11th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 24-29, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume 4: Abandoned Mine Lands and Topical Issues

Table of Contents

Subsidence - Reclamation, Characterization

Investigation of a Subsidence Event Near Flushing, Ohio
C. M. Ledney, J. L. Hawk
p 2-10

Shawnee National Forest Subsidence Study
U. Jansons, D. D. Gese
p 11-18

Resolving Abandoned Mine Conditions Susceptible to Surface Subsidence
K. K. Cohen, M. A. Trevits
p 19-28

Remote Sensing of Abandoned Mine Works Using Downhole Radio Imaging Techniques
D. F. List, J. G. Schotsch, G. G. Marino
p 29-38

Development of a Concrete Placement Device for Support of Abandoned Mines
M. Burnett, T. El-Korchi, J. M. Burnett
p 39-47

Full-Scale Evaluation of the Performance of Grout Column Supports for Mine Subsidence Abatement
T. M. Barczak, D. F. Gearhart, R. C. Dyni
p 48-56

Subsidence - Structural Response

Mining-Induced Surface Damage and the Study of Countermeasures
C. Jixian
p 57-65

Retaining Walls on Subsidence Areas
B. K. Boczkaj
p 66-73

Serviceability Criteria for Buildings in Mine Subsidence Area - Adjustment to Eurocodes
M. Kawulok, Z. Sulimowski
p 74-80

Reinforcement of Residential Masonry Foundations to Minimize Damage Due to Mining-Induced Subsidence
R. A. Allwes, C. P. Mangelsdorf
p 81-90

Mine Subsidence Event at Washington West Apartments
D. B. Wilson, M. W. Weber, J. Purdy, P. Acker
p 91-100

Prevention of Damage to Highways and Railroads in Mining Areas
K. Klosek
p 101-110

Mine Subsidence Control Projects Associated with Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
R. M. Wood
p 111-120

Abandoned Mine Land Studies

The Use of Containment Barriers and Fire Fighting Foams for the Extinguishment of Coal Waste Bank Fires: A Laboratory Study
J. R. Jones, A. G. Kim, A. M. Kociban
p 121-128

Cryogenic Slurry Method to Extinguish Waste Bank Fires
A. G. Kim, A. M. Kociban
p 129-138

Mine Fire Diagnostics at the Large Mine Site
A. G. Kim, L. E. Dalverny
p 139-147

Temperature Induced Changes in Magnetic Susceptibility of Pittsburgh Coal Seam Strata
L. E. Dalverny
p 148-152

Physical Properties of Kentucky's AML Landslides: Case Studies Analyzed
A. T. Iannacchione, J. Sefton, L. E. Vallejo
p 153-162

Reclamation of Abandoned Underground Mines in the United Kingdom
D. Brook
p 163-171

Mine Hydrology - Topical Issues

Some Approaches to Determine the Potential Influence of Longwall Mining on Ground Water Resources
D. Elsworth, J. Liu, Z. Ouyang
p 172-179

Evaluation of the Long Term Impact on Domestic and Farm Groundwater Supplies Under Pennsylvania Longwall Mining Conditions
T. D. A. Donahue, R. R. Parizek
p 180-189

Application of an Analytical Ground Water Flow Model to a Pseudokarst Setting in a Surface Coal Mine Spoil
W. W. Aljoe
p 190-198

Investigation of Metal and Nonmetal Ion Migration through an Active Phosphogypsum Stack
O. C. Carter, Jr., C. W. Smith, B. J. Scheiner
p 199-207

Mine Waste - Topical Issues

Geophysical Methods: Remote Techniques Applied to Mining-Related Environmental and Engineering Problems
T. E. Ackman, K. K. Cohen
p 208-217

Acid Mine Drainage Abatement Using Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash Grout After Geophysical Site Characterization
J. Schueck, T. Ackman, and B Scheetz
p 218-227

Disposing of Coal Combustion Residues in Inactive Surface Mines: Effects on Water Quality
A. G. Kim, T. E. Ackman
p 228-236

Determination of Metal Adsorption Capacity of Soils for Disposal of Mining Process Solutions by Land Application
E. Spotts, W. M. Schafer
p 237-243

Aerial and Aqueous Dispersion of Inorganic Contaminants - Significance for the Cornish Farming Industry
C. P. Waller, R. P. Edwards, C. Wilkins
p 244-253

Assessment of an Inactive Cyanide Heap Leach Stack Located in the Southeastern United States
J. R. Boyle, C. W. Smith
p 254-263

Policy Issues

The Bureau of Land Management Acid Rock Drainage Policy an Evolution in Environmental Protection
R. D. Williams
p 264-268

The Environmental Management Programme Route to Integrated Environmental Management: A South African Mining Industry Perspective
J. C. Greeff
p 269-274

Review of Canadian Legislation Relevant to Decommissioning Acid Mine Drainage Sites
I. Reichenbach
p 275-284

ARD Policy for Mine Sites in British Columbia
W. A. Price, J. C. Errington
p 285-293

Vegetation Productivity Equation Compatibility with Selected State Environmental Reclamation Laws and Regulations
J. B. Burley
p 294-303

The Development of a Field Method for Evaluating the Success of Reclamation Efforts on Abandoned Mine Lands
I. L. Hunsberger, L. H. Michaud
p 304-313

Poster Session Manuscripts

Continuous Lift Piers: Damage Repair and Response During Subsidence
E. C. Drumm, R. M. Bennett, G. Lin, D. B. Raaf, D. Daugherty
p 314-321

Pipelines and Subsidence: Overlooked in SMCRA
R. Emison, R. J. Shostak
p 322-328

Overview of Mine Subsidence Insurance Programs in the United States
D. K. Ingram
p 329-336

Overburden Deformation Due to Longwall Mining; Its Development and Final Distribution
D. K. Ingram, M. A. Trevits, P. W. Jeran
p 337-344

Response of Surface Springs to Longwall Coal Mining Wasatch Plateau, Utah
L. L. M. Kadnuck
p 345-351

The Mining Environment Database on Abandoned Mines, Acid Mine Drainage and Land Reclamation
G. J. Kelly, R. J. Slater
p 352-357

How to Build a Coalition for AMD Amelioration in a Watershed. A Case History: Mill Creek of Jefferson and Clarion Counties, PA
T. Morrow, P. Dalby, B. Spozio, G. Swope
p 358-363

An Introduction to Land Reclamation Practices in China
D. Peng, B. Li
p 364-367

Disturbance of Surface Stream Due to Longwall Mining
F. F. Peng, Z. Sun, S. S. Peng
p 368-375

Electromagnetic and Gravimetric Mapping of a Partly Collapsed Underground Limestone Mine in Clark County, IN
R. M. René, C. H. Ault, S. S. Frushour
p 376-383

The Potential and Prospects for Alleviating Longwall-Mining Concerns Through the Use of Backstowing
M. J. Sanzotti, S. B. Bealko, C. J. Bise
p 384-391

Effects of Longwall Mining Subsidence on Ground Water Levels Within a Watershed Hydraulically Isolated from Mine Drainage
B. Staszewski
p 392-398

Consolidation Behavior of Oil Sand Fine Tailings
N. N. Suthaker, J. D. Scott
p 399-406

Computer Aids Land Reclamation Plan in Mine Areas
B. Zhengfu, W. Junsheng, W. Tongji
p 407-412