36th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 3-7, 2019, Big Sky, Montana

Abstracts - Final Program


President's Welcome and Keynote Address – Energy, Reclamation and the Next Chapter (Presentation )
Dr. Gwendelyn Geidel, ASMR President

US EPA Perspectives on Abandoned Mine Cleanup: Challenges and Technology Opportunities (Presentation )
Daniel Powell, Chief, Technology Integration, and Information Branch, Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation, U.S. E.P.A.

Earth's Natural Laboratories: What Can Reclamation Science Learn from Geothermal Systems in Yellowstone? (Presentation )
Dr. William Inskeep, Thermal Biology Institute, Montana State University

Ecological Recovery of Yellowstone's Soda Butte Creek (Presentation )
Autumn Coleman, Abandoned Mine Land Program Manager, Montana Department of Environmental Quality and
Dr. Andrew Ray, Ecologist, U.S. N.P.S., Greater Yellowstone Network

Promo for Duluth 2020 (Presentation )
Mehgan Blair, Senior Geologist, Barr Engineering Co. and 2020 Conference Chair

Annual Meeting Lunch (Presentation )
Dr. Gwendelyn Geidel, ASMR President

Sponsors (Presentation )

Water Quality Challenges

Streamflow Variability and Treatment System Effectiveness in a Changing Climate (Presentation )
N. A. K. Daniels and Z. Matthews

An Evaluation of Biological and Chemical Improvements at Various Spatial Scales in the West Branch Susquehanna River Watershed, Pennsylvania (Presentation )
S. M. Rummel, A. Wolfe, R. Kester, K. Lavelle, and A. Lutz

Stream Restoration

Stream Restoration Techniques to Mitigate the Yellowstone Hydroelectric Decommissioning Project in Duchesne County, Utah (Presentation )
C. Young and L. Forbes

Reclamation of the McLaren Tailings: The Rest of the Story (Presentation )
M. Bennett, T. Henderson, and A. Coleman

Alternative Approaches for Remediating Legacy Mine Sites

Trout Unlimited - A Nonprofit Approach to Mine Reclamation
R. Roberts

Golden Sunlight’s Outside Ore Program (Presentation )
S. Lloyd

UAV Monitoring and Modeling Technologies

Prediction of Optical and Non-Optical Water Quality Parameters in Oligotrophic and Eutrophic Systems Using a Small Unmanned Aerial System (Presentation )
J. G. Arango and R. W. Nairn

Evaluating the Role of Optical Depth on Spectral Reflectance Data from sUAS-Mounted Multispectral Sensors and Handheld Hyperspectral Radiometers with Relation to Development of Water Quality Models in Mine Drainage Systems (Presentation )
B. K. Holzbauer-Schweitzer and R. W. Nairn

Applying UAV Imagery to Minimize Impacts to Surface Water from Oil and Gas Well Pad Development (Presentation )
M. P. Strager, P. Kinder, S. Grushecky, and J. M. Strager

Coal Mining Subsidence and its Effects on Agricultural Land: a UAV-Based Investigation in Eastern China (Presentation )
W. Xiao, Z. Hu, and J. Chen

Mine Waste Covers and Source Control Techniques

Application of Coupled Surface and Subsurface Hydrological Modeling in Hydrology-Based Reclamation Technique of Mine Lands (Presentation )
T. K Tesfa, C. Liao, and Z. F. Zhang

French Gulch Restoration – Abandoned Mine to Native Fish Habitat (Presentation )
M. Barnes

International Reclamation Case Studies

Reclamation of Sulfur Borehole Mine Sites and Environment Consequences of S Extraction (Presentation )
M. Pietrzykowski and J. Likus-Cieslik

Spatial Distribution of Reconstructed Soil Volume Density in Loess Open-pit Mining Area Based on IDW Interpolation (Presentation )
S. Wang, Y. Cao, and Z. Bai

Evaluation of Restoration Achievement for the Release of Upland Grasslands from Statutory Aftercare Provisions at a Surface Mine in South Wales, UK: The Deployment of Two Recently Developed Agricultural Methodologies (Presentation )
R. N. Humphries and R. Thompson

Land Reclamation Planning for Underground Coal Mining Areas and Case Studies in China (Presentation )
Z. Hu

Biodiversity Development and Soil Carbon Sequestration Efficiency of Certain Indigenous and Exotic Woody Species Planted on Coal Mine Habitats in a Dry Tropical Environment, India: A Case Study
A. N. Singh and R. Kaur

Ecological Engineering Approaches to Treating Water

Removal of Gaseous and Aqueous Biogenic Sulfide from Vertical Flow Bioreactor Effluent via Solar-Powered Blowers (Presentation )
R. W. Nairn and T. Wall

A Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) for the Immobilization of Selenium in Seep Water and Shallow Groundwater at a Phosphate Mine an Southern Idaho: Results of Bench Scale Testing (Presentation )
W. J. Walker, D. Tooke, M. Wright, J. Hamilton, C. Schreier, and J. Peterson

The Influence of Bacteria on Passive Remediation Systems
M. M. Valkanas and N. J. Trun

Reclamation of Oil and Gas Related Disturbances

Restoration of Native Grasslands to Provide Monarch Habitat on the Enbridge Valley Crossing Pipeline in the South Texas Sand Sheet (Presentation )
T. Falk, K. Pawelek, F. Smith, and D. Hoetzel

Soil Reclamation after a Bakken Crude Pipeline Release: A Summary of Research Results (Presentation )
T. DeSutter, P. O’Brien, S. Croat, C. Gasch, F. Casey, and A. Wick

Subsurface Mine Void and Karst Imaging Using 3D Seismic Methods; Adapting Oil and Gas Seismic Advancements to Develop 3D Integrated Site Characterization Models (Presentation )
J. Turner, L. Steele, D. O’Connell, J. Nuttall, W. Levandowski, and M. Isaacson

GIS Technologies Applied to Reclamation

Geocoding American Society of Mining and Reclamation Proceedings to Preserve and Easily Access Reclamation Research (Presentation )
A. Rovder, S. Wolfe, K. Lagan, L. Currie, W. Strosnider, and P. Smyntek

Development of a GIS Tool for Estimating Post-Mining Water Levels in Underground Coal Mines of Ohio (Presentation )
R. Steinberg, Z. Matthews, N. A. K. Daniels, D. L. Lopez, J. R. Bowman, and N. Sullivan

Evaluating Herbicide Treatment Effectiveness Using GPS Treatment Data & ArcGIS tools: 2016-2018 (Presentation )
W. Erickson and A. Matthews

Ecological Engineering Approaches to Treating Water

Temperature Effects on Selenium Cycling in Simulated Constructed Wetland Microcosms (Presentation )
M. P. Nattrass, J. I. Morrison, and B. S. Baldwin

Modeling the Effects of Mass Transfer Limitations in Limestone-Based Passive Treatment Systems (Presentation )
J. Z. Bandstra, W. H. J. Strosnider

Spaghetti Hole: Retrofit Options for an Aging Passive Treatment System (Presentation )
J. Gaughan, N. McKnight, L. Madison, T. Taske, J. Eckenrode, and W. Strosnider

Restoration of Native Grass Communities

Native Warm-Season Grasses that Germinate on Command (Presentation )
B. S. Baldwin, J. I. Morrison, and J. B. Rushing

Establishing Native Grassland Plants on Mineral Sands Mines in Virginia
S. K. Klopf, W. L. Daniels, and Z. Orndorff

Assessment of Native Warm Season Grasses for Post-Mining Reclamation (Presentation )
J. I. Morrison, M. K. Parker, N. R. McGrew, and B. S. Baldwin

The Future of Coal

New Generation Coal-fired Power Plants: Innovation at the Dry Fork Station, Gillette, Wyoming (Presentation )
B. K. Schladweiler and D. Hugo

Analysis of Coal Production, Severance Tax Revenues, and Water Infrastructure Relationships in West Virginia (Presentation )
H. Patton, E. Sarver, and L. Krometis

SMCRA Fee Collection Reauthorization: Ensuring the Future of Abandoned Coal Mine Reclamation (Presentation )
A. G. Wolfe and A. McAllister

Looking at Reclamation Over the Long Term

Acid Mine Drainage Takes Its Time to Burn Out – a case for Interceding with Spot Treatments? (Presentation )
M. Coleman, K. E. Butler, and D. Loomer

Financial Assurance for Long-Term Reclamation (Presentation )
D. Sutton and D. Herrera

Effects of Grazing Management and Climate Change on Extent of Semiarid Riparian Meadows
B. A. Fulcher, J. B. Norton, and M. Kasten

Acid Mine Drainage, Hydrology and Treatment

Developing a Long-Term Hydrologic Monitoring Plan for Surface Coal Mines (Presentation )
K. D. Krogstad

Anna S Mine: A Century of Mining, Acid Mine Drainage, and Remediation (Presentation )
R. Hedin

Effects of Precipitation Patterns on Sediment, Nutrient, and Biofilm Dynamics in an Acid Mine Drainage Stream (Presentation )
J. Brancho, N. A. K. Daniels, and M. L. Vis

Preliminarily Assessing Ferrate (Fe(VI)) as an Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Option
J. E. Goodwill, J. A. LaBar, D. Slovikosky, and W. H. J. Strosnider

The Use of Advanced Membrane Filtration as an AMD Remediation Method (Presentation )
M. J. McCluskey

Abatement of AMD at Abandoned Coal Mines in North Central Missouri: An Overview (Presentation )
P. T. Behum, D. Wedemeyer, and M. Meuller

Source Control or How to Eliminate Acidophiles and Influence Water Quality (Presentation )
P. Eger, J. Gusek, L. Josselyn, and T. Clark

Reclamation Soil Science

Impacts of Soil Stockpiling on Seed Viability and Vegetation Communities (Presentation )
J. Buss and B. D. Pinno

Effect of Topsoil Stockpiling and Organic Amendments on Soil Properties and Tree Growth during Gold Mine Reclamation in Ghana (Presentation )
P. K. Nsiah and W. Schaaf

Soil Water Chemistry of Reforested Mine Site in West Virginia (Presentation )
A. Hass, J. G. Skousen, and R. Cantrell

Alternative Approaches for Remediating Legacy Mine Sites

Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands in Conjunction with Economic and Community Development and Reuse Goals – Implementation of the 2016 AML Pilot Program in Pennsylvania (Presentation )
D. R. Baker

Non-Traditional Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) to Support Economic Revitalization and Community Development – Implementation of the 2017 AML Pilot Program in Pennsylvania (Presentation )
E. E. Cavazza

Implementation of the 2018 AML Pilot Program in Pennsylvania – AML Reclamation as an Economic Catalyst (Presentation )
P. M. Webb

Mine Fires and Emergency Responses

Phillips Mine Fire – A Containment & Extinguishment Design Plan (Presentation )
C. A. Neely, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, B. J. Page, M. H. Dunn, D. A. Guy, D. Baker, and R. Rummel

Unconventional Seismic Studies at a Coal Mine Fire Before and After Reclamation Efforts (Presentation )
L. Steele, D. O’Connell, J. Nuttall, T. Tafi, and J. Turner

Emergency Response to Historic Pit Mine Washout Leads to Improved Resiliency, Functionality, and Aesthetics (Presentation )
P. Kero, J. Olson, and L. Johnson

Reclamation of Forest Communities

Early Tree Growth in Brown and Gray Mine Soils Compared to Growth in Native Forest Soils (Presentation )
K. Dallaire and J. Skousen

Tree Growth and Regeneration on Reclaimed Oil Sands Mine Sites in Northern Alberta (Presentation )
B. D. Pinno

A Recently Translocated Woodland Plant-Soil Ecosystem: Some Early Outcomes and Lessons Learnt (Presentation )
R. N. Humphries

Using the Forestry Reclamation Approach in the Western Gulf Region: Impacts on Pinus taeda Seedling Growth and Survival (Presentation )
C. Phillips, J. Stovall, H. Williams, and K. Farrish

Field-Testing Transgenic American Chestnuts on Reclaimed Coal Mines
S. K. Klopf and J. Holliday

Tree Response to Soil Treatments on Quarry Overburden (Presentation )
J. A. Franklin and D. S. Buckley

Soil Characterization and Identification of Native Hyper-Accumulating Plant Species for Phytoremediation
A. A. Adesipo, O. O. Awotoye, A. T. Salami, and D. J. Oyedele

Reclamation Case Studies

Life Cycle of a Successful Reclamation Program (Presentation )
R. E. Spang

Atlantic City Iron Mine, Wyoming Case Study Post-reclamation 17-year Status (Presentation )
J. J. Gusek and B. K. Schladweiler

Reclamation Case Study: Road Decommissioning in Indiana and Pennsylvania Gulches, White River National Forest (Presentation )
T. Matthews and J. Feeback

Development of Mine Soils in a Chronosequence of FRA-Reclaimed Sites in Eastern Kentucky (Presentation )
K. L. Sena, K. Yeager, J. Lhotka, and C. Barton

Skill Set Needs for Natural Resource Managers

Helping Students of Natural Resource Management Develop a Land Ethic
P. D. Stahl

University of Wyoming Extension Reclamation Workshops (Presentation )
J. B. Norton

Succession Planning for 2025 – Do You Really Know the Next Generation of Reclamation Researchers? (Presentation )
S. E. Bellgard and S. E. Williams

Proposed Skill Sets for Effective Natural Resource Managers of the Future (Presentation )
S. E. Williams and S. E. Bellgard

Mine Waste Characterization and Remediation

Fred Burr Creek Historic Tailings Characterization (Presentation )
E. Spotts and C. Lucy

Development of a Reliable Field Testing Protocol for Acid-Forming Materials
W. L. Daniels, B. T. Thomas, E. Shatnawi, and E. Farouz

Techniques to Refine Initial Amendment Selection for Dispersed Mine Tailings Reclamation (Presentation )
A. Harley and J. Willis

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Insect Response to Reclaimed Natural Gas Well Pads in Semi-Arid Wyoming (Presentation )
M. Curran, D. Smith, T. Robinson, and P. Stahl

Remediation of Tar Creek: Shifts in Bird Community Composition over Time (Presentation )
C. C. Rega-Brodsky, S. R. King, and K. Mallatt

Bird Use in a Restored Riparian Corridor, Southwest Montana (Presentation )
R. Prodgers and N. Kohler

Geomorphic Reclamation Strategies

Modeling Water Balance of Geomorphic Evapotranspiration Covers for Reclamation of Mine Land (Presentation )
Z. F. Zhang, Y. Fang, N. Bugosh, and T. Tesfa

Lessons about Geomorphic Reclamation from Sediment Yield Quantification and Erosion Modeling Studies (Presentation )
N. Bugosh

Restoring the Hydrology – Key to Successful Reclamation at the Riley Pass Uranium Mine Site (Presentation )
M. B. Marks, M. Hatten, and M. Donner

An Analysis of Cost Factors in Geomorphic Mine Reclamation (Presentation )
H. J. Hutson

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Geomorphic Reclamation (Presentation )
R. Coupal, K. Hufford, and K. R. Fleisher

Assessing Physiographic Controls on Snow Accumulation and Vegetation Cover in Traditional and Geomorphic Mineland Reclamation Using Airborne Lidar and High-Resolution Satellite Data (Presentation )
E. A. Gage, K. R. Fleisher, and K. M. Hufford

Passive Treatment of Mine Water

Case Study: Baird Wetland Mitigation 3rd Year Update (Presentation )
S. L. Busler, Y. Sheykhet, D. A. Guy, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, C. F. Denholm, C. A. Neely, and H. P. Thorton

Performance Evaluation of the North Fork Montour Run Passive Treatment System (Presentation )
T. P. Danehy, R. Beam, R. M. Mahony, C. A. Neely, C. F. Denholm, and D. A. Guy

Land Application Disposal System Design for Biochemical Reactor Treated Effluent (Presentation )
N. R. Anton, D. T. Shanight, C. S. Storrar, M. J. Fischer, E. M. Janoviak, and B. Lala

Reclamation Strategies and Techniques

Cost-Effective Strategies for the Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Sites (Presentation )
D. F. Polster

Successful Revegetation Techniques for Legacy and Active Mine Sites (Presentation )
B. Hardy

Industrial Hemp as a Potential Crop for Reclaiming Disturbed and Contaminated Soils (Presentation )
L. M. McDonald

Deep Mine Closure and Reclamation

Abatement of Abandoned Coal Mine Hazards Beneath a Rural Road (Presentation )
C. Stock, J. Nuttall and M. Bautz

Challenges to Mine Backfilling in Poor Rock Formation with High Artesian Mine Water Pressure (Presentation )
M. Gamal, D. Hibbard and M. Bautz

Geochemistry of Improved Groundwater Quality Resulting from Adit Plugging, Glengarry Mine, New World District, Cooke City MT USA
L. B. Kirk, L. R. Bozeman, A. R. Kirk, and M. B. Marks

Regulatory Issues Related to Reclamation

Integrating Reclamation Oriented Water Management Within Regulation (Presentation )
J. E. Staldine and C. Yde

A River Runs Through It: Designing and Permitting the Stibnite Gold Project (Presentation )
D. Kerner

Potential Effects of the Proposed New Definition of Waters of the U.S. on Mining1
R. T. Franzmanand and C. R. Terrell

How do We Know That the Land Has Been Reclaimed – Regulatory Approach for a Surface Coal Mine (WY, USA)
A. K. Waitkus

Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration

Restoration of Wyoming big sagebrush to intact rangelands within a Greater Sage-grouse Core Population Area, Converse County, Wyoming (Presentation )
J. White

Seeding the Future: Wyoming AML Native Plants Project (Presentation )
G. Clingerman and D. Newton

Reestablishment of Wyoming Big Sagebrush in Eastern Wyoming for Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration
D. C. Balthrop and P. D. Stahl

Seed Enhancement Technologies for Native Plant Restoration on Reclaimed Mine Lands (Presentation )
M. Eshleman and C. Riginos

Novel Reclamation Strategies and Techniques

Innovative Methods for Cost Effective Rehabilitation of Challenging Mining and Energy Sites (Presentation )
M. S. Theisen and A. Jung

Usibelli Coal Mine: Concurrent Reclamation is Yielding Success
R. C. Sivils

Cast Blasting as a Cost Saving Reclamation Tool: A Case Study (Presentation )
S. M. Cude

Monitoring and Assessment: Evaluating Reclamation Success of Surface Coal Mine Reconstructed Rangelands
E. A. Vasquez

Mine Reclamation Hydrology

Finite Element Water Balance Modeling in a Coal Refuse Pile Cap and Cover Reclamation (Presentation )
I. L. Santos, L. J. Cyphers, J. D. Quaranta, and L. C. Hopkinson

Mine Water Reclamation in Appalachia Facilitated by Student Support and Technical Assistance from Academia (Presentation )
T. Tasker, J. Eckenrode, and W. Strosnider

Day Loma Pit –Water Filled Pit Backfill Method (Presentation )
H. J. Hutson

Laboratory Testing to Optimize Retention Time in Auto-Flushing Limestone Beds (Presentation )
J. A. LaBar, C. A. Neely, C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, and W. H. J. Strosnider

30 Years of Reclamation and Remediation in the Silverton Caldera of Colorado (Presentation )
S. Lange


Abatement of AMD at the Germantown AML Site in West Central Missouri
D. P. Wedemeyer, P. T. Behum, and M. Meuller

Prediction of Sludge Generation in Mine Drainage Treatment Plan with Lime Dosing
Y. Cheong, C. Lee, G. Yim, J. Lee, D. Kim, D. Kim, and J. E. Yang

Scale Composition and an Automatic Cleaning Device for pH Electrode used in Mine Drainage Treatment
G. Yim, Y. Cheong, J. Lee, D. Kim, and S. Cho

The Role of Solar-Powered Float-Mix Aerators on Iron Oxidation Rates in Passive Treatment Oxidation Ponds
D. M. Dorman and R. W. Nairn

One Steppe: Efforts from Multiple Stakeholders in Wyoming to Streamline Disturbance, Reclamation, and Conservation Efforts
M. Curran, N. Graf, T. Wyckoff, and P. Stahl

Flow Visualization Utilizing Airborne Thermography
J. Gaughan, B. Furman, and Br. M. Strom

Sulfate Removal by Selected Organic Substrates in Continuous Flow-Through Columns
J. D. Ingendorf and R. W. Nairn

Post-Reclamation Long-Term Monitoring and Care at the Shullsburg Mine in the Upper Mississippi Valley Lead-Zinc District
S. Tanck, J. Zurawski, A. Belisle, and Y. B. Johnson

Optimization of Drainable Limestone Beds for Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
K. Lagan, T. Tasker, J. Bandstra, and W. Strosnider

Super Absorbent Polymer effects on Soil Physical Properties as Functions of Application Rate and Soil Texture
M. Ostrand, T. DeSutter, and A. Daigh

Geocoding American Society of Mining and Reclamation Proceedings to Preserve and Easily Access Reclamation Research
A. Rovder, S. Wolfe, K. Lagan, L. Currie, W. Strosnider, and P. Smyntek

Locating and Characterizing Mine Drainage Sources in a Topographically Challenging Location at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma
N. L. Shepherd and R. W. Nairn

Modeling the Effects of Improved Stormwater Management at a Large Open-Pit Mine
S. Shoemaker, J. Hugo, J. Bandstra, and W. Strosnider

Treating Acid Mine Drainage with Ferrate (Fe VI): A Preliminary Assessment
D. Slovikosky, W. H. J. Strosnider, J. A. LaBar, and J. E. Goodwill

Bench Scale Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage Addition to Secondary Municipal Wastewater Treatment Processes for Co-treatment
C. Spellman Jr., T. Tasker, J. Goodwill, and W. Strosnider

The Role of Mixing on Nutrient and Metal Interactions at the Sediment-Water Interface
Z. Tang and R. W. Nairn

Reclamation Planning in the Intermountain West
B. Teson, T. Kimsey, and D. Marshall

Vegetation Community Dynamics on Soil Islands in Oil Sands Reclamation
K. E. Trepanier and B. D. Pinno

Succession After Reclamation: Identifying and Assessing Ecological Indicators ff Forest Recovery on Reclaimed Oil and Natural Gas Well Pads
R. C. Lupardus, A. C. S. McIntosh, A. Janz, and D. Farr

The Ecological and Economic Efficacy of Hillslope Erosion Control Features in Forest Lands after Severe Wildfire
P. T. McGunagle

Interlayered Soil Profile Reconstruction in Reclaiming Subsided Land With Coal Gangue
Y. Gong, Z. Hu, and K. McSweeney

Improving Pedotransfer (Ptfs) Functions Using Recursive Feature Elimination and Random Forest for Predicting Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
X. Wang, Y. Zhao, W. Xiao, H. Liu, K. McSweeney, and Z. Hu

Wool Erosion Control Blankets: A New Roadside Reclamation Tool
K. O’Neill, R. Ament, and A. Salmore

Do Weeds Hinder the Development of Native Plants on a Reclaimed Boreal Mine Site?
B. Burton, K. Trepanier, and B. Pinno

Microbial Community Structure and Diversity in Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Municipal Wastewater
R. C. Wagner


Superfund Remediation at Tar Creek. Quapaw Nation (Recording )
S. King, C. Kreman, and T. Kent

Rewinding a River (Recording )
C. Chowdhury, K. McBurnie, A. Smith, V. Armayor, and P. Parson

Industrial and Metallic Minerals Mine Reclamation in Missouri (Recording )
W. S. Zeaman, M. Morrison, G. Mobley, C. Priest, A. Harrison, L. Lehman, J. Gillman, D. Enos, M. Mundell, and C. Thiltgen

Reclamation in the Heartland: Cleaning up the Tar Creek Superfund Site (Recording )
B. Holzbauer-Schweitzer

Salinity Management Strategies (Recording )
A. Wick

High Desert Reclamation in Wyoming (Recording )
B. Teson

Hollywood Treatment Plant (Recording )
E. Cavazza

Coal Mine Reclamation in Montana (Recording )
J. Calabrese

French Gulch Restoration Project (Recording )
P. Marques

Repairing the Damage – Peat Bog Reclamation (Recording )
N. Humphries