8th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, May 14-17, 1991, Durango, Colorado

Table of Contents

Policy and Regulations

Regulatory and Reclamation Design Process Update: Jackpile Uranium Mine Reclamation Project
J. H. Olsen, Jr., M. J. Bone
p 3-8

Policies and Advances of Mine Land Reclamation in China
G. He, Z. Hu
p 9-14

Alberta's Reclamation Research Program
C. Powter
p 15-22

Public Participation: Increased Demands in the 1990's
L. K. Brocke
p 23-30

Research Program for the National Mined Land Reclamation Center-Western Region
R. D Butler, G. H. Groenewold, F. W. Beaver, D. J. Hassett
p 31-34

Water Quality and Hydrologic Impacts

A Method to Quantify Topographic Effects on Water Redistribution and Spring Wheat Yields
G. A. Halvorson, E. C. Doll
p 35-42

Geochemical Evolution of Acidic Ground Water at a Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine in Western Pennsylvania
C. A. Cravotta
p 43-68

Progressive Development of Wetland Habitats at the AMC Wetlands Centre, Capel, Western Australia
D. R. Brooks
p 69-86

Mass of Ions Removed by Leaching Mine Spoil with Simulated Precipitation
C. E. Gentry, H. G. Halverson, G. L. Wade
p 87-96

The Removal of Nickel from Mine Waters Using Bacterial Sulfate Reduction
R. W. Hammack, H. M. Edenborn
p 97-108

Treatment of Metal-Contaminated Water Using Bacterial Sulfate Reduction: Results from Pilot-Scale Reactors
D. H. Dvorak, R. S. Hedin, H. M. Edenbom, P. E. McIntire
p 109-122

The Use of Bench Scale Permeameters for Preliminary Analysis of Metal Removal from Acid Mine Drainage by Wetlands
J. L. Bolis, T. R. Wildeman, R. R. Cohen
p 123-136

Floc Logs Improve the Effluent Quality
D. K. Bhatnagar
p 137-140

Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Uranium Mill Tailing Effluents
J. M. Barnes, P. A. Pryfogle, D. T. Maiers, A. E. Torma
p 141-150

Achieving Compliance with Staged, Aerobic, Constructed Wetlands to Treat Acid Drainage
G. Brodie
p 151-174

Determination of the Rate of Sulfide Production in a Constructed Wetland Receiving Acid Mine Drainage
J. S. Reynolds, S. D. Machemer, T. R. Wildeman, D. M. Updegraff, R. R. Cohen
p 175-182

Effect of Acid Mine Drainage on a Riparian Area: Element Concentrations in Soils and Plants
J. C. Chambers, M. Amacher, R. W. Brown
p 183-192

The Effect of Grout Injection on Mine Spoil Groundwater Hydrology
J. W. Hawkins, T. E. Ackman, W. W. Aljoe
p 193-210

Use of Passive Anoxic Limestone Drains to Enhance Performance of Acid Drainage Treatment Wetlands
G. A. Brodie, C. R. Britt, T. M. Tomaszewski, H. N. Taylor
p 211-228

A Modeling Procedure for Conserving Wetlands and Waterfowl Habitats on Abandoned Mine Lands and other Reclamation Projects in Wyoming: Results after Five Years
L. D. Hayden-Wing, S. A. Tessman, T. C. Richmond
p 229-240

Investigation and Characterization of Groundwater Flow Systems in Abandoned Underground Coal Mines
W. W. Aljoe, J. W. Hawkins
p 241-262

Tailings Reclamation

Initial Vegetative Cover on Coarse Taconite Tailing Using Organic Amendments on Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range
M. R. Norland, D. L. Veith, S. W. Dewar
p 263-278

Stabilization of Temporarily Inactive Tailing Impoundments
S. A. Bengson
p 279-282

Mill Tailing Reclamation at Cyprus Miami Mining Corp.
G. L. Jones
p 283-294

Crop Production on Clay Tailings From Phosphate Mining
P. Mislevy, W. G. Blue, C. E. Roessler
p 295-310

Soil Cover and Alkaline Amendment Alternatives for Coal Slurry Impoundments
J. R. Nawrot, G. Smout, D. Brenningmeyer
p 311-322

Erosion and Anti-Erosion Measures for Abandoned Gold Tailings Dams
G. E. Blight
p 323-330

The Effects of Compost Age on the Initial Vegetative Cover on Coarse Taconite Tailing on Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range
M. R. Norland, D. L. Veith, S. W. Dewar
p 331-342

Column Leach Study III: Effects of Sampling Location, Sampling Methods, and Chemical Abatement Treatments on the Dissolution of Metals in Gold-Copper Mine Tailings
R. D. Doepker
p 343-368

A History of Mineral Concentration: A History of Tailings
T. C. Richmond
p 369-386

Soils and Overburden Management

Physical Properties of Fly Ash-Treated Minesoils
J. M. Gorman, J. C. Sencindiver, R. F. Keefer, R. N. Singh
p 389-402

Revegetation of Non-topsoiled, Orphan Bentonite Mine Spoil in Wyoming as Influenced by Organic and Inorganic Amendments
K. S. Moore, E. J. DePuitt, G. E. Schuman, J. L. Meining, H. G. Fisser
p 403-412

Revegetation of Steep Coal Waste Banks Using a Sewage Sludge-fly ash Amendment
W. E. Sopper
p 413-420

Gas and Temperature Variations within Acid-Producing Construction Fill
M. J. Gunderson, D. W. Byerly
p 421-430

Developing Waste-Pile Slope Design Criteria for Steep-Plane Slopes: Jackpile Uranium Mine Reclamation Project
M. J. Bone, J. H. Olsen, Jr.
p 431-438

The Whitewood Mine Lake Construction Project
L. K. Brocke, N. Chymko
p 439-446

Should Climate Change be Taken into Account in Reclamation Planning
C. Powter, J. C. Hogenbirk
p 447-452

Comparison of Physical and Chemical Properties of Overburden and Spoil at Navajo Mine, NM
B. A. Buchanan, W. J. Ruzzo
p 453-454

Reclamation of Abandoned Bentonite Mines in Wyoming with Woodwaste and Calcium Amendments to Mitigate Sodic Soils
T. C. Richmond
p 455-478

Minesoil Weathering on Kittanning Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Sites in West Virginia
C. D. Johnson, J. G. Skousen
p 479-492

National Park Reclamation

Overview of the National Park Service and Soil Conservation Service Plant Materials Program
W. G. Hassell, N. G. Dunkle, W. R. Beavers
p 493-496

Native, Indigenous Plants for Park Service Revegetation
M. Majerus
p 497-508

Developing Native Plants for Big Bend National Park
J. S. Alderson, M. J. Houck, W. L. Pace, III
p 509-510

Restoration Techniques for Road Disturbances in Grand Teton National Park
N. R. Cotts, E. F. Redente
p 511-520

Seed Conditioning and Plant Propagation of Grand Teton National Park Native Plant Materials
K. M. Schultz, D. G. Goodson
p 521-526

Rehabilitation of Fire Suppression Impacts on the North Fork Fire in Yellowstone National Park
E. D. Williams, S. C. Smith
p 527-542

Poster Session

Preliminary Comparison of Plant Species for Heavy Metal Concentration When Grown on Reclaimed Molybdenum Tailings
J. F. Henson, W. R. Oaks, S. Vail
p 543-544

Modeling of Ground-Water Flow Along a Cross Section Through a Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine in Western Pennsylvania
D. A. Saad, C. A. Cravotta III
p 545-546

Avifaunal Use of a Constructed Wetland Receiving Mine Water Drainage
M. J. Lacki, J. W. Hummer, H. J. Webster
p 547-548

UTAB: A New Computer Database for Information on Heavy Metal Data in Plants
J. E. Nellessen, J. S. Fletcher
p 549-550

Passive Treatment for Heavy Metal Removal by Constructed Wetlands
S. D. Machemer, J. S. Reynolds, J. L. Bolis, T. R. Wildeman, R. R. Cohen, R. W. Klusman, E. R. Bates
p 551-554

Arid and Semi-arid Reclamation

Plant Diversity Patterns on North Dakota Mined Lands
K. Krabbenhoft, D. Kirby, M. Biondini, D. Nilson
p 555-562

Sustained Production of Revegetated Mined Lands as Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilization, Topsoil Depth and Mulching Practices
G. E. Schuman, E. M. Taylor, Jr.
p 563-572

Seed Rain On and Near a Coal Stripmine in Southwestern Wyoming
N. E. West, S. Durham
p 573-582

Development and Implementation of Reclamation Practices at Homestake's McLaughlin Mine
P. C. Barnes
p 583-596

Reclamation of the Carr Fork Property, Tooele, Utah
L. P. Braxton, B. W. Buck, J. M. Jarvis
p 597-602

Transplanting Large Pinon and Juniper Trees on Reclaimed Coal Mine Spoil in Northern New Mexico
J. G. Mexal, M. Ortiz, G. A. Buchanan, M. K. Wood, W. Skeet
p 603-610

Effects of Topsoil Dressing Depth over Mine Spoil on Establishment of Vegetation at the San Juan Mine-Northwestern New Mexico
G. Fenchel, W. R. Oaks
p 611-612

Plant and Soil Relationships of Mine-land Reclamation at the Navajo Mine-Northwestern New Mexico
L. M. Davis, B. A. Buchanan, W. J. Ruzzo
p 613-616

Advances in Revegetatton Technology

Surface Mine Tree Planting in the Midwest Pre-and Post-Public Law 95-87
W. C. Ashby
p 617-624

Woody Species Establishment from a Forest Soil Seed Bank in WV
W. H. Davidson, C. A. Pollio
p 625-630

Soil Microbial Ecosystems: Importance for the Effective Restoration of Mined Lands
P. Birch, H. Bentham, J. A. Harris
p 631-640

Operational Application of Specific Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Mineland Reclamation
C. E. Cordell, D. H. Marx, C. Caldwell
p 641-648

Row Seeding of Forest Tree Species on Lignite Spoils in East Texas
C. L. Mask, G. L. Lowry
p 649-654

Development of a Model Study for Deep Tillage with Air Injection and Material Injection
D. L. Simpson, R. J. Sweigard, L. W. Saperstein
p 655-662

A Reforestation Case Study on a Reclaimed Appalachian Mine Soil in West Virginia
J. L. Torbert, T. Probert, J. A. Burger
p 663-668

Computer Video-Imaging: Simulation Technology for Disturbed Land Rehabilitation
J. C. Ellsworth
p 669-676

Successful Reclamation and Post-revegetation Management

Revegetation: Standards for Success on the Navajo Mine, NM
M. K. Wood, B. A. Buchanan, W. Ruzzo
p 677-686

Development of a Chemical Use Management Plan: A Case Study of the Resort at Squaw Creek-Squaw Valley, California
G. Buma, D. Kleinfelder, R. H. Davis
p 687-700

High Altitude Revegetation

Reclamation of Acid-Forming Materials in the Colorado Alpine
T. A. Colbert
p 701-704

Nonpoint Source Control in Colorado: Inactive/Abandoned Mines Nonpoint Source Program
C. M. Meyer
p 705-714

The Pitch Project-Large Scale High Elevation Erosion Control
J. L. Pecka, T. A. Colbert
p 715-718

The Role of the Technician in Reclaiming Mined Lands
P. G. Moller
p 719-722