2nd Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, October 8-10, 1985, Denver, Colorado

Table of Contents

Coal Reclamation

Reclamation of Prime Farmland in Kentucky
J. L. Powell, R. I. Barnhisel, W. O. Thom, J. R. Armstrong, F. A. Craig, M. L. Ellis
p 1-12

Reclamation Research in the Foothills / Mountains Region of Alberta: A Case Study
T. M. Macyk
p 13-17

Sod-Seeding Low Maintenance Plant Species into Coastal Bermudagrass Sod on Lignite Overburden in Texas
J. G. Skousen, C. A. Call
p 18-23

Illinois Agricultural Land Productivity Formula
J. S. Lohse, P. Giordano, M. C. Williams, F. A. Vogel
p 24-39

Selection of Grass and Legume Species and Varieties for Reclamation of Mined Land
R. I. Barnhisel, J. L. Powell, M. L. Ellis, J. R. Armstrong, F. A. Craig, S. K. Laue
p 40-48

Acid Materials

Characterization of the Forms of Sulfur in Overburden Materials of the Western United States
L. L. Jackson, R. C. Severson, E. E. Engleman
p NA

The Effects of Particle Size Distribution on the Rate of Mine Acid Formation and Its Mitigation by Bacterial Inhibitors
M. A. Shellhorn, A. A. Sobek, V. Rastogi
p 50-53

Development of a Computerized Automated Rapid Weathering Apparatus for Determining Total Lime Requirement for Acid Minesoils
K. C. Harvey, D. J. Dollhopf
p 54-60

Development of a Bioassay for Acid Producing Potential in Mine Spoils and Overburden
D. L. Sorenson, J. E. Mclean, E. E. Farmer
p 61-67

Recent Concerns in Assessing Revegetation Success and Releasing Bond Liability
L. G. Kline
p NA

Inherent Similarity of Vegetation Types as a Standard for Revegetation Success
S. L. White, W. R. Keammerer
p 69-72

Reclamation and Grazing Management on A Surface Coal Mine in Northwestern Colorado
W. A. Laycock, W. J. Mcginnies
p 73-76

Development of Revegetation Success Standards for La Plata Coal Mine in Northwestern New Mexico
R. Edgar, W. Ruzzo, B. Bailey, C. Berry, F. Samson
p 77-83

The Utilitarian Concept for Determining Mined Land Reclamation Success
B. W. Sindelar, S. Murdock
p 84-86

Laboratory Techniques

Evaluation of the NH4HCO3 - DTPA (AB-DTPA) Soil Test for Identifying Seleniferous Soils
R. K. Jump, B. R. Sabey
p 87-89

Western Soil and Overburden Task Group Round Robin Analyses in 1984-1985
R. C. Severson, S. E. Fisher Jr.
p NA

Use of Soil Parameters in the Evaluation of Reclamation Success in North Dakota
E. C. Doll, N. C. Wollenhaupt
p 91-94

Plant Analysis: A Measure of Successful Reclamation
p J. Smith, D. Y. Boon
p 95-101

Estimating Components of Plant Community Diversity on Mined Lands
T. J. Hatton, S. L. Durham, N. E. West
p 102-104

Revegetation Technology and Issues at Western Surface Coal Mines
J. Bunin, D. L. Buckner
p NA

A New Instrument for Measuring Ground Cover Based On the Point-Hit Technique - The Optical Point Bar
S. R. Viert
p 106-109

Point-Intercept Sampling in Revegetation Studies: Maximizing Objectivity and Repeatability
D. L. Buckner
p 110-112

Tracking and Evaluating Revegetation Success with a Microcomputer
W. R. Keammerer, B. Gibbs
p NA

Mckinley Mine: Vegetation Bond Release Criteria Based On Soil Conservation Service Technical Guide Range Site Descriptions
W. R. Erickson
p 114-116

Revegetation Observations at Surface Coal Mines in the Axial Basin, Yampa River Basin, and North Park, Colorado
M. S. Savage, D. T. Mathews
p 117-133

Coal Reclamation Techniques

A Wetlands Planning Analysis John Henry No. 1 Mine in King County Washington
M. Abernathy, D. J. Morris, R. Van Wormer
p 134-138

Selecting Plants for Mine Reclamation in Western Wyoming
M. E. Majerus, J. G. Scheetz, L. K. Holzworth
p 139-142

The Effect of Native Hay Mulch on Reclaimed Prairie in the Northern Great Plains
J. D. Friedlander, F. R. Van Ryn
p NA

Techniques Used To Establish, Maintain and Enhance Grassland Seasonal Variety on the Glenharold Mine in North Dakota
D. J. Nilson, R. L. Williamson, J. C. Thompson, J. E. Schultz
p 144-152

Non-coal Reclamation

Reclamation of Abandoned Mica, Feldspar, Kaolin Surface Mines and Associated Tailings Disposal Sites in Western North Carolina
J. A. Muncy
p 153-157

An Innovative Approach to Reclaiming Processed Oil Shale
D. C. Anderson, W. K. Ostler, C. M. Mckell, V. Isaman
p 158-163

ASARCO's Revegetation of Mill Tailings and Overburden Wastes from Open-Pit Copper Mining Operations in Arizona
S. A. Bengson
p 164-172

Grass Root Penetration in Tosco II Processed Oil Shale
D. L. Buckner
p 173-180

Edaphic and Crop Production Changes Resulting From Pipeline Installation in Semiarid Agricultural Ecosystems
S. D. Zellmer, J. D. Taylor, R. P. Carter
p 181-189

A Field Survey of Reclamation Practices in the Overthrust Belt
W. K. Ostler, K. L. Allred, D. J. Hansen
p 190-195

The Use Of Manual Surface Seeding, Liming And Fertilization In The Reclamation Of Acid, Metal-Contaminated Land In The Sudbury, Ontario Mining And Smelting Region Of Canada
K. Winterhalder
p 196-204

Lime and Tillage Effects on Extractable Metal Levels in an Acid Contaminated Agricultural Soil
W. M. Schafer
p NA


Effect Of Crusting on Runoff and Erosion from Reshaped Spoil
S. A. Schroeder
p 205-210

Watershed Reconstruction during the Rehabilitation of Surface Mined Disturbances
E. A. Stieg, D. L. Law
p 211-216

Vegetation and Soil Water Response to Contour Furrows, Dozer Basins, and Surface Additions of Topsoil or Power Plant Ash on Arid Coal Spoils
D. G. Scholl
p 217-220

The Purpose and Design of Water Quality Monitoring Networks at Minesites
C. S. Joy
p 221-227

Hydrologic Parameters of Surface Mine Spoils in the Southwest
E. F. Aldon
p 228-231

Reclamation Of Soils

Topsoil and Subsoil Replacement on Strip-Mined Land in North Dakota
G. A. Halvorson, E. C. Doll
p 232-241

Collection and Use of Geochemical Data for Mine Overburden Management
S. Miller
p 242-246

Spacial Variability of Rosebud Mine Spoils
K. J. Lang, H. P. Knudsen, R. Sheldon
p NA

Carbonaceous Materials Problems Associated with Reclamation
D. Y. Boon, P. J. Smith
p 248-256

Soil and Overburden Management in Western Surface Coal Mine Reclamation - Findings of a Study Conducted for the Congress of the United States - Office of Technology Assessment
J. P. Walsh
p 257-264

Reclamation Technology

Microcomputers in Regulatory Compliance
C. H. Judy, M. I. Johnson
p 265-267

Bare-Plot Analysis as a Tool for Diagnosing Impediments to Revegetation at Surface Coal Mines
C. C. Reith, L. D. Potter
p 268-274

Advanced Reclamation Technology in Grading
W. E. Hilgedick
p 275-278

A Seeding Technique to Enhance Species Diversity
S. G. Long
p 279-282


Rhizobial Nitrogen Fixation on Mined Lands
J. P. Palmer, L. R. Iverson
p 283-288

Symbiotic N2 - Fixation by Frankia: Actinorhizae Establishment on Disturbed Lands
J. A. White, S. E. Williams
p 289-297

The Importance of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in the Reclamation of Mine Spoils
J. C. Zak
p 298-305

Ectomycorrhizae: A Viable Alternative for Successful Mined Land Reclamation
S. C. Grossnickle
p 306-313

Commercial Microbial Inoculants and Inoculated Transplants for Reclamation
T. Wood
p 314-318

The Detrital Food Web and Surface Mine Reclamation
L. W. Parker, W. G. Whitford
p 319-321

Spatial Patterning and Soil Saprophytic Microbiota: Impact of Strip Mining, Importance and Management Strategies
M. F. Allen
p 322-326

Patterns of Denitrification in Reclaimed Minespoils in the Arid Southwest
D. L. Sorensen and P. R. Fresquez
p 327-331

Physiological Diversity of Rangeland Soil Microbial Communities as Affected by Retorted Oil Shale
W. C. Metzger, D. A. Klein, E. F. Redente
p 332-339


Microbial and Soil Enzyme Activities in Stockpiled Topsoil and Coal Mine Spoil Materials
p R. Fresquez, E. F. Aldon, D. L. Sorensen
p 340-345

The Control of Surface Erosion from Overburden Areas
C. S. Joy
p 346-353

Concepts and Practices in Replacement of Water Sources on Reclaimed Mined Lands
D. W. Simpson, M. K. Botz
p 354-364

Impact of Surface Mining Sediment Control Regulations on the Hydrologic Balance of Dryland Streams
D. O. Doehring, J. R. Hinton, R. W. Micsak
p 365-369

Alternate Methods of Surface Mining Sediment Control and Measuring Water Quality in Streams
J. R. Hinton, W. R. Erickson, R. W. Micsak, D. O. Doehring
p 370-378

The Rights and Obligations of Operators to Control Sediment and Implement Alternative Sediment Control Technologies Under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act
R. W. Micsak, J. R. Hinton, D. O. Doehring
p 379-388

Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment in Surface Coal Mining
R. Price, R. Singh, K. Eggleston, D. Frickel
p 389-393

Determining Recharge in Coal Surface Mining Areas
W. J. Stone
p 394-403

Use of Geochemical Modeling in the Interpretation of Water Quality and Overburden Chemical Analysis
K. Johnson
p 404-411

The Use of the ESM Test for Prediction of Post-Mining Water Quality
D. B. Mcwhorter
p NA

Upward Migration of Vadose Zone Contaminants, as Indicated by Lysimeter Sampling
J. V. Rouse
p NA

Soil And Overburden Analytical Parameters (published by the Soil Conservation Society of America)

Ph Relationship to Revegetation and Water Quality at Western Surface Mines
G. Tucker, W.Berg, D. Gentz
p NA

Cadmium and Zinc
G. Halvorson, J. Kramer, J. Mclean, N. Safaya
p NA

Copper and Molybdenum
J. Schrack, D. Newman, L. Gough
p NA

Acid-Base Potential and Sulfur Forms
A. Sobek, L. Hossner, D. Fransway, D. Sorenson, L. Lagaki, D. Naftz
p NA

Impact Assessment of Mercury in Soils and Overburden in the Western United States: A Review
R. Funston, S. Williams, W. Swain
p NA

Organic Matter
R. Smith, E. Redente, E. Hooper
p NA

Nitrate and Ammonium Nitrogen
G. Wendt, B. Sabey, R. Lawton
p NA

Saturation Percentage
S. Merrill, J. Deutsch, M. Pole
p NA

Coarse Fragments - Their Effects in the Soil Profile
D. Mcgirr, L. Munn, C. Scott, N. Harrington
p NA

Particle Size
J. Herron, J. Bokich, D. Scholl
p NA

Electrical Conductivity
F. Samson, T. Portal, J. Bowden
p NA

R. C. Barth, G. Weiler, C. Severson
p NA

S. Fisher, F. Munshower, F. Parady
p NA

Management of Sodium Affected Minesoils
M. G. Carlstrom, F. Amendola, D. A. Shay, D. J. Dollhopf
p NA