March 4 – 2:00 PM CST

“Building Better Mine Rock Stockpiles for Effective and Sustainable Outcomes - or - Wouldn’t it Better if…. “The Best” Reclamation Cover System Was One You Didn’t Need”

Mine rock stockpiles (MRSs) represent the substantive percentage of risk for acidity generation, and therefore metal leaching and acid rock drainage (ML-ARD) risk on a mine site; greater than that arising from all other landforms arising from mining activity combined. Status quo in the mining industry is to utilize reclamation cover systems and collection-treatment systems to manage this risk. The result, most often, is unrecognized and underfunded liability during operations and closure. Strategic placement of run-of-mine (ROM) rock within an MRS has far greater influence on an MRS’s hydraulic, geotechnical, geochemical, and geomorphological behavior during operations and closure, as compared to that which can be imposed by a cover system alone. This webinar discusses how we can apply net present value (NPV) to inform reclamation/closure decisions throughout the mine-life cycle to address our industry’s challenge of unrecognized and unfunded liability. This will frame, and focus, on technical content of the webinar in describing, from a closure planning and mine planning perspective, what is a “better” MRS, as well as assessment metrics to define “better,” and indeed, what is “best.”

Mike O’Kane, M.Sc., P.Eng., MAusIMM, founded Okane Consultants (Okane) in 1996, a company providing integrated mine planning and closure outcomes to the mining industry internationally. Mike continues to work with Okane as a senior technical advisor, using his wide-ranging technical expertise and knowledge on risk management best practices as tools for development and communication of closure planning and project specific objectives and designs. He is an expert on the application of unsaturated zone hydrology and geochemistry for mine waste management. Mike is a director of the Landform Design Institute and chair of its Technical Advisory Panel. In 2014 Mike received the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award in 2014 for “Global Development of his Business and Corporation, and Philanthropy.”