12th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, June 3-8, 1995, Gillette, Wyoming

Table of Contents

Wetlands and Streamed Reclamation Considerations

Bioaccumulation of Trace Elements and Reproductive Effects in Deer Mice(Peromyscus maniculatus)
A. J. La Tier, P. I. Mulligan, R. A. Pastorok, T. C. Ginn
p 3-14

Thresholds for Potential Effects of Mining-Related Trace Elements on Riparian Plant Communities
R. A. Pastorok, M. K. Butcher, T. C. Ginn
p 15-30

Mining-Related Trace Elements in Riparian Food Webs of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin
R. A. Pastorok, A. J. La Tier, M. K. Butcher, T. C. Ginn
p 31-51

Avian Utilization of Subsidence Wetlands
J. R. Nawrot, P. S. Conley, C. L. Smout
p 52-59

Remediation of Abandoned Mine Sites Using Constructed Wetlands: A Colorado Perspective
M. A. Ganse, J. T. Herron
p 60-71

The Utility of Fluvial Processes for the Assessment of Reconstructed Channel Stability
E. C. Packee, M. G. Nelson
p 72-77

Evaluation of Metal Removal and Toxicity Reduction in a Low Sulfate Mine Drainage by Constructed Wetlands
G. H. Farmer, D. M. Updegraff, J. M. Lazorchak, E. R. Bates
p 78-92

Use of Amendments and Forest Reclamation

Mineland Reclamation Using Office Waste Paper De-Inking Residue
B. J. McCarthy, S. D. Monson Geerts, K. W. Johnson, T. J. Malterer
p 93-104

The Impacts of Coal Refuse/Fly Ash Bulk Blends on Water Quality and Plant Growth
B. R. Stewart, W. L. Daniels
p 105-115

Influence of Tillage and Amendments on Vegetation Establishment in Phosphogypsum
S. K. Patel, S. G. Richardson, J. B. Sartain, F. D. Rhoads
p 116-124

A Review of Ecological Factors Affecting Seed Germination of Species Used in the Reclamation of Western Australia Bauxite Mining
D. T. Bell
p 125-135

Inter-Planting Loblolly Pine with Nitrogen Fixing Nurse Trees on a Reclaimed Surface Mine in Virginia
J. L. Torbert, S. K. Brown, J. A. Burger
p 136-140

Effects of Soil Depth and Drought on Reclaimed Woodlands in West Central North Dakota
D. Nilson, D. Kirby, K. Krabbenhoft
p 141-150

Tolerance of Selected Crop and Pasture Species to Lime-Treated Acid Mine Water
W. H. Mentz, R. O. Barnard, N. F. G. Rethman
p 151-158

Effectiveness of Lime Kiln Flue Dust in Preventing Acid Mine Drainage at the Kauffman Surface Coal Mine, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania
A. W. Rose, L. B. Phelps, R. R. Parizek, D. R. Evans
p 159-174

Forage and Crop Production on Reclaimed Mine Lands

Reclamation of Prime Agricultural Land after Surface Mining Mineral Sands from the Virginia Coastal Plain: Variability in Physical and Chemical Properties and Productivity of Tailings
M. H. Stolt, J. C. Baker, D. C. Martens, J. R. McKenna
p 175-185

Transplantation of Grasslands: I. The Importance of Traditional Management Practices
R. N. Humphries, P. J. Horton, P. R. Benyon
p 186-193

Transplantation of Grasslands: II. Improvement in Field Practices and Techniques
R. N. Humphries, P. R. Benyon
p 194-201

High Intensity, Short Duration Rotational Grazing on Reclaimed Cool Season Fescue/ Legume Pastures: I. System Development
W. R. Erickson, K. E. Carlson
p 202-214

High Intensity, Short Duration Rotational Grazing on Reclaimed Cool Season Fescue/ Legume Pastures: II. Forage Production, Soil and Plant Tissue Comparisons Between Grazed and Ungrazed Pastures
K. E. Carlson, W. R. Erickson, R. C. Bonine
p 215-226

Selenium: Mining, Reclamation and Environmental Impacts

A Universal Digestion Method for the Determination of Selenium
D. J. Hassett, C. M. Lillemoen
p 227-229

Effects of Redox Petential on the Speciation of Selenium in Ground Water and Coal-Mine Backfill Materials, Wyoming
K. J. Reddy, M. J. Blaylock, G. F. Vance, R. B. See
p 230-236

Selenite and Selenate Determination in Surface Coal Mine Backfill Ground Water
K. J. Reddy, Z. Zhang, G. F. Vance
p 237-245

Role of Natural Organic Solutes on the Sorption of Selenium by Coal Mine Backfill-Core Samples from the Powder Basin, Wyoming
G. F. Vance, A. A. Fadlemawia, R. B. See, K. J. Reddy
p 246-257

Soil Selenium: Laboratory Comparisons and Soil/ Backfill Variability
R. N. Pasch, G. F. Vance
p 258-269

Factors Controlling Distribution of Selenium by Geomorphic and Pedologic Processes in a Semi-Arid Environment, Laramie Basin, Wyoming
L. C. Munn
p 270-283

Understanding Selenium Mobility by Sorption and Extraction Processes in Surface Coal Mine Spoils
S. Sharmasarkar, G. F. Vance, K. J. Reddy, R. Zhang, L. K. Spackman
p 284-289

Release, Retention and Amino Acid Interaction Selenomethionane in Reclaimed Coal Mine Environment
S. Sharmasarkar, G. F. Vance
p 290-299

Regression Analysis to Predict Selenium Levels at Two Surface Coal Mines in the Powder Basin, Wyoming
B. Schladweiler, G. F. Vance, D. E. Legg, C. Bilen
p 300-308

Selenium Uptake by Four-Wing Saltbrush and Yellow Sweet Clover as Influenced by Vesicualr-Arbuscular Mychorrhizae
p L. Wanek, G. F. Vance, S. E. Williams
p 309-316

Selenium and Mining in the Powder Basin, Wyoming: Phase I. Vegetation Analysis
L. E. Vicklund, G. F. Vance, D. G. Steward, L. K. Spackman, J. G. Luther
p 317-332

Selenium and Mining in the Powder Basin, Wyoming: Phase II. The Rooting Zone-Plant Relationship
L. K. Spackman, D. G. Steward, L. E. Vicklund, G. F. Vance, J. G. Luther
p 333-353

Selenium and Mining in the Powder Basin, Wyoming: Phase III. A Preliminary Survey of Selenium Concentrations in Deer Mice(Peromyscus maniculatus) Livers
M. F. Raisbeck, D. G. Steward, L. E. Vicklund, G. F. Vance, L. K. Spackman, J. G. Luther
p 354-361

Absorption of Excess Selenium and Sulfur by Plants and Animals
H. F. Mayland
p 362-371

Re-evaluation of Selenium Toxicity in Grazing Animals
M. F. Raisbeck, D. O'Toole, D. A. Sanchez, R. L. Simieon, J. W. Waggoner
p 372-383

Immunotoxicity of Chronic Selenium Exposure
R. A. Schamber, E. L. Belden, M. F. Raisbeck
p 384-393

Managing High Soil Selenium with Phytomediation
G. S. BaƱuelos, N. Terry, A. M. Zayed, L. L. Wu
p 394-408

Reclamation Methods and Technology in Arid/ Semiarid Regions

A Review of Reclamation and Alternate Sediment Control at Bridger Coal Company in Southwestern Wyoming
N. E. Hargis, D. C. Hartley
p 409-415

Evaluation of Desert Bloom Plus, Ion Moisture Film in Reclamation Efforts, Navajo Mine, Northwest New Mexico
D. Hyder, D. Peete, T. C. Ramsey, B. A. Buchanan
p 416-425

Water Harvesting Features Used in Mine Reclamation, Navajo Mine
T. C. Ramsey, D. C. Porterfield
p 426-431

The Effect of Selenium on Soil Suitability as Root Zone Material at Navajo Mine, New Mexico
J. R. Lane, B. A. Buchanan, T. C. Ramsey
p 432-434

Vegetation Surveys: A 12 Year History, Navajo Mine
M. K. Wood, B. A. Buchanan, P. Denetclaw, O. J. Estrada
p 435-445

Effects of One and Two Seasons of Irrigation on Vegetal Response, Navajo Mine, Northwest New Mexico
D. Hyder, H. Buchanan, B. A. Buchanan, T. C. Ramsey
p 446-456

Reclamation Technology and Abandoned Mine Lands

Reclamation Planning for Abandoned Mining Subsidence Lands in Eastern China - A Case Study
Z. Hu, H. Gu
p 457-463

Revegetation Experimentation on an Abandoned Copper Mine in California
K. Wiese, V. Claassen, G. Newton
p 464-470

Ten-Year Results from Bactericide Treated and Reclaimed Mine Land
D. Splittorf, V. Rastogi
p 471-478

Deep Mine Backfilling at Wabash Valley Correctional Institution, Carlisle, Indiana
G. G. Marino, K. A. Patel, P. H. Carr
p 479-493

Earthen Structures in Mining Areas
K. Klosek
p 494-504

Mine Wastes: Past Practices and Geochemical Processes

Metal Release Characteristics of Tailings in a Marine Environment: A Laboratory Study
p L. Drake, R. H. Lambeth, A. J. Paulson
p 505-518

Subaqueous Closures of Tailings Disposal: An Analog Case History
J. F. Lupo, A. Lewis-Russ, R. S. Popielak
p 519-527

Geochemical Characterization of Mine Drainage Sources in the Chalk Creek District, Colorado
M. E. Lanphear, R. W. Klusman, R. H. Cohen
p 528-538

Relating Sulfate Generation to a Model of Physical Flow through Waste Rock Piles: Attempts and Consequences
T. R. Wildeman, P. D. Kelsey, K. Lapakko
p 539-546

The Effects of Permafrost on the Geochemistry and Hydrology of a Metal-Sulfide Tailing Impoundment 20 Years Later
S. D. Steffens, A. Lewis-Russ, J. Jones, W. Rech
p 547-559

High Altitude Tailings Reclamation
L. F. Brown, M. J. Trlica, J. Jones
p 560-576

Mineral Reactions in a Colorado Mine Dump: Implications for Remediation in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments
G. Whitney, K. J. Esposito, K. N. Sweeney
p 577-586

Biogeochemistry and Behavior of Arsenic and Chromium in a Wet Substrate, Anaerobic Bioreactor Dominated by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
T. Ozawa, R. R. H. Cohen, R. W. Klusman
p 587-604

Regulatory: Reclamation Planning and Assessment

Application of a Watershed Computer Model to Assess Reclaimed Landform Stability in Support of a Reclamation Liability Release
M. R. Peterson, L. W. Zevenburgen, J. Cochran
p 605-616

The Observational Approach Applied to Open Pit Mine Slopes
K. A. Pease, A. L . Howard, M. C. Refer
p 617-624

Access for Exploration and Mining in Western Australian National Parks and Conservation Reserves
W. M. B. Carr, A. J. Smurthwaite
p 625-635

Petroleum and Mineral Exploration and Development in Marine Conservation Reserves in Western Australia
W. M. B. Carr
p 636-643

Long Term Measurements in Reconstructed Soils at a Coal Mine in the Plains Region of Alberta, Canada
T. M. Macyk, R. L. Faught, R. J. Logan
p 644-658

Problems Experienced in the Closing of South African Collieries
J. W. Oberholzer
p 659-666

Mine Waste: Planning for the Future

Anaconda Revegetation Treatability Study
R. J. Montgomery
p 667-680

Design of a Tailing Liner and Cover to Mitigate Potential Acid Rock Drainage: A Geochemical Engineering Project
T. Wildeman, J. J. Gusek, D. R. East, A. de Villiers
p 681-687

Tests of the Ability of Leach Materials to Support Plant Growth
R. T. F. MacAller, R. L. Franson, D. A. Bainbridge
p 688-695

Effect of Digestion Method on Neutralization Potential of Overburden Samples Containing Siderite
p Evans, J. Skousen
p 696-707

Succession of Plant Communities on Reclaimed Iron Tailing in Northern Michigan
S. G. Shetron, C. Ovanic, G. Goodman
p 708-719

Surficial Lime Slurry Application to Exposed Tailings During Wet Closure
A. Evans, Jr.
p 720-728

Revegetation of Streambank Tailings along Silver Bow Creek, Montana
F. Munshower, D. Neuman, D. Dollhopf, S. Jennings, J. Goering
p 729-740

Hydrogeologic Characterization of Local Scale Hydraulic Properties in a Weathered Acidic Minespoil
T. P. Maher, Jr. and J. J. Donovan
p 741-756

Shrub Establishment and Ecology

Seedling Failure in Atriplex(Chenopodiaceae) Due to "Damping-Off"
T. C. Ramsey, H. C. Stutz, D. Nelson
p 757-761

Development of Genetic Diversity in Atriplex
H. C. Stutz, O. J. Estrada
p 762-765

Population Trends of the Mancos Saltbush, Proatriplex Plentha from 1991 to 1995, Navajo Mine, Northwest New Mexico
D. Hyder, O. J. Estrada, H. C. Stutz, B. A. Buchanan
p 766-778

Transplanting and Establishment of Western Snowberry(Symphoricarpos occidentalis Hook.) on Reclaimed Land
J. D. Friedlander
p 779-783

Evaluation of Cultural Methods for Establishing Wyoming Big Sagebursh on Mined Lands
J. R. Cockrell, G. E. Schoman, D. T. Booth
p 784-795

Big Sage(Artemisia tridentata var. wyomingensis): A Initial Comparison of Seedling Survival Between Direct Seeding and Planting Containerized Stock
T. Miekle, L. Ballek, B. Briggs, J. Noble
p 796-800

Tree and Shrub Enrichment as Part of the Municipal Reclamation Program in Sudbury, Ontario
p J. Beckett, W. Lautenbach, J. Miller, J. Negusanti, T. Peters, J. Vining
p 801-810

Adaptation and Success of Big Sagebrush and Rubber Rabbitbrush on Disturbed Sites
E. D. McArthur, R. Stevens, S. B. Monsen
p 811-826

Poster Presentations

Computer Applications for Evaluation of Water-Quality Impacts of Coal Mining
B. A. Steele, G. E. McIntosh
p 827

Yield and Nutritive Quality of Forage Legumes on Reclaimed Surface Mined Land
D. C. Ditsch, M. Collins
p 828

Hydrological Performance of a Reconstructed Soil Profile
R. N. Humphries, P. R. Benyon, R. E. Leverton
p 829

The Buss Mine Reclamation Project, Gas Hills, Wyoming
D. L. Beahm, S. P. Morzenti
p 830

Fate of Copper, Zinc, and Nickel in Mine Drainage Treated with Anoxic Limestone Drains
G. R. Watzlaf
p 831

Selective Inhibition of Bacterial Acid Generation in an Underground Coal Mine: Preliminary Results
L. A. Brickett, H. M. Edenborn
p 832

Effects of Species, Irrigation, and Origin of Plant Material on Establishment of Transplanted Shrubs
V. W. Winkel
p 833

Succession on an Abandoned Coal Refuse Pile Stabilized with American Beachgrass
S. DePue, R. Glennon
p 834

Cased-Hole Punch Seeder
D. T. Booth
p 835

Evaluating Biodiversity of Reclaimed Landscape Units with Respect to Scale, Diversity Types, and Social Stakes
G. L. Wade, L. M. Tritton
p 836

Sequence and Importance of Events During Grass Establishment
R. E. Ries
p 837

Soil and Vegetation Development on Abandoned Iron Furnace Slag Piles in Connecticut
F. C. Smith, B. D. Lee, M. Szura, A. H. Johnson
p 838

Hydrologic Characterization of Wetlands in Surface Coal Minelands of North Dakota
S. P. Sharma, R. D. Butler
p 839

Design of Tailing Storage Facilities to Optimize Reclamation Success
D. R. East
p 840

Feasibility Concerning the neutralization of Acidic Mine Spoils Adjacent to the Roundtree Branch - Platteville, Wisconsin
D. L. Buckholtz
p 841

Revegetation and Stabilization of Deteriorated and Altered Lands, WRCC-21 Committee
D. Pyke
p 842

Land Reclamation Problems in Coal Strip Mining of Kuzbass
A. G. Netsvetaev, V. V. Mikhelchenko
p 843

The Influence of Imbibtion Temperature on Membrane Proteins of Winterfat Seedlings(ceratoides lanata(Pursh) J. T. Howell)
R. Agustrina, D. T. Booth, R. H. Abernathy
p 844

Seed Priming for Enhancing Germination Response under Water, Salt and Temperature Stress
S. P. Hardegree
p 845

Updating the Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment: Groundwater
K. T. Peacock, J. W. Kern
p 846

Integrating Geographic Information System Technology into Wyoming's Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment Process
J. D. Hamerlinck, J. R. Oakleaf, B. J. Blasko
p 847

Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment of the Powder River Basin: Surface Water Pilot Study
K. A. Voos, S. J. Neff
p 848

Open Limestone Channels for the treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
D. L. Brant, P. F. Ziemkiewicz
p 849

Microclimatic Site Profile Descriptions for Early Plant Establishment
S. P. Hardegree, F. B. Pierson, G. N. Flerchinger, G. L. Johnson, C. L. Hanson
p 850

Pilot-Scale Biotreatment of Cyanide and Metal-Containing Wastewater at the Summitville Mine Superfund Site
R. C. Fischer, K. H. Viskocil, L. Thompson, A. E. Seep, S. W. Beckman, L. Williams, J. Hubbard
p 851

Reclamation of Postmined Areas in Estonia
T. Tomberg, E. Tomberg, R. Einasto
p 852

Wyoming Abandoned Coal Mined Land Research Program

The Abandoned Coal Mine Land Research Program
W. A. Gern
p 853

A Historical Perspective on the Science of Selenium
S. E. Williams, T. Wilsted
p 854

Strategies for Establishment of Big Sagebrush(Artemisia tridenta ssp. wyomingensis) on Wyoming Mined Lands
J. R. Cockrell, G. E. Schuman, D. T. Booth
p 855

Geophysical Detection of Abandoned Mine Tunnels
A. Weedman, C. Humphreys, Y. Ganchin and S. B. Smithson
p 856-857

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Seed Quality as Influenced by Processing with an Industrial Debearder
D. T. Booth, Y. Bai, E. E. Roos
p 858

The Importance of Solid and Solution Selenium Speciation in Mobility and Plant Uptake of Selenium from Wyoming Coal Mine Land Reclamation
G. F. Vance, S. Sharmasarkar, K. J. Reddy, L. K. Spackman
p 859

Toxicologic Evaluation of Chronic Selenosis in Wyoming Herbivores
M. F. Raisbeck, D. O'Toole, E. L. Belden, J. W. Waggoner, E. T. Thorne
p 860

Relationship Between Soil Selenium Concentrations and Selenium Uptake by Vegetation on Surface Coal Mine Lands in Wyoming
G. F. Vance, B. K. Schladweiler, R. N. Pasch, M. S. Page
p 861

Geomorphic Classification and Design of Drainage Systems in the Powder River Coal Field of Wyoming
T. A. Wesche, H, Lowham, R. Daddow, L. Jensen, A. Anderson, S. Noecker
p 862

Stability Evaluation for Designed Ephemeral Channels in Wyoming
S. L. Rathburn, T. Hanlin, P. A. Rachard, D. R. Jensen
p 863

Essential Hydrologic Functions of Playas in the Powder River Basin of Northeastern Wyoming
V. R. Hasfurther, L. C. Munn, M. A. Smith, K. A. Curtis, L. I. Williams
p 864

Goechemical Processes and the Role of Natural Organic Solutes on the Solubility of Selenium in Coal Mine Backfill Aquifers, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
R. B. See, G. F. Vance, K. J. Reddy, A. A. Fadlelmawla
p 866

Handbook of Western Reclamation Techniques
F. K. Ferris
p 867