32nd Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 7-11, 2015, Lexington, Kentucky

Abstracts - Final Program

Soils and Overburden Reclamation in Arid or Semi-Arid Environments

Defining Restoration Success in Wyoming's Natural Gas Fields: Suggestions for Using Reference Sites and Ecological Site Descriptions (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Curran, P. D. Stahl

Construction and Testing of a Low Permeability Barrier Using Weathered Mine Spoil (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Smith, C. Agouridis, R. Warner

Sand Capillary Barriers Increase Water Retention and Facilitate Salt Leaching in Arid Disturbed Lands (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Cude, J. B. Norton, T. Kelleners, M. D. Ankeny, C. F. Strom

Evaluation of Appalachian Mine Spoil Leachate Chemistry and Its Associated Geochemical Influences (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. Clark, W. L. Daniels, Z. Orndorff, C. E. Zipper, K. Eriksson

So Where IS that Treatment Sludge Going in the Waste Rock? (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Coleman, K. E. Butler, E. Mott, T. Al, K. D. Phinney

Water Management, Sulfate Removal

Sulfate Removal from Coal Mine Water in Western PA: Regulatory Requirements, Design, and Performance: Part 1 (Presentation )
W. J. Walker, J. Montoy, T. Chatriand

Sulfate Removal from Coal Mine Water in Western PA: Regulatory Requirements, Design, and Performance: Part 2 (Presentation )
W. J. Walker, J. Montoy, T. Chatriand

Biotic and Abiotic Treatment Methods for Remediation of Low Sulfate and Hard Rock Mining-Influenced Water
N. Smith, N. R. Anton, D. J. Reisman, K. S. Whiting, A. K. Frandsen, K. Saller, M. J. Fischer, R. L. Olsen

Evaluating the Impact of Na-SO42- Dominated Ionic Strength on Trace Metal Removal in Vertical Flow Bioreactors (Presentation )
J. LaBar

Iron Oxide Accumulation Profiling Within the Initial Oxidation Unit of a Passive Treatment System (Presentation )
L. R. Oxenford

Passive Water Treatment of Iron, Arsenic, and Manganese at the Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley, California (Presentation )
N. Gallagher, T. L. Rutkowski, S. Lofholm, D. Ernst, D. Millsap

Forestry - FRA

FRA Step 1-Create A Suitable Growth Medium (Presentation )
J. Skousen

FRA Step 2-Placement of the Growth Medium (Presentation )
S. Eggerud

FRA Step 3-Use Compatible Ground Covers (Presentation )
J. Franklin

FRA Step 4-Tree Species Selection (Presentation )
R. Rathfon

FRA Step 5-Proper Tree Planting Techniques (Presentation )
C. Miller

Legacy Mine Reforestation (Presentation )
M. French

Forestry - Wildlife

Successful Reclamation of Kentucky Minelands Using Wildlife-Friendly Mixes (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. L. Baxley, J. M. Yeiser, B. A. Robinson, J. J. Morgan, J. N. Stewart, J. O. Barnard

Bird Diversity and Abundance on Reclaimed Surface Coal Mines in Alabama: Temporal and Habitat Related Variations (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. R. Borthwick, Y. Wang

Validation of a Stream and Riparian Habitat Assessment Protocol Using Stream Salamanders in the Southwest Virginia Coalfields (Presentation )
S. Sweeten, W. M. Ford

Genetic Diversity of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Populations Isolated Due to Abandoned Mine Drainage in the West Branch Susquehanna River Watershed, PA (Presentation ) (Recording )
F. J. Brenner, S. M. Rummel

American Elm as a Tool in Mineland Reforestation (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. B. Adams, P. Angel

Shortleaf Pine as a Reclamation Species on Former Mining Sites (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. H. Campbell

Federal and Energy Issues

Appalachian Coal Mining Related Research at US EPA (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Topping

Coal Combustion By- Products and SMCRA Coal Mines: The Case For and Against New Federal Rules (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. C. Vories

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Licensing For Microhydropower Utilizing Mine Drainage (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Danehy, C. Neely, S. L. Busler, C. F. Denholm, D. A. Guy, M. H. Dunn

Water Management

Recovery of North Potato Creek, Copper Basin, Tennessee (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. B. Faulkner, K. S. Deal

Case Study: 20 Years of ARD Mitigation After a Bactericide Application (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Gusek, V. Plocus

Assessment of Performance of a Passive Treatment System Over a Twenty Year Period in East Central Tennessee (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. W. Schmidt, K. Milmine

Biogeochemical Analysis of Spent Media from a Vertical Flow Treatment Pond (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. Shepherd, R. Nairn, M. Dunn, C. Denholm, C. Neely, T. Danehy

Replacing an Active AMD Treatment System with Semi- Passive Techniques (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Chatriand, W. Walker

Evaluation and Restoration of Passive Treatment System Performance in Pennsylvania (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. M. Mahony, D. A. Guy, C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn

Bat Symposium

Bat News: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Perspective (Presentation )
C. Allison, M. P. Armstrong, A. King

Update on Bat Survey Guidelines (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. King

Update on White Nose Syndrome (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Armstrong

Brandenbark™: Mitigation Tool for Projects Involving Federally Listed Bark Roosting Bats (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Adams, P. Roby, P. Sewell, J. Schwierjohann, M. Gumbert, M. Brandenburg

Northern Long-eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis) Management: Insights from a Multi-year Study at Fort Knox, Kentucky (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. Silvis, W. M. Ford, E. R. Britzke

Bat Use of Culverted Gates at Abandoned Underground Portals in West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. A. Walker

A Shout in the Dark: The (Cold, Dark) Reality of Applying Acoustic Surveys to Determine Occupancy for Bats in the Myotis Species Guild (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Tyburec, J. Chenger

State Perspectives on Bat Protection Issues at Mine Sites (Recording )
B. A. Botsis


Suggestions for Improvements to Restoration Monitoring
M. Curran, P. D. Stahl

Benthic Algae, Leaf Breakdown, and Litter Fall in Constructed Streams: The Case for Riparian Reforestation to Replicate Headwater Organic Matter Functions
R. J. Krenz III, S. H. Schoenholtz, C. E. Zipper

Development of Ecosystem Structure and Function on Reforested Surface-Mined Lands (Presentation )
B. D. Strahm, B. N. Avera, J. A. Burger, C. E. Zipper

Some Lessons from Long Term Monitoring of Forest Rehabilitation at Three Surface Mine Complexes in Australia (Presentation )
N. Humphries

Water Management

Influence of Water Chemistry and Sediment Transport on Biological Recovery Downstream of Lime Dosers (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. Bedu-Mensah, N. Kruse

Total Dissolved Solids and Biotic Condition in Central Appalachian Headwater Streams Influenced by Coal Mining (Presentation )
A. J. Timpano, B. Boehme, S. H. Schoenholtz, D. J. Soucek, C. E. Zipper

Effect of Leaching Scale on Prediction of Total Dissolved Solids Release from Coal Mine Spoils and Refuse
L. C. Ross, W. L. Daniels, C. E. Zipper

Quantitative Sampling to Detect Invertebrate Community Change in Mine- Influenced Streams with Elevated TDS (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Drover, S. Schoenholtz, C. Zipper, T. Timpano, D. Soucek, B. Boehme

Hydrologic Assessment of a Stream Created on Mined Land (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. Blackburn-Lynch, C. Agouridis, C. Barton, R. Warner, T. Maupin

Prediction of Acid-Producing Potentials for Coal Overburden and Waste by Static Geochemical Methods (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. M. McDonald, M. Zhang, J. Skousen, Z. Hu

The Impact of Surface Coal Mining on Water Quality in the Northern Great Plains (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. D. Friedlander

Geotechnical Engineering

Zero Slump Grout for Remote Closure of Mine Openings (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. S. Petri, N. T. Rouse

Geomorphic Reclamation Design and Construction of the Teach AML Site (Presentation )
D. Thompson, M. R. Donner

Slippery Rock Creek Stream Bank Stabilization (Presentation )
D. Guy, R. M. Mahony, S. L. Busler, T. P. Danehy, C. F. Denholm, C. A. Neely, M. H. Dunn

McKinley Mine: A Commitment to Stable Land Forms Utilizing Geomorphic Principles (Presentation )
S. Motycka, K. Kutter


Ecosystem Evolution and Ecological Storage in Opencast Mining Area: A Case Study of Pingshuo Coal Mine in China (Presentation ) (Recording )
X. Zhang, Z. K. Bai, Y. G. Cao, J. Pan, X. Fan

Effects of Soil Amendments on the Growth of Hardwood Trees on Reclaimed Mines in West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Dallaire, J. Skousen, K. O'Dell

Engaging the Public in Mine Land Reforestation: Volunteer Tree Planting Projects and Events in Appalachia (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. Angel, C. D. Barton, M. French, P. N. Angel

Climate Change and Native Forest Establishment on Surface Mines: A Case Study from Eastern Kentucky (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. R. Clark, C. Barton, A. Drayer

Application of the Forest Reclamation Approach to Establish Nothofagus in Chilean Patagonia (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. Arellano, J. Burger, P. Valenzuela, G. Rodriguez

Productivity and Site Index Data Support the Efficacy of Luminant's Forestry Reforestation Approach in Texas (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Stovall, J. S. Priest, H. M. Williams, D. W. Coble, B. P. Oswald

Water Management

The Role of Manganese in Trace Metal Removal (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. Eger, J. Gusek, B. B. Faulkner, K. Dieterman, C. Kairies-Beatty

Biochemical Reactor/Anaerobic Wetland Design/Startup Issues (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. Eger, B. B. Faulkner, J. Gusek

Bioremediation of Selenium in Valley Seep Coal Mining Effluents Using Charophytes (Stoneworts) (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. W. Scribailo, M. Kalin, W. N. Wheeler

An Innovative Package Treatment System for the Orcutt-Smail Discharges; a Moderate Flow High Strength Acid (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. M. Dietz, M. Morosetti

Cost Saving and Performance Enhancing Modifications at a Lime-Based Treatment System: Rushton Treatment Plant Case Study (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. M. Dietz, T. S. Gourley

Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Land Using Stabilized Flue Gas Desulfurization Material to Mitigate Acid Mine Drainage (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Cheng, R. Baker, T. Butalia, J. Massey-Norton, W. Wolfe

Impact of Coal Mine Reclamation Using Coal Combustion Byproducts (CCBs) on Groundwater Quality: wo Case Studies (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Cheng, R. Baker, T. Butalia, J. Massey-Norton, W. Wolfe


Invasive Species on Reclaimed Native Grasslands in North Dakota (Presentation ) (Recording )
G. A. Welch

Forage Nutritive Value and Productivity of Grass on Reclaimed and Undisturbed Lignite Land (Presentation )
D. J. Lang, B. Shankle, J. Duckworth, R. Elmore, V. Temu

Switchgrass and Miscanthus Yields on Reclaimed Surface Mines for Bioenergy Production Capabilities (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Scagline, J. Skousen, Thomas Griggs


Effects of Quarry Treatment on the Attractiveness of Reclaimed Limestone Quarries (Presentation )
I. A. Legwaila, E. Lange, J. Cripps

Frac Sand Mining and Reclamation in Wisconsin (Presentation )
T. Hunt

Ecological Risk Assessment of Land Destruction in Large Open-pit Coal Mine - Exemplified for AnTaiBao Open-pit Mine, China (Presentation )
Q. Sun, Z. K. Bai, M. M. Xie, Y. G. Cao, X. D. Hu, Y. Z. Jisng, Y. Q. Lu

Progress of the Research Project on Reclaiming Subsidence Land with Yellow River Sediments (Presentation )
Z. Hu

Applying of Geomorphic Reclamation to Excess Spoil Fills in West Virginia (Presentation )
P. R. Michael, L. C. Hopkinson, N. DePriest, J. D. Quaranta

Managing Closure and Reclamation Liabilities: Closing the Gap - and Improving the Process
M. Slight, H. W. B Lacy

Using Nationwide Permit 49 to Obtain Corps Permit for Mining (Presentation )
E. Bearden

New Technologies

Comparison of Point Line Intercept and SamplePoint Data Collection Methods for Total Vegetation Cover, Total Ground Cover, and Time Requirements on Reclaimed Sites in Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Wood, C. Adams, B. K. Schladweiler

Testing Unmanned Aerial Systems for Surface Coal Mine Oversight Inspections (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. Carter, L. J. Monette, D. T. Beaman

Case Study: Utilizing In- Situ XRF Field Measurements, Mobile Gamma Radiation Survey Systems and Geostatistical Techniques to Predict Heavy Metals and Radionuclide Soil Concentrations in Surface Soils at an Abandoned Uranium Mine in Custer National Forest, SD (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. S. Orechwa

Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Track Water Movement through Surface Coal Mine Valley Fills (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. M. Greer, T. J. Burbey, C. Zipper, E. T. Hester

Delineation of Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation History in Appalachia Using Satellite Imagery (Presentation )
J. Li, P. F. Donovan, C. E. Zipper, R. H. Wynne, A. J. Oliphant

Application of Remote Sensing for Mine Revegetation Mapping in the Fire Affected Areas of Jharia Coalfields, India: A Case Study
P. Kumar, R. K. Chopra


An Overview of Lignite Mine Reforestation at Luminant's Martin Lake Mines in Eastern Texas (Presentation )
D. Darr, S. Stroud

Bur Production and Canker Incidence on Backcrossed Restoration Chestnut Trees (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Bauman, C. Cochran, J. Chapman, K. E. Gilland

Identification of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Forming Symbolic Associations with the American Chestnut
S. Hiremath, K. Lehtoma, C. McQuattie

Review of Reforestation efforts of the Bituminous District for Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation of PA (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Baker, T. Malesky


One Step Forward - Two Backward: Evaluating and Measuring Ecosystem Function and Completion Criteria in Mine Rehabilitation (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. Lacy, D. Jasper, S. Birch

Use of Native Vegetation Reference Sites in the Specification and Evaluation of Forest Rehabilitation of Surface Mines (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. Humphries

OSMRE/VISTAS at Work: Building Capacity to Meet Challenges in Pre- Regulatory Mining Areas (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. A. Comp, S. Meade, A. Showalter, C. Zirkle


Successful Reclamation of a Fly Ash Landfill with Alternative Funding Approach (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. Willis, B. Adams

Improving Remedy Sustainability Through Use of Local Construction Materials (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Bragdon, C. Lechleitner, M. Nelson, D. Meyer

Current Land Reclamation Policy and the Facing Problems in China (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z. Shu-qin

China's Abandoned Mining Land Reclamation System And Best Practices of Diversified Reclamation Purposes (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Ming, Z. Yan, X. Wen, Z. Lijia, C. Yuanpeng