11th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 24-29, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume 2: Mine Drainage

Table of Contents

Drainage - Case Studies

Hard-Rock Mine Closure Case Study - Cyprus Copperstone Mine
S. H. Miller, D. Van Zyl, G. R. Burns, K. Markkola
p 2-11

The Gibraltar North Project Assessing Acid Rock Drainage
R. J. L. Patterson, K. D. Ferguson
p 12-21

Regulatory Controlled Design - Louvicourt Project - A Case Study
M. P. Filion, F. W. Firotte, M. R. Julien, P. F. Lacombe
p 22-31

Decommissioning of Tailings and Waste Rock Areas at Stekenjokk, Sweden
p G. Broman, T. Göransson
p 32-40

Evaluation of Acid Prevention Techniques Used in Surface Mining
F. A. Meek, Jr.
p 41-48

Control of Mine Drainage - General

Long Term Behavior of Acid Forming Rock: Results of 11-Year Field Studies
p F. Ziemkiewicz, F. A. Meek, Jr.
p 49-56

Surface Chemical Methods of Forming Hardpan in Pyrrhotite Tailings and Prevention of the Acid Mine Drainage
S. M. Ahmed
p 57-66

International Perspective on the Role of Acid Generation in Selecting Decommissioning Techniques for Uranium Mining Sites in Eastern Germany
D. G. Feasby, D. B. Chambers, J. M. Scharer, C. M. Pettit, R. G. Dakers, M. H. Goldsworthy
p 67-76

Evaluation of Acid Generating Rock and Acid Consuming Rock Mixing to Prevent Acid Rock Drainage
S. J. Day
p 77-86

Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage by the Porous Envelope Effect
L. C. St-Arnaud, B. C. Aubé, M. E. Wiseman, S. R. Aiken
p 87-95

Potential Microencapsulation of Pyrite by Artificial Inducement of Fe-PO4 Coatings
V. P. Evangelou
p 96-103

Control of Acid Mine Drainage - Dry Covers

Shotcrete As A Cementitious Cover for Acid Generating Waste Rock Piles
C. E. Jones, J. Y. Wong
p 104-112

Evaluation of A Composite Soil Cover to Control Acid Waste Rock Pile Drainage
A. V. Bell, M. D. Riley, E. K. Yanful
p 113-121

Controlling Acid Mine Drainage Using an Organic Cover: The Case of the East Sullivan Mine, Abitibi Quebec
R. L. Tremblay
p 122-127

Column Tests Investigation of Milling Wastes Properties Used to Build Cover Systems
M. Aachib, M. Aubertin, R. P. Chapuis
p 128-137

Field and Laboratory Performance of Engineered Covers on the Waite Amulet Tailings
E. K. Yanful, B. C. Aubé, M. Woyshner, L. C. St-Arnaud
p 138-147

Composted Organic Wastes as Anaerobic Reducing Covers for Long Term Abandonment of Acid-Generating Tailing
W. G. Pierce, N. Belzile, M. E. Wiseman, K. Winterhalder
p 148-157

Mine Hydrology

Compaction Behaviour of Lightly Cemented Sandstone as a Result of Dewatering
H. R. Nikraz, M. E. Press, A. W. Evans
p 158-167

Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage Remediation Schemes on Ground Water Flow Regimes at a Reclaimed Mine Site
M. A. Gabr, J. J. Bowders, M. S. Runner
p 168-177

Hydrologic and Water Quality Characteristics of a Partially-Flooded, Abandoned Underground Coal Mine
W. W. Aljoe
p 178-187

The Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of the Star Fire Site, Eastern Kentucky
D. R. Wunsch, J. S. Dinger
p 188-197

Hydrogeologic Evaluation and Water Balance of A Thickened Tailings Deposit Near Timmins, ON, Canada
M. R. Woyshner, L. St-Arnaud
p 198-207

The Pore-Water Geochemistry of the Cu-Zn Mine Tailings at Kidd Creek, Near Timmins, Ontario, Canada
T. A. Al, D. W. Blowes, J. L. Jambor
p 208-217

Poster Session Manuscripts

Laboratory Testing of Coatings for Prevention of Acid Drainage in Underground Coal Mines
R. L. Adams, J. J. Ninesteel, H. W. Rauch
p 218-225

Engineering Evaluation of Amended Fly Ash for Hydraulic Barriers
J. J. Bowders, Jr., M. A. Gabr, E. M. Boury, R. C. Baker
p 226-233

Mobilization of Mercury from a Gossan Tailings Pile, Murray Brook Precious Metal Vat Leaching Operation, New Brunswick, Canada
D. R. Boyle, C. N. Smith
p 234-241

Geochemical and Geohydrological Characteristics of Bedrock and Spoil from Two Methods of Mining at A Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine, Clarion County, PA. USA
C. A. Cravotta, III, K. B. C. Brady, L. C. Gustafson-Minnich, M. R. DiMatteo
p 242-249

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage by Passive Treatment Systems
B. B. Faulkner, J. G. Skousen
p 250-257

The Relevance of the Intrinsic Oxidation Rate to the Evolution of Polluted Drainage from a Pyritic Waste Rock Dump
D. K. Gibson, G. Pantelis, A. I. M. Ritchie
p 258-264

Modeling of a Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine Spoil Aquifer Using MODFLOW
J. W. Hawkins
p 265-272

New Functional Polymers as Sorbents for the Selective Recovery of Toxic Heavy Metals from Acid Mine Drainage
K. L. Hubbard, G. D. Darling, S. R. Rao, J. A. Finch
p 273-280

Hydrologic Assessment of Wellhead Protection in the Vicinity of A Room-and-Pillar Coal Mine
p M. Jones, J. L. Ellenberger
p 281-288

The Role of Sulfate and Ionic Strength on the Shift from Acid to Alkaline Mine Drainage in Southwest Pennsylvania
p M. Jones, S. M. Mulvay, D. Fish
p 289-295

The Application of Ecological Engineering to Acid Coal Seepages in Eastern Canada
M. Kalin, M. P. Smith, G. Landry
p 296-302

In Situ Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage by Sulphate Reducing Bacteria in Open Pits: Scale-Up Experiences
N. Kuyucak, P. St-Germain
p 303-310

Possible Options for In Situ Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Seepages
N. Kuyucak, P. St-Germain
p 311-318

Use of Bactericides to Control Acid Mine Drainage from Surface Operations
D. Parisi, J. Horneman, V. Rastogi
p 319-325

Evaluation of Humidity Cell Parameters Their Effect on Precision and Repeatability
D. L. Pool, R. M. Balderrama
p 326-333

Simulated Weathering of Pyritic Shale with Added Limestone and Lime
W. Rose, G. A. Daub
p 334-340

AMD Cleanup Using Natural Zeolites
L. E. Schultze, M. J. Zamzow, P. R. Bremner
p 341-347

A Demonstration of the Feasibility of Treating Acid Mine Drainage by an In Situ Electrochemical Method
G. Shelp, W. Chesworth, G. Spiers, L. Liu
p 348-355

An Evaluation of a Peat-Wood Chip-Microflora Admixture to Act as an Ameliorant for Acid Mine Drainage
G. Shelp, G. Southam, G. Spiers, L. Liu, W. Chesworth
p 356-362

Mass Balance Assessment of Initial Weathering Processes Derived from Oxygen Consumption Rates in Waste Sulfide Ore
B. Strömberg, S. Banwart, J. W. Bennett, and A.I.M. Ritchie
p 363-370

Iron and Manganese Dynamics in Laboratory Wetland Mesocosms: Implications for Coal Mine Drainage Treatment
W. J. Tarutis, Jr., R. F. Unz
p 371-378

Laboratory and Pilot-Scale Studies on the Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage at A Closed Gold-Mining Operation in California
T. Wildeman, J. Cevaal, K. Whiting, J. Gusek, J. Scheuering
p 379-386

Proof-of-Principle Studies for Passive Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage and Mill Tailing Solutions from a Gold Operation in Nevada
T. R. Wildeman, L. H. Filipek, J. Gusek
p 387-394

AMD/TIME: A Simple Spreadsheet for Predicting Acid Mine Drainage
p F. Ziemkiewicz
p 395-400