11th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 24-29, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume 3: Reclamation and Revegetation

Table of Contents

Productivity Criteria for Restored Sites

Methodology for Monitoring Land Reclamation of Coal Mining Dumps
C. Val, A. Gil
p 2-11

Comparison of Potential Soil Productivity Prior to and Following Mining
A. S. Rogowski
p 12-19

The Use of Productivity Index to Predict Corn Yields on Restored Prime Farmland
R. I. Barnhisel, J. M. Hower
p 20-27

Improving Land Restoration in Britain by Better Timing of Soil Movements
M. J. Reeve
p 28-37

Use of Cone Penetrometer Data to Evaluate Prime Farmland Rooting Media
R. E. Dunker, S. L. Vance, C. L. Hooks, R. G. Darmody
p 38-47

Measuring Mine Soil Productivity for Forests
J. A. Burger, J. E. Johnson, J. A. Andrews, J. L. Torbert
p 48-56

Ecological Restoration

The Restoration of Species-Rich Grassland on Reclaimed Land
A. D. Kendle
p 57-66

Raptor Use of Revegetated Coal Strip Mine Spoils in Interior Alaska
C. L. Elliott
p 67-72

Ecology of a Brazilian Bauxite Mine Abandoned for Fifty Years
J. S. Lorenzo, J. J. Griffith, I. Jucksch, A. L. de Souze, M. G. F. Reis, A. B. do Vale
p 73-82

Relocation and Restoration in Limestone Quarries: Implications for Invertebrate Communities Following Two Extreme Forms of Management
W. R. Cullen, C. P. Wheater
p 83-92

Ecological Dynamics of a Created Seasonal Wetland in North Dakota
D. R. Kirby, K. D. Krabbenhoft, M. E. Biodini, G. P. Summers
p 93-101

Biotic Development Comparisons of a Wetland Constructed to Treat Mine Water Drainage With a Natural Wetland System
H. J. Webster, M. J. Lacki, J. W. Hummer
p 102-110

Ecological Benefits of Passive Wetland Treatment Systems Designed for Acid Mine Drainage: With Emphasis on Watershed Restoration
E. C. Mccleary, D. A. Kepler
p 111-119

Soil Amendments

Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproducts as Amendments for Acid Agricultural Soils
R. C. Stehouwer, P. Sutton, W. A. Dick
p 120-128

Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproducts as Amendments for Reclamation of Acid Mine Spoil
W. A. Dick, R. C. Stehouwer, J. H. Beeghly, J. M. Bigham, R. Lal
p 129-138

Influence of Amendments on Phosphogypsum Chemical Characteristics and Bermudagrass Growth
S. K. Patel, J. B. Sartain, S. G. Richardson
p 139-148

Growth and Development of Snow Buckwheat (Eriogonum Niveum) on Xeric Mine Spoils of an Abandoned Uranium Mine in Eastern Washington
B. A. Zamora, J. W. Leier
p 149-158

Direct Revegetation of Fly Ash - A Greenhouse Study
R. I. Barnhisel
p 159-165

Influences of Humic and Fulvic Acids and Organic Matter on Leachate Chemistry from Acid Coal Spoil
C. E. Gentry, G. S. Walton, W. H. Davidson, G. L. Wade
p 166-174

Revegetation of Mine Waste

Reclaiming Coarse Taconite Tailing with Municipal Solid Waste Compost
G. D. Melchert, A. P. Eger, Z. Kassa, S. W. Dewar
p 175-183

Reclamation of Phosphogypsum in Florida: Effects of an Overburden Cap
S. G. Richardson
p 184-193

Fractionation of Heavy Metals in Organically Amended Mine Lands
M. R. Norland
p 194-202

Growth and Trace Metal Content of Poplars Planted on Tailing Treated with Municipal Solid Waste Compost
S. W. Dewar, M. R. Norland
p 203-211

Post-mining Land Use

Reclaiming Abandoned Mining Sites: Reurbanization Concepts and Examples
D. D. Genske, P. Noll
p 212-220

Project D.I.R.T.: A Landscape Architect's Excavation
J. Bargmann
p 221-225

Influence of Grading Intensity on Ground Cover Establishment, Erosion, and Tree Establishment on Steep Slopes
J. L. Torbert, J. A. Burger
p 226-231

Physical Criteria for the Design and Assessment of Restoration Schemes in the United Kingdom
R. N. Humphries, G. E. McQuire
p 232-240

Quantifying Topographic Differences Between Premining and Reclaimed Landscapes at a Large Surface Coal Mine
J. D. Friedlander
p 241-248

Modeling Agricultural Impacts of Longwall Mine Subsidence: A GIS Approach
R. G. Darmody, S. L. Vance
p 249-256


Effectiveness of Treatments to Establish Trees on Minelands During Drought and Wet Years
M. M. Larson, D. A. Kost, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 257-266

Development of Broadleaved Woodland on Colliery and Open Pit Coal Mines in the United Kingdom
R. N. Humphries, G. E. McQuire
p 267-276

Tree Establishment on Phosphate Mined Lands in Florida as Affected by Plant Interactions
S. G. Richardson, A. F. Clewell, C. D. Johnson
p 277-284

Influence of Seeding Level upon Plant Community Dynamics on Reclaimed Mined Lands in Pennsylvania
B. E. Washburn, H. B. Hughes, G. L. Storm
p 285-294

Ground Cover and Tree Growth on Calcareous Minesoils: Greater Influence of Soil Surface than Nitrogen Rate or Seed Mix
D. A. Kost, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 295-304

Poster Session Manuscripts

The Potential of In Situ Amendments to Improve Alder Establishment in Pots of Metalliferous Mine Waste
p H. Abrutat, R. P. Edwards, C. Wilkins
p 305-312

Hybrid Pine for Tough Sites
W. H. Davidson
p 313-315

The Technique of Reclaiming Subsidence Areas by Use of A Hydraulic Dredge Pump in Chinese Coal Mines
Z. Hu, L. Chen, J. Lin, H. Liu
p 316-323

Restoration of Pyritic Colliery Waste with Sewage Sludge in the Midlands Coalfield, England. United Kingdom
R. N. Humphries, G. E. McQuire, M. Sly
p 324-329

Cheese Whey as an Amendment to Disturbed Lands: Effects on Soil Hydraulic Properties
G. A. Lehrsch, C. W. Robbins
p 330-336

Estimates of Nitrogen Availability of Poultry Manure and Sewage Sludge Amended in Mined Prime Farmlands
Q. Zhai, R. I. Barnhisel
p 337-342