Corporate Member Services

When The American Society of Mining and Reclamation created a new level of membership, the Corporate Member, Corporate Member Services was also added. This service will provide these corporations as well as our other persons additional benefits by providing links to the Corporate Members home pages, services they provide, and products or equipment they may offer for sale. The active corporate members are listed under the drop-down menu "Annual" corporate members and the company name is the link. If you or your company is interested in becoming a corporate member, contact the Executive Secretary Robert Darmody Items and forms below should be sent to the address on each. Information as to services etc, on the ASMR web page should be sent to Richard Barnhisel The annual Corporate Membership is $100. Under no circumstances will refunds be made for payments by either credit card or checks once the annual or multiple year payments are made.

Visit the Mining & Reclamation Services Directories below for services available from these corporations. The specialities for these services are in the file indented to the right.

Corporate Life Membership

The Life Corporate Membership fee is $1000 and is available when a company has been a member of at least 5 years.

Membership Application Form

Corporate Lifetime membership continues for the duration of the corporation or ASMR. If there is a termination of the your corporation, Lifetime Corporation Membership ends as well as all benefits including publications and voting privileges, etc. The ASMR membership is non-transferable if the corporation merges with another unless the old corporation retains greater than 50% ownership. In the case of the ending of ASMR, the Corporate Lifetime Member is not entitled to any refunds at the closure of the Society from the Life Membership Endowment. These funds are used for operating expenses of the Society.

One person should be designated as the representative for Corporate Life Member for voting and for the responsibility to notify the Executive Secretary of ASMR of changes in surface mail or e-mail addresses. If mail or e-mails are returned, ASMR may or may not attempt to locate this individual. In the case of publications, the representative for the Corporate Life Member is responsible for return postage for items that are returned to ASMR.

Corporate Annual and Life Members

No refunds will be made to a member or corporation even if they become deceased or the corporation ends or if dues are paid for one or multiple years. In the unlikely event that ASMR is dissolved, no refunds of any kind for Corporate Life Members.

Online Membership Application Form – credit card payment only
Online Membership Renewal – credit card payment only
Printable Membership Application and Renewal Form – check payment

Corporate Members

Brown and Caldwell
Crowley Fleck PLLP
Energy Laboratories, Inc.
Forest Concepts LLC
Granite Seed Company
Hdr Engineering, Inc.
Hedin Environmental
Indiana Div. of Reclamation Gov. (Lifetime)
InnoH2O Solutions, LLC
Jacobs Engineering Group
KC Harvey Environmental, LLC
Mh Wolf & Associates (Lifetime)
Millborn Seeds
Montana Dept. of Environ. Quality (Lifetime)
Navarro Research and Engineering
Pacific Inter-mountain Distribution
Peabody Energy, Southwest Operations (Lifetime)
Pims Nw, Inc. (Lifetime)
Rocky Mountain Bio Products
Thunder-basin Coal Co. (Lifetime)
Trapper Mining Inc.
Western States Reclamation, Inc.