Student Membership, Scholarships and Grants

Student Members

Abubakari, Farida
Adesipo, Adegbite
Angel, Hannah
Bram, Lauren
Corcoran, Patrick
Gurrola, Annika
Harwood, Cary
Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Brandon
Kane, Jenni
Leicht, Kiah
Lipman, Skylar
Lira Santos, Iuri
Manchola, Laura
Mellesmoen, Mikayla
Ortiz, Spencer
Patton, Hannah
Peterson, Ian
Sicker, Camille
Singh, Ana
Spellman, Charles
Swenson, Logan
Trudel, Keana

Student Chapters

There is a group within Regular and Student Members that are currently identified as "Early Career or Young Professionals." These items will be placed on the Regular Membership page.