5th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 19-21, 1988, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume II: Mine Reclamation, Abandoned Mine Lands and Policy Issues

Table of Contents

Revegetation Research

The Use of Warm Season Grasses for Revegetating Sands and Gravels in New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York
J. A. Dickerson, T. Kelsey, R. Godfrey
p 2-8

Soil Fungal Community-Plant Rhizosphere Interactions During the Early Stages of Ecosystem Development on Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils
P. R. Fresquez, R. R. Sabey, D. A. Klein
p 9-14

Selenium Uptake by Alfalfa and Wheat Grown on a Mine Spoil Reclaimed with Fly Ash
D. K. Rhumbla, R. F. Keefer, R. N. Singh
p 15-21

Reclamation of a Site Near a Smelter Using Sludge/Flyash Amendments: Herbaceous Species
J. A. Oyler
p 22-31

Boissevain Reclamation Project - A Multidisciplinary Approach to Abandoned Mineland Reclamation
E. M. Tackett
p 32-38

Coal Surface Mine Revegetation in the Eastern U. S.
E. S. Lyle, Jr.
p 39

Reclamation With Trees

Genetic Variation of Black Locust Seedlings on Reclaimed Surface Mine Soils
M. R. Bridgen
p 40-47

Establishment of Trees in Herbaceous Cover on Graded Lenzburg Minesoil
W. C. Ashby, M. R. Norland, D. A. Kost
p 48-53

Soil Development Under 22-Year-Old Mixed Hardwood, Pine, and Black Locust Plantations on a Surface Mine
G. L. Wade, H. G. Halverson
p 54-62

Minesoil Factors Influencing the Productivity of New Forests on Reclaimed Surface Mines in Southwestern Virginia
J. L. Torbert, J. A. Burger, W. L. Daniels
p 63-67

Reforestation of a Zinc Smelter Superfund Site
W. E. Sopper
p 68-73

Liriodendron Seedling Growth on Calcareous and Acid Minesoils Developed under Pine or Hardwood
J. P. Vimmerstedt, K. E. Jewell, M. M. Larson
p 74-78

Natural Reclamation Processes

A Chronosequence of Vegetation and Minesoil Development on a Texas Lignite Surface Mine
J. G. Skousen, C. A. Call, R. W. Knight
p 79-88

Progressive Changes in Minesoil pH Over Three Decades
W. H. Davidson, W. C. Ashby, W. G. Vogel
p 89-92

Acid Soils Reclamation: Applying the Principles
J. R. Nawrot, J. Sandusky, W. B. Klimstra
p 93-103

The Volunteer Component in Reforestation of Mined Lands
M. M. Larson, J. P. Vimmerstedt
p 104-110

Volunteer Revegetation Processes on Acid Coal Spoils in Northwestern Pennsylvania
R. S. Hedin
p 111-117

Trigger Factors Initiating Natural Revegetation Processes on Barren, Acid, Metal-Toxic Soils Near Sudbury, Ontario Smelters
K. Winterhalder
p 118-124

Wetland and Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Habitat Use by Selected Small Mammals Occurring in Surface Mine Cattail Marshes
C. R. Amrani, D. E. Samuel
p 125-132

First Year Evaluation of Mitigated Wetlands on Two Mine Sites in Western Pennsylvania
F. J. Brenner, B. A. Sterner
p 133-138

A Program to Mine and Restore a Forested Wetland
J. R. Boyle, Jr.
p 139-145

Wetlands Rehabilitation Following Mineral Sands Mining in Australia
D. R. Brooks
p 146-153

The Environmental Significance of Toxic Metals Found in Fish Collected Throughout the Coal Fields of Pennsylvania
J. A. Arway
p 154-160

Big Stone Granite Quarry Habitat Design: HSI Reclamation Application
J. B. Burley, S. Johnson, P. Larson, B. Pecka
p 161-166

Fate of an Artificial Pond Receiving Drainage From a Reclaimed Coal Refuse and Slurry Area
W. S. Vinikour, K. E. LaGory, E. D. Pentecost
p 167-172

International Reclamation Practices

Environmental Management for Limestone Quarries in Japan
H. Oguri, H. Kaburaki, K. Moriyama
p 173-178

Reclamation Practices at Selected Brazilian Mines
R. C. Barth, D. D. Williams, J. J. Griffith
p 179-185

Recent Developments in the Use of Mining and Other Wastes in Land Reclamation in the United Kingdom
P. J. Norton
p 186-191

Acid Waste Rock Management at Canadian Mines
A. V. Bell
p 192-199

Derelict Land Reclamation in the United Kingdom
D. Hartley, P. E. Wright
p 200-205

Growth Media and Amendments

Mushroom Compost and Papermill Sludge Influence Development of Vegetation and Endomycorrhizae on Acid Coal-Mine Spoils
W. G. Vogel, F. M. Rothwell
p 206-213

Effects of Sewage Sludge Application on a Revegetated Minesoil in West Virginia
J. G. Skousen
p 214-220

Reclamation Success at an Abandoned Deep Coal Mine Site Near Staunton, Illinois
K. E. LaGory, E. D. Pentecost, W. S. Vinikour
p 221-227

Supply and Turnover of N, P and K in Reclaimed Coal Mine Waste in Scotland
I. D. Pulford, T. H. Flowers, S. H. Shah, T. A. B. Wa1ker
p 228-235

Direct Revegetation of Anthracite Refuse Using Coal Fly Ash as a Major Soil Amendment
J. K. Buck, R. J. Houston
p 236-245

Using Computerized Expert Systems, Unique Soil Testing Methods, and Monitoring Data in Land Management Decisions
D. E. Baker, J. K. Buck
p 246-256

Minesoil Productivity

The Role of Corn Variety and Population in Meeting Target Yield Level for Phase III Bond Release
J. L. Powell, R. I. Barnhisel, C. G. Poneleit
p 257-267

Effect of Soil Depth, Liming, and Subsoiling of Reconstructed Prime Farmland on Alfalfa Production
R. I. Barnhisel, J. L. Powell, J. R. Armstrong, M. L. Ellis, F. A. Craig
p 266-273

A Substitute Topsoil Plan for Reclamation of a Mountaintop Removal Mine in Southern West Virginia
L. D. Emerson
p 274-276

An Evaluation of Methods for Determining Pasture and Hay Production on Reclaimed Surface Mines
J. G. Skousen
p 277-284

The Beneficial Use and Disposal of Coal Ash on Active Mine Sites in Pennsylvania
J. W. Smith
p 285-293

Successful Bond Release Practices

Reclamation Planning and Its Effect on Bond Releases
R. Osborne
p 294

Successful Bond Release Practices in North Dakota
M. W. Pole
p 295

Partial Reclamation Bond Release in Wyoming
J. W. Coleman, J. C. Burdick III
p 296

Pursuing Expeditious Release of Reclamation Bonds Held on Post-May 3, 1978, Affected Areas
T. W. Lewis
p 297-298

Policy Issues

Soil Salvage Requirements Based on Overburden Quality - Applying the Research
M. W. Pole
p 299-304

Should the Effluent Limits for Manganese be Modified?
R. L. P. Kleinmann, G. R. Watzlaf
p 305-310

Establishing Baseline Pollution Load from Preexisting Pollutional Discharges for Remining in Pennsylvania
M. W. Smith
p 311-318

Institutional Constraints to Production of Reclaimed Mine Lands Suitable for Development in Central Appalachia
C. E. Zipper, W. L. Daniels
p 319-325

Competition in the Coal Fields and the Enforcement of SMCRA
W. Coleman
p 326-329

Abandoned Mine Lands: Fire Control

Progress Toward Abatement of Mine Fires in the Anthracite Coal Fields
D. R. Philbin, J. A. Holbrook, II
p 330-336

Burnout Control at the Albright Coal Waste Pile Fire
R. F. Chaiken, L. G. Bayles
p 337-342

Heat Removal Methods for Control of Underground Abandoned Coal Mine Fires
L. E. Dalverny
p 343-347

Mine Fire Diagnostics to Locate and Monitor Abandoned Mine Fires
T. R. Justin, A. G. Kim
p 348-355

Problems of Reclaiming Areas Affected by Mine Fires - A Case Study
K. K. Malhotra, P. R. Sinha
p 356-361

Abandoned Mine Lands: Ground Control

Structure and Ground Damage Over Abandoned Mine Lands
S. M. Hsiung, P. M. Lin, S. S. Peng
p 362-372

Mine Configuration and Its Relationship to Surface Subsidence
J. L. Craft, T. M. Crandall
p 373-382

An Analysis of Extreme Danger Problems Associated with Subsidence of Abandoned Coal Mine Lands in Southwestern Indiana
J. Elbert, L. Guernsey
p 383-389

Sodium Silicate Grout Technology for Effective Stabilization of Abandoned Flooded Mines
R. H. Reifsnyder, R. A. Brennan, J. F. Peters
p 390-398

Poster Session Abstracts

Effects of the Number of Lateral Roots on First-Year Survival of Red Oak Seedlings on Strip-Mine Spoil
T. A. Alban-Snyder, S. E. Wacker
p 399

Tree Planting and Monitoring Activities of the Region of Sudbury Land Reclamation Programme, Canada
P. J. Beckett
p 399

Blast Furnace Slag as a Lining Material for Mine Reclamation
J. H. Beeghly
p 399

Recultivation of Spoil Banks Disturbed by Open-cut Mining Activity in Hungary
J. Szegi, J. Olah, G. Fekete, T. Halasz, G. Varallyay, S. Bartha
p 400

Soil Extraction Testing to Determine the Extent of Heavy Metal Contamination
E. G. Zahl
p 400

Evaluation of Procedures Used in Four Mine Subsidence Control Projects
C. H. Elder
p 400

West Virginia Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation
N. A. Robinson
p 401

Controlled Grout Columns: A Point-Support Technique for Mine Subsidence Abatement
P. R. Michael, A. S. Lees, T. M. Crandall, J. L. Craft
p 401