33rd Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 4-9, 2016, Spokane, Washington

Abstracts - Final Program

Water Quality

Rock Disposal Area Seep Water Treatment At The Jerritt Canyon Mine (Presentation )
K. Bertelsen, D. Johnston

A Paired Comparison Study To Evaluate The Effect Of Ionic Strength On Trace Metal Removal Products In A Vertical Flow Bioreactor Substrate
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn

Got Aluminum? -Removing Suspended Metals With Peat Based Sorption Media (Presentation )
P. Eger, P. Jones, D. Green

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Reclamation Of The McLaren Tailings Restoring Previously Unusable Area Back To Its Historical Landscape (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Bennett, T. Henderson

Survival And Growth Of Chestnut Backcross Seeds And Seedlings After 8 Years On Surface Mines (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Skousen, T. Cook, K. Dallaire, S. Scagline, A. Monteleone, L. Wilson-Kokes, J. Joyce, T. Keene, C. DeLong, E. Pena-Yewtukhiw

Effects Of Topsoil Substitute Materials, Depth Of Material, And Compaction On The Average Growth Rates Of Hardwood Trees Eleven Years After Reclamation (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Dallaire, J. Skousen

Reclamation Approaches

Innovative Approach Using GIS to Advance Reclamation and Bond Release (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. T. Franzman, N. J. Wojcik

Bench Scale Hexavalent Chromium Removal With A Biochemical Reactor (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Gusek, L. Josselyn, H. Sauer, J. Razafindramanana

The Use Of Soil Sampling And Investigations To Improve Reclamation Costs (Presentation )
J. Hartsig, A. Dejoia, D. Buckalew

Water Quality

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment With Dispersed Alkaline Substrate And Limestone Beds (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. E. Dieterman, C. L. Kairies-Beatty, P. Eger

Passive And Active Treatment Of Arsenic And Antimony At A Remote Abandoned Mine Site In Idaho (Presentation )
K. Minchow, T. Rutkowski, J. Pepe

Green Remediation Of Acid Mine Drainage Impacted Water: A Field-Scale Filter Development Using An Industrial Byproduct (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. RoyChowdhury, D. Sarkar, Y. Deng, R. Datta

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Design Approaches And Lessons Learned For The Durant Canyon Reclamation Project (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. LeMieux

Environmental Control Of Shrub Density Development At The Seneca Ii Mine, 1987-2014, Routt Co. Co (Presentation ) (Recording )
V. R. Pfannenstiel, D. L. Buckner

Determination Of Plant Cover In Field Sampling: A Point-Intercept Method For All Strata (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. L. Buckner

Reclamation Technologies

The Potential Of Biosolids And Other Amendments For Revegetation Of Lead/ Zinc Mine Tailings With Three Biomass Crops: Greenhouse Study (Presentation )
M. Al-Lami, J. Burken

Looking At Reclamation In Terms Of Ecological Restoration (Presentation )
M. J. Vice

The Holistic Approach To The Design, Monitoring, And Future Performance Assessment Of A Surface Barrier (Presentation )
Z. F. Zhang, M. D. Freshley, D. M. Wellman, M. D. White, M. J. Truex

Water Quality

An Appalachian Regional Study To Predict TDS Release From Coal Mine Spoils (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. L. Daniels, Z. W. Orndorff, C. E. Zipper, J. Skousen, C. Barton, M. Beck

Proof Of Concept Bio-Terrace Aluminum Removal At An Abandoned Metal Mine, Idaho (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Gusek, L. Josselyn, C. McCormack, D. Jenkins, J. Larsen

Determination Of Hydraulic Retention Time For Passive Treatment System Oxidation Unit Using Rhodamine (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Oxenford, R. Nairn

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Revegetation Trends And Seeding Lessons At Two Montana Coal Mines Based On 20 Years Of Monitoring (Presentation )
R. A. Prodgers

Reclamation Practice Influences On The Post-Mining Plant Community At A Virginia Mine Site After Six Years (Presentation )
C. E. Zipper, S. K. Klopf, D. M. Evans, R. J. Krenz, J. A. Burger

Long-Term Study Identifies Avenues For Improving Revegetation Efforts (Presentation )
M. J. Rinella, E. K. Espeland

Reclamation Technologies With BOMAG

Deep Till Method In-Situ Soil Reclamation With A BOMAG Recycler (Presentation )
E. Waterman, R. Anderson, A. Sanchez, T. Howes

Composite Sampling - Pre In-Situ Soil Reclamation With A BOMAG Recycler
M. Meadows, S. T. Nelson, R. Anderson, A. Sanchez, E. Waterman, T. Howes, B. Slade, S. T. Nelson

Post In-Situ Soil Reclamation With A BOMAG Recycler
M. Williams, G. Gardner, S. T. Nelson, E. Waterman

Water Quality

Treatment System Restoration And Power Generation In The Slippery Rock Creek Watershed (Presentation )
R. M. Mahony, D. A. Guy, C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn

Implementation Of Two Passive Treatment Systems In Northern West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. A. Neely, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, D. A. Guy, S. L. Busler, C. F. Denholm, M. H. Dunn, D. Petry, and N. Revetta

Validating A Method For Determining Specific Conductivity In Mining Wastewater (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. L. Parks, G. Boardman, K. Gunther, C. Grey, S. Cox

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Mineral Sands Mine Soils In Southeastern Virginia: Comparison Of Physical And Chemical Properties After Eight Years (Presentation )
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L Daniels

Switchgrass Bioenergy as Silvopasture on Reclaimed Mine Soil (Presentation )
D. Lang, J. Duckworth, V. Temu

Natural Processes For The Restoration Of Drastically Disturbed Sites (Presentation )
D. F. Polster


Ecological Problems In Kazreti, Georgia, Caused By Copper And Gold Mine And Its Reclamation Using GIS Systems (Presentation )
M. Avkopashvili, T. Hartshorn

Blending Historic Mapping With Lidar At Abandoned Mine Sites (Presentation )
C. Coover

Water Quality

TDS Accumulation In An Ohio Creek As It Travels Through A Coal Mining Site (Presentation )
J. Peterson

Comprehensive Watershed Restoration Via Ecological Engineering: The Role Of Passive Treatment (Presentation )
R. W. Nairn

A Review Of The Literature Pertaining To Passive And Hybrid Treatment Systems For Removal Of TDS From Mining Impacted Waters (Presentation )
S. S. Cox, G. D. Boardman, Z. E. Kemak, J. L. Parks, C. Grey, K. Gunther

Long Term Reclamation Evaluation

Evaluating The Suitability Of A Reforestation Growth-Medium Prepared By Tractor Pulled Scraper Pans At An East Texas Lignite Surface Mine (Presentation )
H. Z. Angel, H. M. Williams, J. P. Stovall

Montana Moonscapes: Mitigating Large-Scale Erosion On Steep Slope Uplands In Roadless Areas Of The Anaconda Superfund Site
P. Marques

Underground Mine Subsidence Evaluation, Closure, And Risk Management
T. G. Wilson

Drones And UAV'S

UAs (Drones) De-Mystified, And How They Can Help Your Mining Reclamation Project
J. Schane, T. Mullen

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - What We Learned in our First Year as a Commercial Operator (Presentation )
M. R. Donner, D. C. Mummert

Water Quality

Long-Term Effectiveness Of Three Passive Systems Treating Acidic, High-Metal, Abandoned Coal Mine Discharges Near De Sale, Pennsylvania (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, M. H. Dunn, S. L. Busler, C. A. Neely, R. M. Mahony, D. A. Guy

Proof of Concept AMD Passive Bioremediation At An Abandoned Mine, Idaho (Presentation )
D. Jenkins, D. Stevens, H. Trejo, J. Gusek, J. Larsen

Biochemical Reactors For Hard Rock Mining-Influenced Water: Overview Of Treatability Studies And Lessons Learned For Implementation (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. R. Anton, N. T. Smith, A. K. Frandsen, K. Saller, D. J. Reisman, R. L. Olsen

Unexpected Relationships between Methylmercury Enrichment in Fresh Waterbodies and Food-Web Uptake (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. R. Dent, A. Greazel, E. Blischke, J. Hillenbrand

Reclamation In Challenging Environments

Rethinking Arsenic Reclamation Of A "Hellafund" Site, Montana
S. Robinson, T. Hartshorn, T. McDermott

The Spenceville Copper Mine Reclamation
W. J. Walker

Restoration In Challenging Northern Climates
A. Zimmerman

Interstate-Callahan Upper and Lower Rock Dumps Remedial Action Construction Project (Presentation )
T. Wesche

International Reclamation

Patches: Optimizing The Ecological Benefits Of Different Reclamation Soils Across The Landscape In The Alberta Mineable Oil Sands Region (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Pinno, I. Sherr

Succession Of Algae, Moss, And Herbaceous Flora During 29 Years In Prairie Opencast Coal Mine, Inner Mongolia, China
X. Fan, Z. K. Bai, P. Y. Sun

Revegetation of Jharia Coalfield Using Remote Sensing, Based On Thermal Infra-Red Data: A Case Study
P. Kumar, A. Horel

Ecological Implications Of Reclamation

Compaction Impacting Hydrology And Tree Growth On A Demonstration Mine In The Western Gulf (Presentation )
C. L. Comer, J. P. Stovall, M. W. McBroom, H. M. Williams, Y. Zhang

Surface Mine To Biomass Farm: Growing Shrub Willows (Salix Spp.) In Northeastern West Virginia - First Year Results (Presentation )
B. Caterino, J. Schuler, S. Grushecky, J. Skousen

The Effectiveness Of Native Seed Dispersal Islands In Reclaimed Mine Lands Dominated By Eurasian Grasses (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. W. Pal, K. Douglass, M. Mariano, K. Weilage

AML Case Studies

East Fork Ninemile Waste Consolidation Area Site Selection, Design And Initial Construction (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. J. Lechleitner, D. Meyer

Revegetation Of The Forest Rose Mine In Western Montana (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. J. Ballek, K. Houck, D. Clary

Removal Action At The Monte Cristo Mining Area (Presentation )
R. M. Tobias

International Reclamation

Effects Of Landscape Transitions Due To Underground Coal Mining On Ecosystem Services In High Groundwater Table And Underground Coal Mining Area: A Case Study Of Yanzhou Coalfield
W. Xiao

Integrated Approaches Of Water And Solid Waste Management In Mining Reclamation Of Coimolache Mining Company-Peru (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. Huancaya, A. Sagástegui, D. Sánchez, J. Gabriel, E. Meza, A. Fernández, C. Quinto

Innovations Of Land Reclamation And Ecological Restoration In Coal Mining Areas In China (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z. Hu

Revegetation Challenges

Improved Methods Of Assessing Plant Species Diversity On Mine Reclamation Sites: A 10-Year Update (Presentation )
D. L. Buckner

Evaluation Of Small Tree And Shrub Plantings On Reclaimed Surface Mines In West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. Monteleone, J. Skousen, L. McDonald, J. Shuler, J. Pomp, M. French, R. Williams

Ripping And Native Seeding Treatments Influence On Vegetation Composition Of Compacted Tailings (Presentation )
J. A. Franklin, M. Aldrovandi

Heavy Metals Characterization And Remediation

Acid Soil Remediation And Revegetation Of Metal Contaminated Pastures, Deer Lodge, Montana (Recording )
S. R. Jennings, T. Parker

Update To Tribal-Led Remedial Action At The Tar Creek Superfund Site (Recording )
T. Kent, C. Kreman

Reducing Fresh Water Consumption in Hydraulic Fracturing By Using Acid Mine Drainage As A Make-Up Fluid (Presentation )
E. E. Cavazza, R. L. Beam, M. P. Cavazza

Mine Closure And Reclamation

Mining Reclamation Through Service-Learning: Case Studies From Wisconsin (Presentation ) (Recording )
Y. Johnson, J. Wyant, R. Feiden, A. Gitlin

True North Mine Reclamation Project
M. Huffington

Cost Effective Plans for Successful Mine Closure - Recent Case Studies (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. S. Theisen

Restoration And Revegetation

Advanced Planning And Measurable Outcomes: Restoration Success In Southern Colorado (Presentation )
D. R. Chenoweth, J. W. Schneider

What's So Great About Beavers? (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Firor

Novel Capping and Revegetation of an Abandoned Mercury Mine, California (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Jenkins, D. Stevens, H. Trejo, A. Campbell

Passive Biological Treatment Approaches To Reduce Conductivity In Waters Affected By Mine Drainage: Key Challenges & Research Needs (Presentation )
P. M. Smyntek, R. C. Wagner, S. Carvajal-Sanchez, T. M. Wynn-Thompson, L. H. Krometis, W. H. J. Strosnider

Reclamation In Challenging Environments

Developing A Conceptual Site Model In A Watershed With Multiple Mine Waste Dumps, Bunker Hill Superfund Site, East Fork Ninemile Basin
E. Naylor, A. Hughes, T. Mullen, Christina Johnson

Coal Mine Reclamation Costs And Local Economic Impacts In The Powder River Basin In Wyoming
A, Perry, K. Hansen, R. Coupal

Monitoring The Behavior Of Sludge In The Vadose Zone
M. Coleman, K. E. Butler

Streamlining The Reclamation Monitoring and Reporting Process: A Digital Reclamation Monitoring Tool
N. J. Wojcik, P. J. Gordon, R. T. Franzman, D. R. Reinhart

Heavy Metal Characterization And Source Identification For Grove Gulch In Butte, Mt
R. M. Nagisetty, G. Craig, W. Drury

Treatment And Wetlands

Trompe Design, Construction And Performance (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. P. Danehy, K. J. Palmer, R. M. Mahony, C. A. Neely, D. A. Guy, C. F. Denholm, M. H. Dunn, B. R. Leavitt

Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage using a Sulfatereducing Bioreactor at the Tab-Simco Passive Treatment System - An Update (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. T. Behum, A. Mick, K. Pankey, L. Lefticariu

Case Study: Baird Wetland Mitigation (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. L. Busler, Y. Sheykhet, D. A. Guy, T. P. Danehy, R. M. Mahony, C. F. Denholm, C. A. Neely, M. H. Dunn

The Relationship Between Student Service Learning And Technical Assistance In Mine Water Reclamation (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. J. Palmer, J. S. Vinglish, M. A. Reckner, W. H. J. Strosnider