6th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, August 27-31, 1989, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Table of Contents

Reclamation, A Global Perspective

Integrated soil andwater improvement project, Egypt: Soil improvement program
L. A. Leskiw
p 1-8

Realities of undertaking reclamation activities within third world countries
A. R. Scheibner
p 9-10

Reclamation in Australia's heavy mineral sands industry
D. R. Brooks
p 11-26

Aspects of land reclamation in India, South Africa and Spain
E. M. Watkin
p 27-38

Northern and High Altitude Reclamation

Factors affecting alpine grass seed germination in relation to their potential use in reclamation
S. N. Acharya
p 39-48

Impact of climate on reclamation success in the foothills/mountains region of Alberta, Canada
T. M. Macyk, Z. W. Widtman, V. Betts
p 49-58

Reclamation of severely disturbed alpine ecosystems: New perspectives
R. W. Brown, J. C. Chambers
p 59-68

Why are the grasses green in alpine meadows?
S. N. Acharya, R. N. Coleman, M. E. Neuwirth, M. Dalpe
p 69-80

First year results of revegetation trials using selected native plant species on a simulated pipeline trench, Fort Norman, N.W.T., Canada
L. Maslen, G. P. Kershaw
p 81-90

Revegetation in the Canadian North - A fifteen year perspective
H. Martens, W. Younkin
p 91-100

Poker Flats Mine: Reclamation challenges at Usibelli Mine in Healy, Alaska
L. P. Jackson
p 101-106

Advances in plant material and revegetation technology in Alaska
S. J. Wright
p 107-116

Hollow fill construction at the Amos Ridge experimental practice
C. E. Zipper, W. L. Daniels
p 117-126

Fish and Wildlife and Rangeland Reclamation

Moose and deer habitat use and diet on a reclaimed mine in west-central Alberta
N. A. Roe, A. J. Kennedy
p 127-136

Changes in fish populations and habitat at a reclaimed multiple right-of-way stream crossing
J. H. Allan, A. Lees
p 137-140

Seasonal and spatial distribution of bighorn sheep at an open pit coal mine in the Alberta
F. B. McCallum
p 141-150

The creation of a mountain lake sport fishery at Cardinal River Coals Ltd.
G. B. Acott
p 151-156

Utilization of off-channel dredge ponds to increase juvenile chinook salmon rearing habitat
C. Richards, P. J. Cemera, M. P. Ramey, D. W. Reiser
p 157-164

Wildlife habitat nutigation for the Oldman River Dam project, Alberta, Canada
J. E. Green, A. Nilson
p 165-174

Grazing demonstration on reclaimed lands at the Black Thunder Mine, Campbell County, Wyoming
R. L. Moore, Jr., W. R. Keanunerer, E. J. DePuit
p 175-184

Complementary grazing of reclaimed mined land and native rangeland pastures in Montana
E. J. DePuit, J. G. Coenenberg
p 185-198


Reclamation of abandoned manganese mines in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee
J. A. Muncy
p 199-208

Groundwater hydrologic regimes within reclaimed surface coal mined landscapes in Alberta
S. R. Moran, M. R. Trudell, T. M. Macyk
p 209-218

Geomorphic responses of natural and reclaimed hiuslopes to precipitation events in Wyoming
T. J. Toy
p 219-228

A combination of techniques for reconstruction of ephemeral stream channels in Wyoming
S. McIntosh
p 229-238

Agricultural capability of surface-mined land in east-central Alberta
S. R. Moran, M. R. Trudell, R. M. Macyk, D. B. Cheel, A. Howard
p 239-246

Geochemical relationships between surface mine spoils, spoil groundwaters, and adjacent mine lakes
J. P. Schubert
p 247-248

Vegetated waterway linings reinforced with geomatrix matting - design methodology and performance
G. I. Dodson
p 249-254

Herbaceous Revegetation

Promising native forbs for seeding on mine spoils
A. J. Bjugstad, W. C. Whitman
p 255-262

Diversity and seasonal variety in reclaimed native grasslands
D. J. Nilson, K. J. Hirsch
p 263-278

Productivity of agronomic and native plants under various fertilizer and seed application rates on a simulated transport corridor, Fort Norman, Northwest Territories
K. E. Evans, G. P. Kershaw
p 279-288

Response of reseeded coal mine spoils to season and intensity of defoliation: Preliminary findings
G. L. Wolters, E. F. Aldon, G. B. Donart
p 289-298

Using the Rhizobium-subteffanean clover association for reclamation of lignite mine spoil
P. A. Harris, D. A. Zuberer
p 299-308

Grain sorghum as a test crop to reclaim prime farmland disturbed for coal mining
R. I. Barnhisel, J. L. Powell
p 309-316

Woody Plant Revegetation and Succession

Determining optimal initial stocking densities during mine reclamation
P. R. Guy, J. C. Bateman
p 317-326

Revegetation and ecological monitoring of an open cast rock phosphate mine
P. Soni, H. B. Vasistha, O. Kumar, V. Bhatt, M. Negi
p 327-332

Successional reclamation in western Canada: New light on an old subject
D. F. Polster
p 333-338

First year evaluation of Excelsior pads on loblolly pine
W. H. Davidson
p 339-344

Woodland reclamation within the Missouri Breaks in west central North Dakota
D. J. Nilson
p 345-356

Use of organic fertilizer in reforestation of degraded alpine sites and revitalization of forest stands in Austria
G. Glatzel, K. Katzensteiner, H. Sterba, K. Haselwandter
p 357-362

Industrial and Urban Sites

Revegetation of tailings from a phosphate fertilizer plant
W. E. Roberts Thome and R. D. Revel
p 363-372

Industrial site decommissioning and reclamation
D. N. Graveland, A. E. Osbome
p 373-382

A technical and economic evaluation of sulphur based recovery and reclamation
L. England, S. A. Leggett
p 383-392

Establishing vegetation on landfill slopes
T. Hilditch, J. Gould
p 393-394

Reclamation of an industrial sewage lagoon
C. B. Powter, L. Kryviak, G. Balko, A. Watson
p 395-402

Relationships among soil deposition patterns, soil physical and chemical properties, and plant metal uptake on an abandoned zinc-lead tailings pond
J. C. Chambers, R. C. Sidle, C. V. Grant
p 403-414

Bioremediation: Innovative applications of an established technology
J. League, J. Bogart
p 415-420

Problems and Solutions

The disposal system at Trombetas bauxite mine
R. P. Lapa, F. V. Carraresi
p 421-440

Recent trends in phosphate mine reclamation in the United States
W. R. Marion
p 441-446

Mining and reclamation of prime farmlands in western North Dakota
J. D. Friedlander
p 447-458

Possibilities de utilisation et de rainnagement de mines abandonnes souterrames; considerations geologiques et environnementales (Geological and environmental considerations in abandoned underground mine reuse and rehabilitation)
D. J. Boivin
p 459-470

An overview of two decades of regulation on surface coal mining and reclamation in North Dakota
W. E. Dodd, J. R. Deutsch, E. J. Englerth, N. M. Safaya
p 471-480

Economic considerations affecting habitat reclamation in Florida's phosphate mining Industry
T. P. King, W. R. Marion
p 481-486

Rehabilitation of the Rum Jungle Mine Site
J. W. Bennett, D. K. Gibson, J. R. Harries, G. Pantelis, A. I. M. Ritchie, T. J. Verhoeven, J. Alcock, H. Henkel, R. J. Applegate
p 487-494

Sodic and Saline Materials

Subsoil thickness effects on crop yield and soil water when reclaiming sodic spoil
T. A. Oddie, E. A. Osbome, D. N.Graveland and L. A. Panek
p 495-504

The use of bottom ash as a physical amendment to sodic spoil
S. Landsburg
p 505-516

Improvements of fly-ash reclamation with organic, organo-mineral and mineral amendments
H. Insam
p 517-522

Corn response to deep tillage on surface-mined prime farm land in western Illinois
R. E. Dunker, I. J. Jansen, S. L. Vance
p 523-530

Battle River Soil Reconstruction Project: Five year results of the Torlea soil experiment
L. A. Leskiw
p 531-542

Salt tailings - the ultimate saline reclamation challenge
R. T. Hart
p 543-554

Effects of phosphogypsum and magnesium choride amendments on abandoned bentonite mine spoils
S. C. Smith, D. J. Dollhopf
p 555-562

Soils and Overburden

Revegetation potential of overburden materials from Kittanning Coal Mines
J. C. Sencindiver, N. C. Thurman, R. J. Fugill
p 563-574

Current reclamation approach at the Syncrude Oil Sands Plant
T. S. Dai, M.Y. P. Fung
p 575-578

Coal mine soil and overburden surveys and reclamation planning
A. Schori, W. J. Hastle, D. K. McQueen, G. V. Minning, E. C. Wenzel
p 579-588

Spatial variability in the chemical and physical properties of regraded mine spoil
G. A. Halvorson
p 589-596

Weathering of siderite (FeCO3) from lignite overburden
N. M. Frisbee, L. R. Hossner
p 597-606

Physical and chemical characteristics of coal prep plant wastes from southwest Virginia
B. R. Stewart, W. L. Daniels
p 607-616

The factors influencing cone penetration resistance as a measure of compaction in Minespoils
D. J. Thacker, R. L. Johnson
p 617-626

Acid Generating Materials

Characterization of leachate produced from sulphurcontaminated soils
S. A. Leggett, D. Parkinson
p 627-634

Effects of phosphatic amendments on yield and elemental composition of corn grown on acid minesoils
J. C. Sencindiver, D. K. Bhumbla
p 635-644

Utilisation de substances organiques des fins de mise en vegetation de rejects miniers acides (The use of organic substances in the revegetation of acid mine tailings)
A. Karam, L. M. Azzaria
p 645-650

Design considerations for the passive treatment of acid mine drainage
E. A. Howard, T.Wildeman, L. S. Laudon, S. D. Machemer
p 651-660

Ecological engineering measures developed for acid generating waste from a copper/zinc concentrator in Northern Ontario
M. Kalin, M. P. Smith, R. O. Van Everdingen
p 661-672

Microbial sulfate reduction for the treatment of acid mine drainage: A laboratory Study
R. W. Hammack, R. S. Hedin
p 673-680

Bacterial acid generation in pyritic shales and remedial measures
R. G. L. McCready
p 681-686

Mine Tailings Reclamation Symposium

The effect of freezing and thawing on the dewatering of oil sands sludges
R. L. Johnson, P. Bork, P. Layte
p 687-694

Overview of tailings reclamation in eastern Canada
T. H. Peters
p 695-706

Overview of tailings reclamation in western Canada
P. F. Ziemkiewicz, R. Gallinger
p 707-716

Design and reclamation of mine waste facilities to control acid mine drainage
J. P. Barton-Bridges, A. MacG. Robertson
p 717-728

A case history of an acid generation abatement program for an abandoned copper mine
P. M. Healy, A. MacG. Robertson
p 729-736

Gold tailings reclamation in South Africa
J. J. P. van Wyk
p 737-746

Conflicts in the reclamation of abandoned metauiferous mine sites in the LTK
I. G. Richards
p 747-758

Asbestos tailings reclamation in southern Africa
J. J. P. van Wyk
p 759-768

Mine tailings reclamation in Australia - An overview
L. C. Bell, S. C. Ward, E. D. Kabay, C. J. Jones
p 769-782

Techniques for reclaiming metauiferous tailings in Wales
J. P. Palmer
p 783-792

Serpentine tailings reclamation
J. J. P. van Wyk
p 793-800


French Abstracts
p 801-840

Alberta Reclamation Research Reports
p 841-854