13th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, May 18-23, 1996, Knoxville, Tennessee

Table of Contents

Containment and Mitigation of Toxic Mine Waste

Oxygen Transport and Pyrite Oxidation in Unsaturated Coal-Mine Spoil
W. Guo, C. A. Cravotta III
p 3-14

Pumped Co-Disposal of Black Coal Washery Wastes in Australia
D. J. Williams
p 15-22

Site Characterization and Containment/Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage at an Abandoned Mine Waste Dump
F. Djahanguiri, J. Snodgrass, J. Koerth
p 23-41

Mine Hydrology

Shallow Ground Water Flow in Unmined Regions of the Northern Appalachian Plateau: Part 1. Physical Characteristics
J. W. Hawkins, K. B. C. Brady, S. Barnes, A. W. Rose
p 42-51

Shallow Groundwater Flow in Unmined Regions of the Northern Appalachian Plateau: Part 2. Geochemical Characteristics
K. B. C. Brady, A. W. Rose, J. W. Hawkins, M. Dimatteo
p 52-62

Mine Seepage Problems in Drift Mine Operations
C. DeRossett, D. E. Johnson, D. B. Bradshaw
p 63-71

Effects of Spoil Groundwater on Water-Quality in a Receiving Lake
D. C. Turney, K. B. Edwards, W. E. Grube, Jr.
p 72-86

Ground- and Surface-Water Interactions Involving an Abandoned Underground Coal Mine in Pike County, Indiana
D. Harper, G. A. Olyphant, D. R. Sjogren
p 87-95

Modeling the Effects of Longwall Mining on the Ground Water System
R. J. Matetic, J. Liu, D. Elsworth
p 96-114

Groundwater Conditions Around a Coal-Combustion Residue Site in Southern Illinois
S. Esling, M. Fielding, B. Paul
p 115-133

Mine Subsidence and Damage Mitigation

Use of Analog Ground Medium of Taylor-Schneebeli Type for Modeling of Multiparametric Deformations Arising in Mining-Influenced Areas
K. Klosek
p 134-145

Releveling and Behavior of Strap Retrofitted Damaged Test Foundations Exposed to Mine Subsidence
G. G. Marino
p 146-162

Consideration of Subsidence in Land Use Planning Policies and Procedures in England
D. Brook
p 163-174

Repair of the Czar Shaft Sinkhole
J. D. Deatherage, J. Starkey, N. Gustavson
p 175-183

Monitoring of a House During Mining Subsidence
G. Lin, E. C. Drumm, R. M. Bennett, L. Powell
p 184-203

Using GIS and Numerical Modeling to Assess Subsidence Over Abandoned Mines
K. M. O'Connor, J. A. Siekmeier, J. Stache
p 204-216

Mine Design: The Long Term Effects of High Extraction Mining
P. W. Jeran
p 217-233

Error Correction for Vertical Surveys Conducted Over a Subsiding Longwall Mining Panel
D. A. Hughes
p 234-241

A History of Metal Shaft/Portal Closures in Utah
L. A. Amodt
p 242-255

Mine-slope Stability

Application and Analysis of Anchored Geosynthetic Systems for Stabilization of Abandoned Mine Land Slopes
S. J. Vitton, M. F. Whitman, W. Harris, R. Y. Liang
p 256-266

Maximum Safe Slope Angles for Proposed Shiplock Slopes of Three Gorges Dam Site Based on Kinematic Analyses Performed on Major Discontinuities
J. Um, P. H. S. W. Kulatilake, J. Chen, J. Teng
p 267-281

Application of Soil Nails to the Stability of Mine Waste Slopes
C. R. Tant, E. C. Drumm, M. Mauldon, R. M. Berry
p 282-295

Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Hydrologic Investigation and Remediation of a Post-Remining Acidic Seep
W. W. Aljoe, N. A. Linberg
p 296-307

Water Quality Improvements Resulting from FBC Ash Grouting of Buried Piles of Pyritic Materials on a Surface Coal Mine
J. Schueck, M. Dimatteo, B. Scheetz, M. Silsbee
p 308-320

Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage within Strip Mine Spoil by Sulfate Reduction Using Waste Organic Matter
J. Stalker, A. W. Rose, L. H. Michaud
p 321-335

Improving Groundwater Quality in the Backfill with Alkaline Additions
V. P. Wiram, H. E. Naumann
p 336-354

The Use of Sediment Sampling to Evaluate the Success of Hydrologic Reclamation
R. G. Liddle
p 355-366

Acid Mine Drainage Passive Treatment - Drains

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment with Open Limestone Channels
P. F. Ziemkiewicz, D. L. Brant, J. G. Skousen
p 367-374

An Apatite Drain: New Method for Iron and Aluminum Removal from Highly Contaminated Acid Mine Drainage
J. Choi, T. R. West
p 375-383

Assessment of the Applicability of an Anoxic Limestone Drain for a Surface Mine in East Central Tennessee
T. W. Schmidt, R. S. Hedin, P. R. Lorello
p 384-392

Soils and Overburden

Constructing Vegetation Productivity Equations by Employing Undisturbed Soils Data: An Oliver County, North Dakota Case Study
J. B. Burley, K. J. Polakowski, G. Fowler
p 393-401

Productivity of Prime and Nonprime Topsoil Reclaimed in Equivalent Topographic Positions
G. A. Halvorson, M. V. Nathan
p 402-406

A Methodology for Evaluating the Costs of Selective Handling of Overburden Materials
T. Phipps, J. Skousen, J. Fletcher
p 407-423

Selenite-Selenate Speciation in Mine Soils and Salt Solutions: A Comparison of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Ion Chromatography
S. Sharmasarkar, G. F. Vance, F. Cassel-Sharmasarkar
p 424-429

Compaction Effects on Mineland Soil Quality
P. P. Sharma, F. S. Carter
p 430-441

Availability of P and K in Restored Prime Farmland
O. Semalulu, R. I. Barnhisel
p 442-452

Revegetation Ecology

The Potential for Using Wildflower Species to Increase Natural Habitat in Contour Surface Mine Reclamations
J. R. Heckman, K. D. Holl, M. Sabre, R. B. Atkinson, J. Cairns, Jr.
p 453-461

Predicting Grass Stand Adequacy from Early Stand Parameters
R. E. Ries
p 462-471

Vegetation Diversity within Native and Reclaimed Coal Mine Sites: Environmental Factors and Seasonal Variability
B. K. Schladweiler, G. F. Vance
p 472-483

Natural and Planted Flora of the Log Mountain Surface-Mined Demonstration Area, Bell County, Kentucky
R. L. Thompson, G. L. Wade, R. A. Straw
p 484-503

The Relative Merits of Dolomitic and Calcitic Limestone in Detoxifying and Revegetating Acidic, Nickel- and Copper-Contaminated Soils in the Sudbury Mining and Smelting Region of Canada
D. McHale, K. Winterhalder
p 504-515

Ontogeny of Accidental Wetlands and Hydric Soil Development in Surface Mined Landscapes
R. B. Atkinson, W. L. Daniels, J. Cairns, Jr.
p 516-530

Constructed Wetlands

Acidic Mine Drainage Abatement in an Anaerobic Sub-Surface Flow Wetland Environment - Case History of the Treatment System at Corsica, PA
J. M. Dietz, D. M. Stidinger
p 531-540

Chemical Characterization of Iron Oxide Precipitates from Wetlands Constructed to Treat Polluted Mine Drainage
C. L. Fish, R. S. Hedin, J. Partezana
p 541-549

The Bark Camp Run Demonstration Constructed Wetlands: Findings and Recommendations for Future Design Criteria
W. W. Hellier
p 550-559

Manganese and Trace Metal Removal in Successive Anaerobic and Aerobic Wetlands
F. J. Sikora, L. L. Behrends, G. A. Brodie, M..J. Bulls
p 560-579

The Use of Overland Flow Wetland Treatment Systems to Remove Nickel from Neutral Mine Drainage
P. Eger, J. Wagner, G. Melchert
p 580-589

Treatment of Metal Contaminated Groundwater in Passive Systems: A Demonstration Study
R. F. Mueller, D. E. Sinkbeil, J. Pantano, W. Drury, F. Diebold, W. Chatham, J. Jonas, D. Pawluk, J. Figueira
p 590-600

Mined Land Reforestation

The Use of Leguminous Trees in Reclamation of Tropical Mined Soils
L. E. Dias, A. A. Franco, E. F. C. Campello, S. M. de Faria
p 601-612

Organic Amendment Effects on Nitrogen and Carbon Mineralization in an Appalachian Minesoil
R. D. Faulconer, J. A. Burger, S. H. Schoenholtz, R. E. Kreh
p 613-620

Tree Shelter and Interplanted N-Fixing Shrub Effects on Crop Tree Growth on a Calcareous Minesoil
D. A. Kost, M. M. Larson, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 621-628

Evaluation of Natural Succession on Reclaimed Coal Mine Land in Western Kentucky
D. L. Williamson, R. B. Gray
p 629-636

Influence of Grading Intensity on Herbaceous Ground Cover, Erosion, and Tree Establishment in the Southern Appalachians
J. L. Torbert, J. A. Burger
p 637-648

Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage

Neutralization and Release of Metals Properties of Fly Ash
H. K. Karapanagioti, A. Atalay
p 649-658

Adsorption of Acid Mine Drainage Metals on Fly Ash
H. K. Karapanagioti, A. Atalay
p 659-670

Equilbrium Modeling of Trace Metal Transport from Duluth Complex Rockpile
P. D. Kelsey, R. W. Klusman, K. Lapakko
p 671-680

Solubility of Fe(III) and Al in AMD by Modeling and Experiment
K. G. Mitchell, T. R. Wildeman
p 681-689

Pyrite Microencapsulation: Potential for Abatement of Acid Mine Drainage
A. K. Seta, V. P. Evangelou
p 690-694

Limestone Additions to Affect Changes in Loading to Remediate Acid Mine Drainage
F. T. Caruccio, G. Geidel
p 695-702

Byproducts as Soil Amendments

Soil Development in a Coal Waste, Slag and Sludge Artificial Topsoil Mix
J. A. Cox, R. J. Whelan, S. C. Thompson
p 703-712

Acidic Minespoil Reclamation with AFBC By-Product and Yard-Waste Compost
R. C. Stehouwer, W. A. Dick, R. Lal
p 713-727

Municipal Sewage Sludge and Phosphorus as Amendments for Minesoils on the Cumberland Plateau
C. L. Walker, J. T. Ammons, R. W. Dimmick, J. H. Reynolds
p 728-739

A Reclamation Approach for Mined Prime Farmland by Adding Organic Wastes and Lime to the Subsoil
Q. Zhai, R. I. Barnhisel
p 740-750

Landscape Rehabilitation

Applying Geomorphologic Principles to Restore Streams Impacted by Surface Mining
M. S. Ellison
p 751-765

Reinterpreting SMCRA: "Permitting" Phased Postmining Land Use
Z. R. Merkin, T. J. Nieman
p 766-780

The Prospect of Gully Gravure on Reclaimed Hillslopes
T. J. Toy, W. R. Osterkamp
p 781-786

Poster: Soil and Overburden Technical Division

Methodology for Building Soil Based Vegetation Productivity Equations: A Statistical Approach
J. B. Burley
p 789-798

An Investigation of Brown Iron Ore Spoils in Tennessee
S. E. Gaither, J. T. Ammons, J. L. Branson, D. E. McMillen, M. E. Essington, V. H. Reich, S. Gaither
p 799-812

Crop and Soil Responses to Sewage Sludge Applied to Reclaimed Prime Farmland
Q. Zhai, R. I. Barnhisel
p 813-820

Acid Mine Drainage and Minesite Salinity in Australia
D. J. Williams
p 821

Organic Matter and Nutrient Accumulation in Reclaimed Kaolin Mine Soils of Georgia
R. B. Haddock, L. A. Morris, R. L. Hendrick, E. A. Ogden
p 821

Plant Materials and Amendments for Controlling Wind and Water Erosion on a Fly Ash Disposal Area: TVA Colbert Fossil Plant, Alabama
J. J. Maddox, D. Behel, J. M. Soileau, J. Kelsoe
p 822

Reclamation of Acidic, Denuded Copper Basin Land: Revegetation Performance of Phosphate Rock vs. Other Nutrient Sources
J. M. Soileau, F. J. Sikora, J. J. Maddox, J. J. Kelsoe
p 823

Improved Methods for Acid Base Accounting Utilizing Geospatial Modeling
M. DiMatteo, M. Gaylord
p 824

Poster: Forestry and Wildlife Technical Division

Age and Site-Related Patterns of Carbon Allocation to Wood, Foliage, and Roots on Reclaimed Kaolin Mines in Georgia
A. Legerski, R. Hendrick, E. Ogden
p 825

Mycorrihizal Fungi + Trees--Practical Beneficial Tools for Mineland Reclamation
C. E. Cordell, D. H. Marx, B. Jenkins
p 825

Poster: Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division

Comparative Assessment of Groundwater Chemistry Evolution at Three Abandoned Mines and Its Practical Implications
J. Šolc
p 826

Injection of Alkaline Ashes into Underground Coal Mines for Acid Mine Drainage Abatement
W. W. Aljoe
p 827

Closure of the Brewer Gold Mine by Pit Backfilling
A. Lewis-Russ, J. F. Lupo, J. Bronson, J. M. Flynn, B. G. Long
p 827

Leachate Generation, Qualitative Trends and Groundwater Contamination Potential in Dry Deposits of Fly Ash
J. Šolc
p 828

Backfill Hydrologic Characteristics in a Tennessee Area Surface Coal Mine
C. G. Blackburn
p 829

Erosion Control on Tailings Dams Using Soil Bioengineering
M. Miller
p 830

Poster: Wetlands Technical Division

WQEP - A Computer Spreadsheet Program to Evaluate Water Quality Data
R. G. Liddle
p 831-835

Limestone Drains to Increase pH and Remove Dissolved Metals from an Acidic Coal-Mine Discharge in Pennsylvania
C. A. Cravotta III, M. K. Trahan
p 836-840

Controlling and Monitoring Flow in Treatment Wetlands Using Weirs
T. M. Walski, S. J. Draus
p 841-854

Sulfur Acidic Lakes in Germany: What has to be Done?
H. Klapper, W. Geller, M. Schultze
p 855-856

Manganese Removal in Saturated Gravel Beds: Obtaining Design Criteria
F. J. Sikora, G. A. Brodie, L. L. Behrends
p 857

Acidic Stream Mitigation by Limestone Sand Addition
D. L. Brant, A. J. Marich, Jr., K. L. Largent
p 858

Performance of a Wetland/Anoxic Limestone Drain Treatment System at the Douglas Abandoned Mine Land Project
P. L. Sterner, J. B. Cliff, J. G. Skousen, A. J. Sexstone
p 859

Advanced Design and Construction Techniques for Staged Passive Wetland Treatment Systems for Coal Ash Leachate
T. A. Rightnour
p 860

Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Systems Containing Compost and Limestone: Laboratory and Field Results
G. R. Watzlaf, D. M. Pappas
p 861

Evaluation of Selected Grasses for the Revegetation of a Coal Slurry Lagoon in Western Kentucky by Direct Seeding
T. P. Carter, R. I. Barnhisel, B. Gray, J. R. Nawrot
p 861

Constructed Wetland Treatment System for Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex
F. S. Sanders
p 862

Poster: Ecology Technical Division

Reclamation of Degraded Areas in Eastern Amazonia: The Potential of Sclerolobium Paniculatum Vogel
S. B. Junior, L. E. Dias, C. A. Pereira
p 863-870

Field Inoculation Rates of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Revegetation of Abandoned Coal Mine Lands
R. K. Noyd, F. L. Pfleger
p 871

Lateral Thinking on Minesite Rehabilitation in Australia
D. J. Williams
p 872

Reclamation of the Wahsatch Gathering System Pipeline in southwestern Wyoming and northeastern Utah
D. Strickland, G. Dern, G. Johnson, W. Erickson
p 872

Case Studies of Ecosystem-Based Approaches to Remediation
K. Trimble
p 873

Abandoned Mined Land Impacts on Water and Sediment Quality, and Invertebrate Assemblages in Two Virginia Watersheds
J. L. Yeager, J. R. Bidwell, D. S.Cherry, C. E. Zipper
p 874

Revegetation Standards for Floodplain Forest Ecosystems in western Washington, USA
B. Zamora
p 875