3rd Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, March 17-20, 1986, Jackson, Mississippi

Table of Contents

Role of Landscape Architecture in Surface Mine Reclamation

Visual Landscape Analysis of Rural Iowa
N. L. Dietrich
p 1-8

Indigenous Plant Species for Functional and Ornamental Planting in Industrial Aggregate Mines
N. L. Dietrich
p 9-18

Legal Aspects of Reclamation

Disposal of Excess Spoil on Previously Mined Land
C. S. Pavetto
p 19-24

Monitoring and Assessing the Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Land Reclamation Programme
p Beckett, K. Winterhalder
p 25-26

Implementation of the Surface Mining Law With Regard to Reforestation in Northwest Ohio
A. Fisher
p 27-30

Documenting Revegetation Success for Bond Release Through Medium Format Aerial Photography
W. M. Grip, K. T. Brakken
p 31-32

Innovative Reclamation

Non-Traditional Agricultural Alternatives to Maximize Post-Mining Return and Meet Bond Release Conditions
S. W. Fletcher
p 33-40

Holistic Reclamation of Copper Tailings in the Southwest
S. A. Bengson
p 41-44

Does Reclamation by "Natural Colonization" Produce Desirable Environments?
D. Bruns
p 45-50

Opportunities for Creative Reclamation Following Sand and Gravel Extraction
S. G. McRae
p 51-54

Soil Amendments

The Use of Organic Amendments in the Restoration of Prime Farmland
J. L. Powell, R. I. Barnhisel, F. A. Craig, J. R. Armstrong, M. L. Ellis, W. O. Thom
p 55-60

Use of Papermill Sewage Sludge and Composted Sludge in Mineland Revegetation
S. K. Dickinson
p 61-64

The Use of Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Waste as a Liming Agent
R. I. Barnhisel, W. O. Thom
p 65-70

Degradation of Woody Materials by Minesoil Microorganisms
F. M. Rothwell
p 71-72

Nutrient Requirements

Reclamation and Crop Growth in a Drastically Disturbed Prime Farmland Soil in the Mississippi Delta
D. E. Pettry, C. W. Wood, Jr.
p 73-78

Available Nutrients and Early Growth of Woody Plants Vary with Overburden Material in Lignite Minesoils of Louisiana
J. D. Burton, A. E. Tiarks
p 79-86

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium Dynamics Over a Three-Year Period in an Appalachian Mine Soil
W. L. Daniels, J. Roberts, J. A. Burger, J. Moss
p 87-88

General Reclamation

Sand and Gravel Mining and Reclamation Problems in Eastern Montana
J. E. Surbrugg
p 89-92

Revegetation Trials on Hard Rock Mining Disturbances
F. Munshower, M. Spry
p 93-94

Grass Establishment on Uranium Exploration Sites in New Mexico
D. Scholl, E. J. Aldon
p 95-98

Reclamation Approaches and Techniques for Sodic, Low Ph Spoil in Abandoned Bentonite Mines
W. J. Almas, R. K. Brown, L. A. King, J. A. Beaumont
p 99-108

Dynamics of Revegetation Succession on Jackson County Iron Mine in Jackson County, Wisconsin
T. C. Hunt
p 109-110

Rehabilitation of Mined Bauxite Lands At Pocos De Caldas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
D. D. Williams
p 111-114

Restoration of Land Following Onshore Oil Exploration Activities in England
S. G. McRae
p 115-118

Acid Mine Drainage

Effect of Bactericide Treatments on Metalliferous Ore Tailings
A. A. Sobek, V. Rastogi, M. A. Shellhorn
p 119-122

Control of Acid Drainage from Mine Wastes Using Bacterial Inhibitors
G. R. Watzlaf
p 123-130

Seasonal Acid Mine Drainage from a Surface-Mined Watershed in Eastern Kentucky
K. L. Dyer
p 131-140

Field Evaluation of Overburden Analysis Methods for Prediction of Surface Coal Mine Drainage Quality
p M. Erickson, J. P. Schubert, A. A. Sobek
p 141-142

Reclamation Education

Perspective in Reclamation Education - Outlook for the Future
E. Nuhfer
p 143-144


Development of Natural and Planted Vegetation on Surface Mines in Southeastern Kentucky
R. L. Thompson, W. G. Vogel, G. L. Wade, B. L. Refaili
p 145-154

Forest Topsoil Seed Banks for Introducing Native Species in Eastern Surface Mine Reclamation
G. L. Wade
p 155-164

Selecting Hybrids and Superior Trees for Reclamation Planting
W. H. Davidson
p 165-168

Successful Reforestation by Use of Large Sized and High-Quality Native Hardwood Planting Stocks
J. L. Powell, R. B. Gray, J. B. Ellis, D. Williamson, R. I. Barnhisel
p 169-172

Mineral Analyses of Soils and Foliage Compared to the Growth of Pinus Resinosa and Betula Pendula
E. C. Aharrah, R. M. Muzika
p 173-178

Ground Cover Control with Herbicides to Enhance Tree Establishment on Oil Sands Reclamation Sites
M. Y. P. Fung
p 179-182

The Effects of Minesoil Construction Techniques and Ripping on the Long Term Survival and Growth of Black Walnut
S. J. Josiah
p 183-194


Planning and Evaluation Techniques for Replacement of Complex Stream and Wetland Drainage System
S. W. Fletcher
p 195-200

Water Quality within a Four Year Old Phosphate Surface Mined Reclaimed Wetland in Central Florida
K. Erwin, F. D. Bartleson
p 201-208

Surface Mining and Wetlands Reclamation Strategies
R. J. Haynes
p 209-214

Haul Roads: Post Mining Management Problems
F. E. Woods, C. W. Becker, W. Curtis
p 215-219