14th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, May 10-15, 1997, Austin, Texas

Table of Contents

Cultural Resources - Archeology

Archeological Investigations at the Oak Hill Village Site (41RK214), Rusk County, Texas
R. Rogers, B. Curse, M. Cruse, K. Reese-Taylor, J. M. Tanner, T. L. Gosdin, W. P. Glander
p 3-14

Cultural Resources Investigations at the Dolet Hills Lignite Mine; Desoto Parish, Louisiana
R. Rogers
p 15-26

Watershed Protection

TU/NALPAS: Water Treatment to Total Drainage Management
T. C. Attaway, S. T. Cooney
p 29-33

Geophysical Mapping and Subsurface Injection for Treatment of Post-Reclamation Acid Drainage
V. G. Plocus, V. Rastogi
p 34-42

Retention of Metals and Longevity of a Wetland Receiving Mine Leachate
B. A. Beining, M. L. Otte
p 43-46

Watershed and Wetland Issues

Hydrologic Modeling of Coal-Mine Impacts and Associated Remediation Alternatives for the Nanticoke Creek Watershed
T. M. Walski, S. J. Draus, K. M. Klemow, W. J. Tarutis, Jr.
p 49-59

Wetland Mitigation Banking for Surface Mining Activities
C. L. Sherrod
p 60-63

Water Quality Changes and Costs of Remining in Pennsylvania and West Virginia
J. Skousen, R. Hedin, B. Faulkner
p 64-74


Vegetation Trends in Reclaimed Areas at Gibbons Creek Lignite Mine, Grimes County, Texas
C. A. Westerman
p 77-81

Warm Season Grass Establishment on Limestone-Amended Coal Slurry
J. R. Nawrot, V. A. Skeel, B. Gray, R. Newton
p 82-89

Vegetation and Overburden Cover on Phosphogypsum: Effects on Radon Emission, Runoff Water Quality, and Plant Uptake of Flouride and Radium
S. G. Richardson
p 90-98

Revegetation of Metal Mine Tailings Under Wetland Conditions
O. M. McCabe, M. L. Otte
p 99-104

Evaluation of Minesoils

Introduction to the Papers in Session 5
p 107-108

Concepts and Criteria for Evaluating Topsoil Substitutes: The Texas Experience
P. E. Askenasy, W. L. Joseph, A. L. Senkayi
p 109-114

A Review of Minesoil Sampling and Spatial Variability in Texas
J. C. Myers, J. E. Brandt, W. L. Joseph
p 115-127

Acid/Base Account and Minesoils: A Review
L. R. Hossner, J. E. Brandt
p 128-140

Land Capability Classification
C. L. Neitsch, M. L. Golden, L. R. Hossner
p 141-151

Variability of Physicochemical Analytical Results from Minesoils and QA/QC Considerations
J. E. Brandt, J. K. Horbaczewski
p 152-164

Bats and Mines

The North American Bats and Mines Project: A Cooperative Approach for Integrating Bat Conservation and Mine-Land Reclamation
S. L. Ducummon
p 167-174

Evolution of Abandoned Underground Hardrock Mine Closures by the Texas Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program
M. J. Rhodes
p 175-183

Bat-Compatible Closures of Abandoned Underground Mines in National Park System Units
J. E. Burghardt
p 184-195

Renewed Mining and Reclamation: Impacts on Bats and Potential Mitigation
P. E. Brown, R. D. Berry
p 196-202

Contemporary International Issues

Use of Mobile Equipment in Open Pit Lignite Mines Profen and Zwenkau
B. J. Evans, M. W. Zengerle
p 205-210

Investigation of the Jharia Coalfield Mine Fires - India
S. R. Michalski, E. S. Custer, P. L. Munshi
p 211-223

Environmental Management Plan for the Jhaia Coalfield - India
A. Schori, A. H. Scrymgeour, P. L. Munski
p 224-236

Mine Reclamation in the Southwest

Livestock Impacts for Management of Reclaimed Land at Navajo Mine: The Decision-Making Process
O. J. Estrada, S. Grogan, K. L. Gadzia
p 239-244

Livestock Impacts for Management of Reclaimed Land at Navajo Mine: Vegetation Response
M. K. Wood, B. A. Buchanan, O. J. Estrada
p 245-254

Livestock Grazing for Management of Reclaimed Land at Navajo Mine: Animal Response
D. C. Gamble, K. L. Gadzia, M. F. Raisbeck
p 255-262

Reclamation Strategies

First Year Survival of Bareroot and Containerized Hardwood Tree Seedlings Planted in Northeast Texas Lignite Minesoils
J. Wood, M. Waxler, D. A. Huber, J. Denman
p 265-271

Texas Lignite Mining: Groundwater and Slope Stability Control in the Nineties and Beyond
J. Lawrence
p 272-276

Reclamation of Coal Refuse with a Papermill Sludge Amendment
R. S. Li, W. L. Daniels
p 277-290

Stabilization and Revegetation of Metal Smelter Wastes in Poland
T. Stuczynski, W. L. Daniels, K. Pantuck, F. Pistelok
p 291-298

Enhanced Cover Methods for Surface Coal Refuse Reclamation
L. F. Gentile, K. W. Cargill, S. D. McGarvie
p 299-308

A Program to Expedite Reclamation while Reducing Costs
J. D. Friedlander, G. M. Hawkey
p 309-316

Scientific Soundness and Socio-Economic Realities in Reclamation for Habitat
K. D. Trimble
p 317-326

Post-Reclamation Land Use

Reclamation Planning for Sensitive Species in Southwest Wyoming
R. M. Harshbarger
p 329-335

Evaluating Biodiversity of Mineral Lands
G. L. Wade, L. M. Tritton
p 336-343

Value of Commercial Forestry as a Post-Mining Land Use
D. L. Kelting, C. Siegel, J. A. Burger
p 344-348

Structures and Previously Mined Land

Investigation of Alleged Subsidence Damage to a Residential Structure in Indiana
K. Chandrashekhar, J. W. Richardson
p 351-358

The Siting of a Prison Complex above an Abandoned Underground Coal Mine
G. G. Marino
p 359-375

Investigation of the Allowable Deformations of Buildings Subjected to Mining Influence
M. Kawulok
p 376-381

The Effects of Mine Field Subsoils Deformations on Construction's Supports
K. Klosek
p 382-390

Prediction of Acid Mine Drainage

Acid Base Accounting Success Rates in Acid Mine Drainage Laboratory Predictive Tests
W. S. Bradham, F. T. Caruccio
p 393-403

Methodologies for the Characterization of Hard-Rock Mine Sites
W. B. Zehner, Sr., J. M. Cornelius, D. L. Beeson
p 404-409

Sensitivity Analysis of Acid Mine Drainage Prediction Leaching Tests
W. S. Bradham, F. T. Caruccio
p 410-423

Geochemical Forecast of Acid Mine Drainage to Evaluate Corrective Action Plans for Mine Reclamation
S. P. Simmons, L. F. Gentile, S. D. McGarvie
p 424-436

Use of Computers in Reclamation Planning

Achieving Optimum Post Mine Reclamation Results through Computer Aided Design
M. Johnson, R. Irvin, D. Metcalf
p 439-449

Computer Enhanced Overburden Evaluation for Topsoil Substitution at the Oxbow Mine, Louisiana
J. A. Luppens, J. A. Dement, J. P. Storrs, Jr.
p 450-456

Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy: Automated Mapping Facilities Management System (AM/FM)
D. Mullins, T. Stockner
p 457-462

Combustion and Mining by-Products

Erodibility of Fly Ash-Treated Minesoils
J. M. Gorman, J. C. Sencindiver, D. J. Horvath, R. N. Singh, R. F. Keefer
p 465-479

Hydraulic Conductivity of Ash Mixtures and Metal Release Upon Leaching
J. Skousen, D. K. Bhumbla, J. Gorman, J. C. Sencindiver
p 480-495

The Use of Coal Combustion Residues to Control Acid Mine Drainage
J. R. Jones, A. G. Kim, T. E. Achman
p 496-502

Codisposal of FBC By-Products and Coal Slurry Solids: Characterization of Materials
D. E. Tungate, R. G. Darmody, G. B. Dreher, W. R. Roy, J. D. Steele
p 503-512

Water Quality

Pilot Scale ILS Treatment of Cyanide Process Sludges
R. T. Lentz, G. H. Knott
p 515-524

Effects of Storm Runoff on Acid-Base Accounting of Mine Drainage
D. R. Sjögren, G. A. Olyphant, D. Harper
p 525-530

Metals and Other Components of Coal Mine Drainage as Related to Aquatic Life Standards
D. M. Hyman, G. R. Watzlaf
p 531-545

Geochemistry of Water and Mobilization and Transport of Solutes in Coal Mine Spoils, East-Central Texas
R. W. Lee, J. T. Wilson
p 546-568

Reclamation of Mine Tailings

Geochemical Treatment and Phytostabilization of Acidic Mill Tailings in the Southern Rocky Mountains
J. M. Cornelius, D. L. Beeson, W. G. Whitford, W. B. Zehner, Sr.
p 571-578

An Integrated System for Recycling Base Metal Mine Tailings
S. Struthers, J. Brumley, G. Taylor
p 579-592

Effect of Earthen Covers on Tailings Impoundment Hydrology, Pore Water Chemistry and Gas Content
D. J. Dollhopf, T. Smith
p 593-600

Design, Permitting, and Construction Issues Associated with Closure of the Panna Maria Uranium Tailings Impoundment
C. L. Strachan, K. L. Raabe
p 601-608

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage

Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Down-Flow Limestone Systems
G. R. Watzlaf
p 611-622

Treatment of Metal Containing Ground and Surface Water in Passive Systems
R. F. Mueller, W. Chatham, W. Drury, F. Diebold
p 623-630

Computer Technology - Hydrology

Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments on Surface-Water in Northeastern Wyoming Using HEC-1; A Pilot Study
A. J. Anderson, D. C. Eastwood, M. E. Anderson
p 633-647

Assessing the Cumulative Impacts of Surface Mining and Coal Bed Methane Development on Shallow Aquifers in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
K. Peacock
p 648-666

Utilizing Geographic Information Systems Technology in the Wyoming Cumulative Hydrology Impact Assessment Modeling Process
J. D. Hamerlinck, J. R. Oakleaf
p 667-676

Mining and Education

Overview of the Texas Mining Reclamation Association's Education Project
M. F. Hutchins
p 679

TU System Environmental Research Program
R. L. White, S. F. Smith, P. J. Miller
p 680-684

The Sabine Mining Company Education Program
M. W. Pirtle
p 685

Reclamation and Soils

Surface Mining - Using Mixed Overburden to Create Prime Farmland
E. D. Bearden
p 689-692

Post-Mine Soils - A Legacy of Surface Mining Reclamation
J. A. DeMent, F. S. Stroud, E. D. Bearden
p 693-697

Assessment of Hillslope Design Using RUSLE at the Coeur Rochester Mine, Lovelock, NV
T. J. Toy, S. D. Hasenjager, S. McLeod
p 698-702

Contemporary Regulatory Issues

Overcoming Murphy's Law to Gain ERP - A Case Study at Gibbons Creek Lignite Mine, Texas
E. M. Lancaster, J. K. Horbaczewski
p 705-710

Self-Monitoring and Rehabilitation in the Aggregates Industry: Changes to Provincial Policy in Ontario
M. Miller
p 711-714

Compliance Audits for Environmental Health
C. N. Blevins
p 715-720

ISO 14000: Impact on Mining and Reclamation
K. Russell, S. G. Tipton
p 721-726

Applied Technology

Infiltration Control at the Soil Surface: A New Revegetation Technique
R. M. Dixon, A. B. Carr
p 729

The Biopass System Phase II: Full Scale Design and Construction of an In Situ Anaerobic Biochemical System
R. Cellan, A. Cox, R. Uhle, D. Jenevein, S. Miller, T. Mudder
p 730

Ditch Stabilization with Shoreline Common Reed
M. J. Walker, C. Grimes
p 731


An Overview of the Reclamation Program at the Big Brown Lignite Mine
R. R. Gentry
p 735

Assessment of Risk from Land Application of Waste Water Containing Elevated Levels of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
J. A. Johnson, E. D. Caldwell, A. K. Woodland
p 736-740

Passive Removal of Manganese from Acid Mine Drainage
D. L. Brant, P. F. Ziemkiewicz
p 741-744

Restoration of a Watershed Through Remining and Funded Projects
N. Enix
p 745

Groundwater Flow Characterization Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
R. Liddle
p 746

Integrated Passive Treatment to Reduce Metal and Nutrient Concentrations in Water
B. D. Bass, R. F. Mueller
p 747-754

Plan for Injection of Coal Combustion Byproducts into the Omega Mine for the Reduction of Acid Mine Drainage
T. A. Gray, T. C. Moran, D. W. Broschart, G. A. Smith
p 755-762

Stream Restoration Design for North Fork, Indian Creek, Elkhorn Mountains, Montana
K. Kennedy
p 763-777