15th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, May 17-21, 1998, St. Louis, Missouri

Table of Contents

Minerals Education

Mineral Education: Bringing Today's Mining Into the Classroom
C. Sheppard
p 2

Mining, Minerals, and Reclamation Education
D. Spindler
p 3-5

Education With a Purpose: Public Appreciation Through Education
N. Fugate
p 6

Out of the Rock: The Gateway to Mineral Resources and Mining Education
E. Dalton
p 7

Earth Day - Taking Minerals Education to the Mine
C. Bert
p 8

Nevada's Mineral Education Program
B. Durbin
p 9

Hydrology - Characterization and Monitoring

A Quarter Century of Coal Mining and Hydrogeologic Research in Southeastern Montana
J. Wheaton, W. Van Voast
p 11-21

Water Quality Analysis of Highly Acidic Watershed in Southeast Ohio
R. J. Eberhart, K. B. Edwards, B. J. Stuart
p 22-31

Hydraulic Properties of Surface Mine Spoils of the Northern Appalachian Plateau
J. W. Hawkins
p 32-40

Recharge and Discharge Calculations to Characterize the Groundwater Hydrological Balance
R. G. Liddle
p 41-45

A Review of Methods for Optimizing Surface and Groundwater Monitoring Programs at Mine Sites
A. Lewis-Russ, J. Flook, R. Popielak
p 46-53

Methods to Differentiate Between Groundwater Solute Sources
A. Davis, J. Anderson, C. Byrns
p 54-61

Using Tracers to Understand the Hydrology of an Abandoned Underground Coal Mine
G. A. Canty, J. W. Everett
p 62-72

Hydrologic Modeling of Reclaimed Strip Mine Spoil
K. Edwards, M. W. Stoertz, D. Turney
p 73-76

Tailings - Reclamation

Using Soil Island Plantings as Dispersal Vectors in Large Area Copper Tailings Reforestation
G. Scherer, R. Everett
p 78-84

Reclamation of Acidic Copper Mine Tailings Using Municipal Biosolids
M. Rogers, S. A. Bengson, T. L. Thompson
p 85-91

Native Plant Restoration of Biosolids Amended Copper Mine Tailings
P. Kramer, P. Zabowski, R. L. Everett, G. Sherer
p 92-100

Techniques for Establishing Aquatic Vegetation in Permanently Flooded Tailings - A Field Test
P. J. Beckett, S. Pappin-Willanen, G. M. Courtin
p 101

Upland and Wetland Vegetation Establishment on Reclaimed Coal Slurry(Missouri Case History)
V. A. Skeel, J. Nawrot
p 102

Indian Creek - AML: Coal Slurry Reclamation(Kansas Case History)
S. Witthar
p 103

Plant Selection for Dewatering and Reclamation of Tailings
M. J. Silva, M. A. Naeth, K. W. Biggar, D. S. Chanasyk, D. C. Sego
p 104-117

Practical Demonstration of Slow Leakage from a Tailings Impoundment
G. Fennemore, A. Davis, C. Byrns
p 118-122


Thirteen-year Hardwood Tree Performance on a Midwest Surface Mine
W. C. Ashby, C. A. Kolar
p 124-133

Topsoil, Ripping, and Herbicides Influence Tree Survival and Growth on Coal Minesoil After Nine Years
D. Kost, J. H. Brown, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 134-144

Forest Patch Reclamation Study on the Lower Grey Cloud Island
J. B. Burley, C. A. Churchwood, C. J. Burley, W. D. Saunders
p 145-150

Successful Tree Planting Techniques for Drastically Disturbed Lands: A Case Study of the Propagation and Planting of Container-grown Oak and Nut Trees in Missouri
S. Miller
p 151-163

Forested Wetland Restoration and "Nuisance" Plant Species Management on Phosphate Mined Lands in Florida
S. G. Richardson, C. D. Johnson
p 164-172

Mine Drainage - Biogeochemical Processes

Historical Overview and Future Directions of the Microbial Role in the Acidic Coal Mine Drainage System
E. Robbins
p 174-191

Processes Contributing to the Removal of Manganese From Mine Drainage by an Algal Mixture
L. D. Clayton, T. R. Wildeman
p 192-201

Studies Leading to the Design and Construction of the Passive Treatment System at the West Fork Mine, Missouri
T. Wildeman, J. Gusek, A. Miller, J. Fricke
p 202

The Challenges of Designing, Permitting, and Building a 1,200 GPM Passive Bioreactor for Metal Mine Drainage, West Fork Mine, Missouri
J. Gusek, T. Wildeman, A. Miller, J. Fricke
p 203-212

Mine Drainage - Treatment, General

Geochemistry of Laboratory Anoxic Limestone Drains
P. Sterner, J. Skousen, J. Donovan
p 214-234

Design Considerations and Construction Techniques for Successive Alkalinity Producing Systems
G. A. Skovran, C. R. Clouser
p 235-242

The Effectiveness of Acid Rock Drainage Control Strategies at the Summitville Mine
V. Ketellapper, J. W. Christiansen
p 243-252

Purification and Treatment of Mine Drainage in Some Mine Areas of China
H. Yu
p 253-256

Dense Sludge Process for Reducing AMD Sludge Disposal
R. L. Zick, M. H. Leon, D. C. Finn
p 257-261

Mine Drainage - Passive Treatment, Wetlands

Mine Closure - Can Passive Treatment Be Successful?
P. Eger, G. Melchert, J. Wagner
p 263-271

Retention of Manganese by a Constructed Wetland Treating Drainage From a Coal Ash Disposal Site
K. Kerrick, M. Horner
p 272-279

Prediction of FE2+ Concentrations Using Laboratory Rate Laws in Wetlands Constructed for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
C. S. Kirby, H. M. Thomas, G. Southam, R. Donald
p 280

Comparison of Color, Chemical, and Mineralogical Composition of Mine Drainage Sediments to Pigment
C. S. Kirby
p 281

Mine Drainage - Prediction and Monitoring

Hydrologic Conditions in the Coal Mining District of Indiana and Implications for Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands
G. Olyphant, D. Harper
p 283-288

Geophysical Investigations of Near-Surface Materials and Groundwater Quality at Abandoned Mine Land Site No. 1087, Pike County, Indiana
K. Spindler, G. A. Olyphant, D. Harper
p 289-298

Phycomicrobial Ecology of Acid Mine Drainage in the Piedmont of Virginia
R. Krishnaswamy, R. A. Hangar
p 299-308

Predicting Life-of-mine Tailings Discharge Water Quality
A. Davis, A. Tisdale, C. Byrns
p 309-314

A Method to Predict Evolving Post-Closure Pit Lake Chemistry
A. Davis, G. Fennemore
p 315-321

Acid Soils - Reclamation Project

Influence of Mining and Topsoil Thickness on Vegetative Growth and Leachate Quality of Acidic Coal Refuse
R. Li, W. L. Daniels, B. Stewart
p 323-337

Lime Treatment Experiments Gob Revegetation in Illinois - A Twenty-Five Year Record
C. Medvick
p 338-355

pH Control in Acidic-meatlliferous Mine Waste for Site Revegetation
D. Dollhopf
p 356

Options to Revegetate Neutralized Heap Leach Material
R. R. Cellan, L. M. Burnside, G. E. McClelland
p 357-366

Acidic Minespoil Reclamation With Alkaline Biosolids
C. Drill, B. J. Lindsay, T. J. Logan
p 367

Design of Field Test Plots for a Sloped Waste Rock Surface
M. O'Kane, J. Stoicescu, S. Januszewski, D. M. Mchiana, M. D. Haug
p 368-378

Use of Alternatives Analysis to Determine the Reclamation Approach for Heap Leach Pads
R. R. Cellan
p 379-382

The Relationship Between Waste Rock Geochemistry, Age and Reactivity
A. Davis, S. Helgen, C. Byrns
p 383-387

Bunker Hill Superfund Site: Ecological Restoration Program
S. Brown, C. Henry, R. Chaney, H. Compton
p 388-393

Wildlife and Fisheries Habitat

The Whiteside Run Restoration Project: Wetlands and Stream Mitigation and Restoration of a Previously Polluted Stream
A. Bigatel, W. W. Hellier, J. C. Foreman, S. Kepler
p 395-405

Effect of Stocking Density on Extensive Production of Freshwater Shrimp in Coal Mine Reclamation Ponds
J. Tidwell, B. Grey, J. McGuire, S. D. Coyle, F. Wynne
p 406-408

Assessing the Effect of Mine Subsidence on an Internationally Important Wetland Site
R. N. Humphries, H. Wessemann, P. R. Benyon, S. W. Peace
p 409-417

A Balefill Facility in a Sand/ Gravel Quarry and a Question of Wetland Jurisdiction
G. Collins
p 418

Comparison of Bird Communities in Southwestern Montana After Fourteen Years of Natural Recovery from Smelter Impacts
J. Baldwin, L. D. Hayden-Wing, J. B. Winstead
p 419-427

Wild Ungulate Use of Areas in Southwestern Montana After Fourteen Years of Natural Recovery from Smelter Impacts
L. Hayden-Wing, J. R. Baldwin, J. B. Winstead
p 428-439

Habitat Use and Food Habits of Snowshoe Hares Association with a Reclaimed Strip Mine in Interior Alaska
C. L. Elliott
p 440-444

Subsidence - Engineering Practices and Environmental Effects

Assessing the Effect of Mine Subsidence on Dwarf Shrub Ericoid Heath Communities Within a Site of National Importance
R. N. Humphries, H. Wessemann, P. R. Benyon, S. W. Peace
p 446

Environmental Damage and Countermeasures in China Coal Mine Areas
B. Hu, Z. Cui
p 447-452

Identification of Underground Mine Workings With the Use of Global Positioning System Technology
G. A. Canty, M. Sharp, J. W. Everett
p 453-458

The Effect of Softening on the Bearing Capacity of Mine Floors
G. Marino, S. Choi
p 459-482

Lifting and Protecting Residential Structures from Subsidence Damage Using Airbags
T. L. Triplett, R. Bennett
p 483

Subsidence Resistance Repair of a Block Basement
J. W. Mahar, G. G. Marino, E. Murphy, J. Fametti
p 484-493

OSM Acid Forming Materials Mini Workshops
J. Galetovic, W. Joseph
p 494

RUSLE - Erosion Prediction Techniques on Mined Construction and Reclaimed Lands
T. Toy, G. Foster
p 495

IDNR Wetlands Technology Transfer Program Workshop
B. Wilm
p 496

Mine Planning and Post Mining Land Use

Total Resources Management in Mine Planning
A. K. Kuhn
p 498-503

Virtual Modeling for Environmental Decision Support
J. Kortnik, M. Kvartic
p 504-511

The Advances of Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Mineral Industry and its Environmental Management
M. Zewei, G. Lin, Z. Xiaoyuan
p 512-520

Reclamation Challenges at Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy, Alaska
L. P. Jackson
p 521

Rational Selection of Post-mining Land Use
A. Kuhn
p 522-529

Remining to Reclaim Abandoned Mined Lands: Virginia's Initiative
C. E. Zipper, B. Lambert
p 530-538

Vegetation Establishment - Principles and Practices

Working With Nature: A Review of 25 Years of Successful Land Reclamation in Wales
I. G. Richards
p 540-550

Measurement of Quantitative Species Diversity on Reclaimed Coal Mined Lands: A Brief Overview of the Wyoming Regulatory Proposal
R. G. Vincent
p 551-563

Pre- and Postmine Diversity Revisited
R. Tierney, G. L. Wade
p 564-571

Spatial and Temporal Visitation in Mined Land Pastures
C. D. Teutsch, M. Collins, D. C. Ditsch, J. Johns, B. Larson, W. Turner, C. May, L. Clay, T. Hamilton
p 572-578

Technology Transfer for the Revegetation of Phytotoxic, Smelter-Denuded Soils - The Potential Use of Minimal Amelioration and Reciprocal Transplantation of Metal Tolerant Grasses at Flin Flon, Manitoba
K. Winterhalder
p 579

Abundance and Distribution of Lichens Found in the Reclaimed Areas of the Nickel and Copper Mining Region of Sudbury, Ontario
S. Wainio, P. J. Becketf
p 580

Organic Soil Amendments and Fiber Wattles for Enhanced Revegetation and Erosion Control
S. M. Miller, J. Steinbacher, P. McRae
p 581-588

Stabilization and Fertility Enchancement of Highly Erodible Sandy Soil in Northeast Arizona
S. D. Misra, W. Agnew
p 589-592

Reclamation Research for Various Land Uses in the Oil Sands Region of Alberta, Canada
T. M. Macyk, M. Y. P. Fung, R. W. Pauls
p 593-602

Stabilizing Shorelines With Coir Fiber
J. L. Kostielney, D. Knezick
p 603

Vegetation Establishment - Warm Season Grasses

Establishment of Warm-Season Native Grasses and Forbs on Drastically Disturbed Lands
S. Miller
p 605-614

Establishing Native Warm Season Grasses on Eastern Kentucky Strip Mines
T. G. Barnes, J. L. Larkin, M. B. Arnett
p 615-633

Converting Tall Fescue Fields to Native Warm Season Grasses in Kentucky
B. E. Washburn, T. G. Barnes
p 634

Warm Season Grass Establishment(In One Year Without the Weeds)
D. Downing
p 635

Coal Combustion By-products - General

An Overview of the United States Department of Energy's Coal Combustion By-product Utilization Program
S. A. Renninger
p 637-644

Coal Combustion Ash Haulback for Mine Reclamation
R. E. Gray, T. A. Gray
p 645-650

Grout Stability with Strength Requirements for Field Scale Injection of FBC Ash Grout
P. F. Ziemkiewicz, D. C. Black, D. D. Gray, H. J. Siriwardane, R. Hamric
p 651-657

A Field Demonstration of the Coal Combustion By-products Based Paste Backfill for Subsidence Control in Illinois
Y. P. Chugh, D. Dutta, S. Renninger
p 658-666

Coal Combustion By-products - Mine Drainage Treatment

The Western Maryland Coal Combustion By-products/ Acid Mine Drainage Initiative - The Winding Ridge Demonstration Project
L. G. Rafalko, P. Petzrick
p 668-681

Injection of Coal Combustion By-products Into the Omega Mine for the Reduction of Acid Mine Drainage
T. A. Gray, T. C. Moran, D. W. Broschart, G. A. Smith
p 682-689

An Injection Technique for In Situ Remediation of Abandoned Underground Coal Mines
G. A. Canty, J. W. Everett
p 690-697

Utilization of Wet FGD Material for AMD Abatement in Underground Coal Mines
J. Ashby
p 698-704

Injection of FGD Grout to Abate Acid Mine Drainage in Underground Coal Mines
S. Mafi, M. T. Damian, R. Baker
p 705-711

Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Using Coal Combustion By-products and Spent Mushroom Substrate: Results of a Common Study
T. Crisp, R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett, J. Everett
p 712

Metal Release From Fly Ash Upon Leaching With Sulfuric Acid or Acid Mine Drainage
J. Skousen, D. K. Bhumbla
p 713-721

Vegetation Establishment on Soil-amended Weathered Fly Ash
O. Semalulu, R. I. Barnhisel, S. Witt
p 722-731

Prime Farmland Reclamation and Mine Soils Management

Illinois Reclaimed Soil Productivity: Restoration Techniques
G. Smout
p 733-734

Mine Soil Classification and Mapping
R. Darmody
p 735

Soils-Based Productivity Evaluation
C. Hooks
p 736

Land Use and Value After Reclamation
W. Phelps
p 737

Small Mines and Future Techniques
M. Yingling
p 738

Poster Presentations

Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae on Water Stress Tolerance of the Big Sagebursh Seedlings
G. Schuman, P. D. Stahl, S. E. Williams, S. M. Frost
p 740

Impacts From Surface Mining on Ground-Water System: A Twenty Year Record
K. Promma, C. C. Mathewson
p 741

Utilization of Coal Combustion By-products in Mine Reclamation and Agriculture - A Summary of Selected U. S. Department of Energy Projects
W. Aljoe
p 742

An Experimental Approach to Assessing the Effects of Mining Subsidence on a Flood Meadow Community
P. R. Benyon, R. N. Humphries, K. Gregson, S. Marshall, S. W. Peace
p 743

Recovery and Enhancement Plan Development for the Leading Creek Watershed, Meigs County, Ohio
R. J. Currie, D. S. Cherry, H. A. Latimer, J. H. Van Hassel, J. E. Babendreier
p 744

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages and Sediment Toxicity Testing in the Ely Creek Watershed Restoration Project
D. J. Soucek, R. J. Currie, D. S. Cherry, H. A. Latimer, G. C. Trent
p 745-751

Post-Mining Predictive Visual Quality Assessment in Two Michigan Surface Mines
P. S. Keefe, J. B. Bnrley
p 752-760

Evaluating Mine Reclamation Habitats at the Landscape Level Following Mountain-Top Removal
S. N. Edmonds
p 761

Validity of Manganese as a Surrogate of Heavy Metal Removal in Constructed Wetlands Treating Acidic Mine Water
E. Royer, R. F. Unz, W. W. Hellier
p 762-769

Inhibition of Acid Production in Coal Refuse Amended with CaSO3 -Based Flue Gas Desulfurization By-product
Y. Hao, W. A. Dick, J. Beeghly
p 770

Seasonal and Long-Term Performance of Alkalinity-Producing Passive Systems for the Treatment of Mine Drainage
G. Watzlaf
p 771

Minesoil Development in Central West Virginia
W. J. Noll, J. C. Sencindiver
p 772

Restoration of Leafy Spurge Infested Rangeland in North Dakota
R. E. Ries, J. F. Karm
p 773

Recomposing Mined Lands: Landscape as Arena for Education
S. Wessman
p 774

The Whiteside Run Restoration Project: Wetlands and Stream Mitigation and Restoration of a Previously Polluted Stream
A. Bigatel, W. W. Hellier, J. G. Foreman, S. Kepler
p 775

Application of Geologic Modeling to Overburden Characterization and Special Handling at a Texas Lignite Mine
P. T. Behum, Jr., W. L. Joseph
p 776

Establishing Wetland Vegetation in Alkaline Mine Tailings
P. J. Robinson, J. A. Freeland, C. L. Wolverton
p 777