1st Annual Meeting of the ASSMR, July 10-13, 1984, Owensboro, Kentucky

Table of Contents

Enhancing Shrub Establishment by Utilizing Direct Haul Topsoil on Mine Spoils in Western Colorado
V. R. Pfannenstiel, G. W. Wendt
doi: 10.21000/JASMR84010001
p 1-14

Water Quality of Runoff from Revegetated Mine Spoil
J. E. Trouart, R. W. Knight
p 15-36

Generating Productive Topsoil Substitutes from Hard Rock Overburden in the Southern Appalachians
W. L. Daniels, D. F. Amos
p 37-57

Acid Mine Drainage from Inactive Eastern Coal Operations
P. M. Erickson, K. J. Ladwig, R. L. P. Kleinmann
p 58-86

Reclamation Techniques in Southwestern Wyoming
F. E. Parady III
p 87-93

Microbial Relationships in Surface-Mine Revegetation
F. M. Rothwell, D. Eagleston
p 94-113

Forage Production and Quality as Influenced by Amended Quartz Sand-Tailings Following Phosphate Mining
P. Mislevy, W. G. Blue
p 114-130

Reclamation of Bentonite Mined Lands in the Northern Great Plains
G. E. Schuman, E. J. Depuit, J. A. Smith, L. A. King
p 131-150

Grazing Research and Water-Use-Efficiency on Reclaimed Pastures in North Dakota
R. E. Ries, R. L. Hofmann
p 151-163

History of Reclamation Research
A. F. Grandt
p 164-187

Modern Mining and Reclamation Procedures for Reduced Costs and Improved Land Resources
T. A. Keeney, R. M. Smith
p 188-212

Reactions and Mechanisms Controlling Water Quality in Surface Mined Spoils
V. P. Evangelou, A. D. Karathanasis
p 213-248

Impoundments on Mined Mountaintops in Eastern Kentucky
W. R. Curtis
p 249-274

Spoil Aquifer Resaturation Following Coal Strip Mining
R. W. Ringler
p 275-291

Acid Minesoil Problems in the Northern Plains States
D. J. Dollhopf
p 292-301

Overburden Analysis Using Acid-Base Accounting Techniques on the Divide Section, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
J. T. Ammons, P. A. Shelton
p 302-317

Estimating Agricultural Limestone Needs and Observed Responses for Surface Mined Coal Spoils
R. I. Barnhisel, J. L. Powell, J. S. Osborne, S. Lakhakul
p 318-344

Superabsorbents, a New "Tool" for Mine Reclamation
J. F. Pritchard
p 345-368

A Comparison of Basic and Acidic Products Using Acid-Base Accounting and Simulated Weathering Studies
C. S. Sturey
p 369-394

Ecological Forces Affecting Reclamation with Trees
W. C. Ashby, C. A. Kolar
p 395-410

Rowcrop Yield Response to Soil Horizon Replacement
I. J. Jansen, R. E. Dunker, C. W. Boast, C. L. Hooks
p 411-430

Chemical and Physical Properties of Lignite Overburden as Related to Environments of Deposition
J. S. Ahlrichs, L. R. Hossner, J. B. Dixon, A. L. Senkayi
p 431-461