10th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, May 16-19, 1993, Spokane, Washington

Table of Contents

Symposium: An Ecological Approach to Mined Land Reclamation

Historical Perspectives of Ecological Reclamation
R. Ries
p 3-13

Microbial Succession as it Relates to Plant Succession on Mine Sites
D. Klein
p 14-22

Assessing Physiological Requirements of Plant Species as a Prerequisite for Their Use in Mine Reclamation
R. Nowak
p 23-29

The Roles of Colonization and Succession in the Reclamation of Mine Sites
K. Winterhalder
p 30-53

Nutrient Availability and Demand Relative to Successional Status of Acid Mine Revegetation Species
D. Zabowski, R. Everett, G. Sherer
p 54-64

Integration of Mine Reclamation in Semiarid Rangelands
C. Ross, J. Young
p 65-76

Hydrology/soils Technical Session

Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment for an Iowa Coal Mine
D. K. Bhatnagar
p 77-88

Delineation of Near-Surface Preferential Pathways of Contaminant Transport within the Unsaturated Zone Using Soil-Gas: A New Method for Hydrogeological Site Characterization and Evaluation
F. Kirschner, R. Williams
p 89-99

Use of Tension Infiltrometers for Estimating Unsaturated Flow Properties of Mine Wastes
M. Linne
p 100-115

Application of the WEPP Model to Surface Mine Reclamation
W. J. Elliot, W. Qiong, A. V. Elliot
p 116-126

Synthetic Soils from Industrial and Municipal Wastes
L. Drake, A. Poitra
p 127-143

Status of Soil Water in Surface Coal Minelands of West Central North Dakota (1989-1992)
P. Sharma, F. Carter, G. Halvorson
p 144-154

Treatment of Wastewater on Surface-Mined Lands in Southern West Virginia
K. L. Owens, J. G. Skousen
p 155-164

Acid Mine Drainage - Metal

Water Sampling Procedures and Analytical Results from the Sulfur Bank Mercury Mine, Lake County, California
J. R. Benham
p 165-174

Investigation of Metal and Nonmetal Ion Migration through an Inactive Phosphogypsum Stack
O. Carter, C. Smith, B. Scheiner
p 175-184

Laboratory Determination of Parameters Influencing Metal Dissolution from Sulfidic Waste Rock
R. Doepker
p 185-203

Magnesium Hydroxide as a Treatment for Acid Mine Drainage in Northern Minnesota
P. Eger, G. Melchert, D. Antonson, J. Wagner
p 204-217

Factors Controlling the Release and Attenuation of Contaminants in a Sulfidic Tailings Impoundment
B. Stewart, R. Lambeth, B. Williams
p 218-235

Hydrogeological Evaluation of an In-Situ Leach Cell in Abandoned Mine and Mill Wastes at the Kellogg, Idaho Superfund Site
F. Kirschner, R. Williams
p 236-248

Acid Mine Drainage - Coal

Geochemistry of Water in the Fort Union Formation of the Northern Powder River Basin, Southeastern Montana
R. W. Lee
p 249-265

Influence of Fly Ash, Topsoil, Lime, and Rock-P on Acid Mine Drainage from Coal Refuse
M. Jackson, B. Stewart, W. Daniels
p 266-276

Hydrogeochemistry and Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Southern China
G. Fang, Y. Hong
p 277-283

Composition and Pyrite Morphology of Materials Separated from Coal
Y. L. Zhang, R. W. Blanchar, R. D. Hammer
p 284-296

Revegetation and Ecology

Effect of Clipping on Dry Matter Accumulation, Forage Quality and Legume Persistence on Reclaimed Surface Mine Lands
D. Ditsch, M. Collins, R. Turley, W. Thom
p 297-299

Revegetation Potential of Coal Wastes Piles in Northern China
Z. Hu, Q. Wang
p 300-306

Species Richness on Five Partially Reclaimed Kentucky Surface Mines
G. L. Wade, R. Thompson
p 307-314

Revegetation Methods and Successes at the Black Thunder Mine, Campbell County, Wyoming
R. L. Moore
p 315-324

Health of Plants and Soil Salvaged for Revegetation at a Mojave Desert Gold Mine
R. Franson, G. Bernath
p 325-328

Soil Depth, Quality and Herbaceous Yield Relationships on Reclaimed Grasslands
D. R. Kirby, K. Krabbenhoft, M. Biondini, D. Fox, D. Nilson, G. Halvorson
p 329-333

Neo-sol Vegetation Productivity Equations for Reclaiming Disturbed Landscapes: Central Florida Example
J. B. Burley, A. Bauer
p 334-347

Influence of Soil Fertility on Botanical Composition of Rehabilitated Pastures in South Africa
N. Rethman, P. Tanner
p 348-355

Forage Beef Production and Water Use from Season-long Reclaimed and Native Pastures
R. E. Ries, L. Hofmann
p 356-370

Propagation and Out-Planting of Vaccinium scoparium for Basin Creek Mining, Basin, Montana
L. Ballek
p 371-376

The City of Anaconda Erosion Control and Stabilization of "C" Hill
L. Holzworth, J. Schaefer, G. Green, T. Wiersum
p 377-384

Tailings Reclamation Technical Session

Standing Crop Biomass and Cover on Amended Coarse Taconite Iron Ore Tailings
M. R. Norland, D. Veith, S. Dewar
p 385-415

Vegetation Establishment on Phosphogypsum in Florida: Effects of Soil Amendments
S. G. Richardson
p 416-425

The Effect of VA Mycorrhizae on Shoot Biomass and P Uptake of Grasses Used to Revegetate Coarse Taconite Iron Ore Tailing
R. K. Noyd, F. Pfleger, M. Russelle
p 426-435

Five Different Vegetative Stabilization Methods Used on Copper Tailings in Central Arizona
B. Gentner, S. Bengson
p 436-442

Dust Control Measures at ASARCO's Troy Unit Tailing Impoundment
I. A. Erickson
p 443-446

Underground Disposal of Mill Tailings in Mined-Out Areas of FMC Wyoming Corporation Trona Mine
M. M. Bithell
p 447-452

Acid Mine Reclamation - The Midnight Mine

Midnite Uranium Mine - Hydrologic Research and Characterization
B. C. Williams, J. A. Riley
p 455-466

Hydrochemistry of an Inactive Uranium Mine
A. D. Marcy
p 467-488

Reactivity of Stockpiled Material at Midnite Mine: a Preliminary Evaluation
P. B. Altringer, L. J. Froisland
p 489-504

Reclamation Planning

Exploration and Mining in National Parks and Conservation Reserves in Western Australia
W. M. B. Carr, F. Batini
p 505-516

Developing Performance Standards for Placer Mining Reclamation: Conceptual Framework and Research Needs
B. Van Haveren
p 517-527

Resource Conservation and Recovery - A Worldwide Call to Action
J. P. Nicholson
p 528-533

A Co-Operative Approach to Environmental Assessment, Regulation and Management for Mining Operations in Western Australia
K. Lindbeck, C. Murray
p 534-545

Opportunities for Land Use Improvement through Reclamation
B. Schwarzkoph
p 546-550

Reclamation Planning and Permitting at the Hayden Hill Project
T. Williams, J. White
p 551-568

The Powell River Project: A Land-Grant University Program Serving Virginia's Coal-Producing Region
C. Zipper
p 569-576

Towards Better Abandoned Mine Hazard Prioritizing - An Expert System Approach
Z. Duszak, W. Koczkodaj, W. Mackasey
p 577-589

The Cobalt Options Project - Rehabilitation of an Old Silver Mining Town in Northeastern Ontario, Canada
W. O. Mackasey
p 590-600

The Ontario Approach to Mineral Development and Rehabilitation
M. A. Klugman
p 601-610

Landscape Architecture

Interdisciplinary Breakdown in Landscape Restoration
B. Ryder
p 611-624

Site Planning Elements for Aggregate Mining Operations
A. M. Bauer
p 625-641

Visualization of Change from Mining and Land Disturbance Computer-aided Photographic Simulations, Site Selection, Reclamation, Impact Assessment
M. J. Paulson, R. D. Scott
p 642-652


Guidelines for Gravel Pit Wetland Creation
B. Prange
p 653-664

Passive Treatment Methods for Manganese: Preliminary Results from Two Pilot Sites
T. Wildeman, L. Duggan, P. Phillips, S. Rodriguez-Eaton, R. Simms, J. Bender, N. Taylor, C. Britt, D. Mehs, J. Forse, P. Krabacher, J. Herron
p 665-677

Iron Removal from Acid Mine Drainage in Wetlands by Optimizing Sulfate Reduction
M. C. Rabenhorst, B. James, M. Magness, J. Shaw
p 678-684

Modeling of Wetlands and Reactors Systems for Mine Drainage Treatment
R. W. Klusman, D. Dvorak, S. Borek
p 685-706


Establishment of Trees in the Subsidence Trough Filled with Fly Ash in Huaibei Mining Areas
S. Zhou, Q. Zhang, X. Zhao
p 707-713

Tree Survival and Growth on Two 45-Year-Old Reforestation Projects in Eastern Ohio
J. Zeleznik, J. G. Skousen, H. Wiant
p 714-723

Establishment of Four Species of Native Hardwoods on Reclaimed Mine Lands in Pennsylvania
B. Washburn, H. Hughes, G. Storm
p 724-731

Commercial Forest Land as a Postmining Land-Use: A Win-Win-Win Opportunity for Coal Operators, Landowners, and Society in the Central Appalachians
J. L. Torbert, J. A. Burger
p 732-740

Soil and Overburden Management

Stabilization of Steep Coal Waste Banks with a Sludge-Fly Ash Mixture
W. E. Sooper
p 741-750

Vegetating Coal Refuse with Topsoil and Chemical Amendments
H. Clark, J. C. Sencidiver
p 751-764

N-Viro Soil: Advanced Alkaline Sludge Stabilization
J. Burnham
p 765-783

Mine Spoil Reclamation with Sewage Sludge Stabilized with Cement Kiln Dust and Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproduct (N-Viro Soil Process)
T. J. Logan
p 784-795

Predicting Regraded Spoil Quality Following Reclamation at a Surface Coal Mine
J. D. Friedlander
p 796-814

Effects of Tree Species on Soil Development and Humus Composition in Minesoils
C. Gentry, G. Wade, W. Davidson
p 815-827

Comparison of Selenium Uptake by Vegetation on Surface Coal Mine Lands in Wyoming and Seasonal Variability of Uptake
B. Schladweiler, G. Vance, P. Carroll, M. Page, P. Wanek, D. Bonett, R. Pasch, S. Williams
p 828-838

Characterization of Subsidence Land Reclaimed by Hydraulic Dredge Pump in Chinese Coal Mines
Z. Hu, X. Chen, Q. Li, J. Hu, Y. Ding
p 839-844

The New Kathleen Mine - Soil Covered Refuse Demonstration: 20 Years Later
J. Nawrot, G. Smout
p 845-864

Mining and Reclamation on Public Lands: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
P. Politzer, R. E. Deery, J. Fox
p 865-876

Poster Paper Abstracts

Managing Aggregate Resources and the Community Planning Process
A. M. Bauer
p 877

Image Processing Techniques for Mining and Reclamation Presentations
G. Harkin, P. Shope
p 878

Base Metal Removal From Mine Drainage
T. Frostman, S. Gale, D. Koschak
p 879

A Method for Predicting Alkalinity in Anoxic Limestone Drains
G. R. Watzlaf, R. S. Hedin
p 880

The Effect of Carbon and pH on the Reduction of Sulfate by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and the Subsequent Precipitation of Fe and Mn in Simulated Wetland Mesocosms
K. N. Duddleston, A. C. Hendricks, J. L. Neal
p 881

Des Plaines River Wetlands Demonstration Project
G. B. Collins
p 882

Effect of Organic Amendments to the Subsoil on Crop Yield and Soil Properties
R. I. Barnhisel, Q. Zhai1
p 883

Tailings Dam Construction Over Unstable Soils
S. Gale, M. Smith, J. Tamminen
p 884

Cottage Cheese (Acid) Whey Effects on the Aggregate Stability of Sodic Soil
G. A. Lehrsch, C. W. Robbins
p 885

Regulation and Reclamation of Surface Mines in Washington
D. K. Norman
p 886

The Potential of Snowy Buckwheat (Eriogonum Niveum) for Revegetation of Xeric Mine Spoil Sites
B. A. Zamora, J. W. Leier
p 887

Effect of Reclamation Grading Practices on Ground Cover Establishment, Erosion, and Forest Productivity
J. L. Torben1, J. A. Burger
p 888

Strategms for Establishing Big Sagebrush on Mined Lands
J. R. Cockrell, G. E. Schuman, D. T. Booth
p 889