35th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 3-7, 2018, St. Louis, Missouri

Abstracts - Final Program


Agricultural Longwall Subsidence Mitigation Utilizing Subsurface Drainage Systems: Why Can’t We Make It Better? (Presentation )
G. Spinner, D. Barkley

Overview of InSAR Technology for Monitoring Subsidence Over Undermined Areas
Z. Agioutantis, J. Robertson

Response of Petro Pipelines to Longwall Subsidence (Presentation )
G. Marino

An Assessment of Long-wall Mining Subsidence on Internationally Important Floodplain Meadows: I. Plant Communities and Their Response to Increase in Wetness (Presentation )
P. Benyon, N. Humphries

An Assessment of Long-wall Mining Subsidence on Internationally Important Floodplain Meadows: II. A Model for the Prediction and Quantification of Impact and Mitigation (Presentation )
N. Humphries, P. Benyon

Reliance, Wyoming Mine Subsidence Mitigation Project (Presentation )
D. L. Beahm, R. S. Reed, C. R. Gerrard

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Hickory and Oak Growth Over 10 Years in Response to Initial Fertilization (Presentation )
J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley

Survival, Growth, and Blight Incidence of Chestnuts on an FRA-Reclaimed Coal Mine in Southwestern Virginia (Presentation )
S. Klopf, C. E. Zipper, J. Holliday

Soil Water Quality of Reforested Mine Site Twelve Years After Reclamation
A. Hass, T. Geberehiwot, D. Hall, J. G. Skousen, R. Cantrell

Developing Diverse, Effective, and Permanent Plant Communities on Reclaimed Surface Coal Mines: Establishing Ecosystem Function in Reconstructed Wildlands (Presentation )
E. Vasquez, R. Sheley

Eucalypt Plantations for Mine Site Rehabilitation, Carbon Sequestration and Wood Products in the Hunter Valley, Australia (Presentation )
A. Webb, G. L. Kelly, N. Cameron

Reclamation in Smelter-Impacted Landscapes in Northern Regions – A Comparison of Canadian and Russian Experiences (Presentation )
G. Spiers, P. Beckett, S. Koptsik, G. Koptsik


Development of Soil Physicochemical Properties of Reclaimed Croplands in a Large Opencast Mining Area on the Loess Plateau (Presentation )
Y. G. Cao

Soil Stockpile Seed Viability is Affected by Depth and Current Surface Vegetation (Presentation )
J. Buss, B. Pinno

Early Physical, Chemical, and Biological Impacts of Using Stockpiled vs. Directly Placed Reclamation Soils (Presentation )
B. Pinno

Effect of Alders (Alnus Sp.) on Technosols Development on Lignite Combustion Wastes Disposal (Presentation )
M. Pietrzykowski, B. Wos, M. Chodak, K. Sroka, M. Pajak, T. Wanic, W. Krzaklewski

A Pedologic View of Geomorphic Reclamation in Wyoming (Presentation )
A. Pennino, K. Vaughan


The Influence Herbaceous Vegetation on Ectomycorrhizal Root Colonization and Nutrient Uptake (Presentation )
J. Bauman, M. Fergus, J. A. Franklin

Using Groundcover to Outcompete Tall Fescue (Festuca Arundinacea) Without Outcompeting Tree Seedlings on a Legacy Mine Site
M. Aldrovandi, J. Franklin

Novel Technologies

WebGIS Application to Visualize Historical Reclamation Research Sites Using a Modified QGIS2Web Framework (Presentation )
D. J. Leifer, R. Li

Using Novel Geophysical Techniques to Relate Surface Coal Mining Fill Characteristics to Effluent Stream Water Quality (Presentation )
K. L. Little, J. Buckwalter, C. Zipper, T. Burbey, E. T. Hester

Surveyor in the Sky: Using Very High-Resolution Drone-Collected Data to Monitor Ecological Restoration (Presentation )
G. J. Koenemann, T. J. Minnick, A. Langton, R. Alward

Abandoned Mine Lands

Implementation of the 2016 AML Pilot Program in Pennsylvania: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned (Presentation )
E. E. Cavazza, B. J. Bradley, J. J. Stefanko

Planning and Implementation of the 2017 AML Pilot Program in Pennsylvania (Presentation )
B. J. Bradley, E. E. Cavazza, J. J. Stefanko

Investigations of Acidic Discharges from the Historic Mining of the Davis and Dekoven Coal Beds in Southern Illinois (Presentation )
P. T. Behum, A. Mick

Mine Pool Studies

Statistical Modeling of Mine Pool Formation in Underground Coal Mines of Ohio (Presentation )
L. Schafer, D. L. Lopez, N. Kruse, J. Bowman, F. Twumasi, R. Delach, N. Sullivan, R. Steinberg, Z. Matthews

Data Management for OSM Mine Pool Project at Ohio University: Lessons Learned (Presentation )
R. Steinberg, Z. Matthews, D. L. Lopez, N. Kruse, J. Bowman, F. Twumasi, L. Schafer, N. Sullivan, R. Delach

Modelling and Parameter Sensitivity of Mine Pool Formation in the Meigs Mine, Ohio (Presentation )
F. Twumasi, D. L. Lopez, N. Kruse, J. Bowman, L. Schafer, R. Barber-Delach, N. Sullivan, R. Steinberg, Z. Mathews

Tar Creek, OK

Metal Mass Retention in Passive Treatment Systems at the Tar Creek Superfund Site (Presentation )
R. Nairn

Geospatial Distribution of Trace Metals in Soils of a Mining Impacted Agricultural Watershed (Presentation )
A. L. Sikora, R. W. Nairn

Metals Retention and Remobilization in a Small Mine Drainage Impacted Stream Colonized by Castor canadensis (North American Beaver) (Presentation )
N. L. Shepherd, R. W. Nairn


Proactive Management of Imperiled Species to Avoid Federal Listing: Monarch Butterfly Habitat Enhancement on Mined Lands (Presentation )
K. L. Dodson

Geomorphic Reclamation and Landscape Heterogeneity: Results of Vegetation Analysis and Implications for Wildlife (Presentation )
K. Fleisher, K. M. Hufford, P. D. Stahl

Impacts of a Modified Forestry Reclamation Approach on Seedling Growth and Survival on Reclaimed Mines in the Western Gulf (Presentation )
C. Phillips, J. Stovall, H. Williams, K. Farrish

Land Cover Monitoring for Mining Reclamation Area Based Random Forest Classification from Remotely Sensed Images
L. Ming, C. Yuanpeng, X. Linlin, Z. Xu, F. Yanbo, Z. Yan

The Use of GPS Treatment Data and ArcGIS Tools to Evaluate Herbicide Treatment Effectiveness on a Reclaimed Coal Mine (Presentation )
W. Erickson, D. Inskeep, M. Clark

Why Does Cobalt Supply Need to Move Out of Africa?
R. Verma, B. A. Elliott, G. Gülen, M. Foss, C-H. Tsai

The Deployment and Risks Associated with Different Types and Combinations of Earth Moving Equipment in the Restoration of Functional Soil Profiles: An Updating of the UK Guidance (Presentation )
R. N. Humphries, P. Close, J. Thorne

Hydrology-Based Design of Geomorphic Evapotranspiration Covers for Reclamation of Mine Land (Presentation )
Z. F. Zhang, N. Bugosh, T. Tesfa, M. McDonald, J. Kretzmann

Hydrologic Budgets and Conservative Ions: Potentially Important Yet Neglected Tools in the Evaluation of Passive Treatment System Effectiveness (Presentation )
R. W. Nairn, N. L. Shepherd

What is the Best Time of Year to Use Prescribed Fire to Control Invasive Shrubs? A Case Study from the Upper Midwest (Presentation )
Y. B. Johnson, D. Brumm, K. Weede

Loblolly Pine Survival and Growth on a Reclaimed Mineral Sands Mine in Southeastern Virginia (Presentation )
S. K. Klopf, W. L. Daniels, D. M. Evans

Restoring Wyoming Big Sagebrush to Annual Brome-Invaded Landscapes with Seeding and Herbicides (Presentation )
E. P. Metier, L. J. Rew, M. J. Rinella, G. L. Johnson

Passive Treatment

Phytoremediation of Stormwater by Aquatic Macrophytes (Presentation )
M. Nattrass, B. Baldwin

Measuring the Recovery of Fish Communities in a First Order Stream to Tar Creek After Implementation of Two Passive Treatment Systems (Presentation )
N. L. Shepherd, W. J. Matthews, R. W. Nairn

A Comparison of Methods for Analyses of Soil Trace Metals in a Mining Impacted Agricultural Watershed (Presentation )
A. L. Sikora, L. W. Maguire, R. W. Nairn

Forestry Reclamation

Phytophthora cinnamomi is Capable of Colonizing Forestry Reclamation Approach Sites (Presentation )
K. Sena, T. Dreaden, E. Crocker, C. Clark, C. Barton

Aspen Sprouting Response to Above Ground Disturbance on a Reclaimed Boreal Oil Sands Site in Alberta, Canada (Presentation )
S. A. Jean, B. D. Pinno, S. E. Nielsen

Switchgrass and Giant Miscanthus Biomass from Reclaimed Mine Lands (Presentation )
S. Scagline-Mellor, T. Griggs, J. Skousen

Reclamation Construction

Initial Evaluation of Ripper and Tillage Methods on Reclaimed Heavy Mineral Mine Soils (Presentation )
Z. W. Orndorff, S. K. Klopf, W. L. Daniels, R. Stewart, R. Daniel

Selection Criteria for Sedimentation Ponds that may be Transitioned to Permanent Impoundments for a Reclaimed Surface Mine in the Southwest USA (Presentation )
K. Kutter, M. Siemsglusz

Integrating Geochemical Characterization and Field Procedures in Construction to Mitigate Potentially Acid-Generating Materials in Northern Minnesota, USA (Presentation )
M. Blair, I. Mossberger, J. Richter

Reclamation in Challenging Environments

Passive System Rehabilitation of a High Flow Acidic Coal Mine Discharge (Presentation )
R. M. Mahony, T. P. Danehy, D. A. Guy, C. F. Denholm, S. L. Busler, C. A. Neely, M. H. Dunn

Targeted Maintenance Efforts to Ensure a Decade of Successful Passive Treatment (Presentation )
R. W. Nairn, B. J. Page, N. L. Shepherd

Manganese Oxide Production and Harvesting Using Metal Removal Units (Presentation )
C. A. Lennox

Reclamation - Bond Cost

Case Study to Assess the Costs of the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative's (ARRI) Forest Reclamation Approach (Presentation )
J. W. Johnson, M. G. Jacobson, E. Oliver

Anticipating the True Costs of Mine Closure Reclamation (Presentation )
T. Kremmel, Z. Wappes

Reclamation Bond Optimization using 3d-dig Plus (Presentation )
J. Anderson

Water Treatment

Peat Based Sorption Media – Passive Treatment of Trace Metals Without a Stink (Presentation )
P. Eger, P. Jones, D. Green

Dominant Trace Metal Removal Products in a Hard Rock Mine Discharge Bioreactor (Presentation )
J. A. LaBar, P. Eger, R. W. Nairn

Selenium, Uranium, and Nitrate: Treatment of Troublesome Contaminants in Mining Wastewaters – EBR Case Studies (Presentation )
O. Opara, J. Adams, J. Fudyma, J. Bowden

The Use of Calcite Precipitation to Treat Zinc-, Lead-, and Cadmium-bearing Mine Drainage at the Rex Mine Site Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho (Presentation )
K. S. Whiting, N. R. Anton

Retrofitting a Lime Doser with Automatic Siphon and MixWell System (Presentation )
T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, R. M. Mahony, D. W. Petry

Lion Mining Borehole Project: Drilling a Flowing Artesian Water Well into a Mine Pool (Presentation )
D. A. Guy, T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn


Quantitative Evaluation of Flow Loss Restoration Associated with Undermined Streams at the Bailey Mine in Southwestern Pennsylvania (Presentation )
M. L. Shema, J. M. Silvis, M. R. Haibach

Innovation of Filling Reclamation with Multi-Layered Soil Profile (Presentation )
Z. Hu

Seasonal Trends in Water Quality in a Treated Acid Mine Drainage Impaired Stream (Presentation )
N. A. K. Daniels, Z. Martin

Watershed Approaches

A Suite of Options at Tar Creek (Presentation )
T. Kent, C. Kreman, S. King

Treatment Success in a Heavily Mined Watershed in Ohio (Presentation )
N. A. K. Daniels, A. L. Mackey, J. R. Bowman

Water & Soil Technology

Sloping Sand Filtration Bed for Mineral Sand Plant Effluent Clarification (Presentation )
J. Gusek, J. Renner, D. Settles

Biotic Soil Technology for Cost Effective Mine Closure Cover Systems (Presentation )
M. S. Theisen


Individual Tree and Stand-Level Carbon and Nutrient Contents Across One Rotation of Loblolly Pine Plantations on a Reclaimed Surface Mine
H. Z. Angel, J. S. Priest, J. P. Stovall, B. P. Oswald, Y. Weng, H. M. Williams

Investigation Acidic Discharges at the Monahan Abandoned Mine Lands Site, Kansas
P. T. Behum, M. Spence, J. Arruda, R. Johnson, C. Kiser

Restoring an Oak Savanna in the Upper Mississippi Valley Zinc-Lead District
D. Brumm, C. Zink, Y. Johnson

Mine reclamation using bioenergy crops: An investigation into plantmicrobe interactions of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)
B. Mayfield, Z. Freedman

Correlating Surface Water Quality and Spectral Reflectance with Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS)-Collected Imagery
B. K. Holzbauer-Schweitzer, R. W. Nairn

Stormwater Management for a Large Open-Cast Coalmine: A Case Study and Proposed Solutions
J. Hugo, N. Mcknight, L. Madison, D. Madl, E. Baker, A. Rovder, S. Shoemaker, R. Siwy, S. Long, W. Strosnider

Preserving Reclamation Research by Geocoding American Society of Mining and Reclamation Proceedings
K. Lagan, L. Currie, A. Rovder, S. Wolfe, Z. Shoff, D. Madl, S. Long, W. Strosnider, P. Smyntek

Seeding Techniques to Promote Woody Plant Establishment in the Northern Great Plains
G. L. Johnson

Restoration of the Soil Microbiome Following Mine Land Reclamation
J. L. Kane, Z. B. Freedman, J. Skousen, E. M. Morrissey

Rehabilitation of the Reitz #1 Passive Treatment System
G. Bailey, A. Ferko, R. Fife, R. Siwy, C. West, A. Rovder, W. Strosnider, C. Denholm, J. LaBar

Mummified and Partially Petrified Wood from an Eocene Deposit in Mississippi
N. Leea, S. Muna, M. F. Horstemeyera, S. J. Horstemeyer, Z. Yue, P. Tseng, D. J. Lang

China's Mining Land Policies and Reclamation Practices
L. Ming, Z. Xu, Z. Yan, C. Yuanpeng, X. Wen

Geomorphic Reclamation: A Pioneer Method on the Frontier of the Wild West
A. Pennino, K. Fleisher, K. Hufford, K. Vaughan

Analysis of EPA Mandated Soil Amendments
M. Peppers

Continued Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Systems in the Greater Kumurana Valley, Bolivia
A. Potopa, D. Slovikosky, J. Hugo, L. Madison, N. McKnight, J. Goodwill, W. Strosnider

Use of Poultry Litter, Swine Mortality Compost, and FGD Gypsum on Reclaimed Mine Soil in Mississippi
J. J. Read, A. Adeli, D. J. Lang, K. D. Jones, N. R. McGrew

The Role of Algal Biomass Growth on Nutrient and Metal Interactions at the Sediment Water Interface
Z. Tang, R. W. Nairn

A Lab-Based System to Study the Microbial Impacts on Passive Remediation Systems for AMD
M. Valkanas, N. Trun

Quantifying Sulfide Removal Using Solar Powered-Aeration in Passive Treatment of Net Alkaline Mine Waters
T. R. Wall, R. W. Nairn