9th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, June 14-18, 1992, Duluth, Minnesota

Table of Contents

Policy, Rules, and Regulations

The Three R's of Surface Mining in the 1990's
B. F. Schwarzkoph
p 3-9

Integrating the Concepts of Total Quality Environmental Management in the Coal Mining Industry
M. E. Campbell
p 10-17

Resumption in 1992 of Federal Coal Leasing in Wyoming's Powder River Basin
J. W. Coleman, J. C. Burdick, III
p 18-26

Reclamation Requirements for Bond Release
V. J. Bryan, R. F. Price
p 27-36

Surface Mine Spoil and Soil

Soil Development in Sandy Tailings Derived from Mineral Sands Mining in Florida
W. L. Daniels, M. H. Genthner, R. L. Hodges
p 37-47

Characterization of Prime Agricultural Farmland Soils Disturbed by Surface Mining in Western Pennsylvania
J. C. Bell, R. L. Cunningham, C. T. Anthony
p 48-60

Chemical and Pedogenetic Effects of Simulated Precipitation on Strip Mine Spoil
C. E. Gentry, R. B. Willis, H. G. Halverson
p 61-67

Evaluation of Acid/Base Accounting Techniques Used in Surface-Mine Reclamation
J. J. Doolittle, N. M. Frisbee, L. R. Hossner
p 68-78

Wetlands Technical Division

Hydraulic Conductivity of Substrates Used for Passive Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
J. L. Bolis, T. R. Wildeman, H. E. Dawson
p 79-89

Evaluation of Potential Wetland Substrates for Optimizing Sulfate Reduction
M. C. Rabenhorst, B. R. James, J. N. Shaw
p 90-97

The Design of a Wetland Treatment System to Remove Trace Metals from Mine Drainage
P. Eger, G. Melchert
p 98-107

Managing the Hydrologic Impacts of Mining on Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range
L. Alderdice, J. L. Adams, A. P. Eger
p 108-118

Forestry and Wildlife Technical Division

Effects of Minesoil Properties on Young White Pine (Pinus strobus) Height Growth
J. A. Andrews, J. L. Torbert, J. E. Johnson, J. A. Burger
p 119-129

Effects of Coal Minesoil Surface and Herbicide Applications on Early Tree Survival and Growth
D. A. Kost, J. H. Brown, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 130-145

Establishment, Growth and Water Use of Quercus Virginiana (Mill.) on Lignite Surface-Mined Soils Following Irrigation
M. G. Messina, J. E. Duncan
p 146-157

Better Reclamation with Trees - A Videotape
J. L. Torbert, J. E. Johnson, J. A. Burger
p 158-159

Sharp-Tailed Grouse Use of Reclaimed Mine Land in Eastern Montana
B. Waage
p 160-168

Limnological Characteristics of Mine Pit Lakes in Northeast Minnesota
C. M. Tomcko, R. B. Pierce
p 169-178

Abatement and Treatment of Acidic Conditions

Colonization Bottlenecks on Acidic Coal Spoils
R. S. Hedin
p 179-190

Pyrite Oxidation in Saturated and Unsaturated Coal Waste
G. R. Watzlaf
p 191-205

Generation of Alkalinity in an Anoxic Limestone Drain
R. W. Nairn, R. S. Hedin, G. R. Watzlaf
p 206-219

Mine Spoil Reclamation with Sewage Sludge Stabilized with Cement Kiln Dust and Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproduct (N-Viro Soil Process)
T. J. Logan
p 220-231

Reclamation of Minerock Stockpiles
S. M. Gale
p 232

Planning and Construction of a Waste Rock Dump through Waste Sorting to Prevent a Potential Acid Rock Drainage Problem
L. R. Rohde
p 233-240

Wetlands Technical Division

The Aerobic Removal of Manganese from Mine Drainage by an Algal Mixture Containing Cladophora
L. A. Duggan, T. R. Wildeman, D. M. Updegraff
p 241-248

Anoxic Cattail Wetland for Treatment of Water Associated with Coal Mining Activities
K. N. Duddleston, E. Fritz, A. C. Hendricks, K. Roddenberry
p 249-254

Constructed Peat/Wetland Treatment Systems for Heavy Metal Removal
T. M. Frostman
p 255-259

Palmerton Zinc Superfund Site Constructed Wetlands
W. M. Haffner
p 260-267

Surface Water Evaporation from Mine Pits in Minnesota
J. L. Adams, R. T. Leibfried, G. J. Spoden, L. Alderdice
p 268-279

Watershed Rehabilitation in Redwood National Park
D. L. Steensen, T. A. Spreiter
p 280-288

Ecological Evaluations of Reclamation Success

Plant Community Characteristics as an Indicator of Minesoil Conditions on AML Sites in West Virginia
C. D. Johnson, J. G. Skousen
p 289-303

Drought Effects on Plant Diversity of Reclaimed Grasslands in Western North Dakota
L. Frarck, K. Krabbenhoft, D. Kirby, D. Nilson
p 304-313

Enhancement of Infection and Nodulation in Actinorhizal Plants by Inoculation with Frankia-Amended Superabsorbent Polymers
S. J. Kohls, D. F. Harbrecht, D. A. Kremer
p 314-330

International Tailing Reclamation Technical Division

Bureau of Mines Reclamation Activities on the Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota
D. L. Veith, M. R. Norland
p 331-340

Vegetation Response to Organic Soil Amendments on Coarse Taconite Tailing
M. R. Norland, D. L. Veith, S. W. Dewar
p 341-360

Native Plants and Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Reclamation of Coarse Iron Mine Tailings in Minnesota
R. K. Noyd, F. L. Pfleger, E. L. Stewart
p 361-369

Characterization and Static Testing of Ten Gold Mine Tailings
K. Lapakko
p 370-384

The Experimental Use of Various Covers and Native Transplants for the Revegetation of the Kam-Kotia Tailings Site, Timmins, Ontario
K. Winterhalder
p 385-396

Tailings Disposal History, Practices and Effects at Cyprus Northshore Mining
P. L. Pastika
p 397-418

Disposal and Utilization of Coal Combustion Residues

Industry/University/Government Cooperative Research Program for Disposal and Utilization of Coal Combustion Residues from Illinois Basin Coal Users (DUCCR)
Y. P. Chugh
p 419-436

Research on the Environmental and Engineering Behavior of Coal Ash in Disposal Settings
R. D. Butler, H. J. Foster
p 437

Surface Mine Land Reclamation Enhancement Through Disposal of Coal Processing and Utilization Wastes
J. G. Smith, P. K. Davis
p 438-447

Evaluation of Paper Mill Sludge-Fly Ash Mixtures as Potential Amendments for Vegetation Establishment on Mine Land
W. E. Sopper
p 448-459

Combined Underground Disposal of Flyash and Scrubber Sludge
J. S. L. Morgan
p 460-462

Landscape Architecture Technical Division

Geographic Information Systems for Reclamation Applications
C. J. Burley, J. B. Burley, T. J. Brown
p 463-476

Remote Sensing for Reclamation Applications
J. B. Burley, T. J. Brown
p 477-486

Landform Replication Research in Two English Limestone Quarries
D. Bailey, J. Gunn
p 487-496

A Recreational Development Plan for the Inland Steel Mine Site in Jackson County, Wisconsin
R. R. Thoreson
p 497-518

Visual Quality/Aesthetics Modeling for Reclamation/Landscape Disturbance Applications
J. B. Burley, T. J. Brown
p 519-534

Impacts and Biological Treatment of Acidic Drainage

Acid Mining Drainage Study - North Branch Potomac River
J. S. L. Morgan
p 535

Studies of Acidic Mine Spoil and Water Quality in an Abandoned Mine in Western North Dakota
R. D. Butler, J. Solc, V. Kuhnel
p 536

Development of a Method for the Watershed Approach to Acid Mine Drainage Abatement
D. A. Zucker, J. G. Skousen, T. T. Phipps, J. J. Fletcher
p 537-547

A Comprehensive Chemical Characterization to Predict Environmental Impact from Leachate Generation
D. J. Hassett
p 548-549

A Passive Mine Drainage Treatment System as a Bioreactor: Treatment Efficiency, pH Increase, and Sulfate Reduction in Two Parallel Reactors
M. W. Staub, R. R. H. Cohen
p 550-562

The Use of Sulfate Reduction to Remove Metals from Acid Mine Drainage
P. Eger
p 563-578

Reclamation With Trees and Woody Shrubs - "What's Going On Now"

Influence of Grading Intensity on Ground Cover Establishment, Erosion, and Tree Establishment
J. L. Torbert, J. A. Burger
p 579-586

Performance of Trees and Shrubs on Sludge-Amended Acidic Minesoils
J. W. Van Sambeek, W. C. Ashby, P. L. Roth
p 587-592

Response of Eight Hardwood Tree Species to Irrigation, Mulch and Shade on a Texas Lignite Mine
M. G. Messina, J. E. Duncan
p 593-600

Establishment of Native Hardwoods on Mined Lands Revegetated Under Current Regulations
H. G. Hughes, G. L. Storm, B. E. Washburn
p 601-606

Establishing Commercial Pine Forest on Mine Soils
G. L. Shaw
p 607-610

Woody Plant Establishment on Reclaimed Lands at Trapper Mine in Northwest Colorado
W. Agnew
p 611-615

Reforestation of Surface-Mined Land in Maryland
F. L. Bagley in Collaboration with S. Shaffer
p 616-623

Reforestation at the Centralia Mine: An Award Winning Effort
R. L. Garrison
p 624-632

Reclamation and Restoration Practices

Restoration Research in the Alligator Rivers Region, Australia
N. Ashwath
p 633-643

Reclamation of Abandoned Iron Mines in Minnesota
R. Svatos
p 644-650

Importance of Post-Disturbance Land Uses to Reclamation/Restoration Success
R. E. Ries
p 651-656

Rehabilitation Potential of Riparian Systems Disturbed by Placer Mining in Interior Alaska
B. P. Van Haveren, D. J. Cooper
p 657-663

Sedimentation Pond Design
D. K. Bhatnagar
p 664-670

Ultimate Land Use

Comparative Effects of Alternative Re-Mining and Reclamation Strategies on Erosion Potential at a Case-Study Abandoned Mined Land Site
C. E. Zipper, T. Younos, E. Yagow
p 671-679

Mineland Reclamation at LTV Steel Mining Company--Learning from the Past Preparing for the Future
D. G. Youngman
p 680-691

Intensive Aquaculture in Abandoned Minnesota Iron Ore Pits: Environmental and Regulatory Perspectives
R. Axler, C. Larsen, C. Tikkanen, M. McDonald
p 692-704

Watershed Reclamation at Butler Taconite, Under Minnesota Department of Natural Resources "Rules Related to Mineland Reclamation" Chapter 6130--6130.01-6130.63
D. R. Chilton
p 705-724

Reclamation With Trees and Woody Shrubs - "What's Going On Now"

Ohio's Abandoned Mined Lands Reforestation Program: A Decade of Success
C. Caldwell, C. E. Cordell, M. E. Farley
p 725-730

Regulatory Directives and Reclamation Strategies in the Development of Ecologically Diverse Post-Mined Landscapes
K. J. Wendtland, L. Woomer, S. Heath, N. Harrington, S. Regele
p 731-738

Update of Ongoing Research
W. C. Ashby
p 739-757

Forest Productivity of Reclaimed Mined Land: A Landowner's Perspective
T. Probert, R. Gallimore, P. Rose, M. Hincher
p 756-762