30th Annual Meeting of the ASMR, June 1-7, 2013, Laramie, Wyoming

Abstracts - Final Program

Wildlife Impacts

Female Wild Turkey Ecology on a Midwest Reclaimed Surface Mine (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. S. Delahunt, J. R. Nawrot, C. K. Nielsen

Can Elk Mitigate Disturbance Risk Associated With Natural Gas Development? (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. B. Buchanan, J. L. Beck

Sustaining Raptor Populations at the North Antelope Rochelle Mine in Northeast Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
G. McKee, P. Griswold, M. O'Rourke

Genetic Diversity of Brook Trout Populations in Several Sub-watersheds of the West Branch Susquehanna River Watershed (Presentation )
S. M. Rummel, F. J. Brenner

Predicting the Influence of Restoration on Greater Sage-Grouse Lek Connectivity (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. A. Fitzpatrick, M. A. Murphy

Greater Sage-Grouse Response to Bentonite Mining in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. C. Pratt, J. L. Beck


Rebuilding Soils for Forest Restoration on Appalachian Mined Land (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. E. Zipper, J. A. Burger, C. D. Barton, J. G. Skousen

Growth of Hardwood Trees on Brown and Gray Mine Spoils in West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Wilson-Kokes, J. Skousen, P. Emerson, C. DeLong C. Thomas

Native Tree Survival and Herbaceous Establishment on an Experimentally Reclaimed Appalachian Coal Mine (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. C. Koropchak, C. E. Zipper, J. A. Burger, D. M. Evans

Mature Subalpine Tree and Shrub Transplanting at the Climax Mine, Climax, CO (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. F. Bay, K. E. Carlson, A. Hilshorst

Factors Influencing the Establishment of Volunteer Vegetation on Quarry Overburden (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. A. Franklin, D. S. Buckley

Russian Thistle Population Dynamics at A Former Coal Mine in Northern New Mexico (Presentation )
A. Maier, J. White

Conserving an S1/G5/T2 Mustard at a South-central Montana Coal Mine Through Nursery Propagation and Transplanting (Presentation ) (Recording )
G. L. Johnson, R. A. Prodgers

Oil/Gas Site Reclamation/Monitoring

Reclamation Planning for Energy Development Projects: Wamsutter, WY; A Case Study (Presentation )
C. Driessen, B. Teson, D. Marshall, R. Ansotegui

Quantitative Monitoring in Oil and Gas Reclamation: What Can It Do For You? (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. J. Minnick

Approaching Oil and Gas Pad Reclamation Using Data Modeling: A Framework for the Future (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. F. Curran, B. J. Wolff, P. D. Stahl

Defining Oil and Gas Pad Reclamation Success on Wyoming BLM Lands (Presentation )
M. F. Curran, B. J. Wolff, P. D. Stahl

Preliminary Findings from Analyzing an Oil and Gas Reclamation Database (Presentation )
M. F. Curran, B. J. Wolff, P. D. Stahl

Soil Property Recovery on a Natural Gas Pipeline Reclamation Chronosequence (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. K. Gasch, S. V. Huzurbazar, P. D. Stahl

Natural Gas Field Reclamation Integrating Reclamation Science, Weed Management, and Monitoring, Wamsutter, Wyoming. A Pre-Field Trip Overview (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Marshall, R. Ansotegui, B. Teson, C. Driessen

Passive Water Treatment

Passive Treatment Systems for the Removal of Selenium: Selenium Removal Mechanisms with Biochemical Reactor Substrate (Presentation )
R. C. Thomas, J. J. Tudini, J. S. Bays, M. A. Girts, K. B. Jenkins, L. C. Roop, T. Cook

Passive Treatment Systems for the Removal of Selenium: Barrel Substrate Studies, Design, and FullScale Implementation (Presentation )
R. C. Thomas, M. A. Girts, J. J. Tudini, J. S. Bays, K. B. Jen-. kins, L. C. Roop, T. Cook

Off-the-Grid Aeration to Address Nuisance Constituent Production from Specific Passive Treatment System Process Units (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. W. Nairn, K. A. Strevett

Seasonality of Iron Removal Within the Initial Oxidation Cell of a Passive Treatment System (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. R. Oxenford, R. W. Nairn

The Construction and Initial Results of a Demonstration Passive Treatment System for Removing Sulfate at a Site on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. P. Blumenstein, R. J. Schipper, J. J. Gusek

Passive Aeration Using a Trompe (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. R. Leavitt, B. J. Page, C. A. Neely, R. M. Mahony, T. P. Danehy, C. F. Denholm, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn

Passively-Enhanced Lime Mixing and Dissolution (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. P. Danehy, B. R. Leavitt, B. J. Page, R. M. Mahony, C. A. Neely, C. F. Denholm, S. L. Busler, M. H. Dunn

Geomorphic Reclamation Case Studies

Geomorphic Reclamation of Abandoned Coal Mines Near Raton, New Mexico I. Design and Construction Oversight (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. Spotts, M. Brennan, R. Wade, K. J. Malers, K. E. Carlson, Z. Isaacson

Geomorphic Reclamation of Abandoned Coal Mines on Vermejo Park Ranch Near Raton, New Mexico II. Reclamation and Revegetation (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. E. Carlson, R. F. Bay, R. Spotts, Z. Isaacson

A Comparison of the Vegetation Communities on Geomorphic and Non-geomorphic Reclaimed Mine Lands in Northwestern New Mexico (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Voss, T. C. Ramsey

Achieving Contemporaneous Geomorphic Reclamation at El Segundo Mine, New Mexico (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. Hydrusko

Stream Restoration Initiative at the Jewett Lignite Mine (Presentation )
J.McKinney, J. Young, D. Ezell

Integrating Geomorphic Reclamation with Undisturbed and Previously Reclaimed Areas Using A Multi-program Computerized Design Approach at McKinley Mine (Presentation )
H. McCabe, S. Motycka, M. Siemsglusz, K. Kutter, R. Spotts, M. Brennan, R. Wade, K. J. Malers, W. Erickson

Amendment Impacts on Soils and Vegetation

Long-Term Effects of Organic Amendments and Potential Carbon Sequestration in Southwest Virginia Mine Soils (Presentation ) (Recording )
W. L. Nash, W. L. Daniels, J. A. Burger

The Fate of Nitrogen in Biosolids Amended Mineral Sands Mine Soils (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Dickerson, W. L. Daniels, G. Evanylo, K. Haering

From BS to BMP - Using Biosolids for Taconite Tailings Reclamation (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. Eger, C. Lincoln, T. McMillen, K. Hamel, K. Dykhuis, C. Maxwell, J. Takala

Compost Rates for Remediating Reclaimed Saline Soils (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Strom

Organic Impacts on Soils and Vegetation

Biochar for Reclamation in the Rocky Mountains: Context, Science and Policy - Can We Find A Nexus That Works? (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. Harley, B. McMullen, M. Williams

A Comparison of Different Volumes of Biochar on Acidic Soils to Increase Plant Growth and Reduce Soil Acidity (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. D. Peltz

Organic Matter Dynamics in Reclaimed Mine Soils (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. F. Wick, P. D. Stahl, W. L. Daniels

Revegetation on Oil & Gas Sites

Design, Development, and Field Experience with Wood-Strand Erosion Control Mulch for Mine and Pipeline Projects (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. H. Dooley, D. N. Lanning, M. C. Perry

Silvertip Pipeline Spill Revegetation (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. J. Ballek, L. Alvey

Monitoring and Thresholds for Irrigated Lands in Coal Bed Methane Areas (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Thomas

Soil Amendment Application during Drought on Oil and Gas Sites in Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. Cox, M. Kasten, B. K. Schladweiler

Comparison of Basal and Aerial Cover for Total Vegetation Cover and Total Ground Cover on Oil and Gas Sites in Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Adams

Stream and Drainage Characterization

Long-Term Trends of Specific Conductance in Waters Emerging From Headwater Valley Fills in Virginia, USA (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. M. Evans, C. E. Zipper, P. F. Donovan, W. L. Daniels

Chemical Constituents in Water and Sediment from Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, Oklahoma, Downstream from the Tri-State Lead-Zinc Mining District (Presentation )
S. C. Zawrotny, J. Arango-Calderon, L. Diede, A. McLeod, G. Rutelonis, M. Salisbury, M. P. Beltran-Zuniga, G. A. Busch, K. R. Douglas, E. F. Garifalos, L. Liu, N. Nabavizadeh, M. Rice, D. W. Stevens, J. A. LaBar, D. E. Townsend III, R. C. Knox, R. W. Nairn

A Comparison of Stream Chemistry in Three Restored Illinois Coal Basin Streams: Initial Conditions vs. 10 and 20 Years PostRestoration (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Borries, K. Williard, J. Schoonover, J. Nawrot

A Combination of Alumina Refining Residue - Bauxsol(Acid B Extra™) and Biochar to Reduce Metal Concentrations in Acid Mine Drainage (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. D. Peltz, C. Zillich, K. L. Brown

Determination of Dominant Trace Metal Sequestration Processes in Two Vertical Flow Bioreactors Using Modified Tessier Extractions (Presentation )
J. A. LaBar, R. W. Nairn

Decommissioning of an Anaerobic Passive Biochemical Reactor at the Standard Mine Superfund Site, Crested Butte, CO (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. T. Gallagher, E. Blumenstein, T. Rutkowski, J. DeAngelis, C. Progress

Ten Years After: The Operation of the Luttrell Biochemical Reactor (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. K. Frandsen, D. J. Reisman, D. T. Shanight

Advances in the Science of Geomorphic Reclamation

Evaluation of Geomorphic Reclamation Performance and Models in the Southwestern U.S. (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. Stone, J. Stormont, E. Epp, C. Byrne, S. Rahman, R. Powell, W. Rider, S. Perkins

Comparative Analysis of Multiple Softwares Used in Aiding Geomorphic Reclamation (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Brown

High Resolution LiDAR as a Base for Designing Geomorphic Reclamation Schemes for Surface Mines in the Central Appalachians
C. Yuill

Water Processes in Natural and Mined Sites

A Comparison of Soil Condition, Vegetation Communities, and Soil Redox Characteristics of Surface Mined Wetlands and Natural Wetlands in Southern Illinois (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. Borries, K. W. J. Williard, J. Schoonover, S. Indorante

Field Trial of a Pulsed Limestone Diversion Well (Presentation ) (Recording )
P. L. Sibrell, C. Denholm, M. H. Dunn

Infiltration in Reconstructed Channels (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Bramlett, J. C. Stormont, M. Stone

Geochemical Modeling of Uranyl Sorption at a Colorado Test Site (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. M. Brown

Revegetation Technologies

Control of Water-soluble Metals and Revegetation of Acidic Mine Waste Soil Remediation (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. R. Jennings, D. R. Neuman

Investigating Sagebrush Reclamation Success for Bentonite Mined Areas in the Big Horn Basin, WY (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z J. Liesenfeld, P. D. Stahl, L. C. King

Rehabilitation Ironstones Outcrops Area Degraded the Iron Mining Activity on Minas Gerais State-Brazil (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. A. Lobo de Rexenda, L. E. Dias, I. R. de Assis, R. Braga

Geochemical Processes

Geochemical Properties of Weathered Soils and Underlying Overburden of the Pottsville Group in Central Appalachia (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. K. Johnson, W. L. Daniels

Predicting Total Dissolved Solids Release from Overburden in Appalachian Coal Fields (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Odenheimer, J. Skousen, L. M. McDonald

Leaching Potentials of Coal Spoil: Effects of Rock Type and Degree of Weathering (Presentation ) (Recording )
Z. Orndorff, W. L. Daniels

Use of Spoil as a Low Permeable Barrier (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. da Rosa, C. T. Agouridis, R. C. Warner

Changes in Spoil Electrical Conductivity(EC) and Sodium Adsorption Ration(SAR) Following Irrigation at a Mine Site in Northwestern New Mexico (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Perkins, K. Applegate, B. Musslewhite, B. Buchanan, T. H. Brown

Coal Combustion By-Products Disposal Practices at a Surface Coal Mine in New Mexico: Leachate and Groundwater Quality Study (Presentation ) (Recording )
C. Parker, K. Hart, R. Webb, B. Thomson, J. Stormont, M. Stone

Soil-Plant Relationships

Reclamation of Mined Land with Switchgrass, Miscanthus, and Arundo for Biofuel Production (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. Skousen, B. Gutta

Ectomycorrhizal Species Beneficial for Plant Establishment on Abandoned Mine Lands (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. Hiremath, K. Lehtoma, J. M. Bauman

Assessment & Permitting Evaluations

Federal Agency Benefit Analysis of a Remediation Monitoring tool for Abandoned Mine Lands (Presentation ) (Recording )
L. M. Barber Franklin, D. R. Neuman

Transitioning From Clean Water Act Nationwide Permitting to Individual Permitting (Presentation )
M. P. Owens, C. K. Applegate

Using Texas Rapid Assessment Method for Pre-mine and Post-mine Wetland Evaluations (Presentation ) (Recording )
E. D. Bearden, J. D. Wooten

Evaluation of Reclamation Success

Is the Definition of Scale the Key to our Understanding and Delivery of the Components of Structure, Diversity and Function in the Restoration of Ecosystems? (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. N. Humphries

Development of a Spodumene(Lithium) Mine on Agricultural Land in the Southwest of Western Australia (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Lindbeck, B. Clark

Reclamation of Two Coal Mines in Mongolia: The Eren Mine and the Planned Tavan Tolgoi Mine (Presentation ) (Recording )
S. E. Williams, V. Pfannenstiel, A. Jalsrai

The Contribution of Active Surface Mines in the Conservation of Lower Plant Communities in the South Wales Coalfield, United Kingdom (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. N. Humphries

Using The RQ-11 Raven A and the T-Hawk for Oversight Inspections of Surface Coal Mines in West Virginia (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. L. Carter, L. J. Monette, D. T. Beaman

Field Direct, A Field Inspection Application Designed to Improve Data Integrity and Accessibility for Management Oversight (Presentation ) (Recording )
K. Ward

Effectiveness of Commercial Compost Soil Amendment in Montana upland and Riparian Revegetation (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. A. Prodgers

Methods for Evaluating Revegetation

Fitness More Than Diversity Guides Vegetational Recovery (Presentation ) (Recording )
R. A. Prodgers

Vegetation Inventory and Survey Methods; A Reclamation Tool (Presentation ) (Recording )
M. L. Pokorny, D. R. Neuman, K. Edwards, P. D. Smith

Comparison of Vegetation Cover vs. Precipitation on a Reclaimed Coal Mine in Northeastern Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Gardner, B. Schladweiler

Long-term Comparison of Vegetation Reference Area on Reclaimed Coal Mines in Northeastern Wyoming (Presentation ) (Recording )
B. K. Schladweiler

Mine Water Treatment

A Study on the Possibility of Passively Treating a Heap Leach Pad Drain Down Solution (Presentation ) (Recording )
A. M. Moderski, J. J. Gusek, C. Bucknam, C. Hager, T. R. Wildeman

Bench-Scale Treatability Testing for In Situ Bioremediation of Mining-Influenced Water (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. T. Smith, N. A. Anton, D. J. Reisman, M. R. Nelson, A. K. Frandsen, R. L. Olsen, W. A. Rosche

Antimony Removal From Mine Water Using Adsorbent Media (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. T. Klempel

A Short History of Pyrite and Acid Rock Drainage: An Engineer's Perspective of ARD (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. J. Gusek

Long-term Mine Land Reclamation in Australia

How far have we come? A Reflection of Rehabilitation Research in Australia over the Past Two Decades (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. R. Mulligan

Developments in Mine Closure and Integration with Operations in Australia (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. W. B. Lacy

The 8th Year of the International Mine Closure Conferences: Its Positive Influences on Effective Mine Closure, Completion and Reclamation in Australia (Presentation ) (Recording )
H. W. B. Lacy

Remediation Problems for Reclamation

Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Municipal Wastewater using the Activated Sludge Process: Impacts on Wastewater Treatment Performance (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. A. Hughes, N. F. Gray

Case Study: Utilizing Paste Technology for Reclamation of the Ute Ulay Upper Tailings Impoundments, Lake City, Colorado (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. Tafi

Remediation of the Milltown Sediments in Montana
D. Neuman, F. Hons, T. Moore, H. Shahandeh, R. Loeppert, C. Bangira

Innovations in Reclamation/Restoration

Geotechnical-Geophysical Void mapping and Foamed-Sand Backfilling of the Rapson Coal Mine, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Case Study (Presentation )
K. Hanna, J. Pfeiffer, S. Hodges, D. Dunham, R. Palladino, A. Amundson

Kerber Creek Restoration Project: Case Study Employing Statistical Techniques to Analyze Effects of Restoration Activities, Saguache CO (Presentation ) (Recording )
T. I. Klein, L. Archuleta, J. Willis N. Tedela and B Sanchez

Application of Advanced Ecosystem Based Reclamation Study for a Steeply Dipping Open Pit Mine of India: A Case Study
P. Kumar, A. Horel

Mine Modeling & Reclamation

Azurite Mine - A CERCLA Removal Action Case Study (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. G. Wasley

Creative Approaches To Old Reclamation Challenges (Presentation ) (Recording )
D. Close

Application of Landform Grading To Reclaim a Former Wyoming Uranium Mine (Presentation ) (Recording )
J. K. Murphy, M. R. Donner

Special Reclamation Challenges

Surface Reclamation of the Captain Jack Mill Superfund Site (Presentation ) (Recording )
N. Anton, T. Bragdon, M. Boardman, J. Jenkins, C. Van Drie

Site Characterization and Evaluation of Reclamation Alternatives at the Black Pine Mine
K. T. Houck, D. J. Clary, M. R. Donner

Ecological Restoration Plan for Abandoned Underground Coal Mine Site in Eastern China
Z. Hu, W. Xiao, Y. Zhao, F. Wang