4th Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, March 17-19, 1987, Billings, Montana

Table of Contents

Technical Review

Overburden Chemistry: A Review and Update
D. Boon, F. Munshower, S. Fisher
p 1-18

Reclamation for Row Crop Production After Surface Mining, State of the Art
I. Jansen, R. Dunker
p 19-26

Geomorphic Principles, Stability and Reclamation Planning
T. Toy, C. Watson, D. Gregory, S. Parsons
p 27-56

Problems in Reclamation Bonding in the United States
S. Ardison
p 57-58

Revegetation Success Standards- Real Progress or Moving Target?
T. Colbert
p 59-60

Management of Reclaimed Lands

Managing Reclaimed Soils in the Corn Belt
S. Henning, R. Pope, R. Hansen
p 61-66

Watershed Management on Reclaimed Landscapes
B. Van Haveren
p 67-72

Reclaimed Land: Forest and Woodland Management
D. Graves, W. Davidson
p 73-74

Advances in Reclamation Technology

Environmental Training to Maintain Regulatory Compliance at a Surface Coal Mine
J. Friedlander
p 75-78

Identification of a New Rock Characteristic for Economic Selection of Disposal Sites for Toxic/Hazardous Mine Waste
S. Dutta, D. Menzie, R. Shadizadeh
p 79-90

The Use of an Electromagnetic Induction Soil Conductivity Meter to Conduct Pre-Salvage Surveys of Soil Salinity at the Rosebud Mine
K. Lang
p 91-94

Determination of Approximate Original Contour
D. Gregory, R. Mills, C. Watson
p 95-100

Aerial Images of Iowa Coal Mines
J. Ellerhoff
p 101-102

Southwestern Reclamation

The Need for Innovation in Western Land Reclamation
S. Grogan
p 103-106

Diversity and Composition of Soil Fungi Associated with Reclaimed Coal Mine Spoils and Soils
P. Fresquez, E. Aldon, W. Lindemann
p 107-114

Soil Salinity and Water Movement During Irrigation of a Topsoil-Coal Spoil Profile
D. Scholl
p 115-124

Temporary Irrigation for Revegetation of Mined Lands Under Cool Desert Conditions
K. Powell, R. Vincent, E. DePuit, F. Parady
p 125-132

Surface Mine Hydrology

Statistical Summary of Ground-Water-Quality Data From Selected Mined Areas in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
D. Naftz, M. Martin
p 133-134

Projected Impacts of Mining on Alluvial Aquifers at Colstrip, Southeastern Montana
P. Norbeck
p 135-144

Groundwater Hydrology and Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in Reclaimed Landscapes in East-Central Alberta, Canada
S. Moran, M. Trudell, D. Pauls, A. Howard, T. Macyk
p 145-154

Prevention of Ground-Water Quality Degradation During Reclamation of a Uraniferous Lignite Mine, North Dakota
R. Houghton, G. Anderson, S. Hill, J. Burgess, J. Wald, D. Patrick, R. Hall, J. Unseth
p 155-174

Overburden Characterization: A Tool for Planning Reclamation and Ground-Water Control Programs
W. Hall, L. Garrett
p 175-182

Runoff and Sediment Yield Following Mulch and Soil Stabilizer Treatments
W. Plass
p 183-192

The Erosional Response of Natural and Reclaimed Hillslopes at the Glenrock Coal Company
T. Toy
p 193-200

Runoff from Reclaimed Grasslands Compared to Undisturbed Grasslands
S. Schroeder
p 201-208

The Impact of Sediment Control Measures on Ephemeral Semiarid Stream Water Quality, Bridger Coal Company Southwestern Wyoming
F. Bergstrom
p 209-222

Surface Mine Reforestation

Minesoil Reconstruction for Forestry - Some Considerations
A. Fedkenheuer, L. Knapik, D. Walker
p 223-230

Root Development of Six-Year-Old Ponderosa Pine Established on Reclaimed Mine Soils
K. Thamarus
p 231-234

Germinant Reforestation: A Technology for Mine Spoil Reclamation
B. Buchanan
p 235-239

Establishment of Trees and Shrubs on Mined Land in the Foothills/Mountains Region of Alberta Canada
T. Macyk, Z. Widtman
p 239-244

Reforesting Disturbed Sites in the South with Pine Species
J. Barnett, A. Tiarks
p 245-252

Studies to Determine How to Re-Establish Ponderosa Pine on Mine Soil in Eastern Montana
G. Blake
p 253-256

Forestry - As a Post Mining Land Use in Appalachia
W. Plass
p 257-260

Ponderosa Pine - A Reclamation Species for the East
W. Davidson, R. Hutnik, R. Bauman
p 261-268

Acid Forming Materials

Pyrite Oxidation in a Minespoil Environment: A Lysimeter Study
J. Doolittle, L. Hossner
p 269-276

Lime and Tillage Effects on Soil Copper and Zinc Partitioning and Vegetative Response in Acid Contaminated Agricultural Soils in Southwestern Montana
W. Schafer, M. Babits
p 277-288

Pyrite Oxidation Under Unsaturated Conditions: Part I: Abiotic Oxidation
R. Hammack
p 289-296

Controlling Acid Seepage From Buried Coal Wastes Through Groundwater Inundation and Wetlands
D. Haag, C. Covert
p 297-304

Overburden, Soils and Minesoil

Implementation of the Illinois Agricultural Land Productivity Formula and Other State Programs
J. Lohse, K. Brakken
p 305-312

Changes in Chemical and Physical Properties of Two Soils in the Process of Surface Mining
R. Barnhisel, J. Powell, D. Hines
p 313-322

Plant Successional Responses to Topsoil Thickness and Soil Horizons
K. Crofts, C. Semmer, C. Parkin
p 323-334

Reclamation with Topsoil Substitution by Enhanced Biological Recultivation Process
J. Gozon, M. Ismail, W. Zhang
p 335-340

The Long Term Stability, Land-Use Potential and Erosivity of Surface Mined Lands Returned to Approximate Original Contour in the Central Appalachians
W. Daniels, J. Bell, C. Zipper
p 341-352

Reclamation Planning for Minesoil Construction for the Gulf Coast and West Central States-OSMRE's Guidelines in Progress
T. Colbert, S. Fisher Jr.
p 353-356

Western Soil and Overburden Task Group Round Robin Analysis Programs
R. Severson, S. Fisher Jr.
p 357-360

Vegetation Enhancement

Reclamation of Coal Wastes with Reduced Soil Depth and Other Amendments
D. Dove, W. Daniels, J. Bell
p 361-368

Comparative Soil Microbial Structural-Functional Relationships of Introduced Crested Wheatgrass and Native Prairie Communities
D. Klein, B. Frederick, W. Metzger, E. Redente, M. Trlica
p 369-374

Shrub Reestablishment in the Mountain Shrub Zone
J. Kiger, W. Berg, J. Herron, C. Phillips, R. Atkinson
p 375-380

Progress in Reclamation Research in Alberta: A Nine Year Study
P. Ziemkiewicz
p 381-400

Operational Aspects of Reclamation

Planting Experiences at the Rosebud Mine, Colstrip, MT
P. Martin
p 401-406

Reclamation Engineering and Design in Southwestern Wyoming
S. Riding, F. Parady
p 407-410

One Million Yards of Topsoil Salvage with Dozers, Trucks, and Shovels
P. Carroll
p 411-414

Dragline Reclamation
G. Bierei
p 415-418