5th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, April 19-21, 1988, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume I: Mine Water and Mine Waste

Table of Contents

Acid Mine Drainage: Prediction

Use of Acid-Base Accounts in Premining Prediction of Acid Drainage Potential: A New Approach from Northern West Virginia
R. S. diPretoro, H. W. Rauch
p 2-10

Evaluation of Overburden Analytical Methods as Means to Predict Post-Mining Coal Mine Drainage Quality
P. M. Erickson, R. S. Hedin
p 11-20

Relationships Between the Initial Geochemistry and Leachate Chemistry of Weathering Overburden Samples
R. S. Hedin, P. M. Erickson
p 21-28

Application of Acid-Base Analysis to Wastes from Base Metal and Precious Metal Mines
S. D. Miller, G. S. Murray
p 29-32

A Study of Mine Drainage Quality and Prediction Using Overburden Analysis and Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
K. B. C. Brady, J. R. Shaulis, V. W. Skema
p 33-43

Acid Mine Drainage: Field Applications

Phosphatic Clay Slurries for Reducing Acid Mine Drainage from Reclaimed Mines Sites
E. D. Chiado, J. J. Bowders, J. C. Sencindiver
p 44-51

Laboratory and Field Testing of a Salt-Supplemented Clay Cap as an Impermeable Seal Over Pyritic Slates
E. W. Murray, S. P. Goudey, R. G. L. McCready, J. Salley
p 52-58

The Partitioning of Flow Components of Acidic Seeps from Surface Coal Mines and the Identification of Acid Producing Horizons within the Backfill
D. T. Snyder, F. T. Caruccio
p 59-66

The Use of Phosphate Materials as Ameliorants for Acid Mine Drainage
J. J. Renton, A. H. Stiller, T. E. Rymer
p 67-75

A Computer Simulation Probability Model for Geochemical Parameters Associated with Coal Mining Operations
T. E. Rymer, II, J. J. Renton, A. H. Stiller
p 76-82

Chemical Stability of Manganese and Other Metals in Acid Mine Drainage Sludge
G. R. Watzlaf
p 83-90

Acid Mine Drainage: General

Treatments to Combat Pyrite Oxidation in Coal Mine Spoil
C. A. Backes, I. D. Pulford, H. J. Duncan
p 91-96

A Growth Inhibition Model for Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans
K. L. Shuttleworth, R. F. Unz
p 97-103

Rehabilitation of Waste Rock Dumps at the Rum Jungle Mine Site
J. W. Bennett, J. R. Harries, A. I. M. Ritchie
p 104-108

Chemical Inhibition of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria in Waste Rock and Sulfide Tailings and Effect on Water Quality
G. R. Watzlaf
p 109-116

Mapping Buried Tipple Refuse - Is the Magnetometer Better Than Terrain Conductivity?
J. H. Schueck
p 117-130

The Use of Pre-Aeration to Reduce the Cost of Neutralizing Acid Mine Drainage
T. C. Jageman, R. A. Yokley, G. W. Heunisch
p 131-135

Mine Geochemistry

Methods for Determining Fundamental Chemical Differences Between Iron Disulfides from Different Geologic Provenances
R. W. Hammack, R. W. Lai, R. J. Diehl
p 136-146

Interpretation of Isotopic Compositions of Dissolved Sulfates in Acid Mine Drainage
R. O. van Everdingen, H. R. Krouse
p 147-156

Geochemistry of Abandoned Lignite Mine Spoil in Texas
J. K. Horbaczewski, F. Van Ryn
p 157-163

The Rate of Oxidation of Pyrites from Coal and Ore Sources - An AC Impedance Study
S. Chander, A. Briceno
p 164-169

A Quantitative Assessment of the Natural Abatement of Acid Mine Drainage by Interaction with Allegheny Group Lithologies
A. D. Stahl, R. R. Parizek
p 170-179

Mine Waste Characterization

Prediction of Acid Mine Drainage from Duluth Complex Mining Wastes in Northeastern Minnesota
K. Lapakko
p 180-190

Acid Mine Drainage and Management of Eastern Oil Shale Resources and Associated Waste Products
P. J. Sullivan, J. L. Yelton
p 191-199

Evaluation of the TCLP Method for Two Mill Tailings
J. C. Franklin, E. G. Zahl
p 200-205

A Comparison of Results from Acid-Base Accounting versus Potential Acidity Measured by the Peroxide Oxidation of Weathered and Unweathered Soils Containing Pyrite
J. T. A. Ammons, P. A. Shelton
p 206-209

The Interrelationship of Factors Influencing the Dissolution of Metals in Columns of Mine Tailings
R. D. Doepker
p 210-219

Improved Rock Durability Testing Techniques for Appalachian Valley Fills
R. A. Welsh, Jr., M. K. Robinson
p 220-227

Mine Hydrology

Acid Mine Drainage Research: Hydrology's Critical Role and Unifying Theme
F. T. Caruccio
p 228-231

Stream Sealing to Reduce Surface Water Infiltration into Underground Mines
T. E. Ackman, J. R. Jones
p 232-239

Unsaturated Fluid Flow in Mine Spoil: Investigative Methods Leading to a Quantitative Characterization
D. M. Diodato, R. R. Parizek
p 240-247

Forecasting the Effect of Mine Site Rehabilitation Works on Local Ground Water Quality
D. K. Gibson, G. Pantelis
p 248-252

Photo-Linear Characterization, Lithologic Variability, and the Effects of Mining Activity by Fracture Studies and In Situ, Air-Injection, Permeability Testing
C. A. Shuman, R. R. Parizek
p 253-260

Modeling Sulfate Retention in a Lake Receiving Acid Mine Drainage
A. T. Herlihy, A. L. Mills, W. Lung
p 261-268

Pennsylvania's Approach to Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment of Coal Mining Activities
L. E. Langer
p 269-273

Biological Mine Water Treatment

Biological Metal Removal from Mine Drainage
K. Nakamura
p 274-278

Growth Responses and Iron Uptake in Sphagnum Plants and Their Relation to Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
A. K. Spratt, R. K. Wieder
p 279-285

An Overview of the Role of Algae in the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
D. A. Kepler
p 286-290

Trace Metal Removal from Stockpile Drainage by Peat
K. Lapakko, P. Eger
p 291-300

Nickel and Copper Removal From Mine Drainage by a Natural Wetland
P. Eger, K. Lapakko
p 301-309

Effects of a Sphagnum Peat on the Quality of a Synthetic Acidic Mine Drainage
J. M. Dietz, R. F. Unz
p 310-316

Wetland Systems for Mine Water Treatment: Case Studies

Iron and Manganese Removal in a Typha-dominated Wetland During Ten Months Following Its Construction
L. L. Stillings, J. J. Gryta, T. A. Ronning
p 317-324

Constructed Wetlands for Acid Drainage Control in the Tennessee Valley
G. A. Brodie, D. A. Hammer, D. A. Tomljanovich
p 325-331

The Simco #4 Wetland: Biological Patterns and Performance of a Wetland Receiving Mine Drainage
L. R. Stark, R. L. Kolbash, H. J. Webster, S. E. Stevens, Jr., K. A. Dionis, E. R. Murphy
p 332-344

Treatment of Discharge From a High Elevation Metal Mine in the Colorado Rockies Using an Existing Wetland
J. C. Emerick, W. W. Huskie, D. J. Cooper
p 345-351

The Tracy Wetlands: A Case Study of Two Passive Mine Drainage Treatment Systems in Montana
M. T. Hiel, F. J. Kerins, Jr.
p 352-358

Wetland Systems for Mine Water Treatment - Process A Design

Effects of Cattails (Typha) on Metal Removal from Mine Drainage
J. C. Sencindiver, D. K. Bhumbla
p 359-368

Water and Soil Parameters Affecting Growth of Cattails: Pilot Studies in West Virginia Mines
D. E. Samuel, J. C. Sencindiver, H. W. Rauch
p 369-374

Determining the Capacity for Metal Retention in Man-made Wetlands Constructed for Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage
R. K. Wieder
p 375-381

Implications of Sulfate-Reduction and Pyrite Formation Processes for Water Quality in a Constructed Wetland: Preliminary Observation
R. S. Hedin, D. M. Hyman, R. W. Hammack
p 382-388

An Evaluation of Substrate Types in Constructed Wetlands Acid Drainage Treatment Systems
G. A. Brodie, D. A. Hammer, D. A. Tomljanovich
p 389-398

Poster Session Abstracts

Isolation and Culture of a Manganese-Oxidizing Bacterium from a Man-made Cattail Wetland
W. J. Vail, S. Wilson, R. K. Riley
p 399

Screening of Mosses and Algae in Greenhouse Experiments for Their Ability to Remove Iron from Water
H. J. Webster, L. R. Stark, S. E. Stevens, Jr.
p 399

Ecological Engineering and Biological Polishing: Its Application in Close-out of Acid Generating Waste Management Areas
M. Kalin
p 399

Wetlands and Mine Drainage - An Ecotechnology Approach
W. J. Mitsch, M. S. Fennessy, M. A. Cardamone, D. Palmieri
p 400

Peat Blanket to Lock Acid Mine Spoils in a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem
A. Brown, S. P. Mathur, D. J. Kushner
p 400

Wetland/Riparian Reconstruction Following Surface Mining: Part III. Recommendation on Channel Morphology to Support a Wet Meadow
R. E. Behling
p 400

A Staged Wetland Treatment System for Mine Water with Low pH and High Metal Concentrations
T. M. Demko, B. G. Pesavento
p 401

Construction of a Wetland Demonstration Site for a Metal-Mine Drainage
T. R. Wildeman, L. S. Laudon, E. A. Howard
p 401

Response of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to Organic Compounds: Leakage of Cellular Material and Inhibition of Growth
M. Bhatnagar, G. Singh
p 401

Iron Monosulfide and Pyrite Formation in Sediments of Lakes that Receive Acid Mine Drainage
C. M. Wicks, J. S. Herman, A. L. Mills, J. P. Schubert
p 402

Hydrology and Geochemistry of Surface Coal Mine Lakes
J. P. Schubert
p 402

Water Resource Development Engineering and Acid Mine Drainage in the Upper Ohio River Basin
M. Koryak
p 402

Aeration Efficiency in the In-Line Aeration and Neutralization System
T. E. Ackman, C. C. Hustwit
p 403

Treatment of Acidic Coal Refuse by Addition of Crushed-Stone Pond Screenings
S. J. Stokowski, Jr., R. R. Gilbert
p 403

X-ray Diffraction Evaluation of Coal Overburden Neutralization Potential
T. L. Despard
p 403

Stream Sealing Over an Active Longwall Panel
T. E. Ackman, C. C. Hustwit
p 404

Micromap -- A Database Retrieval and Display Manager for Microcomputers
T. E. Rymer, II, J. J. Renton, A. H. Stiller
p 404

Installation and Stability of Inverted Pyramid-Shaped Plugs for Closing Abandoned Mine Shafts Galena, KS Demonstration Project
J. S. Volosin
p 405