February 4 – 2:00 PM CST

Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) - Overview of Passive Treatment: What you can use it for and what can it achieve

Passive treatment has been used to address mine drainage (ARD) for the past several decades with a notable expansion of its use around the turn of the millennium. Many passive treatment systems were projected to achieve 15-25 years of operation with expectations of very low, to no maintenance. Over the years, much has been learned about what we can expect from passive treatment. This presentation will emphasize how to characterize mine drainage and take a realistic, stepwise approach to achieving treatment goals. Examples of treatment system performance will be shared to demonstrate passive treatment capabilities with data collected near the mid-life of several systems. Pollutants to be addressed include acidity, iron, manganese, and aluminum.

Timothy P. Danehy, QEP has been involved with the implementation of passive technology since 1996. After co-founding BioMost, Inc. in 1998, he has been responsible for the design of over 100 passive treatment systems located throughout the coal fields of Appalachia and the Tri-State mining district. His experience includes the operation and maintenance of dozens of systems for watershed groups as well as mine operators. Recent work has focused assessment and rehabilitation of large-scale systems constructed over the past two decades. He is co-inventor on several patents related to mine water treatment and his firm has constructed and rehabilitated some of the largest passive systems in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.