31st Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 14-20, 2014, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Abstracts - Final Program

Special Session: 20th Anniversary of USBM Passive Treatment IC 9389

Effective Passive Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage (Presentation )
R. S. Hedin, T. Weaver, N. Wolfe, G. Watzlaf

Implementation of Passive Treatment for Irreversibly Damaged Waters
R. W. Nairn

Creating Anaerobic Environments to Control Acid Generation in Pyritic Material (Presentation )
R. L. Kleinmann

Land Application of Biochemical Reactor Effluent: An Innovative Method for Mitigating Acid Rock Drainage (Presentation )
J. J. Gusek

Innovative and Emerging Reclamation Technologies

Common Sense Solutions for Management of Global Warming (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. C. Vories, J. Vories

The Lionkol Project, Practical Application of Geomorphic Mine Land Reclamation Methods (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. H. Hutson, B. Thoman

Late Summer Native Establishment
J. Paternoster

New Progresses of Land Reclamation in China (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. Xiao, Z. Hu, Y. Fu

Forestry and Wildlife

Bats Associated with Inactive Mine Features in Southeastern Arizona (Presentation )
A. M. D. Barclay

Impact of Mine Drainage on the Genetic Diversity of Brook Trout (Presentation ) (Recording )
F. J. Brenner, G. T. Herald, L. M. McGarvey, L. Q. Rittenhouse, S. M. Rummel

Pine Plantations on Reclaimed Minelands: Growth Rates Versus Unmined Lands (Presentation )
J. Priest, J. Stovall, D. Coble, B. Oswald, H. Williams

Tree and Ground Cover Establishment Over Seven Years as Affected by Seeding and Fertilization Rates (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Franklin, D. Buckley

Case Study: Shullsburg (WI) Lead/Zinc Mine Reclamation (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Hunt

Meadow Creek Restoration/Stibnite Mine Idaho (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Ballek

Influence of Spoil Type on Discharged Water Quality and Hydrologic Function of Experimental Reforestation Plots in Pike County, Kentucky (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Sena, C. Barton, C. Agouridis, P. Angel, R. Warner

Vegetation and Soil Development in Planted Pine and Naturally Regenerated Hardwood Stands 48 Years After Mining (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Franklin, J. Frouz

Soils and Overburden

TDS Related Leaching Potentials of Coal Spoil and Refuse from Tennessee and Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels, C. E. Zipper, M. J. Eick

Gray Sandstone as a Topsoil Substitute on Surface Coal Mines in Appalachia (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Wilson-Kokes, J. Skousen

Beneficial Use of Coal Bed Natural Gas Produced Water Through Managed Irrigation in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Driessen, K. House, K. Harvey

Prime Farmland Crop Yields from Four Soil Reconstruction Treatments Following Mineral Sands Mining: A 9 Year Summary (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z. W. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels, M. S. Reiter, A. F. Wick

Agricultural Impacts of Longwall Mine Subsidence: The Experience in Illinois, USA and Queensland, Australia (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. G. Darmody, R. Bauer, D. Barkley, S. Clarke, D. Hamilton

Phytoremediation on Lead and AMD Soils (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Sakiah, M. Makgae, S. Tlowana

Application of FPXRF Technology and Field Expedient Sample Preparation Techniques (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Stinnett, R. Thomas, J. Yfante

Soil Metal Concentrations in Proposed Wetland Development Areas near the Tri-State Lead-Zinc Mining District
R. W. Nairn, D. Townsend

Evaluation of Land Reclamation Suitability in Juye Coal Mining Area
J. Li, X. Zhao, W. Li, Y. Wang, J. Liu

Towards Closure of the Fire Road AMD Mine in New Brunswick, Canada (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Phinney, M. Coleman, K. Butler, S. Pelkey

Variability in Phosphorus Sorption by Acid Mine Drainage Residuals Under Flow-Through Conditions
J. Bowen, C. Penn, R. W. Nairn

Passive Treatment Systems: Biochemical Reactors

Biochemical Reactors for Treating Mining Influenced Water (Presentation )
P. Eger, C. Baysinger, D. Cates, S. Hill

Bench Scale Biochemical Reactor Treatment of Uranium, Radium and Selenium (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. Schipper, E. Blumenstein, T. Rutkowski, B. Nielsen

Column Study Treatability Testing for in situ Remediation of Mining-Influenced Water (Presentation )
N. T. Smith, N. Anton, D. Reisman, A. Frandsen, R. Olsen, M. Sieczkowski, D. Smith

Hydrology and Geochemistry of the Palzo Surface Mine, Williamson County, Illinois 2003-2013 (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. T. Behum, R. Kiser, B. Johnsrud

The Use of Waste Mussel Shells to Treat Acid Mine Drainage in Upward-Flow Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactors (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Uster, A. D. O'Sullivan, J. Pope, D. Trumm, M. Milke

The Use of Sewage Sludge and Crocodile Manure for Treating Acidic Metalliferous Mine Drainage (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Robinson

Special Session: Sediment Management

Mobility of Arsenic in Sediments of Coalbed Natural Gas (CBNG) Disposal Pond Playas in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. C. McNicholas, K. J. Reddy

Remediation of Tar Creek Sediments and Adjacent Mine Waste Areas: Design Considerations (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Burnett

Sediment Metal Concentrations in Selected Coves of Grand Lake (Presentation )
S. Zawrotny, J. Arango, L. Diede, A. McLeod, M. Salisbury, G. Rutelonis, R. C. Knox, R. W. Nairn

Investigations of Bioavailability, Toxicity and Accumulation of Trace Metals from Shallow Sediments in Grand Lake Following Simulated Disturbance Events (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Morrison, S. Nikolai, D. Townsend, J. Belden

Dredging Management in Grand Lake O' The Cherokees, Oklahoma: Developing Permitting Strategies Using Shoreline Classifications, Substrate Characteristics, and Contaminant Concentrations (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Nikolai, D. Townsend

Utilization of River Sediments as Topsoil to Reclaim Brownfields and Other Sites
R. G. Darmody, J. Marlin

Pedogenesis and Local Water Quality Effects of Upland Placement of Saline Dredge Spoils in Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. L. Daniels, N. W. Haus, G. R. Whittecar, C. H. Carter III

Stream Ecology

Assessment of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Impairment from Residual Aluminum Contamination in the Confluence of Middleton Run, Ohio, USA and the Impacts of Ingested Aluminum on Crayfish Growth (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. Hellyer, N. Kruse, K. Johnson

The Recovery of an AMD-Impacted Stream Treated by Steel Slag Leach Beds: A Case Study in the East Branch of Raccoon, Creek, Ohio (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Hawkins, N. Kruse, A. Mackey, J. Bowman

Fishes of a Contaminated Stream After Operation of a Passive Treatment System
N. Shepherd, W. Matthews, R. W. Nairn, J. Barkstedt, N. Franssen

Passive Treatment Systems: Aerobic Systems

Impacts of Aeration on Hydraulic Characteristics of Passive Treatment Systems
J. Arango, K. Strevett, R. W. Nairn

Storm Event-Driven Metal Transport Dynamics Between the Initial Oxidation Cells of a Passive Treatment System
L. R. Oxenford, R. W. Nairn

Performance of the Swank Open Limestone Channel, Cambria County, PA
W. Strosnider, A. Conrad, A. W. Rose

An Evaluation of Passive Treatment Systems Treating Oxic Acidic Mine Drainage (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. W. Rose

Solving Mine Drainage Problems at the Soudan Mine; The Final? Answer (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. Eger, P. Jones, D. Green, B. Forder

Steel Slag Leach Bed Longevity Analysis (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Landers, S. Maj, A. Mackey, N. Kruse


Biodiversity Assessment of an Ecologically Engineered Treatment System for Metals-Contaminated Mine Drainage
B. Furneaux, R. W. Nairn

Comparison of Long-term Recovery Between Managed and Unmanaged Reclaimed Mine Lands (Presentation )
T. Macy, N. Kruse

Influence of Water Chemistry and Sediment Transport on Biological Recovery Downstream of Lime Dosers (Presentation )
H. Bedu-Mensah, N. Kruse

Litter Decomposition Rates in Mine Water Wetlands and Ponds
J. Brumley, R. W. Nairn

Warm-Season Grass Production on Two Mine Soils Amended with Spent Mushroom Compost (Presentation )
J. S. Banfill, R. C. Stehouwer

Reclamation in Southeastern Wyoming: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Schladweiler, C. Adams

Reclamation Success Variables on Highway Construction Projects in Colorado (Presentation )
A. J. DeJoia, A. Hirsch, B. Roeder, M. Banovich

Regional Variance in Site Selection for Land Disturbing Activities in Oklahoma (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Porter

Establishment and Growth of Switchgrass and Other Biomass Crops on Surface Mines (Presentation )
J. Skousen, C. Brown, D. McMichael

The Five Fundamentals of Successful Mined Land Rehabilitation (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. S. Theisen, L. G. Girard

Solar-Powered Irrigation System - Jewett Lignite Mine, Jewett, TX (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Ezell, J. Young

Application of Remote Sensing for Modeling Mine Fires and Vegetation in Jharia Coalfields, India
P. Kumar, R. Chopra, B. C. Dey

Patterns of Tree and Plant Community Development Across Different Soil Types on a Reclaimed Oil Sands Mine Site (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Pinno, A. Lewis, R. Errington


The History of Zinc Smelting in Oklahoma (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. Kottke

Remediation and Redevelopment of Historical Smelters in Oklahoma (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. Kottke

Tar Creek: Early History and Legacy of Mining in the Tri- State Mining District (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. Hughes

Aggregate Mining and Slope Stabilization

Dolese Bros. Co., Davis Quarry, Mining, Water Management and Stream Enhancement
M. Helm, T. Dupuis

Environmental Considerations of Proppant Frac Sand Mining and Processing (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Ware

Stabilization of the Pensacola Dam West Abutment (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. R. Jacoby , C. Landrum, S. Walker


Tar Creek: Superfund Remedy for Mine and Mill Wastes on Operable Unit 4 Remediation (Presentation )
D. Datin

Geochemical Modeling to Assess Impact of Chat Fine Injections on Aquifer Quality at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma (Presentation )
B. Schroth, R. Thomas, S. Irving

Water Quality Impacts from Mining at the Tar Creek Superfund Site (Presentation )
D. Cates

Passive Treatment Systems: Other Technologies

Sequestration of Heavy Metals on Manganese Oxide Coatings in Passive Treatment Systems (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. J. Gusek, L. Josselyn, D. Millsap

Getting the Lead Out (and Other Trace Metals) - Solving Mine Water Problems With Peat-Based Sorption Media (Presentation )
P. Eger, P. Jones, D. Green

Passive Co-Treatment of Polymetallic Acid Mine Drainage at Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia (Presentation )
R. Peer, J. LaBar, B. Winfrey, R. W. Nairn, F. L. Lopez, W. Strosnider

Tailings: Innovative Approaches

Potential Recovery of Aluminum, Titanium, Lead, and Zinc From Fine Tailings in the Abandoned Picher Mining District of Oklahoma
W. J. Andrews, R. W. Nairn, C. J. G. Moreno

Tribal-Led Remedial Action at the Tar Creek Superfund Site - Catholic 40 (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Kreman, T. Kent

Challenges in Passive Treatment

Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania Passive Treatment Systems (Presentation )
R. M. Mahony, B J. Page, C. F. Denholm, T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn

Challenges in Passive Treatment Design: The Future at Tar Creek
D. Cates, R. W. Nairn

Jennings Passive Treatment System Rehabilitation (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. H. Dunn, T. P. Danehy, C. A. Neely, R. M. Mahony, S. L. Busler, B. J. Page, C. F. Denholm

Oil and Gas Reclamation and Remediation

Bridging the Gaps Between Policy, Practice, and Science (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Curran, P. Stahl

Effects of Soil Disturbance and Packed- Box Amendment Study on Two Sodium-Affected Natural Gas Well Pads in Wamsutter, WY (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Day, J. B. Norton, C. F. Strom

Streamlining Reclamation Monitoring in the Sagebrush Steppe (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Strom

An Update and Overview of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Sowers

Assessment and Remediation of Salt Contamination at Oil and Gas Well Drilling Sites
J. B. Fisher

Land Application of Drill Cuttings (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Penn, A. Whitacker

Preventing New Groundwater Pollution from Old Oilfield Areas (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. Billingsley, J. Harrington

Water Management

Selected Metals in Sediments and Streams in the Oklahoma Part of the Tri-State Mining District, 2000-2006 (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. J. Andrews, M. F. Becker, S. L. Mashburn, S. J. Smith

Active Alkaline Addition Schemes for Removal of Diverse Contaminants From ARD (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Wildeman, K. Vatterrodt, L. Figueroa, C. Bucknam

Monitoring Experimental Valley Fills Designed for Reduction of Total Dissolved Solids in Discharged Waters (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Evans, C. Zipper

Upper He Creek Water Balance Evaluation (Presentation )
T. W. Schmidt, K. L. Milmine

Analysis of Microbial Communities in Vertical Flow Bioreactors at the Tar Creek Superfund Site
K. E. Duncan, R. W. Nairn, K. Strevett, J. K. Choi