Student Membership, Scholarships and Grants

Student Members

Abubakari, Farida
Adesipo, Adegbite
Angel, Hannah
Bram, Lauren
Branduzzi, Anna Maria
Caltrider, Brandon
Folz, Carlton
Fulton, Stephanie
Hearon, Lori
Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Brandon
Kane, Jenni
McGunagle, Patrick (Part-Time)
Patton, Hannah
Rosso, Taylor
Shepherd, Nicholas
Spellman, Charles
Stanfield, Harper
Swenson, Logan
Tang, Zepei
Valkanas, Michelle
Vaslow, Alexander

Student Chapters

There is a group within Regular and Student Members that are currently identified as "Early Career or Young Professionals." These items will be placed on the Regular Membership page.