11th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 24-29, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume 1: Mine Drainage

Table of Contents

Modeling Mine Water Quality

Assessing the Risk of ARD
K. D. Ferguson, J. D. Robertson
p 2-11

An Empirical Technique for Predicting the Chemistry of Water Seeping from Mine-Rock Piles
K. A. Morin, N. M. Hutt
p 12-19

Assessment of Contaminant Load Changes Caused by Remining Abandoned Coal Mines
J. W. Hawkins
p 20-29

Mathematical Simulation of A Waste Rock Heap
J. M. Scharer, C. M. Pettit, D. B. Chambers, E. C. Kwong
p 30-39

Modeling Recharge and Runoff to Predict Copper and Zinc Transport from Lime Amended Tailings at the Silver Bow Creek CERCLA Site
W. M. Schafer, J. G. Goering, T. R. Grady, E. Spotts, D. R. Neuman
p 40-49

Modeling Field-Scale Transport of Weathering Products in Mining Waste Rock Dumps
N. Eriksson, G. Destouni
p 50-59

Water Treatment With Wetlands

Best Professional Judgement Analysis for Constructed Wetlands As A Best Available Technology for the Treatment of Post-Mining Groundwater Seeps
W. W. Hellier, E. F. Giovannitti, P. T. Slack
p 60-69

Evaluation of Acidic Mine Drainage Treatment in Constructed Wetland Systems
J. M. Dietz, R. G. Watts, D. M. Stidinger
p 70-79

Metal Removal in Wetland Treatment Systems
p Eger, J. R. Wagner, Z. Kassa, G. D. Melchert
p 80-88

Iron Retention and Vegetative Cover at the SIMCO Constructed Wetland: An Appraisal Through Year Eight of Operation
L. R. Stark, F. M. Williams, S. E. Stevens, Jr., D. P. Eddy
p 89-98

Manganese and Iron Removal from Coal Mine Drainage by Use of a Green Algae-Microbial Mat Consortium
p Phillips, J. Bender, R. Simms, S. Rodriguez-Eaton, C. Britt
p 99-108

Arsenic and Nickel Removal by Wetland Sediments
A. Fyson, M. Kalin, L. W. Adrian
p 109-118

Predicting Mine Water Quality

Early Weathering Behavior of Pyritic Coal Spoil Piles Interstratified With Chemical Amendments
J. J. Donovan, P. F. Ziemkiewicz
p 119-128

Evaluation of Neutralization Potential Determinations for Metal Mine Waste and a Proposed Alternative
K. A Lapakko
p 129-137

Evaluation of Acid-Base Accounting to Predict the Quality of Drainage at Surface Coal Mines in Pennsylvania, U.S.A
K. B. C. Brady, E. F. Perry, R. L. Beam, D. C. Bisko, M. D. Gardner, J. M. Tarantino
p 138-147

Observed Preferential Depletion of Neutralization Potential over Sulfide Minerals in Kinetic Tests: Site-Specific Criteria for Safe NP/AP Ratios
K. A. Morin, N. M. Hutt
p 148-156

Chemical Predictive Modeling of Acid Mine Drainage from Waste Rock: Model Development and Comparison of Modeled Output to Experimental Data
W. W. White, III, E. M. Trujillo, C. Lin
p 157-166

Weathering Behaviour of Mine Tailings and Waste Rock: A Surface Investigation
S. J. Domvile, M. G. Li, D. D. Sollner, W. Nesbitt
p 167-176

Developments in Prediction and Management of Acid Forming Mine Wastes in Australia and Southeast Asia
S. D. Miller, J. J. Jeffery, T. A. Donohue
p 177-184

Water Treatment - Chemical

The Effects of Anoxic Limestone Drains on Mine Water Chemistry
R. S. Hedin, G. R. Watzlaf
p 185-194

Successive Alkalinity-Producing Systems (SAPS) for the Treatment of Acidic Mine Drainage
D. A. Kepler, E. C. McCleary
p 195-204

The Biosulfide Process: Integrated Biological/Chemical Acid Mine Drainage Treatment - Results of Laboratory Piloting
M. V. Rowley, D. D. Warkentin, V. T. Van, B. M. Piroshco
p 205-213

Bench-Scale Test to Selectively Recover Metals from Metal Mine Drainage Using Biogenic H2S
R. W. Hammack, D. H. Dvorak, H. M. Edenborn
p 214-222

Prospect of Metal Recovery/Recycle from Acid Mine Drainage
S. R. Rao, N. Kuyucak, T. Sheremata, M. Leroux, J. A. Finch, K. G. Wheeland
p 223-232

Pipeline Treatment of A Metal Mine Drainage Containing Copper and Zinc
C. C. Hustwit, R. G. Sykes
p 233-240

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage by the High Density Sludge Process
D. J. Murdock, J. R. W. Fox, J. G. Bensley
p 241-249

Control of AMD - Wet Covers

Subaqueous Disposal of Reactive Mine Waste: An Overview and Update of Case Studies - MEND/CANADA
W. W. Fraser, J. D. Robertson
p 250-259

The Laboratory Quality Assurance Component of Environmental Monitoring: A Case Study Involving Subaqueous Tailings Research
A. W. Maynard, K. B Thomas
p 260-269

Subaqueous Disposal of Mine Waste: Laboratory Investigation
K. A. Lapakko
p 270-278

Water Covers for the Decommissioning of Sulfidic Mine Tailings Impoundments
L. St-Arnaud
p 279-287

Geochemistry of Submerged Tailings in Anderson Lake, Manitoba: Recent Results
T. F. Pedersen, J. J. McNee, B. Mueller, D. H. Flather, C. A. Pelletier
p 288-296

Water Cover on Acid Generating Uranium Tailings - Laboratory and Field Studies
N. K. Davé, A. J. Vivyurka
p 297-306

Site Characterization Monitoring

Sediment Quality Assessment near Two Ontario Mine Sites: How Relevant Are the Provincial Guidelines?
R. Prairie, P. McKee
p 307-316

Applications of Geophysical Methods for Monitoring Acid Mine Drainage
A. R. King, T. Hynes
p 317-326

Methodology for Locating and Quantifying Acid Mine Drainage in Ground Waters Entering Surface Waters
D. R. Lee, R. Dal Bianco
p 327-335

Effects of Increased Iron Concentrations on the Mobility of Cadmium, Copper and Zinc in Leachates after Remedial Actions at an Old Sulfidic Mine Waste Site
K. Håkansson, S. Karlsson, B. Allard
p 336-345

High-Frequency Geochemical Monitoring of Toe Seepage from Mine-Rock Dumps, BHP Minerals' Island Copper Mine, British Columbia
K. A. Morin, I. A. Horne, D. Riehm
p 346-354

Internal Hydrogeologic Monitoring of an Acidic Waste Rock Dump at Westmin Resources' Myra Falls Operations, British Columbia
K. A. Morin, C. E. Jones, R. P. Van Dyk
p 355-364

Control of AMD - Alkaline Addition

Effects of Selective Handling of Pyritic, Acid-Forming Materials on the Chemistry of Pore Gas and Ground Water at A Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine, Clarion County, PA, USA
C. A. Cravotta III, D. L. Dugas, K. B. C. Brady, T. E. Kovalchuk
p 365-374

Alkaline Overburden Addition to Acid-Producing Materials to Prevent Acid Mine Drainage
J. Skousen, G. Larew
p 375-381

Concentrated Alkaline Recharge Pools for Acid Seep Abatement: Principles, Design, Construction, and Performance
J. R. Nawrot, P. S. Conley, J. E. Sandusky
p 382-391

Coal Refuse Disposal Using Engineering Design and Lime Chemistry
D. H. Rich, K. R. Hutchinson
p 392-399

Mine Water Geochemistry

Oxidation Rates and Pollution Loads in Drainage; Correlation of Measurements in a Pyritic Waste Rock Dump
J. W. Bennett, D. K. Gibson, A. I. M. Ritchie, Y. Tan, P. G. Broman, H. Jönsson
p 400-409

Monitoring Gaseous and Liquid Flux in Sulfide Waste Rock
W. M. Schafer, S. Smith, C. Luckay, T. Smith
p 410-418

Comparison of Duluth Complex Rock Dissolution in the Laboratory and Field
K. A. Lapakko
p 419-428

Acid-Neutralization Reactions in Inactive Mine Tailings Impoundments and their Effect on the Transport of Dissolved Metals
D. W. Blowes, C. J. Ptacek, E. O. Frind, R. H. Johnson, W. D. Robertson, J. W. Molson
p 429-438