. R. Dotson
p 198-207

Soils and Overburden Technical Session

Is It Topsoil or Overburden. Case Study of a Small Mine in Wyoming
G. F. Vance, L. K. Spackman
p 209-224

Dynamics and Characterization of Soil Organic Matter in Mine Soils Sixteen Years After with Native Soil, Sawdust and Sludge
E. S. Bendfeldt, J. A. Burger, W. L. Daniels, C. M. Feldhake
p 225-235

A Concise Method for Mine Soil Analysis
S. Winkler, T. Wildeman, R. Robinson, J. Herron
p 236-244

Changes in Minesoil Physical Properties over a 9- Year Period
J. M. Gorman, J. C. Sencindiver
p 245-253

A Comparison of Vegetative Development on Coarse Coal Reject and Replaced Topsoil on an Open- Coal Mine in Central Queensland, Australia
D. R. Mulligan, A. H. Grigg, D. Bowen. M. S. Orr, L. C. Bell
p 254-261

The Role of a Fertilizer Trial in Reconciling Agricultural Expectations and Landscape Ecology Requirements on an Opencast Coal Site in South Wales United Kingdom
C. E. L. Humphries, R. N. Humphries, H. Wesemann
p 262-272

Evaluation of Reclaimed Abandoned Bentonite Mine Lands
K. D. Edinger, G. E. Schuman, G. F. Vance
p 273-286

Waste Rock Revegetation: Evaluation of Nutrient and Biological Amendments
T. W. Meikle, S. Lu, J. P. Barta
p 287-291

Reclamation of Waste Rock Material at the Summitville Mine Superfund Site Using Organic Matter and Topsoil Treatments
M. E. Winter, E. F. Redente
p 292-298

Pyrite Shale Integration into Waste Rock Management, Mt. Whaleback
M. O'Kane, D. Porterfield, A. Wier
p 299-306

Establishment of Vegetation on Mined sites by Management of Mycorrhizae
L. F. Marrs, D. H. Marx, C. E. Cordell
p 307-315

Initial Growth of Leguminous Trees and Shrubs in a Cut Gold Mined Area in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
L. E. Dias, E. F. C. Campello, E. S. Riberio, Jr., J. W. V. Mello
p 316-321

Mineland reclamation and Organic Carbon Sequestration in Ohio
V. A. Akala, R. Lal
p 322-331

Forestry and Wildlife Technical Session

OSM's Reforestation Initiative
J. S. Boyce
p 333-338

Woody Vegetation and Succession on the Fonde Surface Mine Demonstration Area, Bell County Kentucky
G. L. Wade, R. L. Thompson
p 339-351

Spatial Variation in Spoil and Vegetative Characteristics of Pastures on Reclaimed Surface Mined Land
C. D. Teutsch, M. Collins, D. C. Ditsch
p 352-364

Considering Wildlife at the Landscape Level in Mine Planning and Restoration
C. W. Johnson
p NA

Geotechnical Engineering Technical Session

Pressurized Grout Remote Backfil1ing at AML Sites Near Beulah and Zap, North Dakota
E. J. Weiner, W. E. Dodd
p 366-380

Closure Plan Evaluation for Risk of Acid Rock Drainage
D. L. Dwire, A. J. Krause, L. J. Russell
p 381-392

Rock Slope Stability Analysis of the Seven-Cataracts Vista Road Cut of the Mt. Lemon Highway, Tucson, Arizona
P. H. S. W. Kulatilake, J. Um, G. Crum, G. Irvine
p 393-407

Abandoned Deep Mine Subsidence Investigation and Remedial Design, Interstate- 70, Guemsey County, Ohio
A. G. Hoffmann, D. M. Clark, T. D. Bechtel
p 408-422

Stability of Reclaimed Ore Heaps with Geomembrane Lining Systems
M. R. Twede
p 423-430

Foundation Construction in Abandoned Quarries
N. Massoudi
p 431-434

Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing the Long-Term Stability of Covers on Waste Rock Piles in the Uranium Mining District of Saxony and Thuringia(Germany)
M. Heinze, M. Kohler, H. Sanger
p 435-443

Application of Geochemical Modeling and Hydrologic Techniques to Interpret Sources, Mixing and Evolution of Mine Drainage
E. F. Perry, R. S. Evans
p 444-452

Salt Mine Subsidence and Associated Damage: A Case History
G. G. Marino
p 453-461

Slope Stability to Rectify Coal Waste Embankments on Mining Areas
K. C. Klossek
p 462-471

Investigation of Subsidence Event Over Multiple Seam Mining Area
K. Kohli
p 472-480

Geotechnical Considerations in Surface Mine Reclamation
A. K. Kuhn
p 481-489

Implementation of Subsidence Control Regulatory Requirement
D. Barkley
p 490-494

Long Term Subsidence Movements and Behavior of Subsidence-Damaged Structures
J. W. Mahar, G. G. Marino
p 495-516

Well Injection Depth Extraction(WIDE) Soil Flushing for Remediation of a Low Level Uranium Groundwater Plume in Glacial Till Soil
J. D. Quaranta, M. A. Gabr
p NA

Application of Unsaturated Zone Hydrology at Waste Rock Facilities in Dry Climates: Design of Soil Covers and Prediction of Seepage
D. Swanson, M. O'Kane
p 517-526

A Comparison of Simulated Unsaturated Flow Through Waste Rocks Using Two Commonly Used Computer Models
B. B. Panda, T. J. Freiman, C. Manepally
p 527-538

Wetlands Technical Session

Design and Implementation of a Leach Field to Remove Metals, Nitrate, Selenium and Sulfate
J. M. Harrington, D. B. Levy, J. G. Harrington
p 540-545

A New Process for Sulfate Removal from Industrial Waters
M. A. Reinsel
p 546-550

Sulfur-Modified Iron(SMI) Process for Arsenic Removal
M. A. Reinsel, P. F. Santina
p 551-555

Anoxic Biotreatment Cell(ABC) for Removal of Nitrate and Selenium from Mining Effluent Waters
M. A. Reinsel, M. K. Botz
p 556-560

Passive Treatment Using Coal Combustion Products: An Innovative Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland Field Study
R. W. Nairn, M. N. Mercer, J. W. Everett
p 561

Analysis of Substrate Leachate from an Innovative Vertical Flow AMD Passive Treatment System
M. N. Mercer, R. W. Nairn
p 562

Fate and Transport of Metals in a Natural Wetland Receiving Mine Drainage
M. Pavlik, T. Wildeman, K. Kolm, J. Emerick, R. Robinson
p 563-578

Hydric Soils and the Relationship to Plant Diversity within Reclaimed Stream Channels in Semi- Arid Environments
B. K. Schladweiler, S. Rextroat, S. Benson
p 579-583

Evaluation of a Limestone Channel and Wetland System for Treating Acid Mine Drainage
F. J. Brenner, P. Pruent
p 584-591

Laboratory Experiments Designed to Test the Remediation Properties of Materials
J. S. Gilbert, T. R. Wildeman, K. L. Ford
p 592-598

Chemistry and Kinetics of Calcite Dissolution in Passive Treatment Systems
A. W. Rose
p 599-608

Iron Removal from Acid Mine Drainage by Wetlands
A. J. Sexstone, J. G. Skousen, J. Calabrese, D. K. Bhumbla, J. Cliff, J. C. Sencindiver, G. K. Bissonette
p 609-620

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment with a Combined Wetland/Anoxic Limestone Drain: Greenhouse and Field Systems
J. Skousen, A. Sexston, J. Cliff, P. Sterner, J. Calabrese, P. Ziemkiewicz
p 621-633

Microbial, Algal and Fungal Strategies for Manganese Oxidation at a Shade Township Coal Mine - Somerset County, Pennsylvania
E. I. Robbins, D. L. Brant, Paul F. Ziemkiewicz
p 634-640

A Method for Detecting Dewatering Effects of Underground Mining Activities on Surface Wetlands
L. D. Hayden-Wing, J. R. Baldwin, K. Webber, J. B. Winstead
p 641-650

Steel Slag in Acid Mine Drainage Treatment and Control
P. Ziemkiewicz, J. Skousen
p 651-656

Treatment and Prevention of ARD Using Silica Micro-Encapsulation
P. Mitchell, J. Rybock, A. Wheaton
p 657-661

Ecology Technical Session

Ecological Engineering Alternatives for Remediation and Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Landscape
R. W. Nairn, L. Hare, M. Mercer, K. Dresback, K. Pepple, A. Kirchner, D. Cseak, J. Lossing, C. Durham, B. Chen
p 663-673

Landscape Architecture Technical Session

Surface Mine Planning and Design Implications and Theory of a Visual Environmental Quality Predictive Model
J. B. Burley
p 665-673

Ten Years of Computer Visual Simulations on Large Scale Projects in the Western United States
J. C. Ellsworth
p 674-677

Hydrology Technical Session

The Rio Tinto Mine - A Volunteer Clean-Up Success Story
D. P. Schwaegler, P. G. Corser, G. D. Aho
p 679-687

Watershed Enhancement Plan Development for Leading Cr. After Dewatering of the Meigs 31 Coal Mine in Southeast Ohio
D. S. Cherry, J. E. Babendreier, H. A. Latimer, R. J. Currie
p NA

A Comparison of Two Models for Simulating the Water Balance of Soil Covers Under Semi-Arid Conditions
G. A. Chammas, M. Geddis, D. R. McCaulou
p 688-695

The Manipulation of Water for Individual Project Needs
D. Stokes-Haglund
p NA

Cattle for Reclamation Special Session

Hoof, Mouth and Manure - Livestock and Mine Land Rehabilitation: "Sustainable Mine Land Reclamation - the Overview"
S. A. Horst
p 697-699

Overview of Tailings and Waste Rock Reclamation at BHP Copper
R. Breen, E. Schwamberger
p NA

Twenty-To-One: The Nevada Experience
T. Tipton, J. Tipton
p 700-703

The Use of Livestock as A Tool for Reclamation of Copper Tailings in Southern Arizona
S. A. Bengson
p 704-706

Poster Presentations

A Spatial Application of a Vegetation Productivity Equation for Neo-Sol Reconstruction
J. B. Burley
p 708-714

Establishment of Vegetation in Constructed Wetlands Using Biosolids and Quarry Fines
T. P. Danehy, R. Zick, F. Brenner, J. Chmielewski, M. H. Dunn, C. D. Cooper
p 715

Spoil Sodicity Standards: Reconciling Science and Regulation
L. P. Munk, D. E. Romig, M. D. Coats
p 716

Alternative Organic Substrates in Constructed Wetlands: Preliminary Results of Batch Examination
M. N. Mercer, R. W. Nairn
p 717

Vegetative Propagation of Kura Clover on Mine Spoils
C. D. Teutsch, M. Collins, D. C. Ditsch
p 718-723

Regeneration of Kaolin Mined Lands to Maximize Loblolly Pine Growth and Wildlife Habitat
K. E. McEvoy, L. A. Morris, R. L. Hendrick, E. A. Ogden
p 724-732

The Use of Mine-Development Models to Support Mine Closure and Reclamation Planning
R. W. Newcomer, Jr., C. P. Wolf
p 733

Closed Mines Reclamation
T. Hernandez, G. Macias
p NA

A Humic Acid Extract from Lignite for Reclaiming Contaminated Soils
R. I. Barnhisel
p 734

Design Factors and Performance Efficiencies of Successive Alkalinity Producing Systems
C. R. Jage, Carl E. Zipper
p 735

Effectiveness of Wetland-Riparian Vegetation in Remediation of a Disturbed Seleniferous Environment
C. P. Skinner, G. F. Vance
p 736